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  • The IRC Movie Draft

    Who: Patriots-Lions, stillaraidersfan, comahan, Charm City Byrdgang, Damix, JBond, snuff

    What: Movie Draft

    When: Now

    Where: NFLDC Fantasy Forum

    Why: Because we're bored

    Rules: Ten rounds. Everyone will be drafting one producer, one director, one lead male, one lead female, one supporting male, one supporting female, and four supporting actors of whichever gender you choose. No time limit as of now seeing as we're all in IRC. If we decide we need one, we'll make one. You are picking the actors and NOT characters from pre-existing movies. Everyone is to make up their own plot and draft actors to fit the roles of their characters. If you have any questions, just ask. The draft order has been randomized. Also, rules can be added or changed if 4 or more participants agree.

    Round 1
    sarf - Sean Penn, Actor
    Damix - Al Pacino, Actor
    CCB - Sascha Baron Cohen, Actor
    PL - Denzel Washington, Actor
    commie - Johnny Depp, Actor
    JBond - Jack Nicholson, Actor
    snuff - Morgan Freeman, Actor
    thule - Will Smith, Actor

    Round 2
    thule - Jamie Foxx
    snuff - Rachel Weisz, Actress
    JBond - Nicole Kidman, Actress
    commie - Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor
    PL - Russell Crowe, Actor
    CCB - Natalie Portman, Actress
    Damix - Jodie Foster, Actress
    sarf - Martin Scorsese, Director

    Round 3
    sarf - Willem Dafoe, Actor
    Damix - George Clooney, Actor
    CCB - Will Ferrell, Actor
    PL - Joaquin Phoenix, Actor
    commie - Anthony Hopkins, Actor
    JBond - Tom Hanks, Actor
    snuff - Ralph Fiennes, Actor
    thule - Halle Berry, Actress

    Round 4
    thule - Samuel L. Jackson, Actor
    snuff - Christopher Nolan, Director
    JBond - Hilary Swank, Actress
    commie - Sir Ian McKellan, Actor
    PL - Edward Norton, Actor
    CCB - Scarlett Johansson, Actress
    Damix - Paul Bettany, Actor
    sarf - Uma Thurman, Actress

    Round 5
    sarf - Steve Buscemi, Actor
    Damix - Elisha Cuthbert, Actress
    CCB - Dave Chappelle, Actor
    PL - Charlize Theron, Actress
    commie - Cate Blanchett, Actress
    JBond - Kevin Spacey, Actor
    snuff - Dakota Fanning, Actress
    thule - Steven Spielberg, Producer

    Round 6
    thule - Robert DeNiro, Actor
    snuff - Peter Stormare, Actor
    JBond - David Fincher, Director
    commie - Adrien Brody, Actor
    PL - Quentin Tarantino, Director and Producer
    CCB - Vince Vaughn, Actor
    Damix - Don Cheadle, Actor
    sarf - Harvey Kietel, Actor

    Round 7
    sarf - Toby Maguire, Actor
    Damix - Colin Farrell, Actor
    CCB - Rainn Wilson, Actor
    PL - Clive Owen, Actor
    commie - Matt Damon, Actor
    JBond - Judi Dench, Actress
    snuff - Christian Bale, Actor
    thule - Gabrielle Union, Actress

    Round 8
    thule - Brad Pitt, Actor
    snuff - Kate Beckinsale, Actress
    JBond - Peter O'Toole, Director
    commie - Kate Winslet, Actress
    PL - Naomi Watts, Actress
    CCB - Christopher Walken, Actor
    Damix - Keira Knightley, Actress
    sarf - Benecio Del Toro, Actor

    Round 9
    sarf - Kevin Pollak, Actor
    Damix - Peter King, Director
    CCB - Judd Apatow, Director and Producer
    PL - Bruce Willis, Actor
    commie - Clint Eastwood, Director and Producer
    JBond - Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer
    snuff - Matthew Vaughn, Prodcuer
    thule - Paul Haggis, Director

    Round 10
    thule - Brittany Murphy, Actress
    snuff -
    JBond - Alyson Stoner, Actress
    commie - Mark Wahlberg, Actor
    PL - Michael Madsen, Actor
    CCB - Steve Carrell, Actor
    Damix -
    sarf -
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    Sean Penn


    • #3

      Al Pacino
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        YO! Iz selectz Ali G yo, Dat boy Sascha Baron Cohen. Word yo.

        I needed the perfect wigger.
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          Denzel Washington, Actor


          • #6

            Johnny Depp, Actor
            Last edited by comahan; 02-26-2007, 05:07 PM.


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              Is this just living actors?


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                Originally posted by josh07039 View Post
                Is this just living actors?

                This post is too short.


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                  Jack Nicholson (He'll always be great)

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                    Morgan Freeman to play Morgan Freeman's voice.


                    • #11

                      Rachel Weisz.


                      • #12
                        Nicole Kidman

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                          Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor
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                            What a terrible pick...


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                              Russell Crowe, Actor



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