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    Post your team's Depth Chart and Trading Block here.

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    Hornets Depth Chart/Trade Block

    PG - Chris Paul/Janerro Pargo/Mike James
    SG - Peja Stojakovic/Morris Peterson
    SF - Julian Wright/Bonzi Wells/Derrick Caracter
    PF - David West/JaVale McGee/Ryan Bowen/Melvin Ely
    C - Tyson Chandler/Hilton Armstrong/Chris Anderson

    Not moving:

    Chris Paul
    David West
    Tyson Chandler

    Everyone else is available. West or Chandler could move but would need a damn good big man in return for either. My first and Houston's 2nd is available as well.
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      PG: Mike Conley Jr./ Steve Blake/ Jamaal Tinsley

      SG: Mike Miller/ Juan Carlos Navarro/ Courtney Lee

      SF: Danny Granger/ Donte Green/ Kareem Rush/ Courtney Lee

      PF: Anderson Varjeo/ Donte Green/ Ike Diogu

      C: Channing Frye/ Darko Milicic/ Jeff Foster/ Ike Diogu

      Trade block:
      All of the above except Granger unless a offer blows me away literally

      New additions:
      Anderson Varejao
      Mike Miller
      Mike Conley
      Damon Jones
      Donte Green (19th overall pick)
      Juan Carolos Navarro
      Jason Collins
      Andre Brown
      Courtney Lee (28th overall pick)
      Steve Blake
      Channing Frye

      Players lost:
      Jermaine O'Neal
      Troy Murphy
      Mike Dunleavy
      Travis Diener
      Marquis Daniels
      Shawne Williams
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        PG : Raymond Felton | Ramon Sessions | Earl Boykins
        SG : Jason Richardson | Matt Carroll | Derek Anderson
        SF : Gerald Wallace | Davon Jefferson | Jared Dudley | Desmond Mason
        PF : Anthony Randolph | Sean May | Jermareo Davidson | Othella Harrington
        C : Emeka Okafor | Nazr Mohammed | Ryan Hollins

        Bucks receive : SF Adam Morrsion
        Bobcats receive : PG Ramon Sessions, SF Desmond Mason, 2008 2nd round pick, 2009 2nd round pick

        LSU PF Anthony Randolph
        USC SF Davon Jefferson

        Okafor is going to be moved to the 5 with Randolph and May battling for the 4 spot. Wallace is solidified as the starter at the 3 but Davon Jefferson and Dudley will provide some solid contributions off the bench. Richardson and Carroll look to take care of the two spot. Youngsters Felton and Sessions should compliment each other nicely as point guards.
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          Miami Heat
          PG Jason Williams, Chris Quinn, Marcus Banks, Smush Parker
          SG Dwyane Wade, Daequan Cook
          SF Shawn Marion, Ricky Davis, Dorell Wright
          PF Udonis Haslem, Alexander Johnson
          C Mark Blount, Earl Barron, Joel Anthony, Alonzo Mourning

          Bold = Untouchable

          Trade Block
          Everyone(except for Wade), and all picks after round 1(unless it's a very good offer)
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            Point Gaurds
            Mo Williams 6-1 185
            Royal Ivey 6-4 215

            Shooting Gaurds
            Anthony Parker 6-6 215
            Awvee Storey 6-6 225

            Small Forwards
            Adam Morrison 6-8 205
            Jason Kapono 6-8 215
            Bobby Simmons 6-6 230
            Joey Graham 6-7 245
            Awvee Storey

            Power Forwards
            Chris Bosh 6-10 230
            Jorge Garajosa 6-9 245
            Michael Ruffin 6-8 248

            Dan Gadzuric 6-11 245
            Jake Voskuhl 6-11 255
            Michael Ruffin

            First Round (Lottery)

            New Additions
            Adam Morrison
            Chris Bosh
            Anthony Parker
            Joey Graham
            Jorge Garbajosa
            Jason Kapono

            There are NO untouchables. Everybody is available.
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                PG: Baron Davis, C.J. Watson
                SG: Monta Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike, Marco Belinelli
                SF: Stephen Jackson, Danilo Gallinari, Mickaël Piétrus, Austin Croshere
                PF: Al Harrington, Mickaël Piétrus, Brandon Wright, Matt Barnes, DJ White
                C: Andris Biedriņš, Patrick O'Bryant, Kosta Perovic, DJ White

                Trade Block : I'm listening to any offers.

                Draft pick

                1- Danilo Gallinari-SF
                2- DJ White C/PF
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                  PG: Daniel Gibson/Delonte West/Damon Jones
                  SG: Mike Dunleavy/Wally Szczerbiak
                  SF: LeBron James/Devin Brown
                  PF: Ben Wallace/Joe Smith
                  C: Zydrunas Ilgauskus/Joe Smith

                  Trade block: Daniel Gibson, Sasha Pavlovic, 1st round pick from Indiana.

                  Looking for a good #2 option for LeBron.
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                    Toronto Raptors

                    Point Guards
                    1. T. Ford
                    2. J. Calderon

                    Shooting Guards
                    1. Anthony Parker
                    2. Roko Ukic

                    Small Forwards
                    1. Carlos Delfino
                    2. Jorge Garbahosa
                    3. Jason Kapono
                    4. Joey Graham

                    Power Forwards
                    1. Chris Bosh
                    2. Andrea Bargnani
                    3. K. Humphries

                    1. Roy Hibbert
                    2. R. Nesterovic
                    3. A. Bargnani
                    4. P. Brezec

                    Everyone can be had. Just PM me and ask.
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                      Point Guard - Andre Miller / Louis Williams / Kevin Ollie
                      Shooting Guard - Andre Iguodala / Willie Green
                      Small Forward - Thaddeus Young / Rodney Carney
                      Power Forward - Jason Smith / Reggie Evans / Louis Amundson / Herbert Hill
                      Center - Samuel Dalembert / Calvin Booth / Shavlik Randolph

                      Trade Block
                      Everyone but Iggy
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                        Starting 5
                        PG Steve Nash
                        SG Raja Bell
                        SF Grant Hill
                        PF Amare Stoudemire
                        C Shaquille O'Neal

                        G Leandro Barbosa
                        F/C Boris Diaw
                        SG/SF Gordan Giricek
                        C Brian Skinner
                        G DJ Strawberry
                        SF Alando Tucker
                        SG/SF Eric Piatkowski
                        PF Sean Marks

                        Bold = Untouchable

                        On the Block
                        (in order for most likely to trade to least likely)
                        Brian Skinner
                        ATL 1st Round Pick
                        Boris Diaw
                        Leandro Barbosa
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                          Depth Chart

                          PG- Tony Parker, Jacque Vaughn, Damon Stoudamire
                          SG- Manu Ginobli, Michael Finley
                          SF- Bruce Bowen, Ime Udoka, Brent Barry, Dermarr Johnson, Bobby Jones
                          PF- Tim Duncan, Kurt Thomas, Matt Bonner, Robert Horry, Ian Mahinmi
                          C- Fabricio Oberto, Kurt Thomas, Ian Mahinmi

                          Trading Block

                          Everyone is available except Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli.


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                            Rafer Alston
                            Bobby Jackson
                            Aaron Brooks
                            Steve Francis


                            Shane Battier
                            Luther Head

                            Small Forward:

                            Tracy McGrady
                            Shane Battier
                            Carl Landry
                            Steve Novak

                            Power Foward:

                            Luis Scola
                            Carl Landry
                            Chuck Hayes
                            Mike Harris


                            Yao Ming
                            Dikembe Mutombo
                            Loren Woods

                            Bolded players are not up for trade discussion. Everyone else is available.

                            Actively looking to trade Luther Head.
                            The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

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                              PG: Devin Harris, Marcus Williams, Darrel Armstrong
                              SG: Vince Carter, Quincy Douby, Richard Roby Trenton Hassel, Maurice Ager
                              SF: Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar
                              PF: Nenad Krstic, Sean Williams, Stromile Swift(Keith Van Horn too!!!)
                              C: Josh Boone, Deandre Jordan Desagna Diop

                              underline= FA, bold=newly acquired
                              Nenad and Stromile(RFA)
                              Italics- trade block

                              NOBODY except Sean Williams and Devin Harris are untouchable, but RJ is close.
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