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    Coming very soon!

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    Olinemen 40's! (Human players in bold)

    Taylor Moore C 4.90
    Hannibal Mitchell OT 4.92
    Fred Palowski OT 5.00
    Danny Patterson OG 5.03
    Erik Dirks OG 5.08
    Alan Stone C 5.10
    Ronald Weasley OT 5.12
    Bill Dauterive OG 5.17
    Tim Jones OG 5.20
    Jay Ferrell C 5.20
    Atlas Dane OT 5.21
    Dillon Mayes OT 5.26
    Bryan McCarthy OT 5.27
    Randy Hickey OG 5.38
    Maurice Hunter OT 5.48
    Jamaal Durant OT 5.52

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      OL Bench

      Atlas Dane 42 Reps
      Maurice Hunter 40
      Randy Hickey 40
      Ronald Weasley 39
      Dillon Mayes 38
      Bill Dauterieve 36
      Tim Jones 34
      Jamaal Durant 34
      Taylor Moore 32
      Bryan McCarthy 29
      Alan Stone 29
      Fred Palowski 29
      Jay Ferrell 28
      Erik Dirks 28
      Danny Patterson 27
      Hannibal Mitchell 26

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        Drills Anaylsis

        Atlas Dane, who didnt participate in the Senior Bowl because of a death in the family, did very well today. He did a great job using his stength to overpower defenders. Footwork needs a little help though, but he is a good learner.

        Ronald Weasley, looked great. Technique was good, played strong, and was quick off the line. Probably the best OL in this year's draft

        Jamaal Durant struggled greatly with his footwork and explosion.

        Fred Palowski looked good overall, but not great.

        Dillon Mayes showed off his great strength. Didnt explode of the line real well.

        Bryan McCarthy's footwork looked good, but isnt as strong as some may like.

        Hannibal Mitchell showed how athletic he can be but was highly inconsistent. Needs to bulk up.

        Tim Jones showed he is very strong and is taking well to coaching

        Erik Dirks didnt take well to coaching, but has the tools to be good.

        Taylor Moore explodes off the line like no other.

        Jay Ferrell tried to recover from a poor Senior Bowl. Did a bit better. Consistency and drive is a problem.

        Randy Hickey took well to coaching and has a big upside.

        Danny Patterson very quick, good footwork.

        Alan Stone explodes off the line well, needs to play till the whistle blows.

        Maurice Hunter could lose a few pounds considering his current speed and quickness
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          Dline 40's

          Jared Jenkins DE 4.49
          Jamaal Umenyiora DE 4.60
          Chris Turner DE 4.64
          Dicky Doss DE 4.69
          Joseph Resuac DT 4.88
          DeAndre Townsend DE 4.89
          Will Ross DE 4.90
          Andre Krimm DT 4.94
          Antwan Stephenson DT 4.95
          Keiland Groce DE 4.99
          Cory Thompson DE 5.01
          Jason Blackwood DT 5.07
          Calvin Cazayoux DT 5.13
          Stanley Hudson DT 5.17
          Larry James DT 5.30

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            Dline Bench

            Larry James 38
            Joseph Resuac 36
            Jason Blackwood 31
            Jared Jenkins 30
            Andre Krimm 29
            Cory Thompson 28
            Calvin Cazayoux 28
            DeAndre Townsend 27
            Antwan Stephenson 27
            Stanley Hudson 27
            Dicky Doss 24
            Will Ross 23
            Jamal Umenyiora 16
            Chris Turner 15

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              D-Line Drills Anaylsis
              Jared Jenkins showed off his speed and strength, but clearly he needs to show better technqiue.

              Chris Turner has been trying to bulk up a bit and he has gotten a bit stronger since the senior bowl. Good motor despite lack of strength.

              Will Ross isnt as strong as previously thought, but is quicker.

              Calvin Cazayoux, despite a less than expected bench, Cazayoux proved his strength in the drills.

              Andre Krimm worked hard to get stronger and it showed. Maybe a bit of a sleeper.

              Antwan Stephenson shows great explosion and is stronger than expected, but has a poor motor and bad technique.

              Jason Blackwood has great strength but not much else.

              Jamal Umenyiora shows the motor and the technique to be a great DE.

              Cory Thompson may have solidified himself as the best 34 DE and has shown good strength.

              DeAndre Townsend's impressed coaches with his explosion and strength, but technique could use work.

              Dicky Doss is emerging as a good pass rusher who plays very smart.

              Joseph Resuac went out there and dominated. Was powerful, quick off the line, motor ran well and technique looks good.

              Stanley Hudson may not be the biggest or strongest but is a good football player.

              Larry James has amazing strength, but poor quickness, technique and motor.

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                QB's 40

                Jack Utah 4.53
                Otto Vick 4.55
                Roger Fouts 4.58
                Nate Strozier 4.70
                Boomhauer 4.81
                Johnny Namath 4.87
                Crail Johnson 5.03
                Joe Marino 5.05
                Cody Redman 5.11

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                  QB's Bench
                  Nate Strozier 20
                  Cody Redman 19
                  Crail Johnson 15
                  Boomhauer 14
                  Joe Marino 12
                  Roger Fouts 10
                  Jack Utah 9
                  Johnny Namath 8
                  Otto Vick 5

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                    QBs Drills Anaylsis

                    Jack Utah threw very accurately and did well with the deep ball.

                    Crail Johnson threw very well. Did great with the deep balls. Looked average rolling out and throwing though.

                    Cody Redman did excellent with the deep balls, accuracy looked shaky though and threw the ball with more velocity than needed sometimes.

                    Nate Strozier's mechanics need some work. A bit of project with big potential and a big arm.

                    Otto Vick did a great job on the run. Looked uncomfortable dropping back and throwing and some passes looked like they wouldnt make it over the line.

                    Boomhauer has an average arm but he does his best with it. The combine doesnt show his great intangibles.

                    Roger Fouts has an absolute cannon, but has trouble controlling it.

                    Johnny Namath is very accurate but his release is slow.

                    Joe Marino has an average arm but the quickest release east of the Mississippi
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                      WR's 40's

                      Jan Itor 4.23
                      Reggie Moss 4.27
                      Forestt Gump 4.29
                      Jesus Sanchez 4.37
                      Rocky O'Callaghan 4.38
                      Jimmy Sanderson 4.48
                      Rod Tidwell 4.53
                      Kevin Malone 4.54
                      Jamaal Hicks 4.69
                      Ricky Bobby 4.72

                      WR's Bench

                      Ricky Bobby 21
                      Kevin Malone 15
                      Jamaal Hicks 13
                      Reggie Moss 11
                      Jan Itor 11
                      Rocky O'Callaghan 10
                      Rod Tidwell 10
                      Jimmy Sanderson 10
                      Forestt Gump 9
                      Jesus Sanchez 8

                      WR Drills Anaylsis

                      Ricky Bobby is a tough player. Runs good routes but is slow.

                      Kevin Malone is a similar player. Better hands, and a bit faster.

                      Jamaal Hicks is big, but struggles big time to get seperation.

                      Reggie Moss is like the reincarnation of Steve Smith. He can go deep and get the ball. Better vertical leap than some guys a couple inches taller. Needs to get better at breaking jams though.

                      Jan Itor has the speed to get deep. Poor hands though.

                      Rocky O'Callaghan proved today that he is more than just a deep threat. He can go deep and get seperation and his route running seems to be improved.

                      Rod Tidwell is a sold possesion WR but not much else.

                      Jimmy Sanderson was an underachiever in college. Runs good routes, has good hands, but could be faster. Will rarely get jammed.

                      Forestt Gump will probably be nothing more than a KR and hail mary threat.

                      Jesus Sanchez maybe too frail to be a full time starter. Has good speed though.
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                        RB's 40's
                        Leopold Carmichael 4.30
                        Pablo Sanchez 4.35
                        Joe Jackson 4.38
                        Brown Taylor (FB) 4.44
                        Julian Washington 4.46
                        Bill Robinson 4.51
                        OJ Payton 4.55
                        Tank Rogers (FB) 4.58
                        Hank Hill 4.59
                        Marcus Lucas 4.61
                        Red Buttkiss 4.63

                        RB's Bench

                        Brown Taylor (FB) 30
                        Tank Rogers (FB) 26
                        Red Buttkiss 21
                        Hank Hill 20
                        Bill Robinson 19
                        Leopold Carmichael 15
                        Marcus Lucas 14
                        OJ Payton 12
                        Julian Washington 10
                        Joe Jackson 8
                        Pablo Sanchez 6

                        Drills Anaylsis

                        Leopold Carmichael may not be great running inside, but he'll hurt teams going outside.

                        Pablo Sanchez is similar to Carmichael but lacks pass catching ability.

                        Joe Jackson's 40 may not be what was expected but he dominated in basically all of the agility drills.

                        Brown Taylor is this year's workout warrior, at over 230 pounds with a 4.4 40 and as powerful as he is he could probably play HB too. If only he had a better work ethic.

                        Julian Washington isnt all that tough, but is a good outside runner. Did well in agility drills.

                        Bill Robinson didnt look all that good, but his main strength is going inside and he didnt get to show it off at the combine.

                        OJ Payton like Robinson didnt get to show off his strengths.

                        Tank Rogers proved to be a good pass catcher today.

                        Hank Hill did better in the agility drills than expected coming off a major knee injury.

                        Marcus Lucas only did well as a pass catcher.

                        Red Buttkiss raised some questions with a poor 40 and poor agility drills.
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                            TE's 40's

                            Cole Phillips 4.58
                            Earl Buckapple 4.63
                            Clarke Kent 4.68
                            Alex MacDonald 4.77
                            Gunther Scott 4.84

                            TE's Bench

                            Clarke Kent 31
                            Alex MacDonald 25
                            Earl BuckApple 24
                            Cole Phillips 20
                            Gunther Scott 15

                            Drills Anaylsis

                            Clarke Kent looks to be a tough possesion TE. Good blocker too.

                            Alex MacDonald has gotten stronger since the season. Looked the best in pass-catching drills.

                            Earl Buckapple looked stiff in agility drills. Had a great 40 though and the best Vert at the combine.

                            Cole Phillips wasnt very productive, but proved he has the raw skills to be great in the USFL.

                            Gunther Scott failed to impress most of the day. But shows good hands.

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                              Kickers and Punters 40's (Punter Benn Hart participated with the LB's too)

                              Shane Smith (P) 4.66
                              John Kalil (P) 4.74
                              Shirley Guy 4.84
                              Ted Nuggett 4.96
                              Bryan Badwell 4.98
                              Frances Guy 7.03 (Power walked it)


                              John Kalil 14
                              Ted Nuggett 11
                              Bryan Badwell 10
                              Shane Smith 7
                              Shirley Guy 1
                              Frances Guy 0
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