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    Originally posted by treyskins View Post
    At pick 11; Tackles Davis v. trent Williams?
    OR Corner Haden v. I.LB. rolando McClain?
    since strip answered and didnt leave a new one ill respond to the second part of your list and say mcclain over haden. mclain would make a stud thumper inside for the next 10 years alongside orakpo. we could work him in this year at several different positions and prepare him to take over long term for lfb.

    late rd rb assuming james starks is gone: lonyae miller, andre anderson, or curtis steele?


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      Late round RB.....
      lonyae miller,no much tread on the tires but nothing much as a receiving threat or a decent blocker.I'd only take him undrafted.
      Andre Anderson,thats who id take,decent running yards but caught 30 passes out of the backfield.Fully healed hopefully.
      Curtis Steele,the best running back we've never heard of?
      A quick shifty runner,impressive yardage,if he was a special teams demon then i'd want him but otherwise take him undrafted.

      4th Round Tackle prospects;
      Right Tackle kyle Calloway v. probably Right Tackle jason Fox(miami) v. Left Tackle tony Washington(abilene christian)?


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        i'd take tony washington just cause of the potential that lies with him

        1st/2nd round

        bradford(or clausen)/2nd round tackle (charles brown, campbell.. whoever drops if that)

        RIP, Sean Taylor.



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