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KCJ58's Hot Women Draft #2

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  • KCJ58's Hot Women Draft #2

    It's Back! mine last year went very wll and its time to do it again im going let 8-10 people join but i will end who i think will be reliable so any1 can sign up but i will decide whos in it in the end!

    here are the rules:
    need 8-10 players. They have to be 18 years old atleast (nuthin creepy). 10 rounds it will start when i decide its a good amount. iIf u wanna join just say ur down or in (but remeber i might not pick you) (nuthing personal to any1). The Team with the hottest celebrities will be Crown champion. The women you need to pick are...

    1 woman thats musician
    2 woman that is an actress
    2 woman that is a model
    1 woman that is an athlete
    1 woman over the age of 40
    1 woman who is a Porn Star:)
    2 woman that is your choice (wildcard)

    ***You Must Post a Picture of the women you select and please keep the photos small***

    So Far In:
    art vandelay
    wo oT88

    Round 1:

    1. KCJ58: Jessica Alba, Actress
    2. fenikz: Scarlett Johannson, Actress
    3. SuperMcgee: Halle Berry, 40+
    4. 24cadillac24: Keeley Hazell, Model
    5. princefielder28: Jessica Biel, Actress
    6. Patriots-Lions: Adriana Lima, Model
    7. LTgiants: Eva Mendes, Actress
    8. art vandelay: Lucy Pinder, Model
    9. fischbowl: Nautica Thorn, Porn Star
    10. Wo oT88: Eva Longoria, Actress

    Round 2:

    1. Wo oT88: Kate Beckinsale, Actress
    2. fischbowl: Marisa Miller, Model
    3. art vandelay: Esther Baxter, Model
    4. LTgiants: Christina Aguilera, Musician
    5. Patriots-Lions: Megan Fox, Actress
    6. princefielder28: Allison Stokke, Athlete
    7. 24cadillac24: Heidi Klum, Model
    8. SuperMcgee: Petra Nemcova, Model
    9. fenikz: Angelina Jolie, Actress
    10. KCJ58: Alessandra Ambrosio, Model

    Round 3:

    1. KCJ58: Elisha Cuthbert, Actress
    2. fenikz: Jessica Simpson, Musican
    3. SuperMcgee: Rachel McAdams, Actress
    4. 24cadillac24: Holly Valance, Musician
    5. princefielder28: Denise Richards, Model
    6. Patriots-Lions: Joanna Krupa, Model
    7. LTgiants: Lindsay Lohan, Actress
    8. art vandelay: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress
    9. fischbowl: Isla Fisher, Actress
    10. Wo oT88: Maria Sharapova, Athlete

    Round 4:

    1. Wo oT88: Beyonce Knowles, Musican
    2. fischbowl: Anna Kournikova, Athlete
    3. art vandelay: Kim Kardashian, Wild Card
    4. LTgiants: Fergie, Musician
    5. Patriots-Lions: Torrie Wilson, Athlete
    6. princefielder28: Shakira, Musican
    7. 24cadillac24: Stacy Keibler, Athlete
    8. SuperMcgee: Amy Taylor, Athlete
    9. fenikz: Trish Stratus, Athlete
    10. KCJ58: Carmella Decesare, Model

    Round 5:

    1. KCJ58: Elizabeth Hurley, 40+
    2. fenikz: Salma Hayek, 40+
    3. SuperMcgee: Keira Knightley, Actress
    4. 24cadillac24: Kristin Kreuk, Actress
    5. princefielder28: Jenna Morasca, Model
    6. Patriots-Lions: Jenna Jameson, Porn Star
    7. LTgiants: Sienna Miller, Actress
    8. art vandelay: Gianna Michaels, Porn Star
    9. fischbowl: Carrie Underwood, Musician
    10. Wo oT88: Gisele Bundchen, Model

    Round 6:

    1. Wo oT88: Molly Sims, Model
    2. fischbowl: Katherine Heigl, Actress
    3. art vandelay: Jennie Finch, Athlete
    4. LTgiants: Sophia Bush, Wildcard
    5. Patriots-Lions: Leeann Tweeden, Wild Card
    6. princefielder28: Lacey Chabert, Actress
    7. 24cadillac24: Jennifer Hawkins, Wild Card
    8. SuperMcgee: Rachel Bilson, Wildcard
    9. fenikz: Jennifer Ellison, Model
    10. KCJ58: Cheryl Tweedy, Musican

    Round 7:

    1. KCJ58: Tanith Belbin, Athlete
    2. fenikz: Diora Baird, Model
    3. SuperMcgee: Elsa Benitez, Model
    4. 24cadillac24: Kelly Brook, Actress
    5. princefielder28: Briana Banks, Porn Star
    6. Patriots-Lions: Monica Bellucci, 40+
    7. LTgiants: Isabella Soprano, Porn Star
    8. art vandelay: Rachel Hunter, 40+
    9. fischbowl: Pamela Anderson, 40+
    10. Wo oT88: Tara Conner, Wildcard

    Round 8:

    1. Wo oT88: Charlize Theron, Wildcard
    2. fischbowl: Rachel Ray, Wildcard
    3. art vandelay: Jennifer Lopez, Musician
    4. LTgiants: Vanessa Minnillo, Model
    5. Patriots-Lions: Autumn Reeser, Actress
    6. princefielder28: Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Wild Card
    7. 24cadillac24: Elle MacPherson, 40+
    8. SuperMcgee: Krystal Steal, Porn Star
    9. fenikz: Kendra Wilkinson, Wildcard
    10. KCJ58: Ashley Hartman, Wildcard

    Round 9:

    1. KCJ58: Carmeron Diaz, Wildcard
    2. fenikz: Barbie Griffin, Pornstar
    3. SuperMcgee: Mandy Moore, Musician
    4. 24cadillac24: Evangeline Lilly, Actress
    5. princefielder28: Demi Moore, 40+
    6. Patriots-Lions: Beth Ostrosky, Wild Card
    7. LTgiants: Cindy Crawford, 40+
    8. art vandelay: *Skipped*
    9. fischbowl: Tori Praver, Model
    10. Wo oT88: Shyla Stylez, Pornstar

    Round 10:

    1. Wo oT88: Shania Twain, 40+
    2. fischbowl: Jamie Lynn Sigler, Wildcard
    3. art vandelay: *Skipped*
    4. LTgiants: Traci Brooks, Athlete
    5. Patriots-Lions: Willa Ford, Musician
    6. princefielder28: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Actress
    7. 24cadillac24: Minda Vega, Pornstar
    8. SuperMcgee: Maggie Grace, Wildcard
    9. fenikz: Stacey Dash, Wildcard
    10. KCJ58: Nikki Benz, Pornstar
    Last edited by KCJ58; 07-15-2007, 12:41 PM.

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    I'm down.. If found reliable.


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      sign me up!

      Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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        sign me up


        • #5
          I think the porn stars could drag down the quality, but I'll do it. Probably won't work out as well as last time when I got Alba at #5 (and then it fell apart before it even got to my second pick, so maybe it will work out better)


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            I'll do this


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              bump more people can join also ill take any suggestions or questions you have about this


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                count me in


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                  *BUMP* This UP^^^^


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                    How many more people do we need? Like 2?


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                      count me in

                      sig by BoneKrusher


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                        im only picking realiable people so this thing can move so ill wait till tommorow to see how many other poepl show up


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                          I'd do it.


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                            I haven't done one of these before, but I am interested. I'll be in if possible.


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                              *BUMP* This UP^^^^ Sign Up



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