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    Coach signups:
    2 Coaches you are bringing with you: (Make 2 coaches, 1 offense, 1 defense, to be your positional coaches. Give a brief description of them too)

    PM me if you want your coach to join either Philly, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, or Denver

    PM ATL if you want to join NY, Miami, LA, Vegas, or Hawaii
    He wont be on until later

    When you send PM it should look like:
    Subject: (Team name here)
    Body: Coach (Your coach's name) wants to join this team. I think i would be a good fit because...

    If you are selected as a head coaches, then you and your two other coaches will join that team. If you are selected as an assitant than your two coaches will not join the team

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    Name: Cameron Harris
    Age: 38
    College:Arizona State
    Philosophy: I run a base 3-4 defense with zone blitzes. My defense has to be big, fast, athletic and aggressive. My secondary has to have great size, speed and ball skills. I love to blitz and have a whole bunch of blitz packages that offfenses will go crazy about. I run a finese, power offense (basically an old Steeler team with Jerome, and the Colts). I run a lot of 4 Wide sets with a X reciever(big, possession type of reciever), Z reciever(small, quick, deep threat), S reciever(slot guy with great hands and quickness), and a Y reciever( tight end/h-back of reciever). I like two running backs, one guy who is small who can catch and has great speed, but I also like the big bruiser who carries the load and gets the tough yardage. My base offense is normally a one back, three reciever set, but I do like to have four recievers sometimes. I believe the team builds on threw the trenches and a franchise quarterback. The defense is built by a shutdown corner, and a pass rusher. I run a 60-40 pass/run ratio.

    Experience/bio: 3 years on ASU, Dline coach(coached Terrell Suggs), 1 year as Penn States O Cord.
    2 Coaches you are bringing with you:

    Jacob Flint- He will be my offensive cordinator. He was a quarterback in college, but was too small to play d1. Smart and loves football. He was a coach at LSU and I heard nothing but good things about him when talking to Saben. Interviewing him was a blessing as he showed great football savy and knew what he wanted, and wanted to run this offense with me.

    Jack Lambert- He will be my defensive cordinator. He was an All-Pro linebacker back in the day and he has that smash-mouth demenor that I really, really like. He just wants to hit you, and keep hitting you in the mouth untill you are not breathing, and even then he wants to hit you some more. I think he can be a motivator and a great teacher in teaching these players my defense and he will bring the best out of them to help us have the best defense in the league.
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      Name: Brian Rice
      Age: 45
      College: Where do you think?
      Philosophy: strong D. Heavy blitzing, smash mouth style football on both sides of the ball. Old school late 80's/early 90's Giants. Hit hard and often. Good with the players, as he respects them and they respect his tough style
      The DC at Rutgers for the past 9 years. Taking that job is an accomplishment in its self, as the current DC is Schiano. Schiano focused more on O and all around stuff like plays and recruiting as he fully trusted in Rice.

      Rice was born and raised in Jersey and has loved football and basically all sports since birth. Never had a hard knock life. Attended Rutgers, the same place where he led an incredibly stout D, where the school garnered 5 national championships during that time.
      O: "Sugar" Ray Leonard- good ol' sugar is beloved by backs. He gives them tons of carries, and loves to rotate his backs with mixing up speed and power. He loves to run and will stick to his gameplan. Will use short routes ala slants and short outs and curls. Uses run to set up trick plays and big playaction plays.

      D: Lawrence Armstead: Loves him some LB's and pass rushers. His group, especially front 7, will always be the most feared in the league, especially by QB's. He wants his guys to hit, run, blitz and hit some more. With a decent pass rush, he'll turn a sub-par groub of LB's into super stars, with ease. Tends to lose focus with the secondary, but follows the current Giants gameplan of quick front 7 that hits hard, and gets to the QB. Loves to mix it up with zone blitzes.

      I will pm either neko or ATL after my lax practicec around 5:30-6ish
      We ALL bleed scarlet
      New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
      UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        Name: Thomas Beeline
        Age: 47
        College: University of South Carolina
        Philosophy: Cover/Tampa 2 defense. Needs good edge pass rushers, pass rushing DT and a filler NT, athletic LBers who can make plays, and DBers with good vision who can tackle. On offense, I like to use the run to set up the pass in my west coast offense, maulers on the O-Line and an athletic QB are musts, I like possesion WR but I keep around a speedster to stretch out the defense, I like balanced TEs who can catch and block, and I run a dual backfield with a pounder and a speedster.
        Experience/bio: 3 years as the head coach at JuCo Pearl River.
        4 years OC at South Carolina.
        2 years OC in the NFL.
        2 Coaches you are bringing with you: (Make 2 coaches, 1 offense, 1 defense, to be your positional coaches. Give a brief description of them too)

        OC: Timothy Brightback(68 years of age) - An old school coach who likes Offensive Lines like his dinner: Lots of beef. He emphasizes a power running game and just does enough in his passing game to get by. Is well known in coaching circles as one of the last old-school football coaches left.

        DC: Harry Jenkins(42 years of age) - The #1 thing he works on with his defense is causing turnovers. He uses a bend don't break Defense that lets the offense get yards, but not score. He emphases pass rushing skills in his D-Line, and Route cutting ability in his Defensive backs and LBers. New school coach who always tweaks his gameplans.


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          Coach Name: Amp Charizma
          Age: 35
          Areas of Coaching Expertise: Overall Team Management, Strategy
          Coaching History (include playing history if applicable):
          Age:19-22:4 Year Starting QB at Marshall (Knee injury ended NFL chances)
          Age 24: Offensive Game Management Coach at Marshall
          Age 25-28: QB Coach at Marshall
          Age 29-32: Offensive Coordinator Florida
          Age 33-34: Offensive Coordinator Arizona Cardinals
          Coordinators Names and Coaching Methods & Systems:
          Offensive Coordinator: Reggie Caldwell- Reggie and Amp share a very similar offensive strategy. “Feed the Studs” Basically, these guys take what they have, and make sure they can get it in the hands of the best players. Loves speed.
          Defensive Coordinator: Ramon De Aza- While Amp has really learned defense throughout his various coaching stints, De Aza is the man who basically controls the defense. The best way to mess with a QB, is to get in his face. He runs a 4-3 base, but if he has a 4-3 DE, 3-4OLB, he likes to drop into the 3-4. Athletic pass rushers are something he can’t have enough of.
          Most Important Player in Football History, and Why: Barry Sanders. What he could do on the football field was incredible. Very versatile, was a RB who could get it done without a monster O-Line.
          Most Important Coach in Football History, and Why: Vince Lombardi. I’ll give you the simple version. This team is aiming to get what’s named after him. The man flat out reached the goal. He consistently won the SuperBowl. Only thing that matters.
          Most Important Position on the Field, and Why: A franchise LT is unmatched. If you can get a Pace or Ogden, you are going to be able to open up your offense a lot more.
          Why You Want this Job: I want a goddamn dynasty. The name Amp Charizma should be associated with champion by the end of my reign.
          What You Expect from this Job: I expect to have a ring on every finger.
          5 Players You Would Want to Draft:
          What Your Goal is as a Head Coach in the USFFL: Form a dynasty that will go down as one of the best time. Consistently put the best team on the field. Tap into a players talent, and get the best of them.

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            like i said earlier
            PM me if you want your coach to join either Philly, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, or Denver

            PM ATL if you want to join NY, Miami, LA, Vegas, or Hawaii

            He wont be on until later

            Their 4, 90+ players can be found on the other page

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              Name: Gorden Wells

              Age: 34

              College: Penn State

              Philosophy: Pass First Offense/3-4 Defense (based off the Patriots)

              18-23 - Played QB at Penn State. Redshirted his first year. Started his last 3 years. 2 time All-Big Ten team.
              24-27 - Brief stint in the NFL. He was drafted in the 6th round due to his football knowledge not his talent. Stayed in the NFL as a backup. After he was cut the team offered him a coaching job in the offense.
              28 - Offensive Consultant
              29-30 - QB Coach
              31-32 - Offensive Coordinator

              2 Coaches you are bringing with you:

              Jacob Belmont - 32 - Belmont was Wells' favorite wide receiver when they played together for 2 years. Belmont was so good because of his great route running and how he found the open parts in the defense. After college he bounced around practice squads until he finally tried the CFL. He had success there, but due to concussions he was forced to retire. When Wells' heard this he brought him in as his WR coach. Now Belmont is ready to run a pass-first offense. Wells and Belmont will help turn any QB-WR duo into pure magic.

              Mitchell Hester - 51 - He brings the linebacker coach from his former team. This defensive mastermind is an expert on the 3-4. He runs a very aggressive defense in which linebackers are forced to be very athletic. He constantly mixes up blitzes sending linebackers or safeties. The offense is usually unable to adapt to the onslaught on blitzing.
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                Bill Lombardi
                Age: 38
                Areas of Coaching Expertise: Great deffensive mastermind with some amazing trick offensive plays. Will push players but isn't an asshole about it. Great team management.
                Coaching History (include playing history if applicable):
                1990-1998: LSU DLine Coach
                1998-2000: LSU DC
                2000-2002: NYG DC
                2002-2003: USC DC
                2003-2005: USC Head Coach
                2005-present: Ohio State Head Coach
                Coordinators Names and Coaching Methods & Systems:
                OC: Pete Turner - Run Heavy, Pass only when needed. Loves power backs, pocket QBs and quick "yac" Recievers.
                DC: Jim Ryan - 4-3/3-4 hybrid, Blitz Heavy D. Loves Quick DEs who can get to the QB fast, MLBs who are agressive and aware, and DBs who arn't afraid to blitz and leave the coverage to the other guy once in a while.
                Most Important Player in Football History, and Why: Phil Simms, a ture no name great
                Most Important Coach in Football History, and Why: Bill Parcells, He is one of the best coaches ever who was always building great Super Bowl winning teams.
                Most Important Position on the Field, and Why: Deffense, The best offense is a good deffense
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                  Spot reserved for if I reincarnate Brett Morris

                  Michael "Franchise" Young QB Akron Zepplins #10
                  164/281, 58.4% 1956 yards, 10 TD/8 INT
                  50 rushes, 321 yards, 4 TD, 6.4 YPC
                  Record: 7-3


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                    Name: Daniel Plainview
                    Age: 51
                    College: Texas A&M
                    Philosophy: Run Heavy Offense / 46 Defense


                    Playing Career:

                    Texas A&M - Started 3 Years at MLB called all the plays at the LOS, #1 defense 2 years in a row

                    NFL - Drafted by the Houston Oilers in the 3th round, started as a rookie but in his 4th year had a career ending knee injury

                    Coaching Career:

                    1981-1982 - Southern Miss LB Coach
                    1982-1985 - Southern Miss Defensive Coordinator
                    1985-1986 - Texas Tech Defensive Coordinator
                    1986-1990 - Texas A&M Head Coach
                    1990-1995 - Houston Oilers Defensive Coordinator
                    1995-1999 - Arizona Cardinals Head Coach
                    2000-2007 - Retired

                    Bio: I'm an football man you will agree. You have a great chance here, but bear in mind, you can lose it all if you're not careful. Out of all men that beg for a chance to coach your teams, maybe one in twenty will be head coaches. the rest will be assistants trying to get between you and the players to get some of the glory that ought by rights come to you. Even if you find one that has talent, and means to coach, he'll maybe known nothing about coaching and he'll have to hire out the job on contract, and then you're depending on a assistant that's trying to rush the job through so he can get another coaching job just as quick as he can.

                    I'm a family man, I run a family business. This is my son and my partner, H.W. Plainview. We offer you the bond of family that very few coaches can understand. And this is why I can guarantee to start winning and put up the cash to back my word. I assure you, whatever the others promise to do, when it comes to the showdown, they won't be there...

                    Assistant Coaches:

                    H.W. Plainview - 32- Offensive Coordinator: Not very talkative but he gets the point across, fiery young man

                    Anton Chigurh - 39 - Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: A true disciplinarian, has quite a mean streak but is a man of his word


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                      Name: Michael Smith
                      Age: 37
                      College: Kansas State University
                      Philosophy: Pass heavy offense(think Patriots last year) Base 4-3 defense that needs a good secondary to stop opposing Offenses.
                      18-22: Was a Quarterback at KSU for 4 years under Bill Snyder. Soaked up all he could about the game and became a coaching prodigy of sorts.
                      23-26: Was a backup QB that lacked the arm strength to be a starter. Played under some great passing coaches including Mike Martz.
                      27-29: Was a passing game coordinator at KSU for a year and Offensive Coordinator the next 2 years. Had their offense near the top in the nation.
                      30-33: Became the Head Coach at Tulsa where he directed them to there first BCS bowl and led the nation in Passing offense all 3 years he was there.
                      34-37: Was an assistant coach for the New England Patriots under Bill Belichek and won a couple Super Bowls.

                      OC: Major Applewhite. Applewhite played at Texas when Smith coached at KSU and Applewhite earned Smith’s respect. A widely renowned coordinator that excels in the passing game Applewhite and Smith first coached together at Tulsa where Applewhite was the OC and took over the program when Smith went to the NFL. Pass happy guy who will be sure to get his WR’s touches.

                      DC: Bill Snyder. Smith pulls his former coach out of retirement by telling him that he can coach defense only and not have to worry about recruiting. Snyder is a true mastermind and will have his defense ranked near the top when he gets his own players into his system. Relies on a good secondary to stop opposing offenses. Will sometimes allow offenses to move the ball before getting a stop.


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                        Coach Name: Andrew Carraway
                        Age: 56
                        Areas of Coaching Expertise: Motivating his players...his players love him yet respect because of his high energy attitude...His offensive expertise
                        Coaching History (include playing history if applicable):

                        Philosophy: 3-4 Defense, Balanced Offense

                        Playing History:
                        College of Marin (Junior College) '69-70
                        Pacific University- Free Safety '71-72

                        Coaching History:
                        Graduate Assisant at Pacific University '74-76
                        Graduate Assisant at Arkansas University '77
                        WR's Coach at Iowa State '78
                        WR's Coach at Ohio State '79
                        Offensive Coordinator at NC State '80-83
                        DB's Coach for the Buffalo Bills '84
                        DB's Coach for the Minnesota Vikings '85-89
                        Offensive Coordinator for the NY Jets 90-93
                        Head Coach of the New York Jets '94
                        Defensive Coordinator for the SF 49ers '95-96
                        Head Coach of the New England Patriots '97-99
                        USC Head Coach '01-Present


                        Offensive Coordinator: Steve Schrader- One of the top young offensive minds in the game...Developed both Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart...Has a balanced attack, and always has strong QB play...Takes Risks...Adjusts gameplan to fit his player's needs

                        Defensive Coordinator: Nick Cafferty- Young coach, uses athletic LB's to shut down the offense...Runs 3-4 and revolves his defense around getting pressure on the quarterback...Takes Risks and his players love him

                        Most Important Player in Football History, and Why: Lawrence Taylor because he revolutionized the LB position and changed how offenses played against him
                        Most Important Coach in Football History, and Why: Tom Landry...He invented 4-3 and brought back the shotgun and man-in-motion
                        Most Important Position on the Field, and Why: LT...A team cannot run or pass without a stud LT

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                        Originally posted by BuckNaked
                        Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                          COACH SIGNUPS ARE PRETTY MUCH CLOSED
                          thanks everyone. Rosters and all that good stuff should be out sat/sun

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                            Name: Nick Long
                            Age: 42
                            College: Miami
                            Philosophy: Pass heavy run only if we really NEED to. 4-3 D, looking for a great secondary and Dline. So-so LBs will do just fine. Offensive genius.
                            1995-1997 Miami U WR coach
                            1997-2000 Miami U OC
                            2000-2002 Miami U Head Coach
                            2002-2007 New York Giants OC
                            2007-2008 took year off to spend time with family but is ready to return
                            2 Coaches you are bringing with you:
                            Shaun Gibson, OC: Pass heavy run only if we really NEED to. Loves elusive RBs who can catch the ball out of the back field, quick mobile QBs with a big arm, quick WRs, and big strong pass blocking OLine who can move around quickly(for a OLine man). All about speed.

                            Eric Andrews, DC: 4-3 D, looking for a great secondary and Dline, and so-so LBs will do just fine. Loves to blitz from all over the field(DLine, LB, and even DB). Loves quick LBs with fluid hips who can move around quickly. All about speed.

                            side note: this staff loves speed.
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                              Per Neko, i'm taking over the Las Vegas franchise

                              Name: Rick Bennett

                              Age: 33

                              College: Clarion University

                              Offense: Up the gut power running, scrambling QB, deep passing attack
                              Defense: Speedy DEs, huge run stuffing DTs, speedy smaller OLBs, sure tackling field general MLB, Zone DB's

                              -4 years as unpaid, volunteer assistant coach while still in school at D-2 Clarion University (age 18-21)
                              -2 years as unpaid, vulunteer assistant coach at Pitt after he graduated at Clarion and went on to get his Masters at Pitt (age 22-23)
                              -1 year as Assistant WRs coach at Pitt (age 24)
                              -1 year as WRs coach at Pitt (age 25)
                              -2 years as assistant offensive coordinator and QBs coach at Pitt (age 26-27)
                              -1 year as offensive coordinator at Temple (age 28)
                              -2 years as offensive coordinator at Illinois (age 29-30)
                              -3 years as head coach at Pitt (age 31-33)

                              Coaching style: Easy going, player friendly coach. You can usually find him getting to know his players better watching movies with them and taking them out for dinner. Will totally snap and fly into a rage after inexcusably bad plays, penalties, or officiating calls but usually calms back down quickly. A younger coach who likes to try out new ideas and will adapt his scheme to fit talented players rather than the other way around. A more offensive minded coach but with decent defensive knowledge as well. Likes to go hands on with his players during practice as he feels he can best teach them directly. A good developer of talent but not so good at managing some of the players with bigger personalities.

                              Assistant Coaches

                              -OC- Igor van Hammond - age: 77 - A real hard nosed, old school offensive guru. A gruff old timer who is a masterful playcaller and stresses efficiency in his offense above all else. Loves big, powerful o-lineman, an athletic QB with a a big arm who can scramble, and a powerful run game. Likes to implement TE's as much as possible but likes to send speedy receivers deep as well.

                              -DC - Miles Grantham - age: 34 - Another younger coach who has been with Bennett through many of his travels. Likes to have a field general type MLB who can be an extension of himself on the field. Stresses run stuffing in his defensive schemes and likes to try to force the pass against his typical ballhawking DB's

                              Coach Bennett
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