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  • Mma Draft (FENIKZ UP)

    This isnt your normal MMA draft this is a draft of all MMA fighters NOT in the UFC. You can pick a fighter from any other organization but no one from the UFC. I am looking for 4-5 guys. We will be picking 2 fighters in 6 weight classes (FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW)


    Rob S- HW Emelianenko Fedor
    Nerv- HW Josh Barnett
    Fenikz LHW Theirry Sokoudjou
    Ravens LW Takanori Gomi
    CCB MW Paulo Filho

    CCB Gilbert Melendez
    Ravens MW Matt Linland
    Fenikz MW Denis Kang
    Nerv WW Nick Diaz
    Rob S FW Kid Yammamoto

    Rob S MW Robbie Lawler
    Nerv FW Urijiah Faber
    Fenikz LW Mach Sakurai
    Ravens HW Mark Hunt
    CCB HW Aleks Emlianenko

    CCB LW/WW Shinya Aoki
    Ravens LHW Ricardo Arona
    Fenikz LHW Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
    Nerv LHW Vladimir Matushenko
    Rob S WW Jake Shields

    Rob S Segei Kharitonov
    Nerv LW JZ Calvacanti
    Fenikz LW Tatsya Kawajiri
    Ravens LW Joachim Hanson
    CCB- WW Carlos Condit

    CCB - Babalu Sobral
    Ravens Akitoshi tamura
    Fenikz Takeshi Inoue
    Nerv Frank Trigg
    Rob S Shaolin Riberio

    Rob S Allistair Overeem
    Nerv Mayhem Miller
    Fenikz Jeff Monson
    Ravens Vitor Belfort
    CCB Jeff Curran

    CCB Antonio Silva
    Ravens Frank Shamrock
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    I am down.


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      Nice, at the very least I want 2 more guys. Remember, you can draft anyone from any other organization thats not UFC (EliteXC, K1, WEC, IFL etc.) and you can select free agents as well.
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        iight this is a noob question but what is the feather weight? 145?


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          Originally posted by Ravens1991 View Post
          iight this is a noob question but what is the feather weight? 145?
          Ya 136-145 is featherweight.

          Im in as well.


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            Count me in, and thank god I don't have to pick a LHW from the UFC right now I would be completely lost


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              Ok I am content with 4 teams but if we can get more I'm open for it. I wont be on much tonight because im going to the Common concert at 7ish.


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                thats good do you have a idea of when to start the draft?


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                  I'll co with someone if needs be? I would enter but my timezone slows these things too much.

                  XBox 360 Gamertag: Bunj1986


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                    you can be my co GM


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                      I am down....
                      When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


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                        ROB S is in, and we are set with 5 squads, I'll make an order and all that tomorrow because I am ******* beat.


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                          Order has been posted, Rob S is up.


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                            Fedor Emelyanenko

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                            When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


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                              HW Josh Barnett



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