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  • NFLDC Fantasy Baseball Keeper League

    Alright, now that everything is settled, here are the rules. If you have any questions or think I left something out, just ask.

    Participants - 10 Team League
    • DChess
    • fischbowl
    • Giantsfan1080
    • HinesWardJr
    • P-L
    • S4L
    • scottyboy
    • slightlyaraidersfan
    • Tampa 2 4 Life
    • wo_ot88
    Scoring - Standard 5x5 Rotisserie
    • Runs (R)
    • Home Runs (HR)
    • Runs Batted In (RBI)
    • Stolen Bases (SB)
    • Average (AVG)
    • Wins (W)
    • Saves (SV)
    • Strikeouts (K)
    • Earned Run Average (ERA)
    • Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP)
    Roster Positions - 27 Overall
    • 1 x Catcher (C)
    • 1 x First Baseman (1B)
    • 1 x Second Baseman (2B)
    • 1 x Third Baseman (3B)
    • 1 x Shortstop (SS)
    • 3 x Outfielders (OF)
    • 1 x Corner Infielders (1B/3B)
    • 1 x Middle Infielders (2B/SS)
    • 2 x All Batters (UTL)
    • 3 x Starting Pitchers (SP)
    • 2 x Relief Pitchers (RP)
    • 3 x Pitchers (SP/RP)
    • 7 x Bench (BN)
    • 2 x Disabled List (DL)
    Keeper Rules

    At the end of the season you may keep up to, but no more than five players and no less than three each year. You cannot keep 1st Round draft picks. After all of the teams have chosen which players to keep, the rest of the players will be put into next year's draft. When next year's draft comes around, you must forfeit a draft pick for each player you decide to keep. That draft pick will be determined be 1 + [The Round the player was drafted in the previous year]. Last of all, if any player goes undrafted and you want to keep him, you will lose your 25th Round pick the following year. You may only keep 1 player that went undrafted and you cannot keep two players drafted in the same round.

    Example: You keep four players: Player A (Drafted in 2nd Round), Player B (Drafted in 5th Round), Player C (Drafted in 7th Round), and Player D (Drafted in 12th Round. Come draft time you will forfeit your 1st, 4th, 6th, and 11th Round picks.

    You can only keep an individual player for three consecutive years, including the year you drafted him in. There is one exception. You may only keep a 2nd Round pick for two years (the year you drafted him in and the next year). After a player has been on your team for three consecutive years, they will be automatically be thrown into the draft pool.

    Draft Order and Lottery

    The Draft Order each year will be loosely based on the final standings of the previous year. The 6th-10th picks will be directly determined by final standings. The 5th place finisher will get the 6th pick, the 4th place finisher gets the 7th pick, the 3rd place finisher gets the 8th picks, the 2nd place finisher gets the 9th pick, and the Champion (1st place) gets the 10th pick. The 1st-5th picks will be determined by a lottery system, to limit teams tanking for the #1 overall pick. To determine the order of the top five picks, there will be 21 numbers that will be randomized. The 10th place finisher will choose 8 numbers (38% chance), 9th place will choose 6 numbers (29%), 8th will choose 4 numbers (19%), 7th will choose 2 numbers (10%), and 6th will choose 1 number (4%). Numbers will be randomized, and draft order will be determined.

    Expansion Draft

    I will replace anyone who is not active in this league or who I feel is tanking for draft picks. If anyone quits or is replaced, we will have an expansion draft at the beginning of next season. Any new owner(s) must keep between three and five players. They will however, not be limited to just the players on the team they inherit. All players who are not kept by the other owners in the league, will be eligible to be kept by the new owner(s). The only rules are: Still no 1st Round picks can be kept and they cannot keep more than one player drafted in any single round (this includes no more than 1 player who went undrafted the previous year).

    If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. If any of the wording confuses you in the above post, I will be glad to clarify. Thanks everyone, good luck drafting next Monday.
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    im down, i just hope everyone is active.


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      i'm always down if you need more guys
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      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        Originally posted by DChess View Post
        im down, i just hope everyone is active.
        I'm hoping to get 15-20 guys who are interested and narrow it down to the 10 most reliable.


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          Originally posted by Patriots-Lions View Post
          I'm hoping to get 15-20 guys who are interested and narrow it down to the 10 most reliable.
          sounds good. i wouldnt be so picky if it were a normal league but its a keeper, it takes way more commitment plus knowledge of the game.


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            I already said I was down. I am new to this fantasy keeper, but it seems like fun.


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              Sounds pretty interesting.



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                Im down. As long as everyone is active.

                Goal Line Blitz
                Good football RPG for the off days.
                -Sign up here-


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                  I'd love to be a part of this. I'm always looking for competitive players to play Fantasy Baseball with.

                  If you have any questions about my reliability, just ask JBond, who I've worked with on many forum mocks and Halo tournaments, or Geo, who ran the football keeper that I was active in this past season.

                  (Disclaimer: If this league is getting started this weekend, then I must inform you that I will be out of town, and possibly off the grid, until Monday, March 3.)
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                    If the draft does happen this weekend, I will not be able to make it as I am moving this weekend. Monday after 12 pm western time I will be available.


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                      The draft will likely be an off-line draft, here on NFLDC. Anyways, regardless of whether we do a live draft or an off-line draft it won't be until after March 10th.


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                        count me in


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                          I have spring break this next week, so I will definitely be around for the draft.

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                            Im down P-L


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                              I'd be interested but i'd really be interested if we supplemented it with a minor league draft where you get to keep 2 or 3 minor leaguers per year or something like that.

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