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****Draft Game**** Post all trades and draft selections here

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  • ****Draft Game**** Post all trades and draft selections here

    Please only post your trades and draft selections here

    Round One

    1 Oakland Raiders-Jamarcus Russell
    2 Detroit Lions-Joe Thomas
    3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Calvin Johnson
    4 Cleveland Browns- Adrian Peterson
    5 Buffalo Bills **(from Arizona)- Alan Branch
    6 Washington Redskins- Amobi Okoye
    7 Minnesota Vikings- Jamaal Anderson
    8 Houston Texans- Brady Quinn
    9 Miami Dolphins- Levi Brown
    10 Atlanta Falcons- Gaines Adams
    11 San Francisco 49ers- Reggie Nelson
    12 Arizona Cardinals **(from Buffalo)- Leon Hall
    13 St. Louis Rams- Patrick Willis
    14 Carolina Panthers- Laron Landry
    15 Pittsburgh Steelers -Jarvis Moss
    16 Green Bay Packers-Dwayne Jarrett
    17 Jacksonville Jaguars- Ted Ginn Jr
    18 Cincinnati Bengals- Darrelle Revis
    19 Tennessee Titans- Dwayne Bowe
    20 New York Giants- Paul Posluszny
    21 Denver Broncos -Adam Carriker
    22 Dallas Cowboys -Aaron Ross
    23 Kansas City Chiefs -Robert Meachem
    24 New England Patriots (from Seattle) -Lawrence Timmons
    25 New York Jets -Marshawn Lynch
    26 Philadelphia Eagles -Michael Griffin
    27 New Orleans Saints -Marcus McCauley
    28 New England Patriots -Daymeion Hughes
    29 Baltimore Ravens -Justin Blalock
    30 San Diego Chargers -Brandon Merriweather
    31 Chicago Bears -Ben Grubbs
    32 Indianapolis Colts -Jon Beason

    Round Two

    33 Oakland Raiders ---Tony Ugoh
    34 Detroit Lions ----Charles Johnson
    35 Green Bay Packers(Trade with Tampa Bay)----- Josh Wilson
    36 Cleveland Browns ----Demarcus Tyler
    37 New York Jets (from Washington)----- Quentin Moses
    38 Arizona Cardinals -----Joe Staley
    39 Houston Texans ----Eric Weddle
    40 Miami Dolphins ---Anthony Spencer
    41 Minnesota Vikings -----Greg Olsen
    42 San Francisco 49ers ----Quinn Pitcock
    43 Buffalo Bills -------Kenny Irons
    44 Atlanta Falcons ------Arron Sears
    45 Carolina Panthers----- Buster Davis
    46 Pittsburgh Steelers
    47 Detriot Lions** (from Washington) ** (from Green Bay)
    48 Jacksonville Jaguars
    49 Cincinnati Bengals
    50 Tennessee Titans
    51 New York Giants
    52 St. Louis Rams
    53 Dallas Cowboys
    54 Kansas City Chiefs
    55 Seattle Seahawks
    56 Denver Broncos
    57 Philadelphia Eagles
    58 New Orleans Saints
    59 New York Jets
    60 New England Patriots
    61 Baltimore Ravens
    62 San Diego Chargers
    63 Chicago Bears
    64 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis)

    Round Three

    65 Oakland Raiders
    66 Detroit Lions
    67 Tampa Bay
    68 Cleveland Browns
    69 Arizona Cardinals
    70 Denver Broncos (from Washington via Atlanta)
    71 Miami Dolphins
    72 Minnesota Vikings
    73 Houston Texans
    74 Arizona Cardinals**(from Buffalo)
    75 Atlanta Falcons
    76 San Francisco 49ers
    77 Pittsburgh Steelers
    78 Tampa Bay(Trade with green bay)
    79 Jacksonville Jaguars
    *FORFEITED IN 06* Cincinnati Bengals
    80 Tennessee Titans
    81 New York Giants
    82 St. Louis Rams
    83 Carolina Panthers
    84 Kansas City Chiefs
    85 Seattle Seahawks
    86 Arizona Cardinals **(from Denver)
    87 Dallas Cowboys
    88 New Orleans Saints
    89 New York Jets
    90 Philadelphia Eagles
    91 New England Patriots
    92 Baltimore Ravens
    93 San Diego Chargers
    94 Chicago Bears
    95 Indianapolis Colts

    Round Four

    96 Oakland Raiders
    97 Detroit Lions
    98 Philadelphia Eagles **(from Tampa Bay)
    99 Cleveland Browns
    100 San Francisco 49ers (from Washington)
    101 Arizona Cardinals
    102 Minnesota Vikings
    103 Houston Texans
    104 Miami Dolphins
    105 Atlanta Falcons
    106 San Francisco 49ers
    107 Arizona Cardinals**(from Buffalo)
    108 Green Bay Packers
    109 Philadelphia Eagles **(from Jacksonville)
    110 Cincinnati Bengals
    111 Tennessee Titans
    112 New York Giants
    113 St. Louis Rams
    114 Carolina Panthers
    115 Baltimore Ravens **(from Pittsburgh)
    116 Seattle Seahawks
    117 Atlanta Falcons (from Denver)
    118 Dallas Cowboys
    119 New Orleans Saints (from Kansas City)
    120 San Francisco 49ers (from NYJ)
    121 New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia)
    122 New Orleans Saints
    123 New England Patriots
    124 Tennessee Titans (from Baltimore)
    125 San Diego Chargers
    126 Chicago Bears
    127 Indianapolis Colts

    Round Five

    128 Oakland Raiders
    129 Detroit Lions
    130 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    131 Cleveland Browns
    132 Buffalo Bills**(from Arizona)
    133 Washington Redskins
    134 Houston Texans
    135 Detroit Lions (from Miami)
    136 Minnesota Vikings
    137 San Francisco 49ers
    138 St. Louis Rams (from Buffalo)
    139 Atlanta Falcons
    140 Jacksonville Jaguars
    141 Cincinnati Bengals
    142 Tennessee Titans
    143 New York Giants
    144 St. Louis Rams
    145 Carolina Panthers
    146 Pittsburgh Steelers
    147 Green Bay Packers
    148 Denver Broncos
    149 Dallas Cowboys
    150 Kansas City Chiefs
    151 Seattle Seahawks
    152 Philadelphia Eagles
    153 New Orleans Saints
    154 New York Jets
    155 Oakland Raiders (from New England)
    156 Baltimore Ravens
    157 San Diego Chargers
    158 Chicago Bears
    159 Indianapolis Colts

    Round Six

    160 Oakland Raiders
    161 Detroit Lions
    162 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    163 Cleveland Browns
    164 Washington Redskins
    165 New England Patriots (from Arizona)
    166 Miami Dolphins
    167 Minnesota Vikings
    168 Houston Texans
    169 Buffalo Bills
    170 Atlanta Falcons
    171 San Francisco 49ers
    172 Cincinnati Bengals
    173 Tennessee Titans
    174 New York Giants
    175 St. Louis Rams
    176 Carolina Panthers
    177 Pittsburgh Steelers
    178 Green Bay Packers
    179 Jacksonville Jaguars
    180 Kansas City Chiefs (from Dallas)
    181 Kansas City Chiefs
    182 Seattle Seahawks
    183 Denver Broncos
    184 New Orleans Saints
    185 Dallas Cowboys (from NY Jets)
    186 Jacksonville Jaguars **(from Philadelphia)
    187 New England Patriots
    188 Baltimore Ravens
    189 Tennessee Titans (from San Diego)
    190 Chicago Bears
    191 Tennessee Titans (from Indianapolis)

    Round Seven

    192 Oakland Raiders
    193 Green Bay Packers (from NYJ)
    194 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    195 Chicago Bears (from Cleveland)
    196 Green Bay Packers **(from Washington)
    197 New England Patriots (from Arizona)
    198 Miami Dolphins
    199 Minnesota Vikings
    200 Houston Texans
    201 Buffalo Bills
    202 Atlanta Falcons
    203 Cleveland Browns (from San Francisco)
    204 Cincinnati Bengals
    205 Tennessee Titans
    206 New York Giants
    207 St. Louis Rams
    208 Carolina Panthers
    209 Pittsburgh Steelers
    210 Green Bay Packers
    211 Jacksonville Jaguars
    212 Dallas Cowboys
    213 Kansas City Chiefs
    214 Seattle Seahawks
    215 Denver Broncos
    216 Dallas Cowboys (from New Orleans)
    217 Dallas Cowboys (from NYJ)
    218 Tampa Bay **(from Philadelphia)
    219 New England Patriots
    220 Baltimore Ravens
    221 Tennessee Titans (from San Diego)
    222 Chicago Bears
    223 Tennessee Titans (from Indianapolis)

    ** = Traded through Draft Game

    Yes becuase Scott has The Bucs picking 3rd over the Browns, the Bucs will be picking 3rd and the Browns 4th

    Pittsburgh Recieves
    -Jamal Lewis

    Baltimore Recieves
    -Pitt's 4th Rounder

    i know about this trade but this is the only one so far

    each time a trade or selection is made i will update the list, above,

    Again please only post trades and selections that is it


    The Draft has now started
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    Dont you have the first pick :?


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      ya i do, im about to pick

      sorry but can you delete that post and ill delete mine, just to keep it clean,
      so its only for selections and trades


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        Trades involving my teams.

        Cardinals traded Bryant Johnson WR to the Denver Broncos for thier original 3rd round pick and a 2008 4th or 5th round selection based on playing time.

        The Eagles Traded Darwin Walker DT and a 7th round pick to the Tampa Bay for thier 4th round pick.


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          Redskins trade ladell betts and a 7th pick to Green Bay for there 2nd


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            Jags fourth for eagles, dhani jones and 6th


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              Redskins 2nd to DET for Dre Bly


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                I will delete this post soon, but Tampa Bay sends sincere thanks for giving them the 3rd pick in every round :D All hail the Bills. Maybe I'll drive to a game next year.

                sig by BoneKrusher


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                  Originally posted by etk
                  I will delete this post soon, but Tampa Bay sends sincere thanks for giving them the 3rd pick in every round :D All hail the Bills. Maybe I'll drive to a game next year.
                  Stay there the people from bedlem will be here to pick you up shortly


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                    How long do we have to pick and at what tyme should i pick for the Browns ?


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                      EDIT:In response to that reply, I just noticed that too, from now on no more


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                        Originally posted by neko4

                        sig by BoneKrusher


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                          Roger Goodell is at the podium

                          With the 1st pick in the 2007 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select

                          ********Jamarcus Russell******** Quaterback LSU

                          the Lions are on the clock


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                            With the second pick in the 2007 NFL Draft: The Detroit Lions select wide re........ I mean

                            OT Joe Thomas


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                              Originally posted by Maybe Next Year Millen
                              With the second pick in the 2007 NFL Draft: The Detroit Lions select wide re........ I mean

                              OT Joe Thomas
                              i kno we cant make comments but, Lmao



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