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    Association of Global Boxing

    6-10 Boxers

    1-2 Promoters

    Weight Class:
    Hometown, Country
    Amateur Record/Bio:
    Pro Record/Bio:


    Benn Nigel - Super Middleweight

    Dan Chesser - Middleweight
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    Age: 27
    Name: Benn Nigel
    Nickname: "The Dark Destroyer"
    Height: 5' 10
    Weight Class: Super Middleweight
    Hometown, Country: Leicester, England
    Amateur Record/Bio: 41 - 1 - 0, a rudimentary boxer at this stage who got by on ferocious power and intensity, struggling often with technical fighters
    Pro Record/Bio: 42 - 5 - 1, 35 wins by KO
    Benn comes from a sporting family that includes a famous cousin in the soccer world. Benn had a record of 41 wins and 1 loss as an amateur boxer. He turned professional in 1999 with a win over Graeme Ahmed in Croydon. This win began a streak of 22 consecutive knockout wins for The Dark Destroyer. The streak extended until 2003. During this time Benn's accomplishments included beating Fermin Chirino, winning the British commonwealth Middleweight title with a win over Abdul Umaru, and retaining it against David Noel, brother of former world Lightweight champion Claude Noel. He is considered to be one of the hardest punchers today.

    He lost the title to Michael Watson, by a knockout in round six and with it his aura of invincibility was gone. Benn was supremely confident of victory against Watson. Watson boxed extremely cautiously for the first four rounds, hardly throwing a punch and holding his gloves close to his face and sapping the energy from Benn. Benn pound for pound as hard a puncher as anyone in history, continued to throw huge 'Bombs' at Watson, who using a peek a boo style, took the massive blows on his gloves, thus simply wearing Benn down. He eventually put the exhausted Benn down in the sixth round with little more than a jab and gaining a well deserved victory proving that boxing is not all about strength and aggression but brains equally.

    After this devastating loss Benn is at a crossroads, and has decided to go up to super middleweight, aiming to compete with less slick boxers such as himself.

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      What is this job of the promoters? Just spit promos talking **** like Don King?


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        Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
        What is this job of the promoters? Just spit promos talking **** like Don King?
        LOL yes and decide which boxers you want as the main event and undercard.


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          Age: 21
          Name: Dan Chesser
          Nickname: The Poison Dart
          Height: 6'1
          Weight Class: middleweight
          Hometown, Country: Cleveland, Ohio
          Amateur Record/Bio: 16-1, most of his fights didnt go the whole length, lacks in stamina, more of a bruiser, only fight lost went all rounds, and lost in a split descion
          Pro Record/Bio: 7-0- very raw but has a ton of upside, very strong ofr a middleweight, with solid speed, not the most techinical, could use help with his footwork and defitnaly his stamina.


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            BUMP, hope this gets off the ground.

            XBox 360 Gamertag: Bunj1986


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              i will do one later, but count me in.



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