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Scratching the surface of fantasy '08

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  • Scratching the surface of fantasy '08

    Recently, i started working on my fantasy football numbers for next year (i know, I'm a dork, you don't even have to say it.). The first order of business when i start this process is identifying the backs that you can't pass on in the first round, then identifying the receivers and quarterbacks that should be taken before switching back to finishing out your running back core.

    1. LaDainian Tomlinson- Even if he's only 90% of the old L.T. (because of the injury that kept him out of the last six quarters of the Charger's season), he should still outdo most backs, if not all of them.

    2. Brian Westbrook- Had career highs in carries, receptions, rushing and receiving yardage last season; also tied his career best in rushing touchdowns. Doesn't really score a whole ton of TD's, but the yardage is just so hard to ignore (just over 2,100 rushing and receiving yards last season). Looks to have similar numbers compared to last year, could possibly outdo them. May take over L.T. as the no. 1 fantasy back this year.

    3. Joseph Addai- I can't help but think that Addai will have a better year this year, maybe not many more touchdowns, but definitely at least a little more yardage. Addai and the Colts in general struggled down the stretch last year due to injuries to Clark and Harrison. Now Harrison may not be back at 100% of his old self, but Anthony Gonzalez should be able to fill that void with a year of experience under his belt; all of this can only help Addai.

    4. Clinton Portis- Quietly snuck back into top five fantasy back production last year, and there is no good reason that he shouldn't post similar numbers this year. Look out boys, Dolla' Bill is back.

    5. Jamal Lewis- Added .8 yards to his ypc from last year and found the endzone 11 times last year, thats huge at his age. I thought he was done at the start of last season, but i guess he just needed to get on a team that had a decent line and a good enough passing game to keep 8 guys out of the box on most downs. Another one who should post similar numbers from last year.

    6. Ryan Grant- Probably should be higher than this, but its so hard for me to put him above guys that have 'been there and done that' so many times, and Grant hasn't done it for an entire season yet. Favre's retirement doesn't help Grant's case for moving up the boards either.

    7. Adrian Peterson- I know I'm probably gonna catch some crap for this one. Peterson is an amazing talent, however there are some important factors that push him back to number 7. For starters, Peterson played in 14 games last season, but was really ineffective in four of them. In said four games, he averaged less than 3.5ypc and failed to find the endzone. Three of those four games were in December too, i.e. playoff time, the time you need him the most. However, he did have a good week 15 game vs the Bears, posting 95 total yards and finding the endzone twice. Another factor working against Peterson is the Vikings inept passing game, compounded by the fact that opposing teams have now had an entire off-season to study Peterson's game film. The Bryant McKinnie situation also makes it harder for me to move Peterson up the board, make sure you keep an eye on that situation when considering where Peterson should land in your fantasy draft this year. The bottom-line is that someone else will probably snatch up Peterson with the second, third, or fourth pick, so you won't have to worry about considering to take Peterson or taking a more proven back. However, if he does fall to you at the sixth or seventh pick, you should seriously consider taking him. You should also consider trading him if he winds up on your team.

    *Note: I really don't see much difference between spots three thru seven. Barring injury situations effecting production, the weekly average of these guys shouldn't be much more than 2 to 3 points difference of one another. I'm sure i'll jumble up the order as well, but i really don't foresee anyone else making it onto this list or anyone being removed from the list (unless of course an injury changes their opening day status).

    Randy Moss and Tom Brady are the only players you should consider taking before switching back to drafting running backs again.
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    I know you didn't just put Ryan Grant and Jamal Lewis above Adrian Peterson... There's just no excuse for that.


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      Originally posted by yo123 View Post
      I know you didn't just put Ryan Grant and Jamal Lewis above Adrian Peterson... There's just no excuse for that.
      Yea I have to agree.

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