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    RP only please.

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    ESPN Reports

    Simeon Rice | Feb 6th
    Potential Trade

    Simeon Rice and the Tampa Bay Bucs, have agreed that a part in ways would be benifitial to both. The Buc's GM's Nuno Vacardo (EF) and Mr.Australia (24Cad) are very dissapointed to admit that this wonderful talent, that can rush the passer like none else has had his time in Tampa. Rice is a pro-bowl player that will help a team that is in contention for a few more years at a high level. He could be the difference maker that will seperate average teams from contenders, and now in today's game pass rushers are extremely important. They are reportedly looking for a mid to late day 1 pick.

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      Sources: Patriots look to bring back Samuel, Graham
      Top free agents' tenures with Patriots may not be over yet

      AP - The New England Patriots may be known for cutting ties with star players and fan favorites, including Adam Vinatieri, Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, and Ty Law, but this year they have expressed interest in retaining both star cornerback Asante Samuel and tight end Daniel Graham, the team's top free agents. Both players have been Patriots for their entire careers, but it has been speculated that one or both of them could be on the way out. New England has roughly $27,000,000 in cap room this year, and could reasonably afford both players.

      Samuel was tied for the NFL lead in interceptions with ten this season, and had an excellent postseason as well. Daniel Graham is one of the best blocking tight ends in the league. Both players are said to be looking for multi-year deals. It's likely that New England will be in the market for a new number one cornerback if Samuel is not retained - it's unlikely that the Patriots will use the franchise tag on Samuel, as they would be forced to pay him a $7.8 million salary for the 2007 season.


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        Speedy Curtis might not leave town so quickly
        By Jim Thomas

        The St. Louis Rams had no trouble spending money during the season to lock defensive end Leonard Little into a long-term deal, saving him from hitting the market in free agency. But with the free agent deadline fast approaching, another talented Ram waits to hear what his fate will be. Wide receiver Kevin Curtis is expected to draw a lot of attention this spring, and many Rams fans wonder whether or not St. Louis will give Curtis the same kind of commitment that they gave Little.

        Curtis, who despite having only four years of experience turns 29-years-old in July, has served as the third receiver on the Rams since 2004, and all indication is that St. Louis’ coaching staff is interested in keeping Kevin in town for the long haul.

        “Obviously when you have a player like Kevin on your team, you want to keep him as long as you can,” said Rams head coach Scott Linehan. “We want Kevin to be here, and he wants to be here. Now it’s just a matter of getting things done.”

        Speculation persists that while Curtis enjoys being apart of the Rams, he also wants to be more involved in the offense. In 2006, Curtis caught 40 passes, which was down from his 2005 total of 60 receptions. It should be noted that Curtis’ numbers in 2005 were inflated due to his replacing an injured Bruce in the starting line-up for a portion of the season.

        It’s that performance that has led many teams to believe that Curtis could be a full-time starter in this league, and the Rams anticipate Curtis being a hot commodity should he hit the open market. But Curtis insists that he enjoys his current role and his current team.

        “I love being a Ram,” Curtis said in a telephone interview. “Would I like to get the ball more? Absolutely, but every player wants the ball in his hands. Hopefully my agent can get something worked out.”

        If the Rams were unable to retain Curtis’ services on their roster, then the wide receiver position – a strength for this team for so many years – may suddenly become an area of need. Torry Holt remains one of the top wide receivers in the game today. But despite another thousand-yard season, Isaac Bruce is nearing the end of his career. At 34-years-old, Bruce will likely be contemplating retirement in a few years, leaving the Rams in need of another starter.

        Behind Holt and Bruce are receivers Shaun McDonald and Dane Looker, whom both provide adequate depth but don’t offer much in terms of starting potential. The Rams also drafted converted college quarterback Marques Hagans in the fifth round of last year’s draft, but Hagans failed to make the active roster and spent the year on the practice squad.

        The overall assessment is that losing Curtis would be a big blow to the Rams’ receiving corps, which is one reason why St. Louis may consider placing the franchise or transition tag on Curtis before he hits the market. While the franchise tag would provide the Rams with draft pick compensation should Curtis sign elsewhere, the transition tag seems like the more likely choice due to its lower salary amount. But either way, the Rams aren’t giving out specifics on what they plan to do.

        “We haven’t ruled anything out at this point,” said Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt. “We’re keeping our options open.”


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          John Clayton of ESPN reports:

          With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Simeon Rice looking more and more like they are set to part ways, defensive end appears to be a position of need for the organisation. With only Greg Spires, Charles Bennett and Julian Jenkins being the other players under contract, the organisation feels like they need an impact pass rusher to revitalize the organisations once dominant defense

          There are several prospects available via free agency, the draft and trades and Tampa expects to fully explore all options before adding any players.

          Dewayne White is one player the Buccaneers are hoping to resign in hopes he can become a premier pass rusher on either side of the defensive line, whilst players from Indianapolis and Cincinnati have also reportedly peaked the Buccaneers interest.

          Expect further speculation in the upcoming days as Free Agency approaches.


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            *******Jerry Jones on the move******

            The Cincinnati Post is reporting that Jerry Jones was seen today flying around the metro area with a big name Bengal player. No names were released however the plane was up for about 5 hours. So who exactly is Mr. Jerry Jones persuading today.


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              ******Chris Henry Pistol Whips Jerry Jones******

              With news that Jerry Jones was in Cinci, Chris Henry pulled an automated weapon and smacked him with it, resulting in his 20th arrest in 2 months. Word is he will get one day in jail and a $2 fine.

              In other Bengal news, the organization has been talking to all of their own players before free agency begins to try and work out contracts as soon as possible. Despite the 8-8 record, the Bengals feels they are a team on the rise who are one or two key players away from a Super Bowl run.

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                Sources: Patriots begin negotiations with departing talent
                New England looks for internal solutions before going through free agency

                AP - Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and top executive Scott Pioli have already begun speaking with some of New England's pending free agents regarding new contracts. It's unknown exactly which players are being targeted, but it's safe to say that Daniel Graham and Asante Samuel will be two of the top priorities for the team. More news as it becomes available.


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                  ***Jerry Jones seen in Dallas at local Sizzler with two large men***

                  Jerry Jones has been a busy man as he made his way down to San Diego. Earlier today and has been entertaining his guests at the Sizzler. We don't have exact reports on which guests he seems to be entertaining...but the recent speculation points to big men from the Bengals and Chargers organizations.


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                    Latest news in sports today, I'm Stephen A Smith, and this is Quite Frankly.

                    Quite Frankly, Denny Green should have quit his job. Quite Frankly, Denny Green should just leave the rest of the world and become a hermit.

                    Quite Frankly, that's exactly what happened.

                    ESPN REPORTS

                    Arizona Cardinals former Head Coach Denny Green thought he could turn his team around. He had 4 years to do it, and never did.

                    Now we're reporting that Green apparently abandoned his family and the world altogether, and has fled to Djibouti, found in Africa.

                    Green apparently couldn't take the shame of being voted "Least Funny Football Personnel" on ESPN yesterday.

                    We believe he has been spotted in Somalia, 174 miles south of Djibouti.


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                      Old Coach Back in Town

                      Houston- Latest reports are Dom Capers was seen in Houston talking to some of his former players. No names were verified but a rumor is one of the players is OLB with a 3 letter last name.

                      That is correct comahan
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                        Eagles Look To Make "Calculated" FA Signings, Pre-Draft Trades:

                        Len Pasquerelli is reporting that the Eagles, with $13mm in cap and several FA's (Michael Lewis, Reno Mahe, Dante Stallworth, Correll Buckhalter, Roderick Hood, and Juqua Thomas to name a few), are looking to resign several of their key FA's and perhaps make a push for some of the available talent on the market. Usually, the Eagles have the best salary cap situation in the NFL, but between the contract extensions given to Jamaal Jackson, Shawn Andrews, Brian Dawkins, Reggie Brown, Trent Cole, and Mike Patterson during the season, much of the cap space has already been spent.

                        Andy Reid, just back from his vacation in Hawaii, played it close to the vest. "We'll get back there and evaluate. Our scouting staff, including Bsaza2358 and, is looking through all of the FA's on the market, and they're doing a nice job." The Eagles typically make a strong push for specific targets, as the league has seen in the past with big name players like John Runyan, Javon Kearse, and Darren Howard. Expect the team to retain some players and look to make a splash with some new talent.

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                          Plummer, Bell to be replaced?
                          By Adam Schefter
                          Denver Post Staff Writer
                          Article Last Updated: 02/07/2007 12:18:00 AM MST

                          Coach Mike Shanahan has suggested that he believes that this Denver Broncos team is very much still a Super Bowl contender. That said, rumor has it that the Broncos' plans no longer include Tatum Bell or Jake Plummer, both starters for parts of last season.

                          The Broncos have reportedly shopped Jake Plummer through the league and received some tentative feelers for the 40-18 veteran quarterback, but say that nothing is in the works yet. Tatum Bell is another interesting addition to the trading block, as he's coming off a fairly productive pair of seasons (925 yards and a 5.3 yard average and 1021 yards with 4.4 ypc). Apparently, Shanahan has lost patience with the young back's ability to hang onto the ball in crucial situations.

                          Additionally, the Broncos are expected to take a long hard look at the tackle situation in the off-season, whether signing or drafting someone, as barring a major shift, George Foster has lost the coaching staff's faith. The Broncos are also expected to look at free agency first, to determine whether or not any of the impact free agents can help the team. Given that the team is much closer to the cap than some other teams in the league (around $10 million in free space, as opposed to the +$20 million most other teams are boasting), they're not expected to be major players for say, a Dwight Freeney. That said, Shanahan has worked cap miracles before, so it would not surprise this reporter in the least to see them make a major play for one of the top players if Shanahan falls in love.


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                            JOHN CLAYTON REPORTING:

                            The seattle seahwaks have to adress many off season moves, the biggest one, resigning key players. the list inlcudes: TE jeremy stevens, S ken hamlin, who the organization is very big on, K Josh brown, OG Chris Gray, DB jordan Babineaux, Wr DJ Hackett, and OT Sean Locklear, who is a main part of their offense line.

                            The seahawks have no first round pick, but there are rumors they are willing to move up into the early second round if they feel there is a player that is on their list.

                            Free Agency: their looking to bring in another back to spell shaun alexander, seems like the organization is pretty big on chris brown. But their biggest wan this off season is, OG, eric steinbach, it seems the seahawks are willing to offer him a nice amount of cash, and feel he is the missing ingridant. Another need is DL, and the hawks are currently looking at vonnie holiday, if he doesnt get resigned look for the seahawks to jump all over him. (in a non homosexual way). The seahwks have over 17 million in cap, and there looking to spend it.


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                              Del Rio and Jaguars look forward to offseason possibilities
                              Wide receiver and quarterback are hot-button issues
                              Vito Stellino, The Florida Times-Onion

                              Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio was optimistic on Wednesday in an interview about the offseason plans for his team as he heads into the fifth year of his tenure. Although not revealing specific plans, Del Rio laid out his goal and current methods in the new offseason.

                              "We are in the process of evaluating our football team," the coach said in a telephone interview with the TO. "We believe that our evaluations can lead to reliable decisions for the draft and free agency that will take us a step closer into becoming a championship football team. I believe that both free agency and the draft will be productive for the team and will ensure us a great chance of bringing home a championship trophy."

                              When asked about the status of Leftwich with the team in 2007, Del Rio showed cautious optimism. Leftwich is entering the last year of his contract, and his status with the Jaguars for the last year is considered to be in doubt after an injury cut his season short in Houston last October.

                              "Whatever problems that exist between Byron and the team are nothing that can't be resolved man-to-man. I believe that can be done."

                              Del Rio expressed an excitement over the hiring of Dirk Koetter as offensive coordinator, praising his "great football intellect" and the "already firm relationship that I have with him." Del Rio also stated his approval of new special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, quarterbacks coach Mike Shula, and assistant wide receivers coach Robert Prince, as well as promising the hiring of the remaining coaching vacancies of wide receivers coach and assistant special teams coach "in a timely yet thorough manner."

                              Del Rio also expressed optimism regarding the contract situation of running back Fred Taylor. Taylor, 31, is entering the last year of his contract, and has openly commented on the desire for a fairer deal and an extension, as well as showing a desire to retire a Jaguar.

                              "Fred had a productive year, and has always been a very key and productive player when he has been able to play. He remains a vital part of our football team, and I think we can get something worked out."

                              When asked about a future resolution of the situation, Del Rio did not divulge any specific details, but claimed that the Jaguars are "actively pursuing a point at which both Fred and the team can be satisfied heading into next season."

                              Much has been negatively made of the play from the wide receivers in 2006. First-round picks Matt Jones and Reggie Williams, and fourth-round pick Ernest Wilford received criticism for a lack of production overall, as well as key drops and a lack of ability to consistently get open in defensive coverage. Del Rio offered both criticism as well as support for his pass-catching group.

                              "They did not have a good year, no. And I have made it known to them as such. But I believe in their ability, and I believe that they can be key weapons for our offense in the future and give it an explosiveness that we've always wanted from [the offense]."

                              When asked about the possibility of signing a free agent veteran, Del Rio did not reveal any specifics but also did not discredit the claim.

                              "We will continue to evaluate our offense and our free agency plans and create a comprehensive plan for the offseason. A possibility may arise, but our evaluations continue."

                              The Jaguars also have key free agents to deal with. Free safety Deon Grant will become and unrestricted free agent, and has reportedly rejected an initial contract offer by the Jaguars. Kicker Josh Scobee, quarterback Quinn Gray, wide receiver Ernest Wilford and defensive end Bobby McCray are restricted free agents. On the status of these free agents, Del Rio maintained the point of the evaluation process for building the team. He also went on to speak highly of Daryl Smith, calling him "a lunchpail, hard-nosed football player" and was "greatly pleased" with his recent five-year extension with the team.

                              After a disappointing 8-8 season that lead to seven straight years without a playoff win, Del Rio's status as head coach has come into question. Del Rio responded to the criticism with a resolve in the future.

                              "I like what we have here in Jacksonville. I am confident in the skill and integrity of this group of young men, and I know that they can succeed as a football team. I don't worry about what the future holds, but I know that it will be better if the coaching staff, the front office, and the Jaguars as a whole work together to get a championship trophy for this city."

                              For more on this story, contact the Florida Times-Onion at (800)-288-0123, or e-mail Vito Stellino at

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