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    As of 4/10, my draft board for the Redskins is:

    1. First and foremost Gaines Adams. Still up in the air whether or not he will still be here, he is considered by all to be the best pass rusher in this year's draft. He would not make a direct impact, but by the half way point of the season he should be getting a good amount of PT. GW generally doesn't start rookies, but I think Adams will ease his way in there. He will start by the end of the season.

    2. For any reason Adams is not on the board, and we are forced to pick at 6, I would go with Landry. We still have all of next year's picks intact (except for a 4th I believe) and is supposed to be VERY deep with DE. Plus this would give us two headhunters in the backfield, and Landry has elite cover skills. He's one of the only players in the draft that I believe that can make a direct impact on our D. Or we pick CJ if for some reason he falls to us....

    3. If Landry and Adams are taken before our pick, this gives us prime trade bait. This means that Thomas/Russell/Quinn/Peterson falls into our laps. We should trade down, but not too far out of reach of our targets. After trading down, we should try to target Andersen/Okoye/Branch/Carriker. Plus by trading down, we can get either a Guard to groom and replace Dock, CB to groom and come in after Spring's departure, or draft the BPA.

    By any means I do not want us to trade up. CJ would just be a luxury, and the only way I'm taking him is if he falls to us.

    EDIT: If we do trade for a veteran player (Samuels,Briggs) I want it to be in a position of need. We have no need for a linebacker at the moment, so a definite no on Briggs. I would be okay trading for Samuels if the price is right.
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    I like that draft strategy but by gut tells me we will deal the #6 pick.

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