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    Why not? Got to have enough position players to make a 9 man lineup, enough pitchers for a 5 man rotation and closer, other than that, you can use your picks to take a bullpen player, or bench player or whatever you want. 20 rounds, snake draft. 6-8 people would be preferred. Choose a minor league team to be. Draft order will be chosen once everyone signs up. This'll be my first try at a MLB Dynasty Draft but why the hell not. If anyone doesn't know exactly how a Dynasty Draft works, just ask and I'll tell ya.

    Winner depends on # of people 8 people is an easy 3 round playoff, 6, highest margin of victory gets a bye. Whoever wins gets + rep from everyone else.

    What you will be drafting: You will try to draft the team that you think will be the best in 5 years. Not through the next 5 years, in five years. So in 2012, this'll be the team to beat. So drafting people like Chipper Jones or Barry Bonds is unadvisable. Top prospects and young stars are good. Of course this is based on other people's opinions, so just picking the top prospects from your own team probably won't work out.

    I'll be the Lake County Captains

    Sign up list:
    BrownsTown (Lake County Captains)
    Im_a_Romosexual (Albuquerque Isotopes)
    Steelers4Life (Altoona Curve)
    KCJ58 (Jacksonville Suns)
    Eagles own the NFC East (New Orleans Zephyrs)
    Eaglez.Fan (San Juan Spicy Burritos)

    Round 1:
    Altoona Curve - Jake Peavy, P
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Jose Reyes, SS
    Lake County Captains - Miguel Cabrera, 3B
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Prince Fielder, 1B
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Ryan Braun, 3B
    Jacksonville Suns - Russell Martin, C

    Round 2:
    Jacksonville Suns - Matt Holliday, OF
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Hanley Ramirez, SS
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Grady Sizemore, OF
    Lake County Captains - Justin Verlander, P
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Justin Morneau, 1B
    Altoona Curve - Cole Hamels, P

    Round 3:
    Altoona Curve - Felix Hernandez, P
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Johan Santana, P
    Lake County Captains - Albert Pujols, 1B
    New Orleans Zephyrs - David Wright, 3B
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Joe Mauer, C
    Jacksonville Suns - Chase Utley, 2B

    Round 4:
    Jacksonville Suns - Brandon Webb, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Josh Beckett, P
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Brian McCann, C
    Lake County Captains - Carl Crawford, OF
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Delmon Young, OF
    Altoona Curve - Carlos Zambrano, P

    Round 5:
    Altoona Curve - Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Scott Kazmir, P
    Lake County Captains - Dan Haren, P
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Philip Hughes, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Eric Bedard, P
    Jacksonville Suns - C.C. Sabathia, P

    Round 6:
    Jacksonville Suns - Carlos Beltran, OF
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Alex Rodriguez, 3B/SS
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Daisuke Matsuzaka, P
    Lake County Captains - Justin Upton, OF
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Alex Gordon, 3B
    Altoona Curve - BJ Upton, OF

    Round 7:
    Altoona Curve - Chris B. Young, OF
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Francisco Liriano, P
    Lake County Captains - Fausto Carmona, P
    New Orleans Zephyrs - JJ Hardy, SS
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Chris Young, P
    Jacksonville Suns - Brad Penny, P

    Round 8
    Jacksonville Suns - Jared Weaver, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Jonathan Papelbon
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Ryan Howard, 1B
    Lake County Captains - Alex Rios, OF
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Matt Cain, P
    Altoona Curve - Jeff Francoeur, OF

    Round 9
    Altoona Curve - Troy Tulowitzki, SS
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Reggie Willits, OF
    Lake County Captains - Tim Lincecum, P
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Dontrelle Willis, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Roy Oswalt, P
    Jacksonville Suns - Jimmy Rollins, SS

    Round 10
    Jacksonville Suns - Zach Duke, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Nick Markakis, OF
    New Orleans Zephyrs - John Maine, P
    Lake County Captains - Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Francisco Rodriguez, P
    Altoona Curve - Yovani Gallardo, P

    Round 11
    Altoona Curve - Hunter Pence, OF
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Cameron Maybin, OF
    Lake County Captains - Mark Teixeira, 1B
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Chien Ming Wang, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
    Jacksonville Suns - Chad Billingsly, P

    Round 12
    Jacksonville Suns - Matt Kemp, OF
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Vernon Wells, OF
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Curtis Granderson, OF
    Lake County Captains - Robinson Cano, 2B
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - David Price, P
    Altoona Curve - James Loney, 1B

    Round 13
    Altoona Curve - Matt Wieters, C
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Aaron Hill, 2B
    Lake County Captains - Dustin Pedroia, 2B
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Lastings Milledge, RF
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Brandon Phillips, 2B
    Jacksonville Suns - Huston Street, CL

    Round 14
    Jacksonville Suns - Andy LaRoche, 3B
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Tom Gorzelanny, SP
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Bobby Jenks, CL
    Lake County Captains - Homer Bailey, P
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Chad Cordero, CL
    Altoona Curve - Matt Capps, CL

    Round 15
    Altoona Curve - Billy Butler, DH
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Jeremy Hermida, DH
    Lake County Captains - Jose Valverde, CL
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Richie Weeks, 2B
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Jason Bay, OF
    Jacksonville Suns - Ichiro, OF

    Round 16
    Jacksonville Suns - Kendry Morales, 1B
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Chris Ray, SU
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Joel Zumaya, SU
    Lake County Captains - Joba Chamberlain, SU
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Stephen Drew, SS
    Altoona Curve - Evan Longoria, 3B

    Round 17
    Altoona Curve - Joakim Soria, SU
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Yadier Molina, C
    Lake County Captains - Chone Figgins, Everywhere
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Brandon Wood, SS
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Brad Hawpe, OF
    Jacksonville Suns - Jonathan Broxton, SU

    Round 18
    Jacksonville Suns - Clayton Kershaw, P
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Bill Hall, 2B, 3B, OF
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Fernando Martinez, OF
    Lake County Captains - Yuniesky Betancourt, SS
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Carlos Quentin, OF
    Altoona Curve - Jeff Clement, C

    Round 19
    Altoona Curve - Andrew McCutcheon, OF
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Andy Marte, 3B
    Lake County Captains - Melky Cabrera, OF
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Dan Uggla, 2B
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Adam Jones, OF
    Jacksonville Suns - *Skipped*

    Round 20
    Jacksonville Suns - *Skipped*
    Albuquerque Isotopes - Rich Harden, P
    New Orleans Zephyrs - Carlos Gomez, OF
    Lake County Captains - Victor Martinez, C/1B
    San Juan Spicy Burritos - Conor Jackson, 1B
    Altoona Curve - Casey Kotchman
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    Im always down for a baseball draft.

    albuquerque isotopes
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      Captains Roster

      Defensive Alignment
      LF: Alex Rios/Melky Cabrera/Chone Figgins
      CF: Carl Crawford/Melky Cabrera/Chone Figgins
      RF: Justin Upton/Melky Cabrera/Chone Figgins
      3B: Albert Pujols/Chone Figgins/Miguel Cabrera
      SS: Dustin Pedroia/Yuniesky Betancourt/Chone Figgins
      2B: Robinson Cano/Yuniesky Betancourt/Chone Figgins
      1B: Albert Pujols/Mark Teixeira/Victor Martinez
      C: Jarrod Saltalamacchia/Victor Martinez

      1. Carl Crawford, LF
      2. Alex Rios, RF
      3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
      4. Albert Pujols, 3B
      5. Justin Upton, RF
      6. Mark Teixeira, 1B
      7. Jerrod Saltalamacchia, C
      8. Robinson Cano, 2B
      9. Dustin Pedroia, SS

      1. Dan Haren
      2. Justin Verlander
      3. Fausto Carmona
      4. Tim Lincecum
      5. Homer Bailey

      SU: Jona Chamberlain
      CL: Jose Valverde
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        2012 Altoona Curve

        Ages as of Opening Day 2012

        1. 2B B.J. Upton (27)
        2. SS Troy Tulowitzki (27)
        3. CF Chris B. Young (28)
        4. 3B Ryan Zimmerman (27)
        5. RF Jeff Francoeur (28)
        6. LF Hunter Pence (28)
        7. DH Billy Butler (25)
        8. C Matt Wieters (25)
        9. 1B James Loney (27)

        IF Evan Longoria (26)
        OF Andrew McCutchen (25)
        C Jeff Clement (28)
        1B Casey Kotchman (29)

        1. Jake Peavy, RHP (30)
        2. Cole Hamels, LHP (28)
        3. Carlos Zambrano, RHP (30)
        4. Felix Hernandez, RHP (25)
        5. Yovani Gallardo, RHP (26)

        SU. Joakim Soria, RHP (27)
        CL. Matt Capps, RHP (28)
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          Originally posted by Steelers4Life View Post
          You might want to list the details, since not all dynasty drafts are created equal, but I'm in.

          Altoona Curve
          Good idea, thanks.


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            Swing of the Quad Cities.
            Ohio State Buckeyes Duke Blue Devils New York Jets St. Louis Cardinals San Jose Sharks Seattle Mariners


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              New Orleans Zephyrs

              Pitching rotation:
              1. Daisuke Matzuaka
              2. Phil Hughes
              3. Dontrelle Willis
              4. Jon Maine
              5. Chien Ming Wang

              SU- Joel Zumaya
              CP- Bobby Jenks

              1. Curtis Granderson, LF
              2. Grady Sizemore, CF
              3. David Wright, 3B
              4. Ryan Howard, 1B
              5. Prince Fielder, DH
              6. J.J. Hardy, SS
              7. Brian McCan, C
              8. Lastings Milledge, RF
              9. Rickie Weeks, 2B

              Brandon Wood, SS
              Fernando Martinez, OF
              Dan Uggla, 2B
              Carlos Gomez, OF
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                San Juan Spicy Burritos

                C- Yadier Molina (30)
                1B- Justin Morneau (31)
                2B- Aaron Hill (30)
                SS- Jose Reyes (29)
                3B- Alex Gordon (28)
                LF- Reggie Willits (31)
                CF- Cameron Maybin (25)
                RF- Delmon Young (26)
                DH- Jeremy Hermida (28)

                Joe Reyes SS (29)
                Reggie Willits LF (31)
                Alex Gordon 3B (28)
                Delmon Young RF (26)
                Justin Morneau 1B (31)
                Jeremy Hermida DH (28)
                Cameron Maybin CF (25)
                Aaron Hill 2B (30)
                Yadier Molina C (30)

                Stephen Drew SS (29)
                Carlos Quentin OF (29)
                Andy Marte 3B (28)
                Conor Jackson 1B (30)

                SP- Johan Santana (33)
                SP- Scott Kazmir (28)
                SP- Francisco Liriano (28)
                SP- Matt Cain (27)
                SP- David Price (26)

                SU- Chad Cordero (30)
                CL- Francisco Rodriguez (30)
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                  Ok we'll go with this. Draft order up in a second.


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                    Steelers4Life is up, we'll say hour long time limit. If you don't think you'll be here PM me a list of players you want.


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                      Sorry guys, I didn't know we were starting this right away.

                      With the #1 pick, the Altoona Curve select...

                      Jake Peavy, SP, San Diego Padres

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                        I take Jose Reyes SS


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                          I'll take Miguel Cabrera

                          From a list Eagles own the NFC East takes Prince Fielder

                          Now it's romosexual.


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                            ryan braun


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                              Can we draft prospects?



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