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    Undisputed Football League Draft

    Make all selections in this thread.

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    #1 Cleveland Rockers: LT Jake Hutchinson

    #2 Charleston Battery: QB: Jay Carter

    #3 Miami Doom: TE Benn Hart

    #4 Ottawa Capitals: NT Antonio "Minotauro" Vera

    #5 Kansas City Butchers: LB Krail Johnson

    #6 Shaolin Shadowboxers: LB DeeJay Krens

    #7 Pittsburgh Immortals: S Eddy Bladez

    #8 Syracuse Rush: FB Herman Henderson

    #9 Connecticut Crush: TE Christian Samuelsson

    Round 2

    #10 Connecticut Crush: CB Deion Prime

    #11 Syracuse Rush

    #12 Pittsburg Immortals

    #13 Shaolin Shadowboxers

    #14 Kansas City Butchers

    #15 Ottawa Capitals

    #16 Miami Doom

    #17 Charleston Battery

    #18 Cleveland Rockers
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      The Cleveland Rockers would like to introduce their newest member:

      LT Jake Hutchinson. They hope for him to anchor the Cleveland line for years to come.


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        With the 2nd pick in the UFL draft the Charleston Battery selects:
        Jay Carter

        we have the LT, C, and power RB. now we have the field general.

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          The Miami Doom Select: TE Benn Hart.

          It gives Sharod Jackson another big time target to team up with Julio Stone. If his blocking can be improved, we tink he will be the best TE.
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            The Ottawa Captials select: Nose Tackle, Antonio "Minotauro" Vera

            We need this big body upfront in our 3-4 defense.


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              After much debating, the KC Butchers select Crail Johnson...We picked him over all the talented DB's b/c of the superstar RB's in the league and the lack of great WR's

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              Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                Shaolin Shadowboxers
                select DE/OLB DeeJay Krens

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                  Pittsburgh Immortals Select Eddy "Stickup Kid" Bladez

                  Name: Eddy "Stickup Kid" Bladez
                  Position: FS/SS
                  Age: 21
                  Rating: 84-86
                  * 40 times was definitely not what was expected. Definitely won’t be playing SS, and looked more like a corner. I could see him making a move there. I liked his coverage skills.*

                  With this selection the Pittsburgh Immortals form the best secondary in the league.


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                    The Syracuse Rush select:

                    User: SuperKevin
                    Name: Herman "Hammerhead" Henderson
                    Position: FB
                    Age: 23
                    Rating: 85-89
                    *Great blocker. Not fast at all though. Could he be a short-yardage guy? Maybe.*

                    To solidify there already unstoppable run game, the Rush pick up a bruising blocker in Henderson.


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                      Crush select:

                      Christian Samuelsson, TE


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                        The Crush also select...

                        Deion Prime, CB


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                          Syracuse select:

                          Name: Lebron James
                          Age: 23
                          Position: TE
                          Rating: 82-89
                          *Extremely big, really stands out at you. Enormous hand size. Didn’t appear to use his size that well though. Not very physical. Almost a windup running style, as in it takes him time to get moving*
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                            Pittsburgh Immortals Select DyShawn Fitzgerald

                            User: wiscbadgerfootball
                            Name: DyShawn Fitzgerald
                            Position: RB
                            Age: 22
                            *Didn’t look as fast as he did at USF. Has definitely worked on running behind blocks more, but still needs improvement.*

                            DyShawn will step in immediatly and start with an offense anchored by QB Grant "Game Breaker" Tanner and WR Tito "Mighty" Mass. We are excited to have been fortunite enough to have a player of this caliber fall to us and become an Immortal.


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                              Shaolin Shadowboxers
                              select DE Jamaal Umenyiora #92
                              from Rutgers University



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