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  • ***National Fantasy League Entry Draft***

    Welcome to the 07-08 NFL Entry Draft. This draft will be 2 rounds enabling our 4 new expansion teams to land the cornerstones of their organization. All undrafted players (majority of league) will be signed via FA. Remember when negotiating deals that a deal can be no longer than 3 years and the salary cap is at 40 million. This draft will show how each new expansion team plans to build their organization, do they go defense with both picks? Land a elite QB and WR to form a deadly passing game? All the questions and more will unfold as these new franchises step into the NFL limelight for the first time.

    A few issues to look into are the following...

    Q With a steroids scandal surrounding defensive star Galaga Jennings how will his draft stock be affected?
    A Before this issue Galaga was a sure first rounder, now he might not even be drafted. He can dominate and shutdown defenders as well as Champ Bailey and thats saying alot. Teams will be weary of drafting him in such a high slot because if it the commisioner rules that he did take steroids he could face a large suspension and fine, word being if th use was serious the minimal suspension would be 8 games. He is a wildcard like no other.

    Q Seth Harris and Julio Stone are top prospects at WR, there talent level and dominance in the coligate ranks is a marvel, which of these two rivals will be selected first?
    A Its no secrect these guys dont like each other. At 6'4 228 pounds Stone is a big target and its easy to fall in love with a guy of this stature. However many scouts feel if he dosent get the ball early he mentally checks out, if he learns discipline he can be a top wide out in this league. Seth arris on the other hand is 6'2 205 out of Penn State. An explosive playmaker who everytime he touches the ball is a threat to hit paydirt. With these two its in the eye of the beholder but one thing for sure is that once one goes the other will most certainly be taken a pick later.

    Q How do you feel about Kenny Wangler?
    A I love this kid, many scouts scratched him out after a poor combine showing but I dont care, this kid will be drafted and will make one of these teams very happy.

    Q Is there a consensus number 1 pick?
    A This is the most wide open draft I have seen in the past ten years. Everyone has a different opinion and we wont know who go's #1 until the pick is made.

    Q This question come from John Butler in New York, he writes QB Chris Cutler, RB Santino Marselle and LB DeeJay Krens are 3 of my favorite players, when will they go?
    A Chris Cutler, oh boy, I have talked about him all week and I guess going a session without mentioned his name isnt gonna happen. Cutler has great tools, size and everything you look for, however what you dont want to see is a bottle of Jack Daniels in his locker. He is a great talent but he has so many off-field troubles I believe it would be Ludacris to spend a draft pick on him. Santino Marselle is unreal, instead of reading my kid the 3 little pigs I tell him about Marselli's great runs. He's a first rounder on and off the field. DeeJay Krens has a very high floor and will start immediatly. He has great presence and many compare him to A.J Hawk. He is on the bubble of being drafted.

    Here is a list of the eligiable players in this year's entry draft starting at 9:15pm Est tonight.

    Dylan DelliSanti…..neko4
    95 Ovr

    Chris Cutler…..CutlerChris
    92 Ovr

    Martin Fletcher…..ncst8fan83
    95 Ovr

    Ryan Hall.....RoyHall#1
    91 Ovr

    Antwaan Davis…..cardsalltheway
    90 Ovr

    Scott Marshall…..Elway777
    92 Ovr

    Ron Mexico…..Fenikz
    92 Ovr

    Santino Marselle.....ripdw27
    95 Ovr

    World B. Free…..BrownsTown
    90 Ovr

    Benn Hart…..HoopsDemon12
    93 Ovr

    Rodney Mack.....Splat420
    91 Ovr

    Seth Harris…..HinesWardJr.
    95 Ovr

    Julio Stone…..ATLDirtyBirds
    95 Ovr

    James Carter…..OSUGiants17
    92 Ovr

    Jason Baller.....KILLERSANTA
    90 Ovr

    Brent Noose.....BrentN
    90 Ovr

    Lebron James.....Turtlepower
    90 Ovr

    Kenny Wangler…..LTgiants
    95 Ovr

    Jay Moultrie.....Islandboy843
    91 Ovr

    Garrett "The Wall" Vandergriten.....mil_brew_fan
    92 Ovr

    DeeJay Krens…..Mr. Stiller
    93 Ovr

    Mexico Eater…..etk
    90 Ovr

    Chad Reed.....SubNoize
    92 Ovr

    Mo Louis.....The Legend
    95 Ovr

    Leo Wellingham.....The_Great_Jonathan_Vilma
    93 Ovr

    Galaga Jennings…..adschofield
    96 Ovr

    T.J. Thomas…..24cadillac24
    90 Ovr

    Mike Carter.....'cuse-213
    93 Ovr

    Mike Hoppe.....mikehop05
    91 Ovr

    Alex MacDonald…..Wo_ot88
    94 Ovr

    Willie Beaman.....saintsfan912
    90 Ovr

    Chris Stanton.....DWilliams2IndyColts
    91 Ovr

    Greg Stantios-Fischer.....Fischbowl
    96 Ovr

    The 5 round draft starts tonight at 9:15.

    Here is the order...

    Round 1

    1) New York Mafia.....Seth Harris, WR, Penn State

    2) Orlando Flash.....Julio Stone, WR, LSU

    3) Wyoming Jackalopes.....Dylan DeliSanti, QB, Maryland

    4) Baltimore Inferno.....Kenny Wangler, DE, Pittsburgh

    Round 2

    5) Baltimore Inferno.....Martin Fletcher, QB, NC State

    6) Wyoming Jackalopes.....Benn Hart, RB, Penn State

    7) Orlando Flash.....Mo Lewis, LB, Miami

    8) New York Mafia.....Gallaga Jennings, CB

    Round 3

    9) New York Mafia.....LeBron James, TE

    10) Orlando Flash..... Santino Marselle, RB

    11) Wyoming Jackalopes.....Alex MacDonald, S

    12) Baltimore Inferno..... DeeJay Krens, LB

    Round 4

    13) Baltimore Inferno.....Mike Carter, CB

    14) Wyoming Jackalopes.....Garrett Vandergriten, DE

    15) Orlando Flash.....Chris Cutler, QB

    16) New York Mafia.....Jay Moultrie, DE

    Round 5 (Final Round)

    17) New York Mafia.....Greg Stantios-Fischer

    18) Orlando Flash.....Leo Wellingham

    19) Wyoming Jackalopes.....Chad Reed, LB

    20) Baltimore Inferno.....James Carter, WR

    How things are shaping up...

    New York Mafia........Seth Harris, Gallaga Jennings, LeBron James, Jay Moultrie, Greg Stantios-Fischer
    Orlando Flash...........Julio Stone, Mo Lewis, Santino Marselle, Chris Cutler, Leo Wellingham
    Wyoming Jackalopes..Dylan DeliSanti, Benn Hart, Alex MacDonald, Garrett Vandergriten, Chad Reed
    Baltimore Inferno.......Kenny Wangler, Martin Fletcher, DeeJay Krens, Mike Carter, James Carter
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    EDIT: Thanks for letting me in

    About me:
    Name: Brent Noose
    Age: 21
    Position: WR
    Main Strength: Vision, Ability to break jams, Punt/Kick returning ability
    Main Weakness: Height, only have average top-end speed
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 175
    College: Texas A&M
    Compares to: Ricky Proehl

    EDIT: I signed with Mr. Rice.
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      Is there a set salary each pick gets?

      -Pick Ryan Hall


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        Originally posted by RoyHall#1 View Post
        Is there a set salary each pick gets?

        -Pick Ryan Hall

        Each team has a salary cap of 40 million, it is up to them how to spend it.


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          Seth Harris is here


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            Kenny Wangler is Here


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              DelliSanti has shown up with his QB mentor...

              And his entourage The "Busts" including Cade McCown, Akili Smith, and Joey Harrington

              Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                Brent Noose is here

                Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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                  With the first pick in the Expansion draft the New York Mafia select... WR from the University of Pennsylvania, Seth Harris.

                  Here is what Bob Loblaw, President and GM of the NYM had to say about the selection -

                  "It wasn't a tough decision at all. Seth Harris was clearly the best player in this draft, and that is who we selected with the number one pick. I don't think i've ever seen a more complete WR than Seth. He has the physical tools, he has the size, he's very young (20), and the sky is the limit for this kid. I'm very excited about the future of the Mafia with this selection."

                  Question from the media: "Did his ego bother you at all during the scouting process?"

                  Answer: "Seth's ego did not bother me at all. This is New York, his attitude and love for the game will be welcomed by the media, i'm sure. We are a young team, and Seth will be our center piece. If Seth wants the ball, Seth gets the ball."

                  Question: "Is it true that the Mafia has been rigging games for betting purposes?"

                  Answer: "I know where you live. ....Next question."

                  Question: "I've heard that Penn State coaches were glad to get rid of this guy and his ego. What do you have to say about that."

                  Answer: "Oh darn we're out of time. This press conference is over."


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                    THe crowd here in New York is going crazy as the new expansion team New York Mafia will enter the NFL with big time playmaker Seth Harris.


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                      THe Orlando Flash are now on the clock.


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                        News Conference set for Seth Harris at 9:30 pm tonite...


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                          The New York crowd here is defening. Here is Lou Deggor a big time NY Mafia fan and his reaction.

                          LD "This is incrediable man, Im preordering a Harris jersey right now, he's gonna bring an explosive playmaking ability to our offense that will make me stand up all year. Watch for him to make Urlacher look silly. Whhhooooooaaaaa yaaaaaa.


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                            James "Bulldog" Carter is here with girlfriend Jessica Alba



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                              if a team intends to, or does pick a client of mine, please PM me so we can talk contracts. thanks

                              - Brian Rice
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                              We ALL bleed scarlet
                              New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
                              UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
                              Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.



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