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  • Senior Bowl Thread

    First practice to be posted tonite
    Please do not post in this thread

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    Welcome to Pittsburgh Kansas for day one of the West Team Practices...

    First we see the QB's...

    Crail Johnson threw nicely, when staning in the pocket. His footwork, especially when rolling out looked like it needed work. But he also showed that he is willing to learn and got better as the day went on.

    Cody Redman really showed off his physical tools. He was able to guide deep balls with near perfect accuracy and looked good on the mid range and short balls too.

    Boomhauer looked average passing, but was quickly able to develop good chemistry with his recievers.

    Now off to the RB's...

    Leopold Carmichael looked great until somebody touched him. That was the hard part for defenders was getting a hand on him because of his elusiveness. But ussually when they did he went down relativly easy. Looked good catching balls.

    Bill Robinson this year's NCAA coverboy gave scouts more questions than answers. He displayed good power, but also poor speed. Especially on runs to the outside. Then he got hurt, probably a result of his high pad level.

    Joe Jackson, like Leopold looked great until somebody touched him, but was also hard to get. Definitly a Reggie Bush type who will either get no yards or a TD.

    Tank Rogers, Joe Jackson's other half, looked great running the ball, maybe the best West RB out there today. Also looked good as a lead blocker. Did drop some balls though.

    Reggie Moss was used creativly today. Running reverses, which is actually where he looked his best. It seemed he had a tough time breaking jams. Also it doesnt seem as though he is making many friends, because of his cockiness. Broke tackles and got YAC yardage very well though.

    Jesus Sanchez, like Reggie Moss wasnt making too many friends. Displayed great hands, but also like Moss had a tough time against jams. Left practice early with minor injury. Should be fine for tommorow.

    Jammal Hicks, didnt get much seperation, but made some acrobatic catches that really wowed scouts.

    Rod Tidwell, dropped his stock considerably today, dropping balls and failing to get much seperation.

    Jan Itor, the white boy WR from Grambling, did great on the deep routes and the fly's, but on shorter routes struggled to get open. Definitly a big play threat.

    Earl BuckApple didnt do much outside the redzone, whereas inside he was a complete beast, leaping over defenders for touchdowns.

    Clarke Kent did great as a blocker and effectivly picked up YAC. Struggled with his routes though and wasnt able to get seperation often.

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      Now for a commercial break...

      Ryan Minister promotes healthy food for kids.

      Leopold Carmichael, sexy on and off the field...

      Jack Utah: "Listen to your kids if they want to join the Army. You made them strong, we'll make the Army strong."

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        And we're back with the Olinemen

        Bryan McCarthy looked the best out of the tackles, but no one really stood out.

        Hannibal Mitchell showed athleticism, but failed to display consistency.

        Bill Dauterive looked the best out of the West Linemen. Showed power and bull dozed peopled. Or as his friends call it "Bill-Dozing." Lacks stamina though. Looked great on one-on-one drills.

        Tim Jones looked strong, but footwork was off. Took coaching well though.

        Erik Dirks is definitly not the sharpest tool in the shed. Constantly forgot assignments in what is a simple gameplan. Looked good when he blocked someone, ussually the wrong person though. Did great on one-on-one drills.

        Taylor Moore looked good, but not great. Also got reps at RT and did fine. Looked average on one-on-one drills.

        Jay Ferrell entire day was a dissapoint. From one-on-one drills to working with the whole line. Stay away from him.

        Onto DE's...

        Jared Jenkins showed great explosion, but was over powered a few times and didnt show too many moves. Worked hard and the West coaching staff thinks they can turn him into a better DE by the end of the week.

        Chris Turner despite recording 16 sacks this year, Turner is definitly a project, but has big boom potential. Needs to get bigger. Was constantly overpowered.

        Will Ross seemingly dropped weight due to the flu. Lacked explosion, but was able to play through the pain.

        Onto DT's...

        Calvin Cazayoux apparently he doesnt know what it means to get over powered. If only his leverage was better, then maybe he would be an elite prospect. Has been taking coaching well so far though. Fights till the whistle blows... twice.

        Andre Krimm showed good technique, needs to get a little bit stronger though. Great explosion.

        Antwan Stephenson expolded off the line well, but displayed poor techinique and leverage.

        Jason Blackwood proved his strength. Could make a nice 3-4 end.
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          Seth Harris' favorite is the one with nuts!
          "Growing I would save all my money for a bar of Hershey's" said Seth in a Hershey's chocolate bar commercial.

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            Welcome back to Pittsburgh Kansas, where we are checking out the LBers

            First is Chad Reed, who has been a freak all day. He has been caught out of position at times, but overall has played well. Also did a good job of blitzing.

            Micah Clowe has been Reed's opposite. He hasnt stunned scouts with freak-like athleticism, but has shown great instincts and smarts. He and Reed have developed a bit of a friendship, despite their opposite ways of play.

            Carl Allen has shown he is a great tackler, but not much else. Has done a poor job of covering TE's and RB's.

            Bobby Boucher has been an animal flying to the ball. He may not always make the hit, but he'll always be there.

            Terry Tynes hasnt been getting along with coaches and it has shown on the field.

            On to DB's

            Quentin Pryor has tried hard, but is struggling. When asked to jam guys at the line he got beat several times. When playing guys off he was a beastly. Made one pick, and returned it a good ways.

            Adrian Taylor hasnt looked good from a mental standpoint. Hasnt helped much in run support. He hasnt been beat very badly and has done an okay job at jamming at the line.

            Galaga Jones was allowed to practice despite having to go to court soon. Was by far the best CB out there today. Threw recievers of their routes using his legendary jam techinque. Shows great recovery speed even in the few instances he was beat. Has done an excellent job in run support. Allowed only 2 catches during one-on-one drills. Hasnt really listened to coaching though, but he probably doesnt need to.

            Tom Jefferson has played smart and displayed good technique. Has dropped some picks. And has been beat deep a few times.

            Orrin Jordan has struggled to cover TE's and WR's in man to man coverage. Has played fairly smart and has really layed down the law to recievers going over the middle.

            Anthony Harrell has proved he is athletic and a great hitter, but technique and instincts seem poor. Has worked hard and done well considering he hasnt played college football in 2 years.

            Ryan Minister he sure did talk a big game, but did he deliver? Has done well playing like an outfielder and has done a great job of snatching balls out of the air. Has allowed guys to get behind him and beat him deep. Has done a great job of covering TE's in man to man coverage. Was eventually kicked out of practice though after mouthing off to Pete Carroll. Minister later apoligized and says he will make up for it in the senior bowl.

            Rick Ross has shown that he packs a punch for a little safety. Has done a poor job covering TE's though.

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              Welcome back, today in Joplin, Missouri we will be observing the East team

              First QB's

              Jack Utah had a commanding pressence and was well respected by teammates. He did very well on the short and mid range passes. Some of his deep throws fell short though, and his deep ball accuracy was questionable. Mechanics were uncanny, but they appear to work for him.

              Nate Strozier was charging people for tickets to the gun show today. He showed up to the Senior Bowl, ripped. And it really showed when he threw the ball. Dude has an absolute cannon. Needs to control his arm abit and make better decisions though.

              Joe Marino may not be the most accurate QB or have the best arm, but no one has a quicker release. He displays almost perfect mechanics and footwork and gets the ball out quicker than anyone and makes good decisons.

              Onto RB's

              Marcus Lucas didnt seem to get along to well with coaches and eventually they stopped giving him reps. Looked average as a runner, but looks like a great reciever out of the backfield.

              Red Buttkiss hit the holes hard. Showed great power and broke through arm tackles easily. Great vision in the open field. Did almost everything right, except for some ball carrying issues.

              Julian Washington showed good patience and speed. Unfortunetly he left practice early due to an elbow injury. Doesnt look very tough.

              Brown Taylor did a great job of pushing the pile. Fought for every yard. May not have great speed but he broke off some big runs. Knows how to take a hit and keep himself from getting hurt. Not a big fan of blocking.

              Onto WR's and TE's

              Rocky O'Callaghan was a force in the redzone, but struggled running routes. Has good speed and can out jump most defenders. Needs to add weight and get stronger. Injuries nagged him throughout practice.

              Kevin Malone had a great day. Coaches were impressed with his toughness and his ability to get YAC. Had one bad play though when he beat a CB during one-on-ones, but dropped an easy TD pass.

              Forrestt Gump is probably just a straight KR. Was able to beat guys deep, but has Todd Pinkston-syndrome.

              Jimmy Sanderson ran good routes. Dropped some easy balls. Looked average.

              Ricky Bobby maybe a little bit chubby. Struggled to get seperation. Made some tough catches.

              Alex MacDonald looked very good to be frank. Blocked well and was able to get YAC.

              Cole Phillips, MacDonald's long time other half also looked good blocking, but struggled to get seperation.
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                Adrian Taylor starts every workout by drinking myoplex!

                Verizon high speed internet works as fast as Kevin Malone

                "Sniff...sniff...dayum i smell good"
                -Reggie Moss
                Avon's new Touchdown by Reggie Moss

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                  Jack Utah's long time backside protectort, Ronald Weasley looked great. He really proved he can play with the big boys. He did get a little overly aggresive, but overall a solid day.

                  Jamaal Durant on the other hand didnt prove he could play with the big boys. Definitly needs work, project player.

                  Fred Palowski exploded off the line well. Needs to get a bit stronger though.

                  Randy Hickey looks strong and works harder than almost anyone. Needs to work on his footwork. Coaches are bringing him along nicely though.

                  Danny Patterson was very quick. Looks like a good fit for a ZBS.

                  Dillon Mayes played OG and he ussually plays OT. Looks strong and aggressive, but shows poor work ethic.

                  Alan Stone shows the speed to get to the LB. Good leader and smart. Not very strong.

                  Maurice Hunter had to play C and OT. Looked better at OT. Very strong, poor footwork.

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                    Onto Dlinemen...
                    Jamaal Umenyiora may not be the strongest DE out there, but he shows good explosion, technique, and is a hard worker. Quality player.

                    Cory Thompson is almost the opposite of Umenyiora. He stuffs the run well and is very strong. Also has a great motor. Could be a great 34 DE.

                    Deandre Townsend is physical freak, but doesnt play up to his potential. Somewhat lazy and has an incosistent motor.

                    Dicky Doss weird name, serious football player. Great explosion and fairly good strength. Inconsistent motor.

                    Joseph Resuac shows amazing quickness and explosion. Needs to get stronger though to hang with the big boys.

                    Stanley Hudson may not be real big for a DT, but clogs space well.

                    Larry James is also a space clogger, but many people question his work ethic.

                    We now move to LB's

                    Jimmy Thompson is a powerful hitter who plays smart and shows good work ethic. Needs to get stronger to shed blocks though.

                    Seth Hawkins they dont call him the hammer for nothing. This dude knows how to take someone out of the game. Really needs to work on his coverage techniques and may have Ahmad Carroll Syndrome.

                    Samuel Carr has all the physical attributes you look for in a LB. Some question his football intelligence though.

                    Deuce McCormick is another small school stud. Not very big, but packs a punch. Good in coverage. Not effective at shedding blockers, and sometimes goes for the knock out hit.

                    Brendan Tate is big enough and strong enough, but may not be fast enough.

                    Onto CB's...

                    Seth Harris shows all the physical attributes, but needs to work on his technique. Looked good in one-on-ones bumping WR's and throwing them off their routes.

                    Bobby Sampson also needs technique work. He could also get a bit faster.

                    Tim Wilson, Seth's longtime teammate, looked decent. Not very fast, but has great technique. Good size. Will drop picks though.

                    Chris Turk is one of the better tacklers at the CB position. Needs to either drop a little weight though and get faster.

                    Desmond Sanders worked as both a CB and S. Looked good at both. He's a real playmaker and got a few picks during one-on-one's.

                    Randy Samardzija is a tough player with a great work ehtic and good technique, but may be too slow.

                    Kenny Merriweather is a physical freak. Looked average in one-on-one drills. Great tackler, and plays zone coverage well.

                    Randle Washington is another freak. Excellent hitter who forces fumbles. Will let WR's get behind him though.
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                      Marshall Faulk: Hello and welcome to the 2008 Senior Bowl, Im joined in the booth by the one and only Primetime. Mr. Deion Sanders. Now Deion who's your Defensive players to watch for on the East and West.

                      Deion: On the west look out for Ryan Minister, he has something to prove after getting kicked out of practice. In the East, you know I wanna say my boy Desmond, but I'll pick a guy on the Dline, Joseph Resuac. Part Man, Part Beast. Marshall, who your two guys on offense.

                      Marshall: Look out for Red ButtKiss, he's out to prove that a little RB from Temple can hang with the big boys. On the West team look out for Reggie Moss, he's a very dynamic playmaker.

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                        1st Quarter
                        (Means Deion is talking)

                        The East one the toss and they will be getting the ball first.
                        -Forrestt Gump gets the kick at the 9 and takes it out to 33.

                        1st and 10 at the 33 East Ball
                        -Jack Utah drops back, looks around and throws deep to Rocky O'Callaghan who out jumps Quentin Pryor for a 22 yard gain.
                        Looked something like:

                        1st and 10 at the 45
                        -Utah hands off to Lucas and he gets stopped behind the line. (Weasley had a great block there and pushed Chris Turner back, but Lucas seemed hesitant)

                        2nd and 11 at the 44
                        -Utah hands it off to Lucas again and he picks up 2

                        3rd and 9 at the 46
                        -Utah drops backs, evades the rush by Jenkins, steps up and throws to Callaghan, but the pass is broken up by Pryor.

                        4th and 9 at the 46
                        -Benn Hart booms that ball 52 yards Carmichael lets it bounce out of bounds at the 2.

                        1st and 10 at the 2 West Ball
                        -Crail hands off to Bill Robinson, Robinson fights his way for a 4 yard gain. (Robinson didnt get too much help, but he fought for extra yards on that one.)

                        2nd and 6 at the 6
                        -Crail rollsout and is sacked at the 1 by Umenyiora. (McCarthy was beat off the line by Umenyiora and he hunted down Crail)

                        3rd and 11 at the 1
                        -Johnson drops back into his own endzone, and throws a quick slant to Moss at the 9, Moss cuts upfield and picks up 13 yards to get to the 14. (On this play, Moss saw Harris was playing off, so he setup and caught it for the first)

                        1st and 10 at the 14
                        -Moss in motion, Johnson hands it off to Bojangles who flips it out to Moss, but Jimmy Thompson is in the backfield, Moss turns back around but is gonna get stopped for a 5 yard loss by Seth Harris. (Good job in run support by Seth Harris, making up for that last play)

                        2nd and 15 at the 9
                        -Johnson throws to Robinson in the screen, and he gets up to the 16 yard line for a 7 yard gain.

                        3rd and 8 at the 16
                        -Johnson drops back and throws to a wide open Reggie Moss who drops it! (Moss put the double move on Harris and even faked out my boy Desmond Sanders. Reggie was wide open but just dropped it!)

                        4th and 8 at the 16
                        -Kalil boots it 44 yards downfield, and Sanders gets it, finds a crease. Has some room and is gonna take this one to the house with no one left to stop him but the punter. Looked something like:

                        The extra point is good, 7-0 East

                        Joe Jackson recieves the kick and takes it out to the 30.

                        1st and 10 at the 30 West Ball, 7-0 East
                        -Crail drops back, and throws to a wide open Jesus Sanchez for a 12 yard gain.

                        1st and 10 at the 42
                        -Bill Robinson gets the carry and is pounded after a 2 yard gain by Wayne Walker.

                        2nd and 8 at the 44
                        -Bill Robinson gets the county, goes outside, puts a juke on Jimmy Thompson and is stopped by Desmond Sanders, but not after a 9 yard gain.

                        1st and 10 at the 47
                        -Crail throws to Jesus, Sanchez breaks a tackle and picks up 11 yards.

                        1st and 10 at the 36
                        -Bobby Sampson has left the game, Tim Wilson is now in. Crail throws to Sanchez again and he catches it for 8 yards. (Reggie Moss is having a tough time breaking off jams from Seth Harris, but so far both Sampson and Wilson have been worked by Sanchez so Crail continues to throw away from Harris)

                        2nd and 2 at the 28
                        -Sanders is now at CB, Samardzija at S. Playaction to Robinson, Crail throws deep to Sanchez, but he's being doubled covered and the ball is dropped by Sanders!

                        3rd and 2 at the 28
                        -Handoff to Robinson and he gets stopped for a 1 yard gain by Resuac. (The West Oline, outside of Dautreve is doing a terrible job)

                        4th and 1 at the 27
                        -Kick by Nuggett is good, 7-3 East.

                        Gump gets the kick at the 3 and takes it all the way to the 42.

                        1st and 10 at the 42
                        -Utah hands off to Lucas, Lucas picks up 3

                        2nd and 7 at the 45
                        -Utah drops back, and throws to a wide open Alex MacDonald for an 8 yard gain.

                        1st and 10 at the 47
                        -Utah drops back, has all day and throws deep downfield to Forrestt Gump, but he drops it! (Gump out ran everybody, but couldnt pull it in)

                        2nd and 10 at the 47
                        -Utah throws the quick slant to Malone for a 5 yard gain

                        3rd and 5 at the 42
                        -Utah throws to Malone for a 10 yard gain.

                        1st and 10 at the 32
                        -Utah throws to Malone, but its broken up by Adrian Taylor

                        2nd and 10 at the 32
                        -Lucas gets the toss and will be stopped in the backfield by Ryan Minister! (Minister read run and blew that play up)

                        3rd and 11 at the 33
                        -Utah drops back, has all day, pumps, now the pressure is on him, he gets out of the pocket and throws to a wide open Alex Macdonald for a 12 yard gain! (On that play there was great coverage by the West Secondary, but because of the lack of pressure on the QB and Utah buying extra time when the pressure finally got there allowed MacDonald to get open)

                        1st and 10 at the 21
                        -Utah throws into the end zone, Callaghan leaps up, has it in his hand, but Minister breaks up the pass

                        2nd and 10 at the 21
                        -Utah drops back is almost sacked by Chad Reed, but he throws it away!
                        Penalty: Intentional Grounding, 10 yard penalty 3rd Down

                        3rd and 20 at the 31
                        -Utah throws the screen to Malone and he gets it to the 23

                        4th and 12 at the 23
                        -The kick by Anne Guy is good, 10-3 East!
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                          2nd Quarter

                          Jan Itor gets the kick at the 7 and takes it to the 29.

                          1st and 10 at the 29, West Ball, 10-3 East
                          -Redman is and he hands off to Leopold Carmichael, and Carmichael picks up 4.

                          2nd and 6 at the 33
                          -Redman drops back and throws deep to Hicks, but the ball is overthrown.

                          3rd and 6 at the 33
                          -Redman throws to Tidwell for a 5 yard gain. (Now Carroll must decide to go for it or not this time, and it looks like big Tank Rogers is in!)

                          4th and 1 at the 38
                          -Rogers gets the handoff, and picks up the first and now he has a hole and is gonna get caught from behind but not after an 18 yard gain!

                          1st and 10 at the 44
                          -Redman drops back, throws and its off targert

                          2nd and 10 at the 44
                          -Redman throws a screen pass to Carmichael who picks up 12 yards

                          1st and 10 at the 32
                          -Redman drops back and throws for a 4 yard gain to Clarke Kent (Kent bumped the end and went out for the pass)

                          2nd and 6 at the 28
                          -Carmichael gets the carry and picks up 3.

                          3rd and 3 at the 25
                          -Redman drops back, is almost sacked by Townsend, but fights him off, and throws to Hicks for a 10 yard gain!

                          1st and 10 at the 15
                          -Carmichael gets the carry and is stopped for no gain by Sam Carr. (Now that Dautreve is on the bench the oline play has gotten worse)

                          2nd and 10 at the 15
                          -Redman drops back and throws it the fade to Hicks for a TD!

                          The kick is good 10-10!

                          Gump downs the kick.

                          -1st and 10 at the 20, East Ball, 10-10
                          Strozier is in now and he'll hand off to Buttkiss and Buttkiss fights his way to the 27.

                          -2nd and 3 at the 27
                          Handoff to Brown Taylor who drags Stephenson for a 4 yard gain,

                          -1st and 10 at the 31
                          Handoff to Buttkiss results in a 5 yard gain.

                          -2nd and 5 at the 36
                          Buttkiss catches the flare pass from Strozier for 4

                          -3rd and 1 at the 40
                          Taylor gets the handoff and picks up 2

                          -1st and 10 at the 42
                          Buttkiss gets the handoff and will take it all the way to the West 48 yard line for a 10 yard gain.

                          -1st and 10 at the 48
                          Playaction to Buttkiss, Strozier throws deep to Gump and Gump actually catches it this time for a TD! (Buttkiss really helped here with his powerful running and the safties started playing up so Strozier after a nice fake, went deep to Gump who just outran everybody.)
                          Something like:

                          Extra point is good
                          17-10 East!

                          Joe Jackson gets the kick and takes it out to the 29.

                          -1st and 10 at the 29, West Ball, 17-10 East
                          Handoff to Carmichael and he picks up 2. (The west Oline is doing a pretty bad job today)

                          -2nd and 8 at the 31
                          Redman drops, back and Washington comes screeching in and gets the sack for a 5 yard loss.

                          -3rd and 13 at the 26
                          Redman drops back, evades the blitzers and throws to Tidwell who has blockers and he picks up 15! (Tidwell has had trouble getting open, but he finally caught a pass and did a great job)

                          -1st and 10 at the 41
                          Redman drops back, rush is getting to him, he throws and its picked by Desmond Sanders! He cuts finds a whole and gets it to the East 49 yardline (He threw that one into double coverage and it was an easy pick for my boy Sanders!)

                          -1st and 10 at the 49, East ball
                          Strozier will get to show how he operates in the two minuete drill here.
                          He drops back and throws to Buttkiss and he is pushed back for only a 1 yard gain, by Ryan Minister!

                          -2nd and 9 at the 50
                          Strozier drops back and hits Sanderson for a 3 yard gain and he is taken down hard by Galaga Jones.

                          -3rd and 6 at the 47
                          Strozier drops back and throws deep but its almost picked by Anthony Harrell!

                          -4th and 6 at the 47
                          Hart punts and it'll be a touchback

                          -1st and 10 at the 20
                          Just under a mineute left, Redman and Co will try and score quickly here. Redman throws deep to Hicks, but it falls incomplete.

                          -2nd and 10 at the 20
                          Redman throws deep again this time to Reggie Moss and its caught and he has room to run and he gets out to the 32 and Redman will spike it.

                          -1st and 10 at the 32
                          Redman will have one last chance to throw, and then they'll probably try a FG.
                          So Redman throws, but it's batted down by Kenny Merriweather.

                          -2nd and 10 at the 32
                          Kick by Nuggett is good
                          17-13 East as we head in for halftime.

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                            Halftime West MVP's
                            Offense: Reggie Moss
                            Defense: Ryan Minister
                            Halftime East MVP's
                            Offense: Nate Strozier
                            Defense: Desmond Sanders

                            Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                            The Gatorade Touchdown Challenge!

                            $100,000 will be rewarded to the person who scores the first TD. If it is a passing touchdown then the money will be split between the QB and WR. The winners will also win a flat screen tv from LG

                            Winner: Desmond Sanders

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                              BurgerKing wants you to have it your way...

                              And try Big Joe Resuac's "Big Lightn" Burger for only 3.99!

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