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    Much can be said about this weekends loss...but i really dont want to get into it. Bottom line is that we are 4-4 at the bye week which is a record that I would have taken at the beginning of this year. Sure there are some games we could/should have won but thats football.

    What I want to know is what moves would you make during the bye week to improve this football team?

    A few off the top of my head:

    - Bring up James Davis to the 53 man roster

    - Sign Kevin Mawae or any other center available to replace Casey Rabach

    - Claim Randy Moss

    - Try to work Dockery back into the starting guard role and demote Kory L

    - Move Fat Al into the full starting rotation

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    Get jammal Brown healthy,this trade isnt looking too hot if he needs off-season surgery again.

    Looking forward to seeing james Davis.

    Get Dockery and another mauler to play guard and Rabach will look better,they must like casey to run the ZBS/"KyleStyle" as they gave him a contract extension.
    Bottom line is i dont think there are any Centers out there who would look good with what we currently have at Guard.

    We have mini-Moss but to get randy=pass,he wouldnt last long with mike shanahan,you just cannot take plays off.

    Fat Al is getting more playing time,now can he keep this level up and not pick up minor injuries?

    Get Mcnabb to practice,practice,practice with Cooley/Davis/Armstrong/Banks/Williams and Davis.


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      i gotta disagree. i think rabach is the worst starting center in the nfl.


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        Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
        i gotta disagree. i think rabach is the worst starting center in the nfl.
        I think he blows too but some of my friends like him, I don't know why. Not a fan of claiming Moss at this point either just makes no sense with the way Shannahan has been acting.

        Stedman Bailey 2012 Stat Tracker:
        12 Games, 106 Rec, 1501 yards, 23 TD's

        Steddy Ambition!


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          your friends are blind. he gets pushed back on every play. he freaking stepped on mcnabbs feet twice last game. we get zero push on the interior and give up constant interior pass rush.

          with moss, i cant find a reason not to claim him if he makes it as far as us in the order. we are 4-4 and still in contention this year but we need something on offensive to provide a spark. id love to see santana in the slot. i think id rather claim merriman but id be happy with either/both.


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            The full-time outside linebacker experiment for Andre Carter is over, who is seeing time back at his true defensive end position.

            Even though it means hes not a starter for the first time in his career, Carter said: I am what I am. Had I learned the [3-4] scheme a long time ago, I would have been better at the position. But Im older and have been playing defensive line my whole career. We made the adjustments and Im doing what I do best.

            Carter said he still attends the linebacker meetings because he is needed if an injury occurs like Brian Orakpo last week.

            Andres done a good job with what weve asked him to do the last couple weeks, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said. The numbers arent there but he rushed the quarterback about as good Ive seen him do the last two weeks and those numbers will come if he keeps on working.

            I like this move. Have him beef up a little bit and he can be much more productive. This does open up some time at OLB though for a guy like Merriman...



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