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Devery Henderson or Roydell Williams

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  • Devery Henderson or Roydell Williams

    I'm in a 20-team league, and WR's aren't really valued since they don't score many points in our scoring system. So, I have mostly deep threats/endzone targets, since those have the same chance of scoring as many points as most of the better receivers can. So, I have Kevin Curtis, Devery Henderson, Drew Bennett, and now Roydell Williams. Curtis was pretty bad the first two games, but had an absolute mosnter game today. I didn't start Bennett, which was good since he didn't do squat. So now, I have an open receiver spot and two receivers playing in tomorrow's MNF game.

    I currently have Henderson starting, but he hasn't done anything this year. I'm thinking about putting in Williams, since he had a seemingly breakout game last week where he caught 4 passes for 72 yards and a TD, and despite being thrown to 4 times, he caught every pass thrown to him, including 2 very hard out-patterns.

    Henderson is definitely starting, but is in a struggling offense. Williams is stuck in a rotation of about 5 receivers, but may be Vince's "Go to guy." Henderson is going up against an average secondary, and would be covered by Cortland Finnegan, who is the fastest player on the defense but has a hamstring problem. So Michael Griffin may be assigned to cover him. Williams would be going up against a bad secondary, and would likely be covered by Jason David, who is mightily struggling. So either one is definitely a boom or bust pick. Currently, Yahoo is predicting 4.73 points for Henderson and 3.50 for Williams. But keep in mind, they also predicted 3.30 for Curtis, who scored 40 points. My opponent's players are having a good day, and I'm not comfortable about Curtis's huge day winning it for me. So I'm wanting a cushion by having one of these receivers having a successful day.

    So I ask you all. Who should I start? Devery Henderson or Roydell Williams?
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