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    i know the last few of these i have seen died, so thus i'm making one. The requirements will be 2 people from the following 5 weight classes, all MMA fighters in the world are eligible to be drafted

    Lightweight - 146 - 155 lbs
    Welterweight - 156 - 170 lbs
    Middleweight - 171 - 185 lbs
    Light Heavyweight - 186 - 205 lbs
    Heavyweight - 206 - 265 lbs

    i'm looking for 4-8 people and the draft will be snake order, so who wants in?


    LT Giants - Fedor Emelianenko HW
    gbpackers0065 - Dan Henderson MW
    fenikz - Maurico Shogun Rua LHW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Takanori Gomi LW
    Its all about The U - George St. Pierre WW
    Man_Of_Steel - Chuck Lidell LHW

    Man_Of_Steel - Din Thomas LW
    Its all about The U - Mirko Cro Cop HW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Antonio "Minotauro" Rodrigo Nogueira HW
    fenikz - Anderson Silva MW
    gbpackers0065 - Matt Hughes WW
    LT Giants - Paulo Filho MW

    LT Giants - Quinton Jackson LHW
    gbpackers0065 - Randy Couture HW
    fenikz - Wanderlei Silva LHW
    Charm City Byrdgang - BJ Penn WW
    Its all about The U - Josh Barnett HW
    Man_Of_Steel - Brock Lesnar HW

    Man_Of_Steel - Karo Parisyan WW
    Its all about The U - Thierry Sokoudjou LHW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Matt Linland MW
    fenikz - Gabriel Gonzaga HW
    gbpackers0065 - Sean Sherk LW
    LT Giants - Rich Franklin MW

    LT Giants - Antonio "Lil Nog" Rogerio Nogueira HW
    gbpackers0065 - ** Skipped **
    fenikz - Denis Kang MW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Ricardo Arona LHW
    Its all about The U - Tito Ortiz LHW
    Man_Of_Steel - Diego Sanchez WW

    Man_Of_Steel - Josh Koscheck WW
    Its all about The U - Hayato "Mach" Sakurai WW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Gilbert Melendez LW
    fenikz - Matt Serra WW
    gbpackers0065 - ** Skipped **
    LT Giants - Norifumi Yamamoto LW

    LT Giants - Jeremy Horn MW
    gbpackers0065 - ** Skipped **
    fenikz - Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro LW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Andrei Arlovski HW
    Its all about The U - Nathan Marquardt MW
    Man_Of_Steel - Michael Bisping LHW

    Man_Of_Steel - Ed Herman MW
    Its all about The U - Nick Diaz LW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Jake Shields WW
    fenikz - Jon Fitch WW
    gbpackers0065 - ** Skipped **
    LT Giants - Manny Gamburyian LW

    LT Giants - Forrest Griffin LHW
    gbpackers0065 - ** Skipped **
    fenikz - Tim Sylvia HW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Rashad Evans LHW
    Its all about The U - Shinya Aoki LW
    Man_Of_Steel - Nate Diaz LW

    Man_Of_Steel - ** Skipped **
    Its all about The U - Robbie Lawler MW
    Charm City Byrdgang - Frank Shamrock MW
    fenikz - Roger Huerta LW
    gbpackers0065 - ** Skipped **
    LT Giants - Shonie Carter WW
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    Im In...finally


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      count me in


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        i want in on this one


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          I'll leave you guys to it in this one, I think my timezone ruins these things lol, I'll be watching though.

          XBox 360 Gamertag: Bunj1986


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            I'll do it.


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              all right im just gonna go ahead and start this now

              here is the order

              LT Giants
              Charm City Byrdgang
              Its all about The U

              once the 1st pick is selected there will be a 2 hour time limit for today and a 1 hour time limit starting 3 est to 11 est for the rest


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                I Select

                Fedor Emelianenko


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                  I select dan henderson as a middleweight
                  Last edited by gbpackers0065; 06-19-2007, 12:33 PM.


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                    I select Maurico Shogun Rua


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                      Originally posted by gbpackers0065 View Post
                      I select dan henderson as a welterweight
                      Dan Henderson is NOT a welter weight.


                      • #12
                        i think he ment middle weight

                        but its ur pick put it up


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                          LW Takanori Gomi


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                            opps wrong thread


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                              Its all about the U select GSP

                              Man_Of_Steel is OTC until 4 est
                              Last edited by fenikz; 06-18-2007, 11:33 PM.



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