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    Im in a 12 team league with the 7th pick. The guy with the 2nd overall wants to trade it pre draft. WHat is the value of his pick? I'm wondering what i should offer for it so i dont hafta give up too much.

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    (Assuming this is a snaking draft ...)

    How about prosposing 7th and 18th overall picks for their 2nd and 23rd overall picks?

    I'd listen to that proposal, as you can still grab a great player with the 7th pick and then grab a remaining slugger who drops to the 18th pick, I think. Or the other way around, take Miggy Cabrera or Matt Holiday with the 7th pick and then try to get a stud like Carl Crawford at #18 who can get you 50-60 saves.

    I haven't traded fantasy baseball picks before, so I'm guessing. Maybe someone who has can chime in.
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      idk i would just assume you do it straight up unless he is only intrested in picking 2nd then keeping his order

      sorry i guess i cant help much


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        Speaking of the 2nd overall pick, I got that bad boy today in my draft for a Yahoo league (11 teams) with some buddies. Took Hanley Ramirez, but even better was also landing Ryan Braun at the end of the 2nd round. And then Brandon Phillips in the 3rd. Shame it's not a keeper league, with those young 5-tool studs.
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