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Top 10 Skins of the past decade (2000-2009)

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  • Top 10 Skins of the past decade (2000-2009)

    Pretty boring time in football right now...draft is over and preseason is far away. So with the past decade coming to a conclusion. Who will be remembered for the Skins? A pretty horrific decade for the organization. Gibbs 2.0 was the definition of mediocre and everything else was putrid.

    Total record 70-90, 2 playoff appearances and 1 playoff win.

    I guess this will be known as the "Bad Snyder decade" or "Snyderatto" and hopefully this next one will be the Good Snyder.

    Who will be the top 10 players to be remembered for this decade? Here's mine.

    1. Chris Samuels - Played the entire decade...6 time pro bowler.
    2. ST 21 - Enough said...should be number 1 probably.
    3. Clinton Portis - Backbone of the offense much of the supporting cast when he was younger/better.
    4. Champ Bailey - Hall of Famer...probably number 1/2 if not traded.
    5. Jon Jansen - Played a lot of games here, played hard. Solid player til injuries hit later in career.
    6. Santana Moss - The only true WR threat on this team since 2005. Could have thrived with a better offensive team/system around him.
    7. Chris Cooley - Solid pass catching TE. 2 time Pro Bowler
    8. London Fletcher - Only played here 3 years but made his mark as one of the few gamers on this team.

    Gets cloudy now...

    9. Marcus Washington - Played from 2004-2008 here...made a pro bowl...was very good for 2-3 years here.
    10. Shawn Springs - Played from corner on the team when he was healthy. Would be further up list if he wasn't injury prone.

    Now that is a pretty pathetic list for Top 10 of a decade for a team lol...No QB's show up on my list which was a huge problem all decade. You can probably debate the order of some of those but I'm not sure anyone else cracks that ten.

    Campbell maybe 8-10 somewhere but I just couldn't do it, even though I like the guy. C Griffin maybe? But he falls into the Springs/MW category for me.

    Let's hope the next decade is more kind to DC...the fans deserve more

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    No LaVar Arrington?

    Brunnel would be the top QB but that's not saying much.

    Did we have more coaches or QBs in this decade? lol


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      1. Sean Taylor- Career cut short =( .......possibly the biggest impact of any Redskin over the past decade...could be counted on week after week to show up and make AT LEAST a pleay or 2.

      2. Clinton Portis- Heart and soul of our offense, regardless of how terrible we have been. That 08 streak of 120 yard games alone bumped him up the list, even if he never would have touched the ball again...we literally rode his back halfway through that season. That says a lot about us as well as CP. Not to mention the year we went on the playoff run....he and ST played out of their minds!

      3. Chris Samuels- Anchor of the offense since he was drafted. Struggled at times (Simeon Rice..WTF) but still probably the most consistant offensive player his entire tenure.

      4. Sanatana Moss- 05 Moss was a beautiful thing to watch. The bubble screens....the quick hitches....the spin the ball and pointing out his "1st doooown". At 1 point we sat in front of the tv and knew it was "counter to CP or pass to moss". If WE knew imagine what 31 nfl teams knew smh...he still had a pretty damn good career in dc. We appreciate u Tana Man!

      5. Chris Cooley- "The Freak Show" is what I call Cooley. He gets the job done, granted he hill drop a few here and there as well as fumble.. I will still take cooley overany TE in the league with the excpetion of maybe 7 or 8 guys...when he is hot, he is damn near unstoppable

      6. London Fletcher- Would have been higher up the list but not enough time here. Basically the money man of our D. Plays every down like its the 1st play of the game and u can tell he cares out there. That's impressive when u have Jason Taylors....Albert Haynesworths and pres 2010 Laron Landrys around u. Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher get all the fame but Fletcher makes as many plays (notice I didn't say BIG plays)....but Fletcher is around the ball.

      7. Jon Jansen- Underappreciated.....seemed to miss every other year which is sickening...but when he was out there we had bookend tackles...when he wasn't he was missed beyond words.

      8. Mike Sellers- Quietly, Sellers has been an intricate piece of our team...period. He does whathe is asked to do and does it well, be it block for CP, catch a 1st down, or make a tackle on special team. Mind you he may whiff on a block..let a pass bounce off his chest...or attempt to jump over a pile on the goal line like a bonehead, I guess that Sellers being Sellers lol


      9. Lavar Arrington- Turned the 99 season around with the fumble recovery again the Panthers and got Troy Aikman outta there lol

      10. Fred Smoot- ummmmmm.....IDK...interception against seattle that won us the game one year???? Funny interviews???? Last year in DC was pretty good??? *crowd yells* SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
      Skins 2012 Mock, Baby!

      1- RG3!!! (QB, Baylor)
      3- Nigel Bradham (OLB, FSU)
      4- Brandon Washington (G, Miami)
      4- Matt McCants (T, UAB)
      5- Brandon Hardin (FS, Or St)
      6- Andrew Datko (T, FSU)
      7- Edwin Baker (Mich St)

      2012...RGIII...Welcome to DC!!!!



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