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    Age: (20-24)
    College Stats: Be realistic

    We really only need...
    QB: 2
    HB: 5
    WR: 4
    TE: 0
    OT: 2
    OG: 0
    C: 0
    DE: 3
    DT: 2
    LB: 4
    CB: 3
    S: 3

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    Jamaal Umenyiora
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 256
    College: THE Rutgers University
    Position: DE/OLB
    Strengths: Unbelievbly excellent pass rusher. The kid just flat out gets to the QB. Excellent work ethic and leader. Knows and loves the game of football. Has the athletic ability and hands to drop back in coverage. Knows how to strip the ball, especailly from a QB and in traffic. Saw time all 4 years in college, experienced. All the intangibles you look for.

    Weaknesses: He's not overally fast, or strong. It's a wonder how he puts up those giant sack numbers. Not the best of tacklers, ESPECIALLY one on one with a RB. Doesn't have the pure speed to go man to man D with better TE's. Senior year seemed to turn to a Dwight Freeney, looking only for sacks, but that seemed to be a one year thing, and he's most likely over it

    Bio: Born and raised a Jersey boy, had a fairly normal life. Walked on to RU for kicks, but turned out to be a damn good pass rusher. Under the tutilege of DC Brian Rice, he became a feared defender. Split time on the DL freshman and soph. year, coming in on blitz packages as a LB and DT

    College Stats:
    Freshman year: 3 sacks, 2 TFL
    Soph: 8 sacks, 7 TFL
    Junior: 20.5 sacks, 10 TFL
    Senior: 23.27 sacks, 11 TFL

    Player Comparison: Justin Tuck/Eric Foster
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    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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      Name: Seth Harris
      Age: 20
      Height: 6'1
      Weight: 210
      College: Penn State
      Position: CB

      Strengths: Real physical. Will stick his head in piles and will come up and support the run. Great playmaker who has a knack of getting his hands on the ball and intercepting passes. Great hands. If ball is in his hands, watch out!! Great in coverage and rarely gets beat with his blazing speed. Plays zones real well and has great man skills as well. Strong, durable, and can help in the return game. A true shutdown corner.

      Weaknesses: Gets caught peeking in the backfield too much. Arrogant, and talks a lot of trash. Sometimes gets too agressive and gets burnt on double moves. Raw, and needs more technique work. Overachiever?

      Bio: Harris is the definition of a true shut down corner, in the mold of Champ Bailey, Deion Sanders, and Darrell Green. He will bring a lot of value to the return game as well. Also played offense and scored on 5 touchdown catches in his career. Lack of maturity and his raw skills are question marks, but there is no doubt that he will be the first corner taken and have a great career at the big stage. Started since his true freshman season and came out as a junior after a great career.

      College Stats: Frosh: 54 tackles 18 PBU 3 INT; 21-200-9.5-2 PR
      Soph: 70 tackles 18 PBU 6 INT; 28-300-10.7-3 PR; 4 catches 200 yards 3 tds
      JR: 70 tackles 14 PBU 4 INT; 20-300-15-3 PR; 2 catches 100 yards 2 tds
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        Name: Leopold Carmichael
        Age: 21
        College: Stanford
        Position:RB/Return Specialist

        Strengths: Unbelievable balance, quickness, and acceleration. Straight line speed is certainly well above average. Ability to juke and spin defenders is second to none, exceptional ability to make something out of nothing. Despite this, he hits the hole very quickly and doesn't do unnecessary dancing. Certainly a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball. Catches the ball extremely well out of the backfield and runs decent routes. Could be considered as a slot receiver. Well built and very cut despite his small stature. Would be the perfect "lightning" back for a two back system if paired with a bigger back.

        Weaknesses:Very small and has maxed out frame and doesn't break a lot of tackles. Never carried the full load. Ball security is only average. Will occasionally lose yardage trying to do too much instead of accepting a minimal gain. Tries his best, but will probably never be much help in pass protection. Not a traditional RB and offenses might have to find creative ways to use him.

        Player comparison: Athletically very similar to Steve Smith (WR Panthers). Also drawn comparisons to current WVU RB Noel Devine.

        Bio: Nicknamed "Lightning-Bug" both for his small size and uncanny ability to accelerate and change direction. A relatively unrecruited player coming out of HS despite putting up huge rushing numbers as an option-QB. Has a decent arm and has been used on multiple "trick plays" as evidenced by his 3 TD passes thrown in his career. Decided to walk on at Stanford rather than play at a lower level. Has actually grown 3 inches since his senior year of HS. Made a name for himself when he scored a TD the first time he touched the ball as a redshirt-freshman on a highlight-reel punt return. Continued making big plays throughout his college career as 21 of his 33 TDs came on returns, catches, or runs of 50 yards or more. Very likable, charismatic, and smart kid. Decided to go pro early to support his single mother and because he had graduated after only his third year. Active in the community and certainly has no negative character concerns. Has been compared to Warrick Dunn as both a player and as a person off the field. Has done some part time modeling and has said he plans on going into broadcasting or acting when his football career is over. Rumored to be dating Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. Voted "sexiest athlete" by Playgirl magazine.

        College Stats:
        rsSoph. Year
        121 attempts 921 yards 8 TDs 60 catches 850 yards 7 TDs 1 KR TD 4 PR TDs 2 TD passes
        rsFresh. Year
        101 attempts 626 yards 3 TDs 23 catches 465 yards 4 TDs 1 KR TD 5 PR TDs 1 TD pass
        Fresh. Year

        Pro Day Results:
        40 Yard Dash: 4.36
        Short Shuttle: 4.03
        Cone Drill: 6.56
        Vertical Jump: 40.5"
        Long Jump: 10'8"
        Bench Reps: 13
        *Note--Participated in WR drills as well as RB drills. Looked very crisp running clean routes and caught the ball extremely well.

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          Name: Orrin Jordan
          Age: 21
          Height: 6'3"
          Weight: 208 lbs
          College: Oklahoma
          Position: FS/SS

          Strengths: Orrin Jordan is built like the ideal safety. Always looking for the big play/hit. He's a very instinctive ball hawk who is always around the ball. He has amazing athleticism, true specimen type player. Hits like a truck. What he somewhat lacks in coverage, he makes up for in physicality. Solid tackler and rarely misses any. If you catch the ball around him you'll drop it 8 times out of 10. He can recognize where a inexperienced QB might throw the ball. Run support and rushing the QB on blitzes are unmatched. Takes on blocks and sheds them well. Plays with good pad level. Very aware player. Defensive Enforcer. Knows where he's supposed to be and rarely gets caught of place. Rarely bites on play fakes. Quality guy. Good presence to have in the locker room. No attitude problems.

          Weaknesses: Coverage skills are above average at best. Has too much separation from WRs running routes under him. Always goes for the big hit. Always trying to hit someone, which might leave one of his teammates out to dry. Will sacrifice his body which calls for injury concern. Will trash talk to you a little bit. Man-to-man coverage skills are his weakness. Too aggressive at times. Less productive senior season than junior season.

          Bio: Orrin Jordan was born and raised in Oakland, California. He played HS football and basketball at McClymonds HS, Oakland. He was good in both but really excelled in football. Jordan doubled as a QB/S for The Warriors and led them to two straight CIF North Section championships his junior and senior seasons. He was named CIF Offensive Player of the year and got All Conference for his heroics at Safety. He was highly recruited out of HS and some even had him as the #1 player in the nation. Because of his grades, or lack thereof, Orrin decided to enroll for San Francisco City College, the #1 Junior college in the country, at the time.

          At San Francisco City College, he started Safety for two season. After his first season, he was already drawing comparisons to former Rams great, Gibril Wilson. For two consecutive seasons, he led the Rams in Tackles and Interceptions. He garnered 1st Team Junior College All American honors, Junior Colleges of California Defensive Player of the Year, and 1st Team All-State Defense. The Rams enjoyed being in two bowl games along with a State title game. Again, he was being heavily recruited by a boat load of schools. He was once again named the number one player in the nation, regardless of level. When signing day rolled around he had narrowed down his choices to Oklahoma and USC. He shocked everyone when he chose Oklahoma over USC, being a California native.

          At Oklahoma, his presence was felt quick. He was moved to SS to maximize the use of his physicality and to get him on the field since the FS spot was locked down. He led the Sooners to a fiesta bowl win and the title of the #1 Defense in the country. He was very productive and got All-Big 12 1st Team defensive honors as well as newcomer of the year. The next season, he moved back to FS. Again the Sooners had a Top 3 defense and again were led to a BCS bowl by Orrin. He was selected by the coaches and press to the 1st Team All-American Defensive team. He graduated from Oklahoma and once again shocked everyone when he declared for the USFFL Draft, and upstart league, rather than declare for the highly favored NFL draft.

          College Stats:

          Junior Year: 14 games started 8, and racked up 68 tackles, 17 Pass break ups, 9.5 tackles for loss, 6 interceptions,4 forced fumbles, 3 QB sacks. 3 Touchdowns given up all season. 1st Team defense All-Big 12. Newcomer of the year.

          Senior Year: 14 games started. Racked up 53 tackles, 11 pass break ups, 3 QB sacks, 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble. 2 Touchdowns given up all season. 1st Defensive All American Selection.
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            Name: Jack Utah
            Jersey #: 16
            Age: 26
            Height: 6'2
            Weight: 200
            College: Harvard
            Position: QB

            Strengths: As fast and physically gifted an athlete as you can hope for; gets out of bed and runs a 4.5 often cracks 4.4. Absolute cannon for an arm and can make all the throws, but struggles with accuracy on the short and intermediate passes. He's a cerebral player and a fast learner. Creative player that can make something out of nothing, if you can light a fire under him he might be unstoppable. Could possibly project to a number of other positions (WR,CB,S)

            Weaknesses: Not a vocal leader off the field by any means; doesn't cause problems but doesn't try to connect with teammates, but he commands respect and gets it. He’s already 26 and in the middle of his prime. It may take him awhile to adjust to the speed of top competition; will he already be on the down slope by then? Mechanics aren't ideal. He took some shrapnel in the military leading to his discharge, it hasn't seemed to effect his play. Off the charts intangibles and intelligence but you have to question his desire to play game.

            Bio: Jack Utah grew up an army brat who's family has a rich military tradition. He was a five star prospect coming out of Camdon Academy. He spurned offers to virtually every major program in the country to join the Army. He spent 4 years in active service in the elite Army Rangers unit completing a tour of duty in Iraq. He reached the rank of Sergeant fire team leader before being honorably discharged after being wounded in service. After his service he accepted an academic scholarship to Harvard where he walked onto the football team.

            Utah started all four years and he holds virtually every school and Ivy League passing record on the books. He graduated Summa *** Laude in 3 1/2 years with degrees in American Literature and Philosophy and plans to go to law school after football.

            Jack is a free spirit who goes his own way, which both helps and hinders him on the field. He'll make a play that makes your jaw drop and on the very next snap will take a risk that leaves you shaking your head. If you can get him with the right coach and system that keeps him interested and motivated he could be an absolutely great one.

            College Stats:
            Fresh: 2300 yds passing 933 yds rushing 19 passing TD 7 rushing TD 11 int
            Soph: 3000 yds passing 515 yds rushing 22 passing TD 3 rushing TD 13 int
            Jnr: 2900 yds passing 1019 yds rushing 17 passing TD 6 rushing TD 5 int
            Snr: 4300 yds passing 348 yds rushing 29 passing TD 5 rushing TD 8 int
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              3 people who are granted reserved spots

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              I'll keep my old guy who was a QB
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              Dibs on RB
              Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
              wr or lb, already got my guy ready.

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                UT for me please, dinner now but I'll get it done after.

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                  User Name: Tampa 2 4 Life
                  Player Name: Cory Thompson
                  Jersey Number: 90
                  Age: 24
                  Position: DE
                  College: South Florida

                  Height: 6'6''
                  Weight: 297

                  Strengths: Stops the run better than most DEs...Good Size for a DE and plays like at his size...Very Strong Bullrusher...Gets off the ball very fast...Has good instincts and bats down a fair amount of balls...Has a Non-Stop Motor and half of his sacks are coverage sacks...Blue-Collar type who just gets the job done...Decent straight line speed...Plays with great leverage..

                  Weaknesses: Is very raw as a pass rusher...Below Average Pass Rushing Moves...Not very agile...May fit more as a UT in certain schemes...May Arm Tackle a bit much for some...Doesn't put up great numbers...Tends to try to do a bit too much...

                  Injury History: Nagging Injuries Throughout College, Tore ACL in Redshirt year during practice.

                  Player Comparison: Adam Carriker Meets Luis Castillo

                  Background (not optional): Grew up in Tampa, Florida, Played Tight End in High School, where he was known as a great Run Blocking TE. Was recruited to USF as an Athlete where he bulked up, and switched to End...Redshirted and didn't play until his JR year, where he broke out and was known as one of the top Run-Stopping Ends in the country, being named a Second String All-American his Junior year, then a 1st Teamer after his Senior year.


                  JU: 13 games, 41 tackles, 19 TFL, 6 Sacks
                  SR: 13 games, 46 tackles, 20 TFL, 8 sacks


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                    Name: Wayne Walker
                    Age: 22
                    College:Florida State

                    Strengths: Excellent size and bulk...Is physical and aggressive...A playmaker who is always around the ball...Reliable tackler...He will deliver the big hits...Adequate timed speed...Has sideline-to-sideline range...He is great in pursuit...Reads and reacts quickly...Does a solid job in zone coverage...Intense and competitive with a non-stop motor...Tough...Extremely smart with a great football I.Q...Has a terrific work ethic..A very team orientend guy...

                    Weaknesses:Not a top natural athlete...Too aggressive at times...He will have to get stronger...Has some trouble shedding blocks...Needs to be protected up front...Does not do a great job in man coverage...Just a marginal blitzer...Is not very effective in the backfield...Had some minor injury problems...Not a vocal leader

                    Player comparison : a less athletic Paul Posluszny/Dan Connor or a poor man AJ Hawk

                    Bio: Born in Haiti...Son of a former Florida State deffensive coordinator...Redshirted and then went on to be a 3-year starter... Also a special teams ace...Does not have all the physical tools you look for but is just a great football player...A overachiever who gets by more on intangibles than physical tools...Football junkie...Very proud and love competition...He want to be the best and work very hard for that.

                    College Stats:
                    Sophomore year : 86 tackles - 2 tackles for loss - 0 sack - 3 PBU - 0 INT - 1FF - 1 FR
                    Junior year : 117 tackles - 9 tackles for loss - 3 sacks - 5 PBU - 2 INT - 3 FF - 2 FR
                    Senior year : 121 tackles - 7 tackles for loss - 2 sacks - 6 PBU - 3 INT - 2 FF - 4 FR

                    Pro Day numbers :
                    40 yards : 4.60
                    225 bench press : 23
                    Vertical jump : 35 1/2-inch
                    Broad jump :9 foot 9-inch
                    Short shuttle : 4.18
                    3 cones : 7.21
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                      Reggie Moss
                      User Name: OSUGiants17
                      Jersey #: 11
                      Age: 23
                      Years Pro: 0
                      Position: WR/PR/KR
                      College: Texas
                      Height: 5'9
                      Weight: 185
                      Positives: Exceptional open-field runner who excels as a punt and kick returner. Can be dangerous running the reverse. Excellent speed and quickness. Runs good routes and adjusts to the ball. Amazing jump. Terrific athlete with 42-inch vertical jump. Top jumper and sprinter in track with quick feet and good change of direction. Very competitive. Will compete for the ball in a crowd and often take it away from a bigger man. Smart and aware. Shows vision and awareness as a receiver and returner. Knows when to go out of bounds and when to bring it back inside. Well built with big calves and thighs for his size. Stronger runner than he seems and will break some tackles. Exceptional quickness and speed. Has a quick burst and an extra gear that allows him to eat up the corner’s cushion in a hurry on deep passes and to beat and explode away from him at the break point. A true game-breaker. Returned six punts for scores in the past two years — four in 2000. Has a very high yards-per-catch average and is a clutch player.
                      Negatives: Is only 5-9. Fumbles too often. Gets jammed at the line. Hasn't learned to get open against zone defense and makes a lot of mental errors(Celebrates way too much, big jokester, get's distracted by cheerleaders sometimes).
                      Injury History: None
                      Player Comparison: Steve Smith/Santana Moss
                      Bio: Grew up in a small town in Texas. His father was the coach of the varsity football team and coached his son and incouraged him to play football from the day he was born, in fact his first word was football. He started to play football at age 8. When he was 14 he stopped playing football because he was told he wasn't big enough. Then his dad incouraged him to get back into it and coached Reggie all of his sophmore year(at McNiel High School) making him a better player. His junior year he tryed out for the school team and was the backup(3rd string) varsity WR. Half way throught the year the starting WR broke his arm and missed the rest of the year so Reggie replaced him. Senior year he started at WR and led the county in Yards after the catch and receptions. His freshman year as the starting WR, he won the Big 12 freshman of the year. In his junior season he won the Walter Camp Award and the Fred Biletnikoff Award and left early. Now he is on his way to the USFFL.
                      College Stats:
                      Stat Overview
                      2005 38 601 15.8 56 7 l 8 48 6.0 17 0 l 8 2
                      2006 59 1060 18.0 62 9 l 5 19 3.8 9 0 l 9 3
                      h2007 65 762 11.7 44 6 11 l 132 12.0 73 1 l 7 1

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                        Name: Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
                        Age: 21
                        Height: 6'1
                        Weight: 223
                        College: THE Memphis University(lol at OSU)
                        Position: RB

                        Strengths: great inside runner, hits the hole fast, very physical, loves to run people over, can wear down a defense, shifty, excellent pass blocker, great football IQ, does not fumble the ball, fun loving guy

                        Weaknesses: straight line speed is only average, not experienced as a receiver, runs with high pad level, didn't play against elite competition, injury concerns, not a team leader

                        Bio: Bojangles was born February 24th 1987, to Shogun & Banshee Robinson he was the oldest child which would be a major role later in his life. Growing up in the Marcy Projects was never easy but his family worked hard to get by. One day his father just took off on their family, he left no note, no money, nothing. His mother decided the only way her kids could get by in this world is if the government gave them welfare so she killed herself. So their Bojangles was 16 years old and all alone in the world left to raise his younger brother and sister. The welfare helped but he had to make some money on the side and he knew who to turn to, good Ol' Uncle Frank. While the stuff he did wasn't exactly legal it made him smarter and tougher but the anger inside of him was building. He knew that his parents would of wanted him to stay in school and get good grades so he worked hard and soon was top of his class and in his sophomore year at his high school a coach reached out to him and asked if he would like to play football. This is when he found his love, his calling, after only a month he became full time starter at RB and OLB, but because of his teams lack of success he wasn't recruited heavily and ended up heading south to Memphis. During his freshman year he would see most of his playing time in relief of Senior RB DeAngelo Williams, the two of them would set the school's rushing record. After Williams left for the draft, Bojangles became full time starter. During the 4th game of the season Bojangles would take a nasty shot to the knee and ended up having a grade III MCL tear ending his Sophomore season. Finally during his Junior year he got to show what he was really made of averaging nearly 25 carries a game and 6+ yards per carry he lead his team to a 10-3 record capping of his NCAA career with a 217 yard, 3 TD performance against Tennessee in the Outback Bowl.

                        College Stats:
                        Freshman: 11 Games, 163 Carries, 959 Yards, 8 TD, 13 Catches, 89 Yards, 1 TD

                        Sophmore: 4 Games, 96 Carries, 566 Yards, 7 TD, 4 Catches, 54 Yards

                        Junior: 13 Games, 324 Carries, 2134 Yards, 24 TD, 19 Catches, 167 Yards, 1 TD

                        Combine Numbers:
                        40: 4.53
                        225 Bench: 25
                        Vertical Jump: 35"
                        Broad Jump: 10'2"
                        20 Yard Shuttle: 4.18
                        60 Yard Shuttle: 11.22
                        3 Cone Drill: 6.7
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                          : Joseph " Big Lightnin' " Resuac
                          Age: 20
                          Height: 6'1
                          Weight: 305lbs
                          : University of Miami
                          Position: UT

                          Strengths: Considering Joseph tips the scales at over 300lbs, he is impressively quick, rumoured to run the 40 in 4.69s. He also has immense acceleration and can regularly penetrate into the back field, creating havoc and regularly registering sacks and tackles for losses. Is fundamentally sound and uses his hands extrememly well. Uses his height to his advantage in creating leverage and has a non-stop motor, is never taken out of the line. Joseph also has a nice habit of blocking field goals and has been used regularly in goal line situations in college on gadget plays as a FB or even to pound the ball in. Fundamentally sound tackler as well who can cause fumbles and also chase down the runner.

                          Weaknesses: He could stand to get stronger and if a guard locks onto him he really struggles to shed the block. Is only suited for the 4-3 UT role as doesn't have to bulk to play in a 3-4. Let's himself get taken up the field too easily on occasion. Does not have ideal bulk and height for the position teams look for. Not a locker room leader, very quiet individual who just gets on with his job, doesn't motivate those around him.

                          Bio: Joseph was born in Leicester, England in 1988 but moved to Pennysylvania with his parents Nigel, an ex-professional soccer player whose career was ended by injury, and Elaine, a 110m hurdler who represented England at the Olympics.

                          Having arrived in Pennysylvania at the age of 5 due to his mother taking up a job as a hurdling coach, Joseph was fully immersed into American culture and since he can remember Joseph always wanted to play football. Being bigger and faster than the kids his age he played RB on offense and DT in high school at Jeannette. He went on to break the high school records for sacks, tackles and forced fumbles in his time at Northwestern as well as helping the team to a state championship in his final year. He also played soccer for Jeannette, and due to teachings from his father, Joseph was also a star at soccer. Despite his immense talent Joseph is an intensely private individual, some who don't know him may see this as moodiness, but those close to him know it is just shyness.

                          Despite his team struggling in their league, Joseph was the top goalscorer in the whole state. The talent and flair Joseph displayed for both sports caused friction between Joseph and his father and Joseph's ultimate decision to play football in college over his father's wishes for him to play soccer led to him choosing a college out of state. Joseph no longer has contact with his father, although he is very close still with his mother Elaine.

                          Joseph was heavily recruited coming out of High School as a DT, receiving scholarhsip offers from Michigan, Ohio State, LSU, Rutgers and Penn State, but he ultimately felt he needed to get away from the pressures placed on him by his father and took a scholarship off from The U.

                          In his freshman season Joseph was thrust into the starting Defense towardsthe end of the season due to a spate of injuries and was an instant success, in 3 games he racked up 10 tackles, 3 for losses, a sack and a forced fumble. Joseph also blocked a field goal in an overtime win at Boston College.

                          Joseph flourished in his next 2 years and was touted as a high first round pick in the established NFL despite foregoing his senior campaign, but decided instead to try his hand in the upstart USFFL. When ESPN was granted a rare interview with Resuac and asked why he chose the USFFL over the NFL, he said with a quiet intensity, "I want to play against the best and beat the best, and the USFFL has the best."

                          College Stats:

                          Year 1: 3 starts, 13 tackles, 2 for losses totalling 10 yards, 1 sack for loss totalling 8 yards, 1 forced fumble, 1 field goal block. Capital One Bowl win.

                          Year 2: 13 starts, 61 tackles, 15 for losses totalling 73 yards, 9 sacks for 57 yards, 4 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries for 28 yards, 3 field goal blocks, Orange Bowl loss.

                          Year 3: 13 starts, 66 tackles, 18.5 for losses totalling 102 yards, 10.5 sacks for 71 yards, 5 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries for 66 yards, 1 for TD, 2 field goal blocks, 2 rushing TD's (both 1 yard rushes), 1 receiving TD (3 yard TD catch), National Championship win.
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                            User Name: KCJ58
                            Player Name: Crail Johnson
                            Jersey Number: 3
                            Age: 26
                            Throws: Right
                            Years Pro: 3
                            Position: QB
                            College: Colorado
                            Height: 6'3"
                            Weight: 230
                            Strengths: Great Size & Big Frame. A hard worker who is always trying to get better. Understands the game better than anyone at his position or age, he is a film room warrior and studies every defense he plays. He is accustomed to being in the spotlight and is a solid team leader. Has a rocket Arm (he can throw a deep ball), Great Accuracy, Good throwing in traffic. A top prospect a couple of years ago (Next Coming of Dan Marino), Unlike other Quarterbacks loves to hit. Can play in almost any style offense.
                            Weaknesses: Not very mobile in the pocket, average thrower on the run and forces a lot of passes which can be picked, tries to make every play he can
                            Injury History: Missed a couple of games his Sophomore year in college due to injured throwing wrist
                            Player Comparison: Dan Marino, Brady Quinn
                            College Stats: started all 3 years at Colorado, His Freshman year earning NCAA 1st Team All-Freshman also Big 12 Freshman of the Year, Only started 7 games his sophomore year due to a wrist injury, His Junior Year won the Davey O'Brien Award, and was a finalist for both the Maxwell & Heisman, named Big 12 player of the year and 1st Team All-American. Left his Junior year of College to pursue the USFFL. Finished with all of Colorado's Passing Records, 68 TD Pass (10 Rush) 29 INT, 8,062 Passing Yards


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                              Disregard this, I'm too lazy...
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