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  • Want to strangle the commish

    OK, so its a 12 team league with IDP's. There is an acquisiton limit of 10 and the trade deadline is nov 21st. The commish is being a ***** about changing it and Im pissed because I didnt even know there was an acquisition limit or trade deadline, so I picked up the likes of Chris Henry (Ten) and Jeff King, also my kicker twice and a DL for the bye, etc. This is the third yr in this league, so I (and a lot of the other people in the league) assumed the rules were going to be the same (no acq limit, or trade deadline) so we didnt really look at the rules very closely. I think his refusal to bend on this is grounds for impeachment. This is the first for us in a 12 team league and with idps, so there are a lot more moves you have to make week to week due to injuries, byes, benchings, etc. So I believe the limits are stupid and serve no purpose except to screw other players. Some people are over the acq limit and the trade deadline is fast approaching, locking their rosters. If one of their players goes down they're screwed. Isnt he letting the power go staright to his oversized head?

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    I hate limits on roster moves.

    I too play with IDP and in one of my leagues, everyone started complaining, so the guy moved it to 35 I think. I can't imagine having only 10 roster moves.

    Next season, I wouldn't let him be the commish. If he still wants to be, I'd start a new league where you're the commish or something.

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      Post your personal league limits here

      do it. do it.


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        if everyone in the league wants it done and he doesn't then he has no right to stick by what ever rule he made up



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