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    I am working on a couple ideas for mock draft and wanted to get your opinions on options for your team. You guys obviously are lacking a 2nd-4th round pick so you need to either trade down out of #6 and acquire extra picks or be sure to hit well at #6. That said, what do you think your main options should be?

    Your DLine could use help at both spots, and at #6 you should have at least Amobi Okoye and Jamaal Anderson available, and maybe Gaines Adams as well. Any of those guys would be solid picks for you guys and are likely worth that pick, maybe Anderson or Okoye are a bit of a reach depending on where you view their current talent vs. their potential. In one or two of my scenarios Gaines Adams is gone by your pick, so if he's gone do you think you'd look at either of these other two guys? I've seen Alan Branch in a few mocks too, but not so much recently, and I don't personally like him that high, and your team needs to get a much better pass rush in addition to solidifying against the run, and Branch doesn't do much for the pass rush.

    LaRon Landry would also be an option that would give you a nice tandem between him and Taylor, although both probably play more like FS, but still that's an athletic and talented duo. Some people may not think Landry is worth the #6 pick, but I think he's definitely worth it if a team likes him enough.

    Several draft websites that I've looked at are not overly impressed with your CB situation. Leon Hall would be an option, although you took a high 1st round CB a couple years ago and brought in Fred Smoot, and I'm not overly convinced that Hall is worth the #6 pick, I think you could easily look later in the draft for CB help if that is indeed a problem.

    I've seen a few mocks that have you looking at Quinn or Russell if available, but I don't think you're ready to give up on Jason Campbell yet are you? I don't think you'd look at either of those guys.

    I also saw a mock or two that gave you Adrian Peterson which doesn't make much sense at all with Clinton Portis on your roster and with Ladell Betts playing well last year and getting a pretty sizable contract extension, and with some other needs on your team. Is there any way you look to take him at #6?

    Any chance of looking at Patrick Willis at #6? A lot of people don't have him rated that highly, but I think he's comparably to AJ Hawk who went #5 last year. You guys have added two old but solid LBs in free agency and were making an attempt to get Lance Briggs, but I don't think you need any more help at LB, any thoughts on that?

    Obviously Calvin Johnson would be a nice addition to your offense, but there is not way he falls to #6. Do you see trying to move up to #2 or #3 to grab him? You don't have much trade ammo in this year's draft picks, but you've clearly shown you aren't afraid to give up future draft picks and/or players in order to move up for a guy that you really like, so that could be a possibility. Any thoughts on that?

    Anyone else that might be a possibility? I could see you guys trying to package a couple future picks and maybe a player to move up for Calvin. I could also see you guys trying to move down in the 1st round and add another 1st day pick, but then again your history isn't to overly build thru the draft so I don't know how important that would be or if you'd just take the best player available at #6. Any ideas on a possible trade or do you think you'd just stay at #6 and take someone there, and if so who are the main target(s) that you see your team looking at?

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