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Christmas break MLB Draft...

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  • Christmas break MLB Draft...

    Xio's NHL draft got me motivated. Looking for 7 other guys with decent baseball knowledge. Looking at building a team with a 3-4 year success plan.

    Team consist of
    8 positional players (no DH)
    5 starting pitchers
    1 relief pitcher

    Any minor leauge player is draftable. Only Japanese players that are under contract with MLB teams are eligible to be drafted.

    Draft will start when 8 people sign up. There will be no time limit for the first round. After every team has picked there will be a time limit of 2 hours. Starting at 12EST until 10 EST. Picks can be made at any time.

    1. Scotty D - Washington Nationals
    2. KCJ58 - Los Angeles Dodgers
    3. Chucky - Toronto Blue Jays
    4. SNIPER26 - Boston Red Sox
    5. TRICH49 - Kansas City Royals
    6. Tampa 2 4 Life- Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    7. Jughead 10 - New York Yankees
    8. fischbowl - Baltimore Orioles

    Draft Order

    1.Blue Jays -Alex Rodriguez, SS/3B
    2.Yankees - Johan Santana, SP
    3.Royals - Albert Pujols, 1B
    4.Dodgers - Jose Reyes, SS
    5.Orioles - CC Sabathia, SP
    6.Nationals - Josh Beckett, SP
    7.Rays - Scott Kazmir, SP
    8.Red Sox - Hanley Ramirez, SS

    1.Red Sox - Chase Utley, 2B
    2.Rays - Justin Verlander, SP
    3.Nationals - Russell Martin, C
    4.Orioles - Matt Hollidy, LF
    5.Dodgers - Chien Ming Wang, SP
    6.Royals - Jake Peavy, SP
    7.Yankees - David Wright, 3B
    8.Blue Jays - Brandon Webb, SP

    Round 3
    1.Blue Jays - Roy Halladay, SP
    2.Yankees - Cole Hamels, SP
    3.Royals - Derek Jeter, SS
    4.Dodgers - Joe Mauer, C
    5.Orioles - Jusitn Morneau, 1B
    6.Nationals - Erik Bedard, SP
    7.Rays - Carl Crawford, LF
    8.Red Sox - David Ortiz, 1B

    Round 4
    1.Red Sox - Ichiro Suzuki, OF
    2.Rays - Miguel Cabrera, 3B
    3.Nationals - Dan Haren, SP
    4.Orioles - Jonathon Papelbon, P
    5.Dodgers - Grady Sizemore, CF
    6.Royals - Joba Chamberlein, SP
    7.Yankees - Robinson Cano, 2B
    8.Jays - Prince Fielder, 1B

    Round 5
    1.Jays - Jimmy Rollins, SS
    2.Yankees - Ryan Howard, 1B
    3. Royals - Alex Gordon, 3B
    4.Dodgers - Carlos Zambrano, SP
    5.Orioles - Tim Lincecum, SP
    6.Nationals - Fausto Carmona, SP
    7.Rays - Phil Hughes, SP
    8.Red Sox - John Lackey, SP

    Round 6
    1.Red Sox - Magglio Ordonez, OF
    2.Rays - Mark Texeira, 1B
    3.Nationals - Curtis Granderson, CF
    4.Orioles - Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
    5.Dodgers - Brad Penny, SP
    6.Royals- Carlos Beltran, CF
    7.Yankees - Troy Tulowitski, SS
    8.Jays - Victor Martinez, C

    Round 7
    1.Jays - Roy Oswalt, SP
    2.Yankees - Matt Cain, SP
    3.Royals - Dustin Pedroia, 2B
    4.Dodgers - Clay Bucholz, SP
    5.Orioles - Nick Markakis, LF
    6.Nationals - Delmon Young, RF
    8.Red Sox

    Round 8
    1.Red Sox
    Last edited by Scotty D; 12-22-2007, 12:37 PM.

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    KCJ58 - Los Angeles Dodgers


    • #3
      Chucky-TOronto Blue Jays


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        SNIPER26- Boston Red Sox


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          I'd like to join, but I think I'll be too busy. If you're short one person, PM or something and I'll join then.


          New York Giants
          New York Yankees
          New York Knicks (unfortunately)
          UConn Basketball
          Virginia Tech Football
          UConn Football


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            T-Rich49 Kansas City Royals


            • #7
              Ok just three more people.


              • #8
                I'll join. Tampa Bay Rays


                • #9
                  Mark me down for the Yankees. I'd even like to draft more players than listed if we can. 2-3 relievers and 2 or 3 bench players.


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                    I'll get Baltimore.

                    <+fenikz> "**** the Police, ride my fischstache bitches"


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                      Ok we are full. I'll have the order up within the hour.


                      • #12
                        jughead can I be your co-gm



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                          Okay I have the order all set up. You can PM with lists if you want. Remember no DH. Clock will start when everyone has made one pick.


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                            I select the best player in baseball (steroid free by the way).

                            Alex rodriguez ss/3B


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                              Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
                              Mark me down for the Yankees. I'd even like to draft more players than listed if we can. 2-3 relievers and 2 or 3 bench players.
                              If the first three rounds go well I'd a another reliever and 2 bench players.



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