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  • Superhero Football Draft

    Looking for 4-8 people to do this, It will not be 1st come 1st serve as I want reliable people.

    Just like any other football draft except we will be drafting superheros instead of players

    11 Offense, 11 Defense, 1 K/P, 1 Head Coach

    Draft Order

    Renji - Superman QB
    diabsoule - Wolverine
    d34ng3l021 - Ironman
    devinhester=R.O.Y 2006 - The Flash RB/WR
    fenikz - Rogue LT
    princefielder28 - The Hulk DT
    Turtlepower - Prof X HC
    JBond - Thor QB

    JBond - Colossus MLB
    Turtlepower - Doomsday DE
    princefielder28 - Spawn WR
    fenikz - Gambit QB
    devinhester=R.O.Y 2006 - Quicksilver WR
    d34ng3l021 - Deadpool QB
    diabsoule - Juggernaut RB
    Renji - Jean Grey/Phoenix FS

    Renji - Nightcrawler RB
    diabsoule - Batman QB
    d34ng - Spiderman CB
    devinhester - Thing LB
    fenikz - Storm FS
    princefielder28 - Beast LB
    TurtlePower - Onslaught
    JBond - Mr. Fantastic FS

    JBond - Blob NT
    TurtlePower - Bulleye QB
    princefielder - Red Tornado RB
    fenikz - Galactus
    devinhester - Carnage
    d34ng - Silver Surfer WR
    diab - Cannonball WR
    Renji -Annihilus

    Renji - Venom CB
    diabsoule - Nate Grey LT
    d34ng - Doctor Octopus LT
    devinhester - Doctor Doom HC
    fenikz - Emma Frost SS
    princefielder28 - Black Panther ILB
    TurtlePower - Invisble Woman LT
    JBond - Apocalypse LT

    JBond - Invisible Man/Human Torch RB
    TurtlePower - Psylocke
    princefielder - Fantomex QB
    fenikz - Sentry
    devinhester - He-Man, LB
    d34ng - Moon Knight MLB
    diab - Mimic ILB
    Renji - The Goblin Queen SS

    Renji -The Living Tribunal C
    diabsoule - Magneto LT
    d34ng - Leech C
    devinhester - Blok LT
    fenikz - Power Girl
    princefielder28 - Bane
    TurtlePower - Green Lantern OL
    JBond - Sabertooth OLB

    JBond - Sandman DE
    TurtlePower - Captian Marvel
    princefielder - Captain America HC
    fenikz - Martian Manhunter
    devinhester - Ironfist CB
    d34ng - Luke Cage OL
    diab - Dr. Strange
    Renji - Blink LT

    Renji - Thanos MLB
    diabsoule - Captain Britain
    d34ng - Hellboy RB
    devinhester - Shocker CB
    fenikz - Sage HC
    princefielder28 - Banshee
    TurtlePower - Gladiator DT
    JBond - Iceman CB

    JBond - She Hulk RT
    TurtlePower - Strong Guy OL
    princefielder - Wildebeast
    fenikz - Archangel WR
    devinhester - Maetro DT
    d34ng - Rhino DT
    diab - War Machine
    Renji - Kurse

    Renji - Atlas
    diabsoule - Omega Red
    d34ng - Cable LT
    devinhester - Kingpin DT
    fenikz - Fallen One DT
    princefielder28 - Shatterstar WR
    TurtlePower - Plastic man
    JBond - Kitty Pryde RB

    JBond - Darkseid DE
    TurtlePower - Loki
    princefielder - Vision CB
    fenikz - Desek LB
    devinhester -
    d34ng - Ultron DT
    diab - Northstar
    Renji -The Abomination

    Renji - The Spot RT
    diabsoule - Terrax
    d34ng - Grey Gargoyle G
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    fenikz - Spectre LB
    princefielder28 - Deathlok OLB
    TurtlePower - Wonder Woman
    JBond - Green Goblin SS

    JBond - Bizzaro CB
    TurtlePower - Ms. Marvel
    princefielder - Beta Ray Bill DE
    fenikz - Enchantress
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    d34ng - Black Bolt LB
    diab - Polaris
    Renji - Hercules

    Renji - Joseph
    diabsoule - Rachel Summers
    d34ng - Dare Devil LB
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    fenikz - Hyperion DE
    princefielder28 - Warpath WR
    TurtlePower - Bird Man
    JBond - Super Skrull WR

    JBond - Kid Omega WR
    TurtlePower - Morph
    princefielder - Bishop TE
    fenikz - Talisman
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    d34ng - Vulcan, WR
    diab - Tyrant
    Renji -Mr. M

    Renji - Ymir, OG
    diabsoule - Kevin Masterson
    d34ng - Blade
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    fenikz - Wither RT
    princefielder28 - Guardian OG
    TurtlePower - Superboy
    JBond - Cyclops MLB

    JBond - Exodus WR
    TurtlePower - Steel
    princefielder - U.S. Agent WR
    fenikz - Holocaust
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    d34ng - Radioactive Man
    diab - Lobo
    Renji - Runner

    Renji - Mystique
    diabsoule - Legacy
    d34ng - Firestorm CB
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    fenikz - Mr. Sinister
    princefielder28 - Ultra Boy CB
    TurtlePower - Maverick OG
    JBond - Firelord K

    JBond - Lady Deathstrike OLB
    TurtlePower - Maelstorm OG
    princefielder - Hoppy The Bunny DE
    fenikz - Perrikus C
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    d34ng - Mephisto DE
    diab - Eradicator
    Renji - Longshot

    Renji - Champion of the Universe
    diabsoule - Hyperstorm
    d34ng - Nick Fury HC
    devinhester - **SKIPPED**
    fenikz - Atum
    princefielder28 - Titanium Man OG
    TurtlePower - Ghostrider
    JBond - General Zod RG

    JBond - Fin Fang Foom LG
    TurtlePower - J2
    princefielder - Man-Bull RT
    fenikz - Seth TE
    devinhester -
    d34ng - Blackheart C
    diab - Tempo
    Renji - Zoom

    Renji - Fury
    diabsoule - Shard
    d34ng - Agent Zero WR
    devinhester -
    fenikz - Black Canary K/P
    princefielder28 - Wild Child
    TurtlePower - Bluestreak
    JBond - Mister Hyde C

    JBond - Puppet Master HC
    TurtlePower - Nova
    princefielder - Hawkeye K
    fenikz - Surtur
    devinhester -
    d34ng - Iron Monger K
    diab - Mr. Majestic
    Renji - Speed Demon
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    Team Renji Super Awesome:

    QB Superman
    RB Nightcrawler
    RB/WR Fury
    WR Copycat
    CB/WR The Runner
    FB/TE Hercules
    LT Blink
    LG Star Boy
    C Annihilus
    RG Spot
    RT Goblin Queen


    DE Champion of the Universe
    DT Kurse
    DT Atlas
    DE Abomination
    OLB Despero
    MLB Thanos
    OLB Joseph
    CB Zoom
    CB Longshot
    FS Jean Grey
    SS Mr. M

    RS Zoom
    K/P Speed Demon
    HC The Living Tribunal
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      Sign me up.

      "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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        I'm in. Can we pick sidekicks?



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          I will give this a shot.

          When is a likely start time?

          Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


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            QB Fantomex
            Possesses multiple brains,
            Nano-active blood,
            Skilled marksman, acrobat and hand-to-hand combatant
            Ability to read body language
            Auto-hypnosis, Skilled in misdirection
            RB Red Tornado
            Air and wind manipulation,
            Superhuman strength, physical resistance and speed,
            Self-repair/Healing Factor
            WR Shatterstar
            -Superhuman senses, strength, speed, stamina, agility, flexibility, dexterity, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance.
            -Accelerated healing
            -Enhanced learning capability
            -Ability to generate bio-energies through metal of swords
            WR U.S. Agent
            Superhuman strength and stamina
            Peak human agility, reflexes, and durability
            WR Warpath
            Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, and senses
            Trained in armed and unarmed combat
            WR Wild Child
            Superhuman senses, strength, speed, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance
            Regenerative healing factor
            Slowed aging process
            Razor sharp claws and fangs
            Olympic-level trained acrobat/gymnast, special ops-trained hand-to-hand fighter
            LT Bane
            Peak human physical condition
            When using Venom: Superhuman strength
            High intelligence
            Hand to hand combat
            Expert strategist
            OG Guardian
            Personal force field
            Ability to fire energy blasts
            C Bishop
            Energy absorption and projection
            Superhuman physical attributes
            Ability to instinctively know present location
            Skilled marksman and hand-to-hand fighter
            OG Titanium Man
            Concussive blasts
            Superhuman strength
            RT Man-Bull
            super-strength, enhanced durability, horns
            DE Beta Ray Bill
            Superhuman strength, speed stamina and durability
            Accelerated healing factor
            Via Stormbreaker:
            Ability to control weather
            Energy Projection
            DT The Hulk
            Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability
            Regenerative healing factor
            Genius level intellect in certain incarnations
            DT Wildebeest
            Can transform into a giant, superstrong powerhouse; has the mind of an infant and the temper to match
            DE Hoppy the Marvel Bunny
            Super-strength, speed and stamina
            Physical and magical invulnerability
            OLB Beast
            Animal-like physiology
            Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, flexibility, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance
            Genius level intelligence
            Accelerated healing factor
            Pheromone manipulation
            ILB Black Panther
            Superhumanly acute senses
            The peak of human physical capabilities
            Genius level intellect
            Skilled combatant/acrobat/gymnast and hunter/tracker
            Vibranium uniform, boots and equipment
            Retractable anti-metal claws
            Ebony Blade
            OLB Deathlok
            Superhuman speed, strength and reflexes
            Ability to repair bodily damage
            Ability to track multiple objects
            CB Vision
            Density and Mass Control (Ranging from Intangibility to Diamond-hard Durability)
            Energy Projection (eyes and forehead jewel)
            Superhuman Intelligence (data and tactical)
            Computer/IT Network Interfacing
            Superhuman Strength
            FS Spawn
            Superhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance,
            Magical abilities,
            Wears living symbiotic costume capable of evolving
            SS Banshee
            Superhuman hearing
            Sonic screams
            Concussive blasts
            Sonic energy lances
            Ability to cause nausea, disorientation or unconsciousness
            Immunity to powers of Black Tom Cassidy
            CB Ultra Boy
            Superhuman strength, Superhuman speed, Flight, durability, Flash Vision, 'Penetra-Vision', (one power at a time)

            K/P Hawkeye
            Master archer (uses variety of trick arrows)
            Skilled martial artist and gymnast

            HC Captain America
            Physical attributes enhanced to peak of human potential
            Expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant
            All terrain acrobatics
            Master tactician and field commander
            Vibranium-steel alloy shield
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              HC Sage

              FB Galactus
              WR Power Girl
              WR Archangel
              TE Sentry
              LT Rouge
              LG Talisman
              C Perrikus
              RG Enchantress
              RT Wither

              DE Hyperion
              DT Kingpin
              DT Holocaust
              DE Mr. Sinister
              OLB Gambit
              MLB Spectre
              OLB Desak
              CB Martian Manhunter
              FS Storm
              SS Emma Frost

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                Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                yes anyone is eligible from the superhero universe, bad guys, good guys, etc
                kick ass, can't wait



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                  Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                  yes anyone is eligible from the superhero universe, bad guys, good guys, etc

                  looking to start pretty soon

                  I have to go study soon. Can I send you a big board of heroes and the positions I would like them to play?

                  Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


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                    ya i'm done with finals and currently looking for a job so i'm basically bored shitless and will be around a lot


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                      Sent you my big board. This looks like it will be a lot of fun.

                      Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


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                        I'll do this.

                        Beastly sig by BoneKrusher

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                        WHO DAT!


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                          Sounds like good fun. Batman as the place kicker anyone?
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                            all right just did the random thing at

                            1. Renji
                            2. diabsoule
                            3. d34ng3l021
                            4. devinhester=R.O.Y 2006
                            5. fenikz
                            6. princefielder28
                            7. OSUGiants17
                            8. Forenci


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                              Renji selects from his BB




                              Debug Information