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    Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
    will the draft be on NFLDC or live on ESPN
    With 20 people. We must go live on ESPN. This is not a 10 year draft.


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      BTW, ERU and Scar are in.


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        I'd love to be in on this. I'm already in another ESPN league, so I'll definitely be active.

        Xbox Live Gamertag: DocSteel92
        Rest in peace, Randy Pausch.


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          So we've got 14/20

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          Originally posted by BuckNaked
          Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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            17 right? ERU, BTW and Scar never posted

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              Originally posted by neko4 View Post
              17 right? ERU, BTW and Scar never posted
              D has not said who is in yet
              When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


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                Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                17 right? ERU, BTW and Scar never posted
                Well, I counted ERU and Scar in the 14, but I thought he was saying "BTW(By the way), ERU and Scar are in."

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                Originally posted by BuckNaked
                Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                  Originally posted by adschofield View Post
                  Well, I counted ERU and Scar in the 14, but I thought he was saying "BTW(By the way), ERU and Scar are in."
                  hehe, stupid me

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                    I'm interested


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                      I need your email addresses. I'm sending out invites.

                      Also, will need your AIMs. If you don't have AIM, you can't be in this league.


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                        Ehren McBride QB Wisconsin
                        5-9 195
                        40: 4.40
                        Bench: 8 reps of 225
                        Speed and improvisational ability are highly impressive. Arm is average at best but shows excellent decision making.
                        Comparison: Doug Flutie
                        Senior Stats: 2377 Yards 11TD’s 5INT’s; 7 RTD’s
                        Rating: 78-87

                        Mike Desmond QB Michigan
                        6-6, 213
                        40: 5.28
                        Bench: 23
                        Probably has the best arm, but pocket presence is a large concern. Will make all the throws with either perfect touch or zips it in a tight spot. Mentally is good enough.
                        Comparison: Peyton Manning (Sorry)
                        Senior Stats: 3533 Yards 32TD’s 8INT’s; 2nd most sacked QB in Big10.
                        Rating: 80-90

                        Tyrone Biggums QB Duke
                        6-4 216
                        40: 4.55
                        Bench: 4
                        He would probably move to WR if he wasn’t so tall. Shows good touch, but poor zip. Has great pocket presence. Has received allegations of cocaine use. Played well without great surrounding talent.
                        Comparison: Kordell Stewart
                        Senior Stats: 2193 Yards 9TD’s 6INT’s; 8RTD’s
                        Rating: 78-84

                        Brent Noose QB Texas A&M
                        6-2 190
                        40: 4.66
                        Bench: 19
                        Is much stronger than his skinny stature indicates, but some weight gain would be nice. Is one of the most accurate QB’s out there and his speed helps. Arm strength is lacking.
                        Comparison: Colt Brennan (w/o the system)
                        Senior Stats: 2774 Yards 19TD’s 4INT’s; 4RTD’s
                        Rating: 76-86

                        Carmelo Anthony QB Kansas
                        6-3 235
                        40: 4.81
                        Bench: 28
                        Despite having a decent 40 he is a terrible pocket QB. Has a great arm that can shred any defense, but he also needs a great line to do this.
                        Comparison: Eli Manning
                        Senior Stats: 3009 Yards 20TD’s 10INT’s; 3rd most sacked QB in Big 12.
                        Rating: 76-85

                        CPU QB's

                        Doug Freeman, Ole Miss
                        6-5 235
                        40: 4.98
                        Bench: 17
                        Comparison: Eli Manning
                        Rating: 61-68

                        Dylan DelliSanti, Georgetown
                        5-11 200
                        40: 4.70
                        Bench: 11
                        Comparison: Drew Brees
                        Rating: 63-84

                        Terrelle Moss, RB Wisconsin
                        5-8 190
                        40: 4.41
                        Shuttle: 4.01
                        Bench: 15
                        Not quite as fast as originally thought but makes great cuts and more than makes up for what we thought his 40 time would be. Is a hard worker but does he have the toughness to be a good pro RB. Has good strength for a little dude.
                        Comparison: Garrett Wolfe
                        Senior Stats: 1874 Yards 18TD’s 7.7Avg; Only 5 Fumbles in Career
                        Rating: 76-91

                        Junior Diggs, RB Pittsburgh
                        6-2 224
                        40: 4.37
                        Bench: 32
                        Hello Calvin Johnson of RB’s. Is a pure running back in almost every sense of the word. Wont make any catches or block, but makes every cut look see easy, can overpower even the biggest of defenders and has the speed to outrun many safties and slower CB’s. Can he take the full load.
                        Comparison: Jim Brown
                        Senior Stats: 1030 Yards 14TD’s 8.5 Avg; 18 Drops in one year.
                        Rating: 81-91

                        Seth Harris, RB Penn St
                        5’10 205
                        40: 4.40
                        Bench: 13
                        Is great in the open field but between the tackles he needs work. Not with his power but with explosion. He wont get into the open field if he doesn’t get past the line. Is a great pass-catcher and is able to getinto the open field on those plays.
                        Senior Stats: 1289 Yards 10TD’s 5.8Avg; 522 Rec Yards
                        Rating: 77-87

                        EJ Washington-Bush, RB Cal
                        5’10 201
                        40: 4.33
                        Bench: 5
                        Probably the most exciting player in football last year. Draws many comparisons to a poor man’s Reggie Bush. But many doubt his toughness and see him as being too finesse. Look for him to make big plays without getting a carry.
                        Comparison: Reggie Bush
                        Senior Stats: 1004 Yards 8TD’s 8.4Avg; 7 KR and PR TD’s
                        Rating: 78-83

                        Germain Taylor RB NC A&T
                        5-11 225
                        40: 4.65
                        Bench: 33
                        Best word that describes him, NASTY. Plays through pain and even rehabbed from major injuries. Couldve gone to any school in the world w/o his injury problems. 40 time was less than stellar, but that shouldn’t be a judge of his abilities. Runs low and makes great cuts. Didn’t play against elite comp, but was a record setter in I-AA. Extremely hard worker.
                        Comparison: Tony Hunt
                        Senior Stats: 2133 Yards 31TD’s 6.9Avg; 458 Rec Yards
                        Rating: 79-89

                        CPU RB’s

                        Joe Jackson Grambling
                        5-8 205
                        40: 4.30
                        Bench: 10
                        Comparison: MJD
                        Senior Stats: 2180 24 TD’s 9.5Avg
                        Rating: 69-82

                        Phillip Myers Missouri
                        5-11 209
                        40: 4.44
                        Bench: 13
                        Comparison: Clinton Portis
                        Rating: 65-80

                        Rex Smithers, Eastern Michigan
                        6-0 233
                        40: 4.62
                        Bench: 20
                        Comparison: Smaller Jerome Bettis
                        Rating: 62-73

                        CPU FB’s

                        Tank Rogers Grambling
                        6’1 255
                        40: 4.69
                        Bench: 34
                        Comparison: Mike Alstott
                        Rating: 70-79

                        Q Jackson WR Washington
                        6-0 170
                        40: 4.31
                        Bench: 15
                        Not very strong but durable. Has great speed and burst and runs good enough routes to get open. Also has excellent leap ability. Has some anger issues and has been known to be cocky.
                        Comparison: Desean Jackson
                        Senior Stats: 54rec 990yards 8TD’s; 6KR/PR TD’s
                        Rating: 79-86

                        Troy James WR LSU
                        5-10 185
                        40: 4.22
                        Bench: 9
                        Has to be the fastest man in the draft. Is lighting quick and will make big plays off screans. Soft hands. An average at best route runner. Sometimes makes mistakes due to lack of experience. Is also a major threat going deep.
                        Comparison: Steve Smith
                        Senior Stats: 38rec 809yards 6TD’s; 4KR/PR TD’s
                        Rating: 77-87

                        Kareem Johnson WR Florida
                        6-5 235
                        40: 4.38 and 4.52
                        Bench: 25
                        40 Time was wildly inconsistent, but speed isn’t a huge problem with this huge WR.
                        Great leaping ability and gigantic wingspan help make all the tough catches look easy. Is very tough and a great worker. Fights for every yard. Limited productivity due to incositency at QB position, but made the most out of every catch. Time will tell if he can become the deep target he was in college.
                        Comparison: Calvin Johnson
                        Senior Stats: 44rec 941yards 11TD’s; 2 Rushing TD’s
                        Rating: 81-91

                        Julio Stone WR LSU
                        6-4 228
                        40: 4.36
                        Bench: 17
                        One of the best deep targets out there combing great speed and size. Does almost everything right as a WR, but lazy work ethic and arrogance was a turn off with teammates. Doesn’t always show effort if not getting the ball, or changes his routes without letting the QB know which leads to interceptions and drops balls if team is losing by a large sum.
                        Comparison: Randy Moss
                        Senior Stats: 69rec 1180yards 12TD’s; 10drops
                        Rating: 83-91

                        Lonny Lancaster WR Tennessee
                        6-4 205
                        40: 4.45
                        Bench: 19
                        Good speed and burst. An average catcher mostly due to a lack of concentration. Terrible route runner. Great leap ability. Is fiery too much sometimes and has been ejected twice in his career. Right now is just a great deep threat, until Route Running Improves.
                        Comparison: Smaller Plax
                        Senior Stats: 60rec 1026yards 11TD’s; 2 career ejections
                        Rating: 76-85

                        Blackie Chan WR Heff’s Secret Academy
                        6’2 185
                        40: 4.48
                        Bench: 15
                        We don’t know much about this WR playing in a somewhat secret D3 school. We do know he has great leap and hands.
                        Comparison: Ocho Cinco
                        Senior Stats: 125rec? 2080yards? 23TD’s?; 15 sexual harassment accusations
                        Rating: 76-85

                        CPU WR's

                        Evander Louis Texas Tech
                        5-10 192
                        40: 4.34
                        Bench: 11
                        Comparison: Steve Smith
                        Rating: 60-75

                        Jerrod Jacobs Miami (OH)
                        6-4 198
                        40: 4.39
                        Bench: 8
                        Comparison: Randy Moss
                        Rating: 62-68

                        Lebron James TE Arizona State
                        6-8 260
                        40: 4.54
                        Bench: 32
                        A complete freak, hard to bring down, gets open using speed, great deep threat, amazing leap, and a huge target in the redzone. But he has been known to be slow off the line, causing jams and is a terrible blocker despite size.
                        Comparison- Antonio Gates
                        Senior Stats- 45rec 626yards 15TD’s; 16sacks/TFL allowed
                        Rating- 81-87

                        Marcus Henderson TE Oklahoma State
                        6-4 250
                        40: 4.56
                        Bench: 31
                        Doesn’t have the same size as James, but much of the same ability. The thing that Henderson has is great burst and acceleration. He is able to reach top speed quickly and will burn any S’s in his way to the endzone. Is a terrible blocker.
                        Comparison-Randy McMichael
                        Senior Stats- 57rec 649yards 12TD’s; 13Sacks/TFL allowed

                        Mitch Mitchell TE Texas
                        6-4 250
                        40: 4.81
                        Bench: 38
                        Great blocker, but average receiver nuff said.
                        Comparison-Mark Bruener
                        Senior Stats- 26rec 304yards 5TD’s; 2Sacks/TFL allowed
                        Rating- 76-84

                        CPU TE's:

                        Jimmy Woods TE Miami
                        6-5 265
                        40: 4.77
                        Bench: 28
                        Comparison: Bubba Franks
                        Rating: 61-73

                        Erik Anderson TE West VA
                        6-2 245
                        40: 4.66
                        Bench: 25
                        Comparison: Alge Crumpler
                        Rating: 55-67

                        Steve Runyan OT 85-91
                        Kyle "Scatman" Scottini OG 84-89

                        Aaron Brooks 82-88
                        Benn Hart 83-88
                        Johnny Cash 81-90
                        Chad Reed 85-89
                        Peter Brady 76-80
                        Curtis Rockaniva 77-85
                        Leo Willingham 76-87
                        Dusty Havok 76-83

                        Chet Taylor Jr 81-91
                        Troy Keaton 82-91
                        Carter Mack 76-87
                        Patrick McKistry 78-83
                        Rashod Wood 77-84
                        Jeff Stephenson 76-83

                        Peter Parker 80-90
                        DJ Jennings 80-90
                        Jeremy Reed 80-90

                        D'Bennishaw Causerus 83-91
                        Deon Sizzler 76-77
                        Jonni Hendrix 78-86
                        Bob Rankins 76-86
                        Scott Carr 80-85
                        Deejay Kerns 78-91

                        Jordan Grove 76-87
                        Will Ward 81-89
                        Travis Faustino 77-85

                        Oguchi Totti 88
                        Greg Santios-Fischer 87

                        Cash Mikey 89

                        Mel's Mock
                        1-New Jersey Timberwolves-Steve Runyan OT Michigan
                        2-Bangkok Banshees-Junior Diggs HB Pittsburgh
                        3-Chelsea Blues-Mike Desmond QB Michigsn
                        4-Gulf Coast Pirates-DJ Jennings CB Arizona
                        5-New ZealandWarriors-Will Ward DT Texas St
                        6-San Juan Rough Riders-Derrick Moss DE Cal-Poly
                        7-Dallas Longhorns-Tank Rogers FB Grambling
                        8-Mexico City War Eagles-Evander Louis WR Texas Tech
                        9-Washington Patriots-Pat Wiley OT Wisconsin
                        10-Brooklyn Dodgers-Mikey Moses DT USC
                        11-Toronto Bears-Doug Freeman QB Ole Miss
                        12-LA Super Novas-Jerrod Jacobs WR Miami(OH)

                        Originally posted by D-Unit
                        Hey man,
                        I just wanted to give you a heads up that you are one of the players I am looking to add to the New Zealand Warriors. I'm not sure how things will pan out in the draft as far as guaging who will be available when, but just know that we're interested in the skills you bring to the table.

                        -- BJ Penn, NZ Warriors GM

                        PS. Have you received contact from other teams yet?
                        TE Mitch Mitchell

                        Originally posted by Im_a_Romosexual

                        I have recieved contact from other teams, but I'm very, very interested in playing for the Warrioirs
                        DE Deon Sizzler

                        Originally posted by DChess

                        thats great thanks. yeah one, superkevins
                        K Oguchi Totti

                        Originally posted by Windy City Big Gamer Uno

                        nice. thanks. i'm haven't heard from anyone else yet.
                        WR Blackie Chan

                        Originally posted by BuckNaked
                        Thanks for giving me a heads up.
                        QB Brent Noose
                        Originally posted by BrentN
                        Yes, I have but I won't reveal who.
                        Bob Rankins

                        Originally posted by princefielder28

                        I thank you for your interest and you are the first person to contact me
                        WR Troy James

                        Originally posted by 24cadillac24
                        If I am available for one of your remaining picks I would love to join the team.
                        QB Ehren McBride

                        Originally posted by Mockalicious
                        Thank you for contacting me, you are the first team to do so. I love your management and the way you run your team. I will not go public about this, I just hope that I am available for your next draft pick.
                        -Ehren McBride
                        QB Tyrone Biggums

                        Originally posted by gbpackers0065
                        Nope, you're the first...
                        Last edited by D-Unit; 10-08-2007, 05:14 PM.
                        When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


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                          AIM: RVDKickYourASS (U have it)


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                            you have my AIM.

                            Thanks BoneKrusher^

                   (the man)
                            KO KNOWS


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                              Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
                              I need your email addresses. I'm sending out invites.

                              Also, will need your AIMs. If you don't have AIM, you can't be in this league.
                              dang im out

                              Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                                AIM: NASCAR Boy 24

                                Xbox Live Gamertag: DocSteel92
                                Rest in peace, Randy Pausch.



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