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  • MLFB Singup Thread

    What is the MLFB
    Major League Fantasy Baseball. This is just like the NFFL/FBA only baseball.

    What do you do?
    You make a player or GM/team then we have a season preview giving a rating range, then we have a draft, then you sit back and watch the season, talk trash, make this thing intresting.

    For Players please fill out the following:

    User Name:
    Player Name:
    Jersey Number:
    Player Comparison:
    Background (optional):

    For GMs please fill out the following(not all gms will be exceppted, I'm only looking for 4-5 GMs depending on player amount):
    User Name:
    GM Name:
    Team Name(w/ location):
    Team Colors:


    Buffalo SoCo And Lime Enthusiasts
    Tampa Bay Drizzle
    Anchorage Amish


    Miguel Arroyo, P
    Slevin Kerlevra, 2B
    Felix Cedeno, SS
    Crail Johnson, C
    Jordan English, CF
    Seth Harris, CF
    Albert Young, SP
    Johnny Cash, LF
    Alex MacDonald, CF
    Travis Ringman, SS
    Tino Leonard, LHP
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    User Name: fischbowl
    GM Name: Charlie Kelly

    Team Name(w/ location): Buffalo SoCo and Lime Enthusiasts
    Team Colors: green, brown, and orange
    Logo: Coming Soon

    Temp Logo:

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      lol, Im glad to see my creation branch off so well but this is getting out of hand lol. I suppose my signup will be up soon.
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        User Name: OSUGiants17
        Player Name: Miguel Arroyo aka El Grande
        Jersey Number: 33
        Age: 23
        Position: SP
        College: Vanderbilt
        Height: 6'10
        Weight: 217
        Strengths: Throws FAST(carrer high in mph is 101.6 which he threw 21 times in 1 season!), Has a great curve and slider (Joba Chamberlin like), Goes deep into game, real strikeout pitcher, had ERA of 2.79 in senior year, strikeout pitch is his changeup, carear high in strikes in 1 season is 123.
        Weaknesses: sometimes throws too hard and misses strikezone, walks he gets frustrated, needs run support on else he gets pissed and takes self out of game.
        Hits- L
        Throws- L
        Background (optional): Born and raised in the Dominican Republic untill he was 8 then came to USA with Dad, and 13 year old brother. After living in the USA for 5 years his dad died and Miguel stop playing for 1 year then his brother incouraged him to play again for his dad, now Miguel goes out there and plays his best every game for his dad.

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          I can't help my self I have to join

          User Name: fenikz
          Player Name: Slevin Kelevra
          Jersey Number: 13
          Age: 24
          Position: 2B
          College: Miami
          Height: 6'0
          Weight: 186

          Strengths: A pure speed demon, excellent at stealing bases, great range on defense and a very accurate throwing arm, hits for a good average, can bunt for a base hit, switch hitter

          Weaknesses: HR total over a MLB season may only ever be single digits, doesn't have the arm strength to play the left side of the infield, rarely walks and is injury prone, not a team leader in general he keeps to him self.

          Player Comparison: Luis Castillo (when he was young)

          Background : Slevin was born February 24th 1985, to Shogun & Banshee Kelevra, he was the oldest child which would be a major role later in his life. Growing up in the Marcy Projects was never easy but his family worked hard to get by. One day his father just took off on their family, he left no note, no money, nothing. His mother decided the only way her kids could get by in this world is if the government gave them welfare so she killed herself. So their Slevin was 16 years old and all alone in the world left to raise his younger brother and sister. The welfare helped but he had to make some money on the side and he knew who to turn to, good Ol' Uncle Frank. While the stuff he did wasn't exactly legal it made him smarter and tougher but the anger inside of him was building. He knew that his parents would of wanted him to stay in school and get good grades so he worked hard and soon was top of his class and in his sophomore year at his high school a coach reached out to him and asked if he would like to play baseball. This is when he found his love his calling, he started at Centerfield. He was originally drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks coming out of highschool but decided to go to college to get his degree. After 4 years at Miami he has decided to declare for the MLFB.

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            User Name: wiscbadgerfootball
            Player Name: Felix Cedeno
            Jersey Number: 11
            Age: 18
            Position: SS
            College: High School
            Height: 6' 2"
            Weight: 200
            Hits: Right
            Throws: Right
            Strengths: Hitting for power, one of the strongest hitters out there. Can blast the ball out of the park with ease. Has a cannon of an arm.. can throw a lot of people out. Fast.. Will steal 20+ bases.
            Weaknesses: Not a good fielder (makes stupid mistakes) Not a good hitter for contact/average. Is a very raw talent since he is just out of High School. Is undisciplined.
            Player Comparison: A-Rod the shortstop
            Background (optional): Grew up in rough neighborhood in L.A. Father left him when he was young. Mother raised him and 4 siblings. Started playing baseball sophomore year and had a natural talent for it.

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            sig by me.. first in ages, pm with requests


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              User Name: KCJ58
              Player Name: Crail Johnson
              Jersey Number: 58
              Bats: Switch
              Throws: Right
              Age: 20
              Position: C
              College: Arizona State
              Height: 6'1"
              Weight: 205
              Strengths: Hits for average and has long ball power, Comes threw with runners on base and usually a guy you want batting clean-up, Prefears right handed pitchers over lefties, defensively can call a game and can catch any pitcher from a fastball pitcher to a knuckler
              Weaknesses: Needs to become a leader in the club house, doesn't run very well and has average speed
              Player Comparison: Russell Martin, Johnny Bench

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                User Name: HChu
                GM Name: Kenneth Parcell

                Team Name(w/ location): Anchorage Amishmen
                Team Colors: Black & White



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                  User Name: Tampa 2 4 Life
                  GM Name: Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski

                  Team Name(w/ location): Tampa Bay Drizzle
                  Team Colors: Blue, Purple, Silver


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                    Originally posted by Tampa 2 4 life View Post
                    User Name: Tampa 2 4 Life
                    GM Name: Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski

                    Team Name(w/ location): Tampa Bay Drizzle
                    Team Colors: Blue, Purple, Silver
                    The Dude Abides

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                      players also post this
                      Hits- ?
                      Throws- ?



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                        Oh yea guys I will be simming this and running it with fisch



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                          User Name: NYGibril28

                          Player Name: Jordan English

                          Jersey Number: 41

                          Age: 21

                          Position: CF

                          College: Bryant University/Windsor Locks High School, Windsor Locks CT

                          Height: 5'6"

                          Weight: 160

                          Strengths: Bat speed. Has as quick a bat as you've ever seen. Incredible range in
                          the outfield and speed. Good power, very strong. Strong arm.

                          Weaknesses: Can't hit the offspeed pitch with consistency. His heigh occasionally holds him back on fly balls that have the chance to leave the park. While he's fast, he's not really a great base runner. Doesn't get a good jump on the bases. Arm accuracy is average.

                          Player Comparison: There's only one Jordan English.

                          Background (optional): Grew up in a tough situation. His mother was poor, and her dad was addicted to drugs. Ended up growing up with his dad's 2nd wife, his step-mom. Has a half-brother who he's very good too. Has put up with a lot of crap in his life but has stayed strong and really has a good head on his shoulders. Baseball has been his sanctuary. He lives baseball.


                          New York Giants
                          New York Yankees
                          New York Knicks (unfortunately)
                          UConn Basketball
                          Virginia Tech Football
                          UConn Football


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                            User Name:HinesWardJr
                            Player Name: Seth Harris
                            Jersey Number: 8
                            Age: 20
                            Position: CF
                            College: ASU
                            Height: 5'9
                            Weight: 180
                            Strengths: Fast. Speed is his best tool. Hits for a high average and can bunt effectively. Can stretch those singles into doubles, doubles into tripples. Gets on base and is a threat to steal everytime. Plays a good centerfield and has a good throwing arm. Future is very bright.Future stolen base king and could win a batting title.

                            Weaknesses: Doesnt have the power that you look for. When struggling, he really struggles. Scouts question his make up.
                            Player Comparison:Juan Pierre

                            Background (optional):


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                              User Name: Eaglez.Fan
                              Player Name: Albert Young
                              Jersey Number: 13
                              Age: 22
                              Position: SP
                              College: Cal
                              Height: 6'
                              Weight: 173
                              Fastball- 95-97 MPH..Pretty bad control..Throws it only to tell the batter that he can throw it
                              2-Seamer/Sinker- 93-94 MPH....Excellent control....quite abit of movement....favorite pitch
                              Splitter- 84-87 MPH....Solid movement..... Good control
                              Curveball- 75-77 MPH.... Inconsistant.... Lots of movement...Bad control
                              Other strengths: Is very clutch....always in control of himself....Excellent arm stamina (once threw 179 pitches in a game)... very calm... no off-field problems... athletic
                              Other weaknesses: When he's not pitching, he doesn't seem focused
                              Throws: Right
                              Bats: Switch
                              Player Comparison: Brandon Webb/Dan Haren
                              Background- Born and raised on a farm in North Bay, Ontario. Was average in terms of wealth growing up. Went to the famous baseball camp in Montreal where he really zoned in his skills (Russell Martin went there). Started of in baseball as an outfielder but decided to switch to pitcher for fun and he ended up being an all-star.
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