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  • 90's band draft

    yeah, we should get started on this. if somebody else wants to run it, that's great...otherwise, i can try. but, i'm gonna be outa town all next week, so, let's get some crap together.

    i'm in.


    Big Dawg
    Its All about the U

    1. Shiver- Tom Morello, Guitar, Rage Against the Machine
    2. Its all about the U- Bradley Nowell, Guitar/Vox, Sublime
    3. CCB- John Frusciante, Guitar, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    4. Drowe- Chris Cornell, Vocals, Soundgarden
    5. Fenikz- Jerry Cantrell, Guitar, Alice in Chains
    6. Big Dawg- Scott Weiland, Vocals, STP

    1. Big Dawg- Dave Grohl
    2. Fenikz- Danny Carey, Drums, Tool
    3. Drowe- Adam Jones, Tool
    4. CCB- Zack de la Rocha, Vocals, Rage Against the Machine
    5. Its all about the U- Flea, Bass, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    6. Shiver- Jimmy Chamberlain, Drums, Smashing Pumpkins

    1. Shiver- Tim Commerford, Bass, Rage Against the Machine
    2. Its all about the U- Travis Barker, Drums, Blink 182
    3. CCB- Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, guitar, The Mars Volta
    4. Drowe- Trent Reznor, songwriting/backup instruments, Nine Inch Nails
    5. Fenikz- Layne Staley, vocals, Alice in Chains
    6. Big Dawg- Brad Wilk, drums, Rage Against the Machine

    6. Big Dawg- Les Claypool, bass, Primus
    5. Fenikz- Maynard James Keenan, vocals, Tool
    4. Drowe- Jason Newsted, bass, Metallica
    3. CCB- Eric Wilson, Bassist, Sublime
    2. Its all about the U- Mike McCoogan, Guitarist/vox, Dropkick Murphys
    1. Shiver-Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Vocals, At the Drive-In/The Mars Volta

    1. Shiver- Johnny Greenwood, guitar, Radiohead
    2. IAATU- El Hefe, Guitar, NOFX
    3. CCB- ?uestlove, Drums, The Roots
    4. Drowe- Sean Kinney, Drummer, Alice In Chains
    5. Fenikz
    6. Big Dawg
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    I'm game for this....

    Magical sig by OSUGiants

    SSAEL....... its a new revolution!

    Originally posted by Job
    On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
    Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

    So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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      I am Dizzzzzzzzown I'll run it too if need be


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        I'll do it. I just need the 'when and where' as it were.


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          count me in, and ill help keep it moving


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            I'll just take this over, I say we go with 6 bands, that way its even. We have 5 guys need one more.


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              Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang View Post
              I'll just take this over, I say we go with 6 bands, that way its even. We have 5 guys need one more.

              it's all yours.

              any ideas for the 6th. we should start soon.


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                my bro said he will join, so add It's all about the The U


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                  Order posted


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                    So when do I start?


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                      Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                      So when do I start?

                      i'd say go for it. got the thing filled. got the order...seems like we're good to go.


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                        Shiver you can pick now.


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                          I select...

                          Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Guitarist


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                            I pick Brad Nowell Sublime Vox/Backup Guitar


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                              Guitar: John Frusciante

                              I just wanted to say this will be a 5 round draft, 1 vox 1 guitar 1 bass 1 drummer, 1 misc.



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