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    Don't post in here unless you are a GM announcing a trade or a pick

    Point Guards

    User Name: SuperKevin
    Name: Kevin David
    Age: 23
    Position: PG
    College: Gardner-Webb University
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 190 lbs

    Strengths: Very intelligent player who knows where everyone is at all times. Rarely makes a mistake and is the definition of a floor general. Excellent shooter who can score in the mid and long range game with ease. Excellent at creating contact and getting to the line, where he is an outstanding shooter. Excellent perimeter defender, both on and off the ball. Moves well without the ball. Excellent stamina and is able to stay on the court for entire games.

    Weaknesses: Average athleticism and won't wow anyone with his footspeed. Not known as a penetrator by any means. Not comfortable on offense within 5 feet of the basket. Can't always create his own shot and is at his best when working off of a screen. Can get exploited by much faster players and as a result will occasionally pick up fouls because of it. Slightly older than the average prospect.

    Bio: Took a year off after college to discover what he wanted to do with his life. Eventually chose to walk on at Gardner Webb University and quickly found the starting lineup, becoming a 4 year starter. Two time all-Atlantic Sun 1st team. Holds the school records for assists, 3 Point%, and FT%.

    Player Comparison: John Stockton


    User Name: Neko4
    Name: KayJ Jackson
    Age: 22
    Position: PG
    College: George Washington
    Height: 5-10
    Weight: 170

    Strengths: A great shooter, can make most of the shots. Leads by example and stays out of trouble of the court. Agressive defender. Excellent speed. Clutch.

    Weaknesses: Gets to aggresive sometimes. The obvious for a short guy. If the game is close and time is ticking down he will become a ball hog. Ball control.

    Background: Born in Maryland's Prince George County just outside of DC in a rough neighborhood. Would move to Hampton VA later and became a great HS QB known for his scrambling. Also played basketball ofcourse and set records for points. Coming out of highschool he was ranked as a 2-star QB, and a 4-star in basketball, and was also offered an academic scholarship by many schools as he had a 3.8 GPA. At GW he would lead them to conference titles and an Elite 8 apperance twice. He decided to stay all 4 years even though he owned many A10 and GW records by his sophmore and junior year. Also played D3 football for GW as a QB and WR(GW doesnt actually have a team but w/e)


    User Name:HinesWardJr
    Player Name:Seth Harris
    Position:PG or SG
    College:North Carolina
    Strengths: Is one of the best three point shooters in the country. Unselfish who can average at least a double-double a night. Great dribbler and is good at the foul line.Rebounds with the best of them and can play great defence. Has a knack of making the big shot at the right time. Great passer.Has a great upside and can be a Allen Iverson/Chris Paul type of player.

    Weaknesses:Raw.Came out as a sophmore but needed more time to polish his game.Fades away too many ball games and needs to get more conditioning as he tires out late in games sometimes. Sometimes turns over the ball too much and loses concentration when not on his game. Boom or bust prospect but one to take a chance on.

    Background: Harris won the ACC Freshman of the Year when he averaged 20.3 ppg with 5.8 apg. A boom or bust prospect with really high potential. Will he ever live up to the potential? With the right coach, he will.


    User Name: derza222
    Player Name: Chris Anthony
    Age: 19
    Position: PG
    College: Villanova
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 190

    Strengths: A confident point guard with the ability to run a team. A competitor that does not back down from a challenge and really shows up in big games. Strong and does not shy away from contact, especially when finishing around the basket. Has a fantastic combination of bulk and quickness. Gets to the basket with ease and is a good finisher. Flashy, both in scoring and passing. Very fun to watch. In essence, a true point that is flashy but good at getting the ball to teammates. His biggest strength is probably his handle, closely followed by his ability to get the ball to his teammates. Excellent penetrator and a great finisher. Jumper is above average right now for a true point, but not great. Does have NBA range from three, but can be inconsistant and is definitely streaky.

    Weaknesses: Sometimes tries to do too much. Expects a lot out of his teammates, and shows it on the court. Can get away from his best skill- penetrating, and settle for jumpers. Doesn't have much of a midrange game to speak of. Pretty much can only get to the basket or take threes. Not a great on-ball defender, though he has improved in that area since high school and has the physical ability to continue to do so. He has the skillset to be a solid on ball defender with his strength and quickness, but is disinterested and isn't great right now. Doesn't have much leaping ability to speak of, can't get up very high off the floor.

    Background: Has won and been successful at each level that he has played at. Left Villanova after his freshman year. Was a second team all Big East performer. Helped lead the Wildcats to a better than expected season in the Big East, finishing 4th. Started all but 2 games at the point. While splitting time at the position he averaged 17 points and 7 assists in 25 minutes per game. Leader of and best player on the #2 high school team in the country his senior year. Grew up in the Bronx, but went to St. Pat's high school in New Jersey. Had to take a 5:30 bus from the Bronx to get to school on time each morning. Given first name is Corey.


    User Name: adschofield
    Player Name: Derrick Strozier
    Age: 19
    Position: G
    College: Memphis
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 195
    Strengths: A breath taking athlete with terrific size for the point guard position at 6-4 ... His upside is truly special … An absolutely dazzling dunker with blinding speed ... Likely to be the most athletic PG in the league for years to come … A point guard in the truest sense of the word … Knows how to run a team, and raises the level of play of his teammates … A pass-first point guard with excellent court vision … Has a rare ability to create passing lanes – finding and creating shots for teammates who do not appear to be open … A relentless defender with quick hands and length. Gets low and will lock his man down on defense and should only improve. Gives the same intensity and effort on both ends of the floor … Excellent handle on the ball, with a deadly crossover, very tough to contain one on one … A constant threat to blow by his man off the dribble … Rarely shows much emotion, very calm on and off-court demeanor, does not get rattled easily … Plays with a high level of intensity remaining level-headed … Deadly on the fast break with his passing ability and athleticism … Powerful leaper. Can get his head at rim level and has the strength to go into traffic and dunk on people … Catlike quickness and body control … Excellent finisher around the basket even after contact… Clutch player who raises his level of play against good competition and wants the ball in crunch time … Hits his foul shots at a good rate … Very team-oriented with a great attitude. Willing to learn, very coachable and still improving … Tough as nails competitor. A warrior who leaves it out on the floor every time out … A true floor general who shows a solid understanding of the game. Good decision maker. … Has very long arms and strong hands … Loves to drive and hang in the air and shoot when he’s cleared the defense … Very crafty at making shots around the basket, especially fadeways getting great height on his jumpers … Excellent rebounder due to his size, strength and tenacity …

    Weaknesses: Mechanics on his shot are not fluid, so he may need to adjust it some as he sort of slings the ball from his shoulder, though his shot has shown steady improvement … A streaky shooter, can go through cold spells … More effective in an up-tempo game, understands tempo but his speed obviously makes running logical and is still less effective in the half court … Underdeveloped moves off the dribble. He can become more polished creating shots from the perimeter … Right now relies almost exclusively on his power, handle, and quickness to get by defenders … Can become a lot better at running the pick and roll … Has the size to post up PGs all day. He shows great strength and intensity inside but has underutilized back to the basket skills

    Shooting Guards

    User Name: BuckNaked
    Name: Blackie Chan
    Age: 24
    Position: SG
    College: UK
    Height: 6'6
    Weight: 220

    Strengths: He's the jack of all trades. He has a fantastic shooting touch. Blackie is a great penetrator(in more ways than one if you know what I mean, SHAZAAM!) and is a good dunker. He is usually given ball handling responsibilities due to his great dribbling. Is a great passer.

    Weaknesses: He lets up on defense at times. He has a bit of an attitude problem, and is waaay to open with the press.

    Comparison: Kobe Bryant

    Background: Blackie went down to Kentucky from the mean streets of Harlem where he was a street ball star. He was recruited by god/coach Billy Gillespie to play for the Wildcats. He really shined there and learned how to become a team player. Blackie won SEC player of the year and was a 1st team all-american on his way to leading them to a National Championship as the heart and soul of that team.


    User Name: Turtlepower
    Player Name: Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara
    Age: 21
    Position: SG/SF
    College: Arizona State
    Height: 6'6
    Weight: 220
    Strengths: Defense, Defense, Defense. Strong defensive players thanks to a long wingspan and quick feet. Led the PAC-10 in steals for the past two years and was a major asset to an improving Arizona State basketball team. Not only does his long arms allow him to get good reaching to steal the ball, but it also helps with block as he was second on his team in block shots even though he predominately guarded outside shooters. He also has a nice, quick stroke leading his team in 3 pointers last season, shooting 35% from the field form beyond the arc. Always guarded the superstar of the opposing teams and has learned how to effectively play uptight without committing to many penalties.

    Weaknesses: Does not drive to the basket very well. On offense it sort of seems obvious that he is going to be shooting a 3-pointer who not shooting at all. He is has a very slow first move, which is the reason for his ineptitude while driving the lane. His outlet passes are shaky, but they are usually passes to other perimeter shooters or into the paint to a big man. Even though he gets a lot of blocks, he is not known as a tremendous rebounder. He is known to not always create his own shot, but gets help from screens or quick passes to free him up. Best shooting without a defender in his area.

    Grew up in a poor neighborhood in the Bronx with his mother, father, and 4 sisters. His father and mother each worked two jobs trying to support their 7 person family while also trying to instill good values to them. Turtle was born "Jerry Ferrara" but got the name Turtle when he was in the second grade when he saved a turtle from almost being hit by a car outside of his elementary school. Turtle was a bright kid, but he followed his dad in his love for basketball. Turtle's dad, John Ferrara, was a highly sought after high school recruit before blowing out his knee in his school's state championship game. John was known as a tough defender during his time in high school and taught that to his son. Turtle loved to play basketball, but being the oldest of 5 siblings, he thought it would never be possible. When he turned 14, unbeknown to his parents he chose to get a job at a McDonald's 20 blocks away from where he lived to earn money to support his family, while also not being close enough for his parents to find out.

    One day, one of Turtle's relatives spotted him working at the McDonald's and promptly told John Ferrara about where his son was working. When Turtle arrived home from work that day, he proceeded to yell at Turtle and tell him that his future was not flipping patties, but playing ball. Since that day, Turtle has worked hard on and off the court to improve his game one step at a time. He practices 100% every game and finishes his practice seeing tape of the defender he will be assigned the next game. Choosing to play at an Arizona State program on the rise, Turtle wanted to show the world that hard work, a smile, and great fundamentals can get you a long way in life. He is looking forward to having a great career in the FBA and would like to help support his family with his new career.


    User Name: jballa838
    Player Name: Jake Red
    Age: 22
    Position: Combo guard. (SG 1st)
    College: Washington
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 225
    Strengths: Amazing leaper and dunker. Scoring is his specialty, and can score from anywhere on the floor, and in bunches. Good passer, good offensive awareness, quick and has great top end speed. Great stamina.
    Weaknesses: Defense is horrid. Rebounding is decent, but take it for what it is. Strength is pretty bad too. Can't block or steal the ball from anybody.
    Background: Out of Bellevue high school in Washington, had a nice childhood, played AAU every year since 3rd grade. All-Pac 10 for 3 years at Washington. Labeled "Biggest All-American Snub" after not making honorable mention after 2 straight seasons of Sweet 16 appearences.


    User Name: OSUGiants17
    Player Name: Queiten O'Grady
    Age: 22
    Position: SG
    College: Ohio State
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 227
    Pros: Queiten O'Grady can be called a combo guard as he is an excellent scorer, but is also able to find his open teammates. He is a very good ball-handler who excels in transition. Despite his small stature, O' Grady isn’t afraid to take the ball to the basket and bang with the big boys.

    Cons: Queiten O'Grady played both point guard and shooting guard in college but will be asked to stick to the shooting in the FBA. Will have to improve his assist to turnover ratio and improve his passing skills. Since he’s a natural scorer it will be important for him to adapt to the new position. Speed and D need alot of work

    Background: Born and raised in Washington is O'Grady. O'Grady's dad is a basketball coach who has coached greats like Micheal Jordan, Koybe Bryant, and many more, because his dad coached these men they helped Queiten with his game often making him the best coached player in this draft which has helped him learn disipline and hard work. O'Grady made first team all pro 3 years in a row leading OSU to 2 national championchip games and 2 championchip wins.


    User Name: yayarearb
    Player Name: Johnny Cash
    Age: 20
    Position: SG
    College: UCLA
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Strengths: Extremely Athletic for his size. Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone.. He's making a play on the court no matter who, what, how, or where. He plays a very physical and intense brand of defense. Very Versatile, true swingman of the SG-SF position and in emergancy situations, he can play PG. Clutch. In the crunch time he loves to have the ball in his hands. Strong finisher at the rim and does a good job in traffic. Pretty reliable jumpshot. Uses his big body size to his advantage over smaller defenders. His vision on the court is above average for a young player. Can pick apart defenses on instinct alone. Great Work ethic. Thrives on the fast break.

    Weaknesses: A little too aggressive on defense. Gets caught up in the heat of the moment at times. Although reliable, his jumpshot could use some work. Is known to taunt his opponents and uses mind games along with his unmatched skill to beat an opponent. Will go for big play all the time even if it is against a triple team. Not known to be a great team player. Sometimes takes shots that shouldn't be taken. Struggles to learn new offensive schemes.

    Background: Grew up in the Los Angeles area. Selected All-State his junior and senior years at Dominguez High School. Signed Letter of Intent to attend UCLA. After leading the Bruins to the National Championship and garnering All-American honors as a freshman, breaking numerous school records along the way, he declared for the draft. Some referred to him as the greatest high school basketball player of all time. John Wooden himself has stated he's one of the greatest players to put on a Bruin uniform, this includes Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Bill Walton, Reggie Miller, and Baron Davis.

    Small Forwards

    User Name: HoopsDemon12
    Name: Benn Hart
    Age: 19
    Position: SF
    College: Penn State
    Height: 6'7
    Weight: 247

    Strengths: Can take it to the rim on anyone, as well as has a very good one dribble pull up jumper. Has a very consitent mid ranged shot. Excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor, crashes the boards with reckless abandon. Is very athletic and fast out there on the wing, a very good defender. And has an incredible abilty to draw fouls. Finishes well in teh paint with contact, can dunk with the best of them.

    Weaknesses: is not the best passer in the world, does not always look up while driving to find hte open shot. Has adequate dribbling skills but dont look for him to dribble up teh court under pressure consitently and succeed. His mid range shot may be excellent but if he takes that step behind the three point line he struggles to his his shots consitently. Can not really block shots for his size.

    Background: He has only been playing basketball since grade 8, is a student of the game but is still elarning the intracasies involved with the next level. Has the effort and wil get better with coaching and playing time. Is an emotinal leader and will spark his teams with well timed blocks and seems to draw a lot of charges. Coming form Canada he feels as if he has something to prove, even after dominating at the Div 1A level. Will loose his temper form time to time and get a technical foul, not the rasheed wallace level but not the coolest headed player if he gets hard fouled.


    User Name: Jensen
    Name: Troy Keton
    Age: 19
    Position: SF
    College: UNC
    Height: 6'10
    Weight: 220
    Strengths: Athletic player with height, wingspan, speed, quickness, leaping ability, reflexes, coordination, all off the charts. Great hands and ball handling skills. Great lateral movement and instincts. Leadership skills and killer mentality to take over a game. Scores in any way he wants: off the dribble, off screens, posting up, in transition, great accuracy from beyond NBA 3 range. Has the tools to become a top notch defender. Good shot blocker.

    Weaknesses: Needs to add bulk to somewhat skinny frame working in the weight room to add 10-15 pounds. Needs to improve defense. Needs to become a better passer. Sometimes settles for outside shots even when mismatches present themselves. Occasionally careless with ball.

    Background: Troy was born into a family of 6, having a brother and two sisters. His dad played a big part in getting him interseted in basketball. Troy started playing basketball at the age of 9. He quickly became a force at the high school level, drawing rave reviews from many colleges. He decided to attend UNC, and he dominated in his one and only year there. Troy decided to enter the FBA draft after much thought, but the main reason why he decided to jump to the FBA was so he could finally make his dream come true...which was to play in the FBA.


    User Name: Brownstown
    Player Name: Andre "12" Soul
    Age: 21
    Position: SG/SF
    College: Ohio State
    Height: 6'6
    Weight: 230

    Strengths: He's the rock. Literally and figuratively. As evidenced by his league leading minutes per game average, he's the player the whole team will lean on. Great stamina and he almost never gets injured. Unbelievable clutch, hit a game winner to send his team into overtime in the NCAA final 4, then dominated the overtime to give his team the win. He can shoot, he's got the range. He won't be the best 3 point shooter ever, but he can definately make them with a bit of consistency. Absolutely money with the mid range jumper. He uses his unreal speed and strenght combo to drive to the basket. He can either run past you, or run over you. Draws the foul incredibly well when going to the basket. He's got incredible ball handling skills. He can dribble like a madman. Just an aboslute force when it comes to scoring. He can pass well. Is very unselfish for a player of his scoring skills, will like to get his teammates involved on offense. Quite possibly the greatest dunker in the league. A good locker room prescense and a leader, but does not tolerate failure. A workout warrior. He's almost all muscle. He's always the first one in the weight room and the last one out. He's an extremely hard worker.

    Weaknesses: Defense isn't his thing. He can defend pretty well, but if he's ever matched up against a very good player on offense, he'll get clobbered. His defense on the perimeter is better than his defense in the paint by a good margin. Is non-existent in the low post when fighting for rebounds, but will hustle for the perimeter rebounds well. Free throw shooting is only average. Won't win any 3 point contests for you.

    Background: Andre grew up as an incredibly shy person. His father was a proud person who felt his son must grow up disciplined. Benjamin Soul, his father, was a former basketball player who quit the NBA to go soul searching. He was a strict Catholic and tought his son to respect and help others. As a result, Andre worked with charity organizations in his free time to help the less fortunate. He was discovered as a basketball player when asisting a wheelchair basketball league at his local YMCA. His father forbade him to play basketball during his younger years, but softened up as the years went on.

    At the age of 16 Andre played his first organized basketball game, as a sophmore at his local high school. He scored 40 points, with 12 rebounds and assists and the game was won by his team by the score of 63-51. After the game, he learned his father had been hit by a drunk driver. He raced to the hospital but his father was pronounced dead at exactly midnight. He has tried to model his personality after his father and in his honor wears the number 12, his fathers old number. He wants to succeed both on and off the court for his dad.

    He was only a 3 star recruit coming out of college, but immediately showed his worth by earning a starting spot on the roster and earning all big 10 freshman honors. In his sophmore year, he broke out as the leader of the team, averaging 30 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds per game, finishing runner up in the Naismith award. His team faced a challenge in the final 4, but Andre dominated the overtime after hitting a 3 to force it, and in the Championship, scored 41 and hit 2 clutch free throws to ice the victory.

    It was a tough decision, but he decided to leave college after his sophmore year at the urging of his family. He fully plans to return and get his degree after his career is over.


    User Name: yo123
    Name: DeMarcus Johnston
    Position: SF
    Age: 21
    College: Marquette
    Height: 6'8
    Weight: 220
    Strengths: Extremely athetic and runs the floor great. Gets to the basket with ease and is a great finisher, good 3 point and mid range shooter, but streaky. Good court vision and a very good passer. Very good in the open court and is a great ballhandler for his size. Occasionaly brought the ball up the court in college.

    Weaknesses: Needs to put on a lot of muscle, larger opponents will overpower him on the blocks, not a very good defender, especially off the ball. A streaky shooter, and will keep jacking them up when they arent falling. Commits more turnovers than most coaches would like.

    Background: McDonalds All American and 5 star recruit coming out of high school in Minnesota. Won the McDonalds slam dunk contest after his senior year in high school. 2 time first team all Big East and led the conference in scoring as a junior. Excelled in the classroom as he finished college early enough to graduate after his junior year with a 3.4 GPA.


    User Name: princefielder28
    Player Name: James Johnson
    Age: 22
    Position: SF
    College: North Dakota State
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 228
    Strengths: Perimeter oriented game, can hit the 3 ball, finished well at rim on fast breaks
    Weaknesses: Lacks an inside game and needs to add a bit more bulk

    Power Forwards

    name: Quincy Jefferson
    College: where do you think?
    age: 19
    Position: PF/C
    Height: 6'9.5
    Weight: 245

    Strenghts: Big guy who loves to use his body. Not afraid of contact. Will pull down plenty of boards. A smart player, sets picks and plays excellent post and zone D. about an 80% FT shooter, with a nice J inside the key. past that, not effective shooting. Will drive, but lose ball after after 3-5 dribbles. Hook shot is devastating, his best move. Physical, not afraid to take on anyone or box anyone out HARD. unusually unselfish. Looks to pass 1st, score 2nd. Shot blocker by definition, could take over a game if needed(and if hot)

    weaknesses: Slow, not good stamina. Fits in prefectly in a slow down paced team, wont help running team, except for grabbing boards. His aggressivness to block shots will cause fouls. very inconsistent on the defensive side. Not overally explosive from outside the paint. his lack of speed and agility hurts him against faster PF's.


    User Name: HChu
    Player Name: Jeremy Munevar
    Age: 23
    Position: PF
    College: George Mason
    Height: 6'11
    Weight: 230
    Strengths: Physical body, amazing specimen, will make any low post shot, phenomenal rebounder, led the NCAA his junior and senior year in blocked shots, an above average free throw shooter, does not take a single second of the game off
    Weaknesses: Gets in a bit too much foul trouble, if you drive him out of the key to attempt a shot he will definitely miss.
    Background: He was an All-American 1st Team his junior and senior year, he led George Mason to the Elite Eight his senior. Adored by fans, and the media.


    name: DyShawn Taylor
    College: Loyola (Chicago)
    age: 19
    Position: PF
    Height: 6' 9"
    Weight: 240

    Strenghts: An incredibly quick player who can race up and down the court. Uses his body very well in the air and makes all of the layups and close range shots incredibly easily. Has mad hops, throws the ball down with authority. Exceptional on the defensive side of the ball, can lock anyone up, blocks shots, and rebounds very well.

    weaknesses: A young, raw talent. Only 19 years old. He is a liability shooting anything past about 13'. Has a very skinny body frame and can get knocked around easily. His stamina is only average. Pretty awful from the foul line. Doesn't always give it 100% and makes dumb fouls and mistakes when he gets rattled.

    Bio: Raised in the projects of Chicago. Grew up playing basketball in the streets 24/7. Both parents were killed by ricocheted bullets in the projects. Left to raise 3 siblings all on his own. Graduated high school with many basketball honors but didn't have the grades to go to any major schools. His coach talked to Loyola (a local school) and convinced them to accept him. He walked on to the team had a good freshman year 17 ppg 10 rbg and decide to declare to the FBA.


    User Name: Charm City Byrdgang
    Name: Anderson "Ando" Silva
    Age: 19
    Position: SF/PF tweener
    College: BRAZIL
    Height: 6'10
    Weight: 220
    Strengths: Athelticism is top notch up there with the likes of Gerald Wallace and Josh Smith. Like these players he has the ability to block many shots and he is tough on the boards pulling down offensive and defensive rebounds. He also possesses the ability to attack the rim in a jaw dropping fashion. He has a Solid mid range game. He is a player that's potential is drooled upon. Above average ball handling and passing skills for a big man. Skill set fits 4 positions (SG,SF,PF,C) projects to be a PF. His style of play would fit best in an up tempo offense ala the Phoenix Suns, GS Warriors or Washington Wizards.

    Weaknesses: Asside from dunking does not have much of a skill set in the post. Does not have much of a long range shot but has the form to eventually one day have one. Sometimes makes stupid decisions because of his young age. Also needs to put on weight to make the transition from SF to PF where his skills would translate better.

    Background: Grew up in Curitiba, Brazil and didn't play organized basketball until the age of 16. As a young child he participated in Brazilian jiu jitsu which reflects in his balance and flexibility and also was a avid soccer player which reflects in his athleticism and moves on the court. Member of the Brazilian National Team Anderson averaged 10 pts 10 rebounds 4.5 assists and 2 steals.

    NBA COMPARISON: A young Kevin Garnett/ Josh Smith


    User Name: Lions WMD
    Player Name: Zahir Zabul-Zahid aka "3-Z" aka "The Minister of Basketball"
    Age: 24
    Position: PF
    College: University of Michigan
    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 236

    Strengths: Quick big man. Has great shooting touch, with range out to the three point line. Above Average free throw shooter. Great fit for an Up Tempo offense. Uses his long arms to poke the ball away from opponents and will block a few shots. Not afraid to handle the ball more than your usual Power Forward. Working on a hook shot. Very good conditioning as he went through plenty of rigorous training in his home land. Lots of hustle and will sacrifice himself for the better of the team.

    Weaknesses: Not a dominating post presence. Not the best Defender around one on one.. The ball doesn't go to other teammates much after it touches his hands. Can rack up the fouls rather quickly while looking to make defensive plays. Doesn't communicate well. Needs to get stronger.. Still adjusting to the American game. Would be a technical foul machine if all referees knew Arabic.

    Background: Transferred to the Michigan Ann Arbor campus from University of Michigan-Dearborn. Has only lived in the United States for 5 years. Not completely fluent in English, but he knows enough. Has been compared to Dirk Nowitzki.


    User Name: Tampa 2 4 life
    Name: Thomas Forgenstein
    Position: PF/C
    Age: 21
    College: UCONN
    Height: 6'11'
    Weight: 235
    Strengths: Very athletic, and has a nose for getting blocks and breaking up cross court passes. Good at hitting mid-range jumpers consistently and has good enough handling to get a nice shot if guarded 1V1 with a Center. Unstoppable if he gets an angle for a layup. Very smart player who knows when to pass the ball when he's in trouble and sees a teammate with an open shot. Soft hands. Displays great leadership.

    Weaknesses: Usually gets overpowered by more physically imposing centers. Only average in terms of pass accuracy and will have passes become turnovers. Doesn't have the tenacity you need to get a lot of offensive rebounds. Overestimates his shooting ability and takes shots he has no business taking. Could stand to put on some muscle.

    Background: Also played Tight End in football at High School where he was All-State. Set state records for blocks as a Senior in High School. Led his team to two National Championships at Uconn. Led the NCAA in blocks, and PPG as a Center in his final Junior year at Uconn. Graduated early with a degree in psychiatry and motivational speaking at Uconn.


    User Name: Nerv
    Player Name: Richard Cheese
    Age: 21
    Position: C
    College: University of Detroit Mercy
    Height: 7'0
    Weight: 260
    Strengths: Back to the basket post up game. Arsenal of low post moves, bringing back the baby hook. Finishes around the basket and very tough to stop with a single defender. Good passer for a big man, very adept at passing out of the double team and finding cutting teammates. Has a high basketball IQ and understands the game very well. Solid spot up shooter out to about 16 feet. Excellent hands, can snag a pass from any angle. Has a mean streak to him, plays the game aggressive and maybe a little dirty. Cleans up the defensive glass and loves to block & alter shots.

    Weaknesses: Athleticism can be described as average at best. Does not have top notch conditioning. Has had some trouble hitting the offensive glass. Free throw shooting is spotty & inconsistent. Ball handling is nothing to write home about, prefers working with his back to the basket. Tends to not demand the ball when having a tough game. Shows no semblance of ever improving his range from what its currently at. While he has excellent timing on blocking shots, is not a great leaper. Not a good dunker, prefers using the glass.

    Background: Detroit born & bred, Richard decided to stay close to home and play for the UofD Titans under Michigan legend Perry Watson. Always the tallest since he was born, he was taught basketball and began working on his game at an early age in hopes of going pro one day. Loves the game of basketball, when he isnt playing it he is watching it. Gotten into trouble with the law on a few occassions as he tends to be angry when drunk. He once threw Titans CB Pacman Jones across a dance floor in a bar room altercation.


    User Name: Bhaarat316
    Player Name: Chad India Jr.
    Age: 19 3/4
    Position: C
    College: Miami (FL)
    Height: 7'1
    Weight: 255

    Strengths: NBA ready body, is physically strong and takes advantage of that in the post, particularly defensively when he pushes opposing offensive players out of position. JR. can run the floor and take it to the basket. He is an excellent defender and shotblocker utilizing his instincts and long arms. He's developed a bit of a mid-range shot, which adds a certain dimension to his offensive ability. Wing Span of 7'6, Benched 185, 20 times, his Vertical came to 34 inches.

    Weaknesses: needs to work on his offensive moves, works a little more on the outside and his shot. He doesn't try to take over games and will defer to his teammates. Jr's aggressiveness on defense tends to lead him to get into foul trouble. His sprint time of 3.25 was average and his lane agility of 11.75 wasn't much better. Despite those slow times, this workout showcased his strength, length, and athleticism and should only help his draft stock.

    Background: Jr. is physically gifted to play this game. It's all about working out some basketball mechanics and he'll be good to go. He's raw offensively, but in his years with Miami, has shown some real improvement, which is a good sign. Jr. should do very well in the NBA his rookie season. He didn't play much basketball in his life, untill his senior year. He wasn't recruited highly living in FL. He tried out for the Hurricanes, and walked on. Due to injuries of key players he was able to make it to the floor where he showed his abilities. After 2 season of Playing Jr. decided to go in the direction of the FBA. He comes from a sport background, His father played for the WFFL (which collapsed due to competition, and people flaking out and joining 2 leagues.) His father Chad India played Safety for the Gulf Coast. Jr. was going to follow in Sr. footsteps but the leagues closed down. So he deiced to go in another direction. At da U, he showed that he wasn't afraid to play D and push people around sometimes leading to foul trouble. He showed power at da U by always taking it to the rim and now being afraid to dunk on his opponents.


    User Name: comahan
    Player Name: Hakeem Stylez
    Age: 24
    Position: C
    College: Texas
    Height: 7'0
    Weight: 245

    Very good post moves. Silky smooth jumper inside 18 feet. Alters nearly every shot from opponents. Very good passer out of the post. Long arms. Able to block shots. Keeps blocks in play. Very passionate. Leader. Very good interview, very charismatic.

    Not the most Physical inside. Relies on agility and great post moves to score. Average free throw shooter. Not a powerful dunker, prefers hook shots, jump shots, and soft layins. Could stand to gain some muscle.

    Background: From Nigeria. His idol shares his first name, Hakeem Olajuwon. Was a soccer goalkeeper and handball player, which helped give him the footwork and agility to balance his size and strength in basketball, and also contributes to his shot-blocking ability. Emigrated from Nigeria to play Basketball at the university of Texas.


    Rating Floors & Ceiling


    K. David - 82-86 (TIDALWAVE)
    K. Jackson - 80-87 (BOMBERS)
    S. Harris - 81-86 (FURY)
    C. Anthony - 82-85 (BANSHEES)
    D. Stroizer - 83-87 (FURY)


    B. Chan - 81-86 (TIDALWAVE)
    T. Ferrera - 83-90 (BOMBERS)
    J. Red - 80-85 (BOMBERS)
    Q. O'Grady - 78-86
    J. Cash - 82-85 (FURY)


    B. Hart - 84-89 (BANSHEES)
    T. Keton - 80-85 (BOMBERS)
    A. Soul - 82-90 (TIDALWAVE)
    D. Johnston - 83-87 (BANSHEES)
    J. Johnson - 79-84 (FURY)


    J. Munevar - 81-86 (BANSHEES)
    Q. Jefferson - 83-88 (BANSHEES)
    D. Taylor - 86-89 (FURY)
    A. Silva - 81-88 (FURY)
    Z. Zahid - 83-87 (BOMBERS)


    T. Forgenstein - 83-87 (TIDALWAVE)
    R. Cheese - 81-87 (TIDALWAVE)
    C. India Jr. - 82-89 (BANSHEES)
    H. Stylez - 81-87 (BOMBERS)


    The FBA Draft Preview

    Kenny Smith: Kenny Smith here with Steve Kerr & Reggie Miller two of the greatest clutch shooters in the NBA.

    Steve Kerr: Thanks Kenny, you know you weren't to bad yourself

    Reggie Miller: I must be mistaken but I thought you already blew each other back stage

    KS: ...Well lets get down to business, this is the 1st ever FBA Expansion Draft in which 4 teams will select 6 players each to compete against the likes of the Shoguns, Hyphy, Summit & Phalanx, in this upcoming season.

    SK: There is a lot of talent in this draft at multiple positions, no matter what style of team you are I'm sure you will end up with a great core group of players.
    RM: That's right Steve, there are players from all over the world coming in today to finally get their chance to prove that they are the best on a professional level.

    KS: Well lets start it off with the point guards, which would you choose and why? Me personally I gotta take David, the man is the definition of Point Guard

    RM: I gotta go with Harris the man light's it up from down town, and with all the Zone defense being played now a days a man who can hit 3's on a regular basis is extremely valuable

    SK: I'll have to agree with Kenny here David is a well polished prospect, he may be a little older then the rest of these guys but he also has more experience at a higher level, all right now on to the shooting guard.

    RM: I gotta go with Turtle, the guy knows how to ball basketball the right way, defense, defense & more defense

    SK: For me it's Blackie Chan, the guy can do anything and he isn't afraid to say so, it may get him in trouble from time to time but the kid's got talent

    KS: I agree with Reggie here turtle is a beast and he can put non-stop pressure on the oppositions best player whither he is a PG, SG, or SF. All right now on to the Small Forwards.

    RM: I gotta go with Andre Soul here, he may very well be the best player in the draft, not a complete package as a defender yet but he is everything you hope for in a scorer.

    SK: I can't argue their Soul is an incredible talent that only comes once every few years.

    KS: Well then it's a clean sweep, Soul take this round, although Hart is a sleeper who many of the scouts have fallen in love with. Now on to the big men starting with the power forwards, who do you got Steve?

    SK: Silva and Taylor are both rare talents but I'm going with Jefferson, he knows how to play D, and has about as sweet of a hook as their is now a days

    RM: I gotta go with Silva the man is freak, he will need to bulk up if he wants to play for a long time but in his youth his athleticism will help him get by.

    KS: We will have have to agree to disagree then, I'm going with Taylor he is the total package, good D, excellent hops and is just nasty when he takes it to the hoop, On to the centers now

    RM: Cleese is the guy I build my franchise around, he may not have the most talent but he is about as sure of a prospect as they come.

    SK: India Jr. is the guy that catches my eye, he is just a monster of a man and with some work he can be very special.

    KS: I'm gonna go with Stylez here he is a finesse style of center but he always seems to get the job done, So now to the big question. Who would you guys take in the 1st to kick start your franchise?

    RM: Well I have always been partial to starting off with a big man, all dynasties have a good one so I'll have to go with Cleese.

    SK: For me you have to go with BPA and that guy for me is Andre Soul, he is the total package a Swingman who can score on anyone, they say that defense wins championships but offense definitely sells seats.

    KS: You said it your self Steve, defense wins championships, that's why I gotta go with Turtle Ferrara, he is a throw back kind of player, he will do all the dirty work and then mop it up too. Well that will wrap it up for our pre-draft coverage, so until next time peace bitches

    FBA Mock Draft

    1. Tidalwave: Andre Soul SG/SF
    2. Bombers: Anderson Silva PF/SF
    3. Fury: Turtle Ferrera SG/SF
    4. Banshees: Kevin David PG

    1. Banshees: DyShawn Taylor PF
    2. Fury: Robert Cleese C
    3. Bombers: Blackie Chan SG
    4. Tidalwave: Hakeem Styles C
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    Draft Order

    1. Tidalwave(DWilliams2IndyColts): Andre Soul - SF/SG - 88
    2. Bombers(comahan): Jerry Ferrera - SG/SF - 88
    3. Fury(D-Unit): Anderson Silva - PF/SF - 88
    4. Banshees(Royhall#1): Benn Hart - SF - 86

    1. Fury (via Banshees): DyShawn Taylor - PF - 88
    2. Banshees (via Fury): Quincy Jefferson - PF/C - 86
    3. Bombers: Zahir Zabul-Zahid - PF - 86
    4. Tidalwave: Kevin David - PG - 86

    1. Tidalwave: Robert Cheese - C - 86
    2. Bombers: Hakeem Stylez - C -86
    3. Banshees (via Fury): Chad India Jr. - C - 87
    4. Banshees: DeMarcus Johnston - SF - 85

    1. Banshees: Jeremy Munevar - PF - 85
    2. Fury: Derrick Stroizer - PG - 84
    3. Bombers: KayJ Jackson - PG - 86
    4. Tidalwave: Blackie Chan - SG - 85

    1. Tidalwave: Thomas Forgenstein - C - 85
    2. Bombers: Troy Keaton - SF - 84
    3. Fury: Seth Harris - G - 85
    4. Banshees: Chris Anthony - PG - 84

    1. Fury (via Banshees): Johhny Cash - SG - 84
    2. Fury: James Johnson - SF - 82
    3. Bombers: Jake Red - SG - 84
    4. Tidalwave: Queiten O'Grady - SG- 84
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      With the 1st pick the Washington Tidalwave selects Andre Soul SF Ohio State.
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      Michael "Franchise" Young QB Akron Zepplins #10
      164/281, 58.4% 1956 yards, 10 TD/8 INT
      50 rushes, 321 yards, 4 TD, 6.4 YPC
      Record: 7-3


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        Beijing Bombers select: SG/SF Jerry "Turtle" Ferrera

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          Anderson Silva PF/SF


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            The Banshees select:

            Benn Hart, SF and Dyshawn Taylor, PF.

            *Dyshawn Taylor traded to Fury.
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              The Banshees are proud to select, from RU, Quincy Jefferson.


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                The Bombers are proud to select PF Zahir Zabul-Zahid aka "3-Z" as their second pick.

                - Turtle Ferrara, SG/SF (88)
                - Zahir Zabul-Zahid, PF (83-87)


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                  The Tidalwave select Kevin David - PG


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                    The Tidalwave select Robert Cheese.

                    Michael "Franchise" Young QB Akron Zepplins #10
                    164/281, 58.4% 1956 yards, 10 TD/8 INT
                    50 rushes, 321 yards, 4 TD, 6.4 YPC
                    Record: 7-3


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                      The Bombers are pleased to add Center Hakeem Stylez to their team.

                      - C - Hakeem Stylez - 81-87
                      - PF - Zahir Zabul-Zahid - 86
                      - SF/SG - Jerry Fererra - 88


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                        The Banshees Select

                        Chad India Jr., DeMarcus Johnston SF, and Jeremy Munevar PF


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                          The RocK: The Dallas Fury are pleased to announce the selection of PG Derrick "The Rose" Stroizer. His addition to the team solidifies everything we want to do with our physically dominating athleticism and uptempo style of play.



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                            The Bombers are proud to select KayJ Jackson, PG.


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                              The Tidalwave select Blackie Chan

                              Michael "Franchise" Young QB Akron Zepplins #10
                              164/281, 58.4% 1956 yards, 10 TD/8 INT
                              50 rushes, 321 yards, 4 TD, 6.4 YPC
                              Record: 7-3



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