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    Submit your movies

    1) Paul ~ God Thinks I'm Abel
    2) JBond ~ Thrill
    3) T-Rich ~ Judgement Day
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    I willbe submitting my in the next couple days. It still needs some work and today is Valentine's day so hopefully I can post it tomorow after Film Studies or by Saturday.


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      Daniel Day Lewis – Steven Patrick (Murder) Age: 50

      Grew up in New York City, most of past is unknown to the audience. A man who thrives on control and dominance of everyone around him, and unafraid of violence or murder. Protector and Keeper of his brother Sebastian. After Sebastian rapes a victim, Steven follows in and gets his thrill from the murder of that woman. Wants to tally more murders than murder certain people.

      Sean Penn – Sebastian Patrick (Rape) Age: 50

      Emotionally distraught sex addict who is/was an outcast in life. Grew up in New York with no friends, but was protected by his brother Steven and old teacher, Arnold Shaw. Addicted to sex, but desperately does not want to be. Pressured by Steven and Arnold to continue his rape, and Sebastian gets the thrill when raping, but knows it is wrong. Weak, haunted by his deeds, but can’t kick his addiction.

      Jack Nicholson – Arnold Shaw (Assault) Age: 70

      Mentor to Sebastian and ex-high school teacher. Was fired for slapping a female student when she answered a question wrong. Now he is obsessed with the mentorship he gives to Sebastian to give into his addiction. Wants power and respect from everyone he encounters. Doesn’t get it from Steven, which leads to problems. His wife Harriet know what is happening is wrong and often tries to confront Arnold, but he gets his thrill from assaulting her and keeping her at bay.

      Tom Hanks – Lieutenant Joe Knight (Theft) Age: 50

      Detective who robs wealthy houses only to be given the case and close it, keeping the possessions. He gets his thrill from his thefts and the luxurious life he receives. And old time detective at this point and has gained enough respect to continue his acts with little consequence. Is switched to the Patrick rapes/murders by Police Chief Bailey, which takes Lt. Knight out of his thrill zone.

      Meryl Streep – Harriet Shaw Age: 55

      Wife to Arnold and is subservient to him due to the marriage and his violence towards her.

      Martin Sheen – Police Chief Sam Bailey Age: 55

      Police Chief who tries to do all the right things for the city and his family. Had children late and feels its effect.

      Helen Hunt – Jennifer Bailey Age: 45

      Works part-time as a secretary to support her family and save for college funds before retirement.

      Ellen Page – Cassandra (Cassie) Bailey Age: 20

      Daughter with little emotional attachment to her family, only to her boyfriend Skip.

      Dakota Fanning – Michelle (Shelly) Bailey Age: 12

      Young girl enamored with life and always optimistic.

      Elijah Wood – Maurice (Skip) Fisher Age: 20

      Boyfriend to Cassie and cares about her family more than she does.

      Directed by: The Coen Brothers

      Thrill is a movie that analyzes the thrill of violent acts, their effect on people, and how lives are changed. The four main characters (Day-Lewis, Penn, Nicholson, and Hanks,) all exhibit a fetish of a certain major crime (Murder, Rape, Assault, Theft, respectively). Sebastian (Penn) and Steven (Lewis) are two brothers who grew up together in New York. Steven is a hostile controller of Sebastian and promotes Sebastian’s stalking and raping of women and children so that he can murder them. Sebastian gets the thrill of the act of rape, but his fragile emotional state breaks him down between rapes. After Steven murders a victim, he cleans up the mess. Sebastian trusts his mentor Arnold Shaw (Nicholson) who discretely promotes Sebastian to rape so that Shaw can continue mentoring him and being in control. Throughout the film, Steven and Arnold will battle over control of Sebastian. These battles combined with Shaw’s devotion to Sebastian leads to his wife, Harriet (Streep), confronting him about their marriage, his love for Sebastian, and his need to lead him to rape. this leads to Shaw often assaulting his wife and keeping her at bay. After the movie opens with a rape/murder, Police Chief Sam Bailey (Sheen,) investigates the dead teenage girl and discovers evidence to put him on the trail. Because of the chain of these serial rape/murders, Bailey calls Detective Joe Knight (Hanks,) who is in the middle of robbing a wealthy home. Knight’s thrill is of robbery and then taking the case to pin it on criminals, thus keeping the money for himself. Bailey’s lead on the Patrick brothers leads Steven to want to go after his family. After tempting Sebastian with Bailey’s 12 year old daughter Shelly (Fanning), they rape and kill her. As Steven kills Shelly, Sebastian finds her older sister, Cassie’s room (Page), and becomes enamored. This leads to Shaw encouraging Sebastian to go after Cassie, but Steven wanting to move on to bigger and better victims. The death of Shelly has created an emotional disturbance for Sheen and his wife Jennifer (Hunt). Sebastian begins to stalk Cassie and her boyfriend Skip Fisher (Wood,). As Detective Knight is on this case, but upset about it, he robs Chief Bailey, stripping him of everything. This all cumulates with Shaw convincing Sebastian to finally go for his prize, Cassie and Skip. As Sebastian catches them and rapes them both together, a montage of the different characters cumulate. Steven finds Sebastian raping the couple, and kills all three of them. Shaw’s wife confronts him, is beaten until bloody, but pulls a gun on her husband and kills him. Knight takes his earnings and leaves town for Jamaica. Bailey hangs himself in his basement as his daughter is getting raped upstairs, leaving his wife with nothing. The film ends with Steven walking out of the house, unloading his gun, only to kill again.
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        Judgement Day


        Leonardio Dicaprio - Micheal Williams

        Williams is a former hitman who gave up his career to finally enjoy a normal life.As a kid was always picked on and at the age of 14 found one of his dad's gun's and killed his tormentors and was sent to jail for 15 years he enjoyed the feeling of guns so much he decided to become a hitman

        George Clooney - Jeffery Davis

        Davis a former associate of Williams met Williams while in jail.Davis Is a former millitary arms expert who was busted for selling weapons to the enemy and has made it a personal mission of his to take the goverment down.Davis has been storing WMD's somewhere in the US

        Don Cheadle - LT. Mark Thomas

        Thomas has been hired by the goverment to hunt down Davis and find the WMD's.Thomas is a tracking expert that has helped to capture some of the biggest terrorist in the world

        Kate Winslet - Melissa Williams

        Wife of 1 year to Micheal.Met him at a nightclub and they immediately fell in love.Melissa is a lawyer and has repersented many famous clients in lawsuits

        Morgan Freeman - Sgt. Donald Thomson

        Thomson is the head at the FBI and has a purple heart he got in the Vietnam War

        Clive Owen - Mitchell Davis

        Brother of Jeffery.Was a bully growing up as a kid and would do whatever to get what he wanted

        Abegail Breslain - Chloe Williams

        Daughter of Micheal and Melissa.Happy go lucky kid who loves her firends and family

        Nicholas Cage - Frank Williams

        Brother of Micheal.A bit of a con artist.He and Micheal had a bit of a falling out 5 years ago

        Jennifer Aniston - Emily Jackson

        Fiancee of Jeffery.Tried to break it off numerous times because of his temper

        Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson - Eddie O'Neal

        A friend of the Williams family.A former bouncer at a nightclub now a actor

        Directed by Steven Spielberg

        Judgement Day is an edge of your seat thriller.Micheal Williams(Dicaprio) if a retired hitman who thought that part of his life was over but when Jeffery Davis(Clooney) asks Williams to help him out one more time.But when Williams says no that sets Davis off.When Williams is away on Buisness trip Davis and his brother (Owen) kidnapp his wife and daughter(Winslet and Breslin) Williams goes on a manhunt for Davis.He goes to Lt. Mark Thomas and Sgt. Donald Thomson (Cheadle and Freeman) and tells them everything he knows.But two days later when a tape appears on the front step of Williams house and shows the killing of Thomas and Thomson Williams decides to take matters into his own hands.He calls his friend Eddie and estranged brother(Cage and The Rock).One day they get a visit from a strange woman who turns out to be Davis' fiancee(Aniston) she talls them where Davis can be found.So Williams and O'Neal load up some guns and head to the address given and a massinve gunfight ensues.Davis then points the gun at the heads of Melissa and Chloe then pulls the trigger. The film ends with Williams pointing a gun at Davis and pulls the trigger as he walks over to his wife and daughter's bodies and begins sobbbing uncontrolably.
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          Guess God Thinks I'm Abel

          Brothers, Sean Sullivan (Edward Norton) and Joshua Sullivan (Brad Pitt), reunite in Chicago for their father’s (Robert Duvall) funeral. This would be the first time in 5 years that they will see or talk to each other; since the day Joshua was caught having an affair with Sean’s the fianc&#233;e, Karen (Rashida Jones). We would later find out that Joshua and Karen married and had child, leaving Sean ignorant of the news.

          After separate meetings with homicide detectives Martin Thompson (Don Cheadle) and William Pierce (Matt Damon), each brother grows suspicious of the others possible involvement in the murder of their father. And with Sean growing more and more jealous of seeing his brother living the life he was suppose to have, he begins to give the detectives more reason to suspect Joshua, an act he would later feel extreme guilty about. Pierce a childhood friend of the brothers, suspects more involvement from Sean due to his history of violence, petty crimes and strain relationship with his father.

          Later in another meeting between the brothers, Joshua reveals to Sean that he is actually married to Karen. Though obviously upset by the news, Sean congratulates Joshua. But things do take turn for the worst when Sean is invited to Joshua’s house where he not only sees Karen for the first time in years, but also sees that he has a new baby niece. Visibly disturbed and distressed from seeing his brother having the life he was supposed to have, Sean leaves, fighting the urge to strike his brother.

          We then see Sean standing outside of Joshua’s house. He notices it is empty with no lights or sounds, until he sees Karen’s silhouette in the bedroom window. With all the rage and jealousy he has pent the past few weeks, he finally snaps and breaks into the house and forces himself onto Karen. With the baby crying in the cradle next to the bed and Karen screaming in pain, Sean takes himself off and finds himself disgusted and shocked from what he has just done.

          As the story progresses we see the brothers in a physical confrontation, leading to Sean to pull out a gun. Here, Sean in a moment of guilt admits to Joshua that he was the one who killed their father, but also reveals the reason. As kids we learn that Sean was constantly sexually abused and raped by their father, with Joshua being totally oblivious. There were times where Joshua was sound asleep at night, as his father gagged and abused Sean while in the same room.

          (In a flashback we see Sean in his Father’s house the night of the murder, as he puts a pillow over his head(To muffle the shot) and shoots his him. )

          Joshua, shaken and distressed by the news, reaches out for his brother and the gun , until we hear gun shot. We see Sean collapse, and Pierce standing behind him with a smoking gun.


          Ridley Scott

          Brad Pitt - Joshua Sullivan
          Edward Norton - Sean Sullivan
          Rashida Jones - Karen Sullivan
          Robert Duvall - John Sullivan
          Matt Damon - Det. William Pierce
          Don Cheadle - Det. Martin Thomspn
          Donnie Wahlberg - Det. Robert Costigan
          Alec Balwdin - Cpt. Franklin Tunrer

          Sound Designer//

          Johnny Greenwood(There Will Be Blood)

          Don't make fun of the story. I tried my best.


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            My Brothers Keeper

            Directed: Sydney Pollack


            Denzel Washington - Joseph "Big Joe" Haynes
            Kingpin in Black Harlem. Controls everything and anything that goes down in Harlem. Self Proclaimed entrepreneur but runs a car dealership. The Dealership is a front for smuggling drugs, stolen goods, people, etc. Since his father died, has been the head of the infamous Haynes family. Ruthless, almost tyrant-like with the power and respect he has. Damn near an untouchable. Has as wife and two sons. He was told by his father that he was his brother's keeper.

            Forrest Whitaker - Det. Jared Haynes
            Younger brother of Joseph Haynes. Although brought up the same way Joseph was, Jared took a different route in life. A route that was frowned upon in the community but smiled upon by his father. Has a very tough job being a cop and staying loyal to his family members which he so desperately tries to do. Most of the time he has to look the other way while even being a round his family members. Was also told by their father that he was his brother's keeper.

            Gene Hackman - Det. Daniel Worthy
            Long time partner of Jared Haynes. Some would call him a dirty cop. Another reason for Jared to look the other way. His tactics are considered crooked but he gets the job done. Doesn't take too well to Jared's family and neighborhood and expresses that with Jared many times.

            Edward James Olmos - Don Antonio Camacho "El Jefe"
            Equivalent to what Joseph Haynes and Haynes family is to black Harlem, he is to Spanish Harlem. Demands Power and Respect from everyone. Is the head of the Camacho family. Became very paranoid and extremely erratic after the death of his wife. He feels the death is no one's fault but his on as a product of what he's become. Has one son. For years, has lived in somewhat of a peace in Harlem but one street divides the Camacho's turf from the Hayne's turf and proves not enough to hold back the flames.

            Morris Chestnut - Deion Haynes
            Oldest son of Joseph Haynes and is well aware of his father's dealings. He's expected to assume the role that his father is in if his father is to die. Joseph puts pressure on Deion to me more like him. When in fact, Deion wants to me more like his Uncle Jared, which infuriates Joseph. What gets his father more riled up is when Deion decides to go off to the police academy instead of helping his father run the family business.

            Jimmy Smits - Juan Carlos Camacho
            Only son of Antonio Camacho. He's pissed because he was deemed unfit to lead his family after his father and was passed upon by his younger cousin. Equivalent to Fredo Corleone, of the Godfather series. He's widely unsure of himself, extremely disloyal, and an all around rat. He feels like the world is out to get him so he has to screw the world over, including his family.

            Omar Epps - Joseph Haynes Jr.
            Youngest son of Joseph Haynes. Wants to be in the limelight but is constantly overshadowed by his brother's accomplishments. Following in the footsteps of his father and desperately seeks his approval in everything that he does. Feels that his father is wasting so much time on trying to lead Deion, that he's getting forgotten about. Trigger happy hot head and because of this, it leads to the first big conflict of the movie.

            Jay Hernandez - Ricardo Gutierrez
            The nephew of Antonio Camacho that will assume the head of the family if something was to happen to El Jefe. Respected and known for doing the Camacho's dirty work for years. Ruthless like his uncle Antonio but will do it with a smile. Childhood friends with Joseph Haynes Jr., but their friendship is looked down upon.

            Angela Bassett - Mary Jane Haynes
            Wife of Joseph Sr. Strong and always has her husbands back for anything. Been to hell and back for Joseph Sr. and does it without asking questions.

            Cliff Curtis - Franco Gutierrez
            Brother of Ricardo and also a nephew to the Camachos. He was sent back to Puerto Rico due to a job he had to do for his uncle, leaving six men massacred in a parking lot. Doesn't talk much. Renowned for his killing skills. Loves his brother very much.

            Plot Summary

            Summer of 1977. About 12:30 am. Childhood friends, Joseph Haynes Jr.(Epps) and Ricky Gutierrez(Hernandez) are walking home from a local bar. Even though they are told not to be friends, they keep their friendship alive by meeting every now and then to toss back a couple drinks. On their way home and masked gunmen slips out of a shadowed alley and shoots Ricky Gutierrez down and in cold blood. Joseph Jr. takes out his gun and fires at the gunmen, by this time he's high tailing down the road and the whole neighborhood starts to wake up. Everyone witnesses Joseph Jr. flee the scene with gun in hand and automatically assume it was him that did the shooting.

            The next morning Joseph Jr. wakes up to his father, Joseph Sr. standing in the door way. He tells Joseph Jr that Ricky is dead and that everyone is saying that it was you. Junior explains to his father what had happen but his reassures him that nothing will happen to him as long as he runs the town. Meanwhile, there's a gathering at the Camacho home to mourn the loss of Ricky. Don Antonio is informed of who people think carried out the shooting. He gives a simple nod and whispers something into his son, Juan's ear.

            Puerto Rico, Franco(Curtis) is on the phone with his cousin calling from New York. He hears the news and says he'll be on his way. He hangs up and then breaks down in tears on the dinner table. After a while, he gathers himself along with his belongings and catches the first thing smoking back to New York. He is received by his cousin Juan and uncle Antonio. After a short reunion, the revenge begins. Random killings of the Haynes' and Camacho's close associates sparks a two month-long period of bloodshed in Harlem. The marquee death comes when Franco kills Joseph Jr. This urges Deion Haynes(Chestnut) to quit the police academy and join his family.

            While this whole thing is going on, Det. Jared Haynes(Whitaker) is trying to convince his brother to end the feud. Joseph challenges Jared's loyalty and manhood. This causes Jared to make distance away from the family. He vows to himself never to turn the other cheek for anybody. He starts learning the ways of his crooked partner, Worthy(Hackman). Jared goes on a bust spree busting all of his brother's associates' fronts and businesses. In turn dead policemen start turning up everywhere.

            After Deion Haynes ends the bloodshed by killing Franco Gutierrez and nearly killing Juan. Juan has an emotional breakdown and confesses that he was the gunmen that killed Ricky, not Joseph Jr. in the warehouse that Don Antonio has to hide out in. Don Antonio begins to have an out of body experience reflecting on what's been caused by his unstable son's actions. How peaceful Harlem went up in flames due to power hunger and greed. After contemplating for some time Antonio decides to kill his only son to stop the violence that is going on. As Juan is kneeling down on the ground with Antonio pointing the gun to his head, Joseph Sr. walks into the warehouse with gun in hand. He points it up to Antonio as Antonio points his gun down on his son. He explains to Joseph what had happened and assured him everything will be normal again.

            Joseph Sr. figures having both of them out of the picture is good for business. Meanwhile, after searching up and down Harlem for his brother, Jared enters the lone warehouse armed. Joseph Sr. tells Jared to leave but he refuses and orders everyone, him especially, to put their guns down. Jared is soon followed by his partner, Worthy. Worthy points his gun at Antonio and expresses his dislike towards the spanish people and spanish harlem in general. While his guard was down, Juan pulls a gun from his coat and shoots Worthy, Worth fires back killing Juan and gets shot again by Antonio. Joseph Sr. in turn lets off two bullets into the back of a turned Antonio. Then the stand off between Jared and Joseph begins.

            Again Joseph questions Jared's manhood and loyalty. Jared answers back ordering his older brother to drop his weapon. When he refuses and even pulls back the hammer of his gun, pointing it right at Jared's head, Jared lets one off into Joseph's shoulder. Joseph falls back onto the ground and starts giving Jared the brothers keeper talk their father gave to them right before he died. As Jared's guard is let down, Joseph grips the gun in attempt to shoot his brother, but Jared is the quicker to the draw and puts one right in the head of Joseph. The film ends with Jared holding his brother's body in his arms in the lone warehouse.

            -its ****** but I just threw it together.


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              I'll be posting mine this weekend.

              Sorry for delay. I just started a new job and it's been kicking my ass.

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                Mine will be up this weekend

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                  I will be pretty busy today but I will have the time tomorow to work on mine and submit it.


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                    ill put mine in a couple of days


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                      I Fought The Law

                      A Sam Mendes Film


                      Ryan Gosling as Nick Geraghty
                      Ellen Page as Willow
                      Michael Pena as Ferdinand Quiroz
                      James Urbaniak as Ronald/Sky
                      Annette Bening as Berta Fuller
                      Shawn Hatosy as Randy Fuller
                      Sam Rockwell as Bobby Fuller
                      Ben Gazzara as Detective Alan Schmidt
                      Thora Birch as Melanie
                      Barry del Sherman as Grossman

                      Bobby Fuller (Rockwell) is way. Charismatic, popular, and budding in talent, Bobby and his band, The Bobby Fuller Four, had it made. Top music critics have already proclaimed him the next Elvis and Buddy Holly. But would his career follow the paths of those who he followed?
                      July 18th 1966. Bobby Fuller is found dead in his mother’s Oldsmobile (Bening). Detective Alan Schmidt (Gazzara) has more than a few leads to follow. One, Gasoline riddled Fuller’s lungs and body. Two, Fuller was dating the ex girlfriend (Birch) of a Los Angeles rapist and gang member (Pena). A key witness is Ronald (Urbaniak), a homeless man who was nearby at the time of the murder.Three, LSD is a hella drug. But to no avail, the case is ruled a “Suicide Or Accident”.
                      1968. Under Pressure from his money-driven Jewish editor Grossman (del Sherman), Nick Geraghty (Gosling) is man near emotionally broken down and dead. Career mishaps had lead this once promising writer to be a tabloid paparazzo. A sex addict, a more than social LSD user, and an alcoholic, Geraghty is stumbling through life when he stumbles upon the Fuller story. Little did Geraghty is that he will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Leads on Quiroz and Ronald in the Summer of Love takes Geraghty to the infamous Asbury Haight hippy compound, where he finds a renowned love for life with hippy runaway Willow (Page). Ronald has re-emerged as a Machiavevellian, tyrannical peace leader in Asbury Haight named Sky while Quiroz, is MIA.

                      I couldnt put my idea on paper as well as i thought. i lose
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                        I will be posting mine probably by tomorrow
                        titled: none yet

                        Starring:Hayden Christensen, Audrey Tautou & Paul Dano

                        Short Description:
                        Marco Roland(Hayden Christensen) is a hitman who also has a normal office job. He is only a hitman because his wife Audrey Roland(Audrey Tautou) is sick of leukemia & he needs the extra money to pay off the medical bills. Daniel Messier(Paul Dano) is a co-worker of Marco's. Daniel is the only one who knows of what Marco does on the side.

                        That is just a short description. I will post the rest tomorrow night.


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                          I am really sorry I haven't posted my film yet. I am having some trouble writing it but I will have this done, it's just a question of when.



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