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  • Official NFLDC 'Cappers Championship


    1) You're required to pick a minimum of 5 games between the NCAA and NFL per week, starting with the week of Sep 1st. The first college games will be played on Thursday, August 30th. I'll post the spreads sometime during the prior week. Even though the NFL season doesn't begin until the following week, you're still required to make 5 picks for this 1st week of the NCAA season. You can also pick up to 20 games in a given week. I initially considered an unlimited amount, but soon realized that players who are deep in the hole will realize their only shot at victory is to play every game on the slate. Sorry, I'm not gonna sit here and sort through your 46 losses and 23 wins in one week. Twenty is plenty, and the fact that it rhymes is proof. In short, you can pick from 5-20 games each week. No more, no less.

    2) You will be allowed one bye week which must be used on or before Dec 30th. This bye week is optional, and is the result of valid concerns about whether or not we'll all be able to be here so consistently for such a long period of time. Also, there will be a 1 win penalty if you end up using this bye week. This is being put into place to stress to people that it's preferred that you play every week and to prevent people from hiding in the corner. Once you've missed a week, there will be an asterisk posted next to your name in the standings as an indicator of such. That way we can keep track. It's not a Barry Bonds asterisk or anything, but if you miss another week you'll be eliminated from the competition. If you know you'll be missing a week, but you still want to make picks, you can pick blind in advance if you choose to do so. Just make the post AND pm me to let me know. Some of us can pretty accurately predict some of the spreads before they come out, so I could see somebody exercising this option if they needed to. This likely won't happen, but I wouldn't want anybody to be eliminated when it could have been avoided.

    3) When it comes to Bowl Season, you'll be required to pick at least 12 of the total bowl games on the slate, and you must pick all 5 of the BCS bowls. You're also required to pick 6 of the 11 NFL playoff games, and picking the Super Bowl is a requirement. These high minimums are being put into place to prevent a leader from hiding in the corner, and to kinda tighten the screws and up the difficulty level when it comes to crunch time. There's really no reason for anybody to not be able to pick the biggest games of the year. This will also help prevent an anti-climactic ending to this competition, if that's possible.

    4) You must use the spreads posted here each week. I will peel these from one of the more reputable wagering sites such as betcris or bodog and have them posted as early in the week as possible. Spreads change throughout the week. Especially in the NCAA. For this competition, uniformity is paramount. So whatever is posted here, is what goes. Everybody will use the exact same spreads for each game. This will eliminate any disputes and just make things clean and fair.

    5) Don't cloud up your pick post with a bunch of comments. Just tell me who you got in list form. Please limit your total picks for the week to a single post if possible. This is not a requirement though. Just try not to get too crazy and make a post for every single game you play. Also, DO NOT EDIT YOUR PICK POST. Ever. If you do, it will be invalidated and you will be penalized 5 wins and your bye week will be used. If you make a mistake, leave the post up and make another below it indicating what happened. Once I see this I'll pm you, and you will be able to edit that first post. This is how edits will be done in this thread. This rule is being put into place to prevent people from deleting picks at a time when they still have at least 5 picks left to be played. I can't keep constant track of everybody's picks so this rule is needed to eliminate any temptation to cheat. The extreme 5 win + loss of bye penalty is necessary to prevent people from tanking an o'fer in favor of a minor penalty.

    6) Your pick post needs to appear after the official weekly spread post. That's the point from which I'll scroll for each week's tally. The only exception to this rule is if you're picking blind because you won't be around that week. You'll need to PM me if you choose to do this, and this is perfectly acceptable. Also, remember that the time and date of your post is shown within your post. If you make a pick after the time of kickoff, it won't count.

    7) Pushes do not count. If you push, just be glad it doesn't show up in the loss column. This is about wins and losses. The highest winning percentage wins.

    8) The winner will be determined by who has the highest winning percentage through the Super Bowl on February 3rd in Arizona. Although it's highly likely the winner will be known before then. In the extremely unlikely event of a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by total points scored in the Super Bowl.

    9) These rules may be amended. I just thought this up and probably haven't thought of everything yet.
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    **Official Standings**

    1. SuperMcgee (92-69) .571
    2. Borat Sagdiyev (68-53) .562
    3. RyanLeaf#1 (131-118) .526
    4. duckseason (121-116) .511
    5. Ravens1991 (43-42*) .506
    6. princefielder28 (81-81) .500
    7. moc182 (61-63) .492
    8. ATLDirtyBirds (75-83*) .475
    9. Jughead10 (75-84) .472
    10. Giantsfan1080 (64-74*) .464
    11. KCJ58 (104-126) .452
    12. jballa838 (85-107*) .443

    Wk1, we went 56-37 (.602)
    Wk2, we went 64-44 (.593)
    Wk3, we went 46-71 (.393)
    Wk4, we went 53-60 (.469)
    Wk5, we went 54-53 (.505)
    Wk6, we went 57-64 (.471)
    Wk7, we went 61-67 (.477)
    Wk8, we went 64-74 (.464)
    Wk9, we went 76-70 (.521)
    W10, we went 72-56 (.563)
    W11, we went 56-68 (.452)
    W12, we went 59-65 (.476)
    W13, we went 87-87 (.500)
    W14, we went 63-55 (.534)
    W15, we went 60-43 (.583)
    W16, we went 51-68 (.429)
    W17, we went 65-92 (.414)

    Our total overall record is 1044-1074 (.493)

    *Week 18 Spreads can be found toward the top of page 69*
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      i'll join in


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        Im in, whats that image shack thing for?

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          I'm down. ...........


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            Count me in.


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              I'll be in.


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                Im in and have a couple suggestions. They will come shortly im about to leave for work, but when I get there I will post them.
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                I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

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                  Sign me up

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                    You know I'm in!


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                      Sign me up!

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                        I'm in, its on like Donkey Kong
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                          I'll do it, but God knows I may forget a week or something. What happens then?

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                            There is going to be a penalty if the person doesnt make the minium of 5 picks per week. Duck is going to have to work out all of the rules and that definitely has to be one of them.
                            Originally posted by nvot9
                            I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

                            Phillies 2007 NL East Champions & Back to Back MVP Award Winners.
                            Indianapolis Colts 13-3
                            Philadelphia Flyers 19-14-4 = 42 points
                            Philadelphia 76ers 14-18
                            Coach Bob Huggins 10-2


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                              If you fail to do so for even a single week, you'll be eliminated from the competition and thrown out of the party cave (located 2 blocks west of the bat cave) until next season.
                              i think that is the penalty.

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