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    Post your rosters, formations, info and anything else related to your team...


    New York Giants
    New York Yankees
    New York Knicks (unfortunately)
    UConn Basketball
    Virginia Tech Football
    UConn Football

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    Connecticut Crush
    Offensive Style: Run-heavy, with vertical passing game.
    Defensive Style: 3-4; conservative

    Head Coach: Eric Mangini
    Offensive Coordinator: Norm Chow
    Defensive Coordinator: Romeo Crenell


    QB: **Patrick McKinstry (94)**
    RB: **Dwayne Carter (98)**
    RB: Adrian Taylor (89)
    WR: *Brian Straka (85)*
    TE: *Christian Samuelsson* (88)
    LT: **Orlando Jones (90)**

    NT: D'Anthony Jackson (89)
    OLB: **Jace Wadsworth (92)**
    CB: **Alex Snow (96)**
    FS: *Demont Blackmon (85)*
    SS: *Joe Dyson (85)*
    CB: *Deion Prime (85)*

    K: *Greg Stantios-Fischer* (85)


    Round 1: Christian Samuelsson, TE (TimDris)
    Round 2: Deion Prime, CB (jball838)

    Joe Dyson, SS (princefielder28)
    Greg Stantios-Fischer, K (fischbowl)
    Demont Blackmon, FS (TitanHope)
    Brian Straka, WR (Bills2083)
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    New York Giants
    New York Yankees
    New York Knicks (unfortunately)
    UConn Basketball
    Virginia Tech Football
    UConn Football


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      The Charleston Battery!!!

      Offense - Spread out pass game, power run game. pound the ball in redzone and late. keep defense off the field so they stay rested and more dominant.

      *QB Jay Carter* - #1 (user: YAYareaRB)
      6'5" 230 age 23 rated 86
      Scouting Report: Good size and frame for a QB. Load to bring down and pretty good speed and mobility for a QB. Has excellent arm strength and acceptable accuracy. Good poise in the pocket and a real field general. Humble guy. Very smart and can make good decisions on the fly.
      **RB Reggie Rice Jr.** - #32
      6'0" 215 age 25 rated 96
      Scouting Report: power back. known for just crushing people as he is knocking them over. solid receiver out the backfield. has some speed, but not the fastest guy. breaks a long run every now and again but is more of that 4-5 yard every play pounder. good pass blocker as well.
      RB Justin Forte - #20
      5'9" 185 age 31 rated 80
      Scouting Report: fast as hell. makes people miss. catches extremely well out of the backfield. lines up as #4 receiver. finds a hole and hits it. undersized and getting older though.
      FB Michael McLean - #44
      6'3" 266 age 28 rated 80
      Scouting Report: a great all around run blocker. a great pass blocker. can't catch to save his life. good punisher around the goalline for running it... but rarely touches the ball.
      *WR Fenikz McMullins* - #13 (user: Fenikz) (Also KR and PR)
      6'2" 201 age 22 rated 85
      Scouting Report: A speed demon, one of the fastest men on the planet, excellent punt returner and tough to tackle one on one, very shifty, good leaping ability, nice humble kid. Only average hands, can be knocked off of his routes, isn't afraid to go across the middle but he isn't built for it, needs work on his routes, only 2 years of college football due to Olympic Qualifying for the 110m Hurdles, not an "ra ra" type of guy
      WR A.J. Carr - #14
      6'6" 230 age 28 rated 85
      Scouting Report: oldest son of GM Scott Carr, a true possession receiver. will use his body to get in the way of defenders. has enough speed to make people miss once he has the ball. hands are like glue. has a nasty attitude on the field and will get in defenders heads.
      WR Wiley Jackson - #11
      6'5" 210 age 28 rated 80
      Scouting Report: a true slot guy. fast as hell. and has solid hands. definitely the guy who needs open space though.
      TE Joseph Keating "The Yosh" - #81
      6'6" 270 age 26 rated 85
      Scouting Report: slow for a TE. great blocker. has good hands and clutch in the redzone especially.
      **LT Jonathan Felix** - #73
      6'6" 335 age 25 rated 90
      Scouting Report: Strong pass blocker, and quick. one of the quickest guys at his position in the game. has trouble overpowering DE's sometimes but for the most part is a guy the RB's wanna run behind.
      LG Zach Blount - #66
      6'4" 325 age 27 rated 85
      Scouting Report: a power blocking guard. drives his opponent to the ground. pass blocks well but is a run oriented guy with a nasty streak.
      **C Bobby Jarvis** - #53
      6'2" 315 age 25 rated 90
      Scouting Report: Powerful drive blocking center. solid at pass blocking. a team leader though. goofy off the field, but won't get into trouble or make any headlines.
      RG Cam Turner - #65
      6'4" 340 age 26 rated 85
      Scouting Report: a power blocking guard. drives his opponent to the ground. has stamina issues but is a very good pass blocker as well.
      *RT Orangelo Udekwe* - #69 (user: VoteLynnSwann)
      6'8.5" 375 age 21 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Legendary athlete for his size, terrific footwork, even the best speed rushers can't get around him. Tremendous lower body strength. Incredibly intelligent, scored a 100/40 on the wonderlic. Way below average upper body strength, gets pushed around by the bull rush, does not play with great leverage.

      Defense - 4-3 attacking Defense. man corners, zone blitz core. 1 gap DL. blitz blitz blitz. get the QB. run blitz. disruption. frustration. turnovers. force 3 and outs and turnovers is the name of the game.

      **LE Bubba Dadog** - #90
      6'5" 284 age 24 rated 89
      Scouting Report: Great against the run. good pass rusher, great worker. more of a follower than a leader but does his thing and gets the job done every week.
      **NT James Costigan** - #96
      6'4" 350 age 30 rated 98
      Scouting Report: a powerful NT. run stuffer extraordinaire. has trouble pass rushing but frees up other guys by getting double teamed all the time.
      *UT Will Ward* - #97 (user: Ward)
      6'3" 300 age 21 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Pass rushing defensive tackle in the mold of Tommie Harris and Warren Sapp. Has the BMF attitude and will result in penalties from late hits, helmet to helmet, unnecessary roughness, intentional facemasks, etc. Is a great locker room leader and game day motivator... when things are going well. Has thrown college coaches under the bus and frequently credits his high school as his last academic institution.
      **RE Beanie Dadog** - #99
      6'5" 277 age 24 rated 89
      Scouting Report: Great against the run. solid pass rusher, good worker. a follower like his twin brother. they just normally shut up and get their job done. the kind of guys you want on any team.
      *WLB Greg Bryan* - #53 (user: GB12)
      6'2" 240 age 21 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Great in coverage, good form tackler but not a big hitter, especially good tackling in the open field, really takes control of the defense. Blitzing is not a strong suit, has some trouble shedding blockers
      **MLB Ryan Keiper** - #58
      6'4" 250 age 25 rated 96
      Scouting Report: good at shedding blocks. great in coverage, another team leader. known for his ability to line up the guys in the right spots at all times in the front 7.
      *SLB Frank Strunk* - #57 (user: iloxygenil)
      6'4" 255 age 24 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Fast, big, strong, physically ideal. Strong in coverage, and a monster against the run. Has a knack to go for the big hit / big play too often and will cause him to occasionally miss reads, but has the physical ability to make up for it. Plays extremely aggressive, and quick to the ball. Forces a lot of turnovers.
      *LCB Chris Stylez* - #26 (user: comahan)
      6'1" 190 age 23 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Very physical at the LOS, excels at man on man coverage. Great in run support for a CB. Hits like a Safety. Very passionate player, natural leader. Very charismatic. Has experience as a return man and can run with the ball in his hands. Hard working and coachable. Will take missteps and lose some speed in transition. Doesn't always turn and adjust to the ball in flight. Will drop some interceptions. Can occasionally give up the big play trying to make something happen.
      RCB Rondell Henry - #21
      5'11" 205 age 24 rated 85
      Scouting Report: young, fast and good in coverage. good tackler. has trouble in the run game though. gets talkative sometimes and will get beat deep every now and again.
      NCB Mario Sias #24
      6'0" 210 age 29 rated 82
      Scouting Report: former Navy Captain. is only in his 3rd year pro. physical and jams receivers at the line every play. not the fastest CB though so will get beat by the faster guys sometimes. backs up both S spots as well as playing nickel corner
      *FS Jacoby Damix* - #29 (user: damix)
      6'2" 210 age 21 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Ideal speed and coverage abilities, hangs with WR's and TE's. Confident and gets opposing players off their games with trash talking. Lacks ideal strength to be a in the box player, can be out muscled against larger TEs. Tested positive for marijuana during HS and has been linked to many crime families. A risk off the field but a near dominant player when he plays.
      SS Lane Carr - #38
      6'2" 225 age 26 rated 85
      Scouting Report: Lane is a huge hitter. youngest son of GM Scott Carr, definitely more of a run stuffer but can cover the short zones and is one hell of a blitzer.

      Special Teams - kick the ball correctly. kick return for a lot. punt return for a lot. don't mess up the snaps or holds.

      K Kickey McKicker - #3
      5'10" 170 age 35 rated 80
      Scouting Report: clutch from 49 yards in. 100%. but past 49 yards has trouble gettign it there.
      P Puntey McPunter - #2
      5'11" 185 age 33 rated 80
      Scouting Report: booming leg. not the most insanely accurate but will get it to the distance needed in bounds. not a coffin corner guy though

      LOGO/Jersey/Field package

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        If you could do me a favor guys, when posting the names, put 2 stars by the superstars, and one by NFLDC users. For example

        Walter Stevens
        *John Thomas*
        **James Hall**

        Just so I know who I must get stats for.


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            Miami Doom

            QB: **Sharod Jackson #7** (94)
            RB: **Zion Ali #27** (97)
            RB2: Brock Bashieer #44 (83)
            FB: Kirby Kane #34 (78)
            WR: **Julio Stone #84** (95)
            WR2: Amarri Williams #18 (88)
            WR3: Ryan Blake #86 (81)
            TE: *Benn Hart #87* (88)
            LT: Gablin Gold # 72 (83)
            LG: Barry Jacobs #66 (85)
            C: *Mike McCray #57* (85)
            RG: Tom Washburn #60 (80)
            RT: Marcus Brown #74 (83)

            RE: **Rashaad Simpson #99 ** (92)
            NT: Sam Regan #95 (83)
            UT: Trey Diggs #91 (89)
            LE: Fred Davis #90 (85)
            LOLB: **Marlon Hill #55 ** (92)
            MLB: Manny Black #52 (89)
            ROLB: *Xavier Stone #50 * (85)
            CB: *Blackie Chan #21* (85)
            CB2: Kenton Robinson #36 (84)
            CB3: Jay Rezalt #33 (81)
            FS: Andre Mayweather #24 (89)
            SS: *Eddy Bladez #20* (85)

            K: Lefty Teel #2 (80)
            P: Paul Radonovich #12 (78)

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: QB Sharod Jackson #7
            Rating: 94
            Age: 27
            Height: 6’3
            Weight: 225
            Comparison: Michael Vick/Younger Daunte Culpepper
            Brief Description: Dual threat QB. Sharod is very fast with a cannon for an arm, a true athlete at quarterback. His biggest problem is he struggles with accuracy. Also he will look to run too often, and tries to put the game on his shoulders.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RB Zion Ali #25
            Rating: 97
            Age: 26
            Height: 6'1
            Weight: 215
            Comparison: Darren McFadden/Brian Westbrook
            Brief Description: Another very good athlete on this offense. He is extremely versatile, a weapon in every sense of the word. Is probably the fastest player in the game. His biggest move besides his speed is an incredible juking/cutback ability, is a very tough player to take down espically when he gets to the second level.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RB Brock Bashieer #44
            Rating: 83
            Age: 29
            Height: 6’2
            Weight: 240
            Comparison: TJ Duckett
            Brief Description: Big brusing back, who is extremely hard to take down. When looking for short yardage the Doom bring in this guy who is always good for a yard.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: FB Kirby Kane #46
            Rating: 78
            Age: 31
            Height: 6’1
            Weight: 238
            Comparison: Corey McIntrey
            Brief Description: Good run blocker, and a passable pass blocker. The offensive system doesn’t use him that much, so he is barely on the field during offensive series. How does he make up for it? He is a special teams machine. Leader of the ST, and a very good tackler/blocker.

            Position Player Name/Jersey #: WR Julio Stone #84
            Rating: 95
            Age: 24
            Height: 6’4
            Weight: 228
            Comparison: Randy Moss/Calvin Johnson
            Brief Description: Tall, fast physical WR. He’s basically everything you could look for in a WR. Some think he is cocky, others see confidence. When not involved or team getting beat, disappears. Work ethic?

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: WR Amarri Williams #18
            Rating: 85
            Age: 26
            Height: 6’0
            Weight: 205
            Comparison: Donte Stallworth/Roddy White
            Brief Description: ex: Amazing complement to Julio Stone. He is a great guy to just air it out to with his blazing speed. Don’t want to air it out? Fine, just get the ball in his hands because he is a major homerun threat. His weakness is lack of concentration will lead to the drop ball at times.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: WR Ryan Blake
            Rating: 80
            Age: 35
            Height: 6’5
            Weight: 230
            Comparison: Brian Finneran
            Brief Description: Tall possession type WR. Not fast, not physically dominate, but the one thing he does have is hands. Very reliable WR.

            Name: Benn Hart # 87
            User: HoopsDemon12
            Age: 20
            Position: TE
            College: Miami
            Height: 6'5
            Weight: 260
            Predicted 40: 4.43
            Predicted Bench: 26 @ 220
            Predicted Vetical: 41

            Strengths: Is an incredible athlete and will make catches no tight end has any business making. Is a terrific route runner and finds the wholes in coverage often and will make the defense pay. Is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. Will break an amazing amount of tackles and rarely ever goes down on first contact. Has a great knowledge of the game.

            Weaknesses: Though he has great strength he is no where close to where he needs to be blocking technique wise, if he wants to be a good blocker. Has all the tools, if he is coached his blocking could improve. Is a good player and he knows it, will have run ins with players and coaches when he doesnt get the ball. Plays with an intesity on the field that can sometimes get out of hand.

            Comparison: Kellen Winslow Jr.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: LT Gablin Gold #72
            Rating: 84
            Age: 32
            Height: 6’5
            Weight: 335
            Comparison: Tre Thomas/Willie Anderson
            Brief Description: Used to be a premier LT in the league. He’s not in the same shape, health, and doesn’t have the same speed anymore. He’s still a good left tackle, being a crushing run blocker and good pass blocker, though.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: LG Barry Jacobs #66
            Rating: 85
            Age: 27
            Height: 6’3
            Weight: 320
            Comparison: Justin Blalock/Davin Joseph
            Brief Description: Very strong guy, along with the fact that he is smart and very well sized. Not great speed, but enough to make it work

            User: draftguru151
            Name: Mike McCray #57
            Position: C
            School: Miami
            Age: 21
            Height: 6' 3"
            Weight: 305 lbs
            Scouting Report:
            Positive- Master technician. Very good upper body strength. Plays with good leverage and knows how to get under people's pads. Gets to the 2nd level well and is very good at chipping DL and getting to backers. Can make all the calls on the line. Good at the point of attack. Great footwork.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RG Tom Washburn #60
            Rating: 80
            Age: 30
            Height: 6’2
            Weight: 316
            Comparison: Eric Steinbach
            Brief Description: Pretty good pass blocker. He is more of a pass blocker. Not a mauling run-blocker, but he can get the job done. Fast guard.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RT Marcus Brown #74
            Rating: 84
            Age: 30
            Height: 6’6
            Weight: 340
            Comparison: Max Starks
            Brief Description: Big-time run blocker. He is strong, and has solid footwork. Solid pass blocker, but nothing wowing.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: DE Rashaad “Guilty” Simpson #99
            User Name:
            Rating: 92
            Age: 27
            Height: 6’4
            Weight: 260
            Comparison: John Abraham
            Brief Description: Pure speed rusher out of the RE position. Always a threat to make a big sack, or forced fumble. Is nothing more than average at stopping the run, and his extensive injury history also scares some people.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: NT Sam Regan #95
            Rating: 82
            Age: 34
            Height: 6’2
            Weight: 355
            Comparison: Grady Jackson
            Brief Description: Mammoth of a man up the middle. Is out of shape and slow, but he does a damn good job of clogging up middle, and keeping blockers of the backers.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: UT Trey Diggs #91
            Rating: 88
            Age: 23
            Height: 6’2
            Weight: 300
            Comparison: Amobi Okoye/Tommie Harris
            Brief Description: Young, pass rushing machine. Is nearly unstoppable while as a pass rusher. He is somewhat undersized though, and will have trouble with run players. Very fast and strong, and can be a major disruption.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: DE Fred Davis #90
            Rating: 85
            Age: 30
            Height: 6’3
            Weight: 273
            Comparison: Patrick Kerney
            Brief Description: Rashaad’s complement. Fred is a powerful run stopping end. Can lose OT very quickly, but he doesn’t have great speed. High motor though.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: LOLB Marlon Hill
            User Name:
            Rating: 92
            Age: 26
            Height: 6’3
            Weight: 245
            Comparison: Michael Boley/Ernie Sims
            Brief Description: Might not be the fastest on the field, but he just flat out finds a way to make plays. Tackle Machine. Always around the ball.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: MLB Manny Black #52
            Rating: 89
            Age: 23
            Height: 6’1
            Weight: 240
            Comparison: Patrick Willis/Jonathan Vilma
            Brief Description: Last years first round pick for the Doom is just a tackles machine. Anything that comes up the middle will be sucked up. Very fast linebacker, but is undersized. Doesn’t play like it though.

            User: MiamiU27
            Name: Xavier Stone
            Age: 21
            Position: OLB
            Main Strength: Very fast, reads plays very easily, Sacks Often, and makes almost every tackle
            Main Weakness: Coverage, facemasks(and commits other penalties) at bad times, and not a team player, run support is very questionable
            Height: 6'3
            Weight: 241
            College: Miami
            Comparison: Shawne Merriman

            Position Player Name/Jersey #: CB Blackie Chan #21
            Rating: 85
            Age: 21
            Height: 6’0
            Weight: 200
            Comparison: DeAngelo Hall/Champ Bailey
            Brief Description: Cocky trashtalking cornerback. Sometimes he will go overboard with the trashtalk and lose focus on his job. When he is focused, he is a shutdown corner, with basically everything you look for. Greatest feature is his blazing speed.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: CB Kenton Robinson #36
            Rating: 84
            Age: 27
            Height: 6’2
            Weight: 210
            Comparison: Jason David
            Brief Description: Tall lanky CB. He’s got speed and pretty good ball skills. Is inconsitent though. Shows flashes of being very good, but will get burned a lot as well.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: CB Jay Rezalt #33
            Rating: 81
            Age: 31
            Height: 5’10
            Weight: 188
            Comparison: N/A.
            Brief Description: A first round bust. Was selcted #9 overall a while’s back. Has never lived up to it. Bounced around the league, and has now settled with the Doom. He has turned himself back into a decent CB with the help of the Doom coaching staff. Good speed, not physical, decent tackler.

            Position/Player Name/Jersey #: FS Andre Mayweather
            Rating: 89
            Age: 25
            Height: 6’2
            Weight: 215
            Comparison: Sean Taylor
            Brief Description: Described as a guy who can hit like a S and cover like a corner. At first Mayweather struggled in the league because of him wanting to make the big play, and his coverage skills weren’t great at corner, because he doesn’t have very fluid hips. Then he was moved to FS, where he is now an absolute ballhawk/machine.

            Name: Eddy "Stickup Kid" Bladez
            Position: FS/SS
            Age: 21
            College: Miami U
            Height: 5'10"
            Weight: 200
            40 Time: 4.25
            Description: Has hands like a reciever, Hits hard, and plays even harder.
            Hes a Ballhawk who takes what he wants don't throw his way,
            Unless you want to be the defender. Sometimes he tries so
            hard to make the big play he gives one up.

            Comparison: Ed Reed
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              Cleveland Rockers Tentative Roster

              Points: 1680/1680

              QB: Jon Fratelli, 96, Superstar
              RB: Zach De La Rocha, 85, #13 pick (wiscbadgerfootball)
              FB: Brick Wall, 80, CPU
              WR: Damon Albarn, 95, Superstar
              WR: Rivialdo, 85, UDFA (Royhall#1)
              TE: King Kirby, 85, UDFA (WinslowBodden)
              LT: Jake Hutchinson, 88, #1 pick (Sniper)
              LG: James Jamison, 88, CPU
              C: Johnny Johnson, 87, CPU
              RG: Jake Jacobson, 87, CPU
              RT: Steve Long, 88, CPU

              DE: Zach Townsend, 85, UDFA (HChu)
              NT: Chris Burney, 92, Superstar
              DE: Ernest End, 85, CPU
              OLB: Arjen Van der Saar, 85, #18 pick (Freddy G)
              MLB: Tre Cool, 93, Superstar
              MLB: Alex MacDonald, 85, UDFA (Woot)
              OLB: Orlando Outside, 85, CPU
              CB: Chip Jenkins, 85, UDFA (DChess)
              SS: Liam Gallagher, 94, Superstar
              FS: World B. Free, 85, CPU
              CB: Christoph Corner, 85, CPU

              Slot WR: Sammy Slots, 80, CPU
              2nd RB: Billy Backup, 80, CPU
              Nickel CB: Nicky Nickel, 80, CPU
              K: Peon Uno, 80, CPU
              P: Peon Dos, 80, CPU

              KR: Zach De La Rocha
              PR: Rivialdo

              CPU Profiles

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: K/Peon Uno/4
              Rating: 80
              Age: 29
              Height: 5'9
              Weight: 190
              Comparison: Neil Rackers
              Brief Description: Range maxes out around 53. Good, not great accuracy. Just an average kicker.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: P/Peon Dos/5
              Rating: 80
              Age: 29
              Weight: 180
              Comparison: Dave Zastudil
              Brief Description: Can boot it fairly far, not great at the coffin corner

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: FB/Brick Wall/40
              Rating: 80
              Age: 30
              Height: 6'1
              Weight: 250
              Comparison: Mack Strong
              Brief Description: Strictly a blocking FB. Run Blocking is amazing, pass blocking leaves a bit to be desired. Slow.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: LG/James Jamison/67
              Rating: 88
              Age: 28
              Height: 6'3
              Weight: 310
              Comparison: I dunno
              Brief Description: Perfectly balanced, good but not great athleticism, run and pass blocking.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: C/Johnny Johnson/68
              Rating: 87
              Age: 27
              Height: 6'2
              Weight: 300
              Comparison: Eric Steinbach as a center
              Brief Description: Very athletic, excels at pass blocking.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RG/Jake Jacobson/69
              Rating: 87
              Age: 31
              Height: 6'5
              Weight: 325
              Comparison: I dunno
              Brief Description: A mammoth run blocker, only decent in pass blocking

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RT/Steve Long/70
              Rating: 88
              Age: 26
              Height: 6'6
              Weight: 315
              Comparison: Jon Runyan
              Brief Description: A very balanced player, may tend to be a bit better at pass blocking.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: WR/Sammy Slots/82
              Rating: 80
              Age: 31
              Height: 6'0
              Weight: 190
              Comparison: Anthony Gonzalez
              Brief Description: Sneaky fast, good hands, general good but not great reciever.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: CB/Nicky Nickel/21
              Rating: 80
              Age: 29
              Height: 6'0
              Weight: 180
              Comparison: Anthony Henry
              Brief Description: Somewhat of a ballhawk, not greatest in coverage but if he matches up well can cover well.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RB/Billy Backup/45
              Rating: 80
              Age: 30
              Height: 6'0
              Weight: 240
              Comparison: TJ Duckett
              Brief Description: POUND POUND POUND. Can wear down defenses late in games. Won't take TDs away from De La Rocha.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: DE/Ernest End/91
              Rating: 85
              Age: 25
              Height: 6'2
              Weight: 290
              Comparison: Richard Seymour
              Brief Description: Great run stopper. Good athlete but can get overpowered when double teamed.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: OLB/Orlando Outside
              Rating: 85
              Age: 31
              Height: 6'0
              Weight: 260
              Comparison: Shaun Phillips
              Brief Description: Brilliant pass rusher. Tackling and coverage leavees some to be desired.

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: World B. Free
              Rating: 85
              Age: 32
              Height: 6'1
              Weight: 200
              Comparison: Dunno
              Brief Description: Ballhawk, good at coverage. Very below average tackler

              Position/Player Name/Jersey #: Christoph Corner
              Rating: 85
              Age: 31
              Height: 5'10
              Weight: 180
              Comparison: dunno
              Brief Description: Fast and small, will get overpowered by bigger recievers.
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                Here's my full roster...I'll post the other scouting reports of the CPU's later:

                QB- Antonio Williams-90**
                RB-D.J. Buckingham-98**
                RB-Keith Clemens-81
                FB-Thomas Slater-79
                WR-Tarvaris Young-80*
                WR-Tory Cason-83
                WR-Mario Hawkins-87
                TE-Keith Lewis-87
                OT-Jonathan Lawson-96**
                OG-Dustin Medlock-87
                OC-Will Taveras-86
                OG-Kevin Roth-86
                OT-Will Wallace-87

                DE-Chris Crawford-90**
                DT-Greg Dawkins-96**
                DT-Seth Ellis-87
                DE-D.J. Cristobal-88
                OLB-Ken Rockhold-87
                MLB-Crail Johnson-86*
                OLB-Mike Taylor-87
                CB-Marcus Henderson-85*
                CB-Andrew Crawford-89
                CB-Roger Farris-81
                FS-Keith Dawson-89
                SS-Eugene Hart-86
                K-Greg Hollis-84
                P-Dusty Coughlin-79

                KR/PR-D.J. Buckingham**

                sig by BoneKrusher

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                  Ratings and profiles will be up tomorrow.
                  Syracuse Rush Roster:

                  QB: **Tim Moran**-
                  RB: **Chase Carr**-
                  RB: Desmond Sharp-
                  FB: Herman Henderson-
                  WR: Casey Ran-
                  WR: Craig Woods-
                  WR: Marcus Good-
                  TE: Antonio Litman-
                  LT: Jeff Mancuso-
                  LG: Craig Simmons-
                  C: **Keith Simon**-
                  RG: Joe Kesler-
                  RT: Mike Gagnon-

                  DE: Dan Kalinksi-
                  NT: John Gacek-
                  UT: Tony Pedrotti-
                  DE: Osama Mere-
                  OLB: Matt McCabe-
                  MLB: **Carter Mack**-
                  OLB: Dave Hildman-
                  CB: Jacob Fietkiewicz-
                  FS: Mike Carter-
                  SS: **Jeremy Conors**-
                  CB: Chris Cruz-

                  K: Luke Cometti-
                  P: Kevin Petrick-

                  KR/PR: Desmond Sharp-

                  CPU Profiles:

                  Position/Player Name/Jersey #: RB/ Desmond Sharp /30
                  Rating: 86
                  Age: 23
                  Height: 5'7''
                  Weight: 190
                  Comparison: Noel Devine
                  Brief Description: 95 and up for speed and acceleration. Not very aware, breaktackle is average. Fumbling is never.
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                    Shaolin Shadowboxers

                    Shaolin GM, RZA: Allow me to introduce to you the Shaolin Shadowboxers!


                    - The Shogun -

                    QB - Shallah Raekwon aka "The Chef" ** - 99


                    - The 7 Disciples -

                    RB - Tony Starks aka "Ghostface Killa" ** - 99
                    RB - Lawrence Brickhouse aka "Carnage"
                    FB - Shawn Hawkins aka "Knuckleheadz"

                    WR - Jonny Blaze aka "Mef" ** - 91
                    WR - DaMontae Fitzgerald aka "Keak Da Sneak"
                    WR - Tommy Bishop aka "Big Baby"
                    TE - Chad Casper aka "The Ghost" (thule)* - 85


                    - The Wu-Gambinos -

                    LT - Lebanon Don aka "Bulletproof" (PL) * - 85
                    LG - Corey Woods aka "Baby Grande"
                    C - Ray Cartegna aka "One Man Mob"
                    RG - Scram Jones aka "Rock-A-Fellah"
                    RT - Pretty Tony aka "Ironman"


                    - Da GraveDiggaz -

                    DE - DeeJay Krens aka "Mr. Violence" (Mr. Stiller) * - 87
                    DT - Clyde Payne aka "Tha Mad Assasin" (WMD) * - 85
                    DT - Jamel Irief aka "Gravel Pit"
                    DE - Jamaal Umenyiora aka "Golden Arms" (scotty) * - 85


                    - Da 4-3 Mafia -

                    WLB - Seth Harris aka "Liquid Swords" (HinesWard) * - 85
                    MLB - Dirt McGirt aka "Ole Dirty Bastard" ** - 90
                    SLB - Al Cappadonna aka "Tha Gravedigga"

                    Position/Player Name/Jersey #: SLB / Al Cappadonna aka "Tha Gravedigga" / #53
                    Rating: 80
                    Age: 30
                    Height: 6'3
                    Weight: 235
                    Comparison: Keith Bulluck
                    Brief Description: Savvy veteran with elite LB coverage skills, smart player who is always in the action. Able to fight through blockers to get to the ball carrier. Just recently hit the big 3-0.


                    - Da Killa Beez -

                    CB - Master GZA aka "The Genius" ** - 91
                    CB - Osirus Shyheim aka "Mr. Sandman"
                    CB - Wally Champ aka "6 Feet Deep"
                    FS - Tom Atlas aka "Tha Caucasian Invasion" (Nerv) * - 85
                    SS - Rocky Boulders Jr. aka "Fast Shadow" (Xio) * - 85

                    Position/Player Name/Jersey #: CB / Osirus Shyheim aka "Mr. Sandman" / #21
                    Rating: 80
                    Age: 28
                    Height: 6'1
                    Weight: 200
                    Comparison: Rashean Mathis
                    Brief Description: Quick, instinctive, great hips and ability to recover. Not a real threat in the run game.

                    Position/Player Name/Jersey #: NB / Wally Champ aka "6 Feet Deep" / #27
                    Rating: 80
                    Age: 25
                    Height: 5'10
                    Weight: 201
                    Comparison: DeAngelo Hall
                    Brief Description: Thinks he's better than he is, but is fast and can do his job. Plays better when the team is winning.


                    - The Kingpins -

                    P - Robby Knocks aka "Stone Toes"
                    K - Ason Unique aka "Swift Kickx"

                    Position/Player Name/Jersey #: K/Ason Unique aka "Swift Kickx"/9
                    Rating: 80
                    Age: 29
                    Height: 6'1
                    Weight: 222
                    Comparison: Nick Folk
                    Brief Description: Range maxes out around 55 yards. More accurate than strong.

                    Position/Player Name/Jersey #: P/Robby Knocks aka "Stone Toes"/5
                    Rating: 80
                    Age: 29
                    Height: 6'1
                    Weight: 224
                    Comparison: Matt McBriar
                    Brief Description: Long range, adequate placement.

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