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    Your the boss of your own sports wear corporation (ex. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc.) You need to hire some some professional players to sponsor and in turn they endorse you sports wear. You choose 1 player from each major sport. I'm looking for about 8-10 guys. You can either use a real sponsor and make up your own it's up to you. All picks are final. The major sports will be.. (open to suggestions).

    American Football:
    Basketball (1 Man, 1 Women):
    College Football:
    College Basketball (1 Man):
    Tennis (1 Man, 1 Women):
    Misc (Anyone Goes):


    1) YayareaRB - Nike
    2) OSUGiants17 - Gatorade
    3) Yatta! - Adidas
    4) saintsfan912 - Under Armour
    5) Fenikz - Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits
    6) dbro - Trojan Condoms
    7) Cigaro - Monster Energy Drink
    8) Broth223 - Apple
    9) DJC - And1

    Round 1

    DJC - Tiger Woods, Golfer
    OSUGiants17 - LeBron James, Men's Basketball
    YayareaRB - Kobe Bryant, Men's Basketball MVP
    Saintsfan912 - Chris Paul, Men's Basketball , Not MVP
    Broth223 - Maria Sharapova, Women's Tennis
    Fenikz - Quinton Rampage Jackson, MMA
    Yatta! - Tom Brady, American Football
    Cigaro - Tim Tebow, College Football, Heisman
    dbro - Tony Romo, American Football

    Round 2

    dbro - Candace Parker, Women's Basketball
    Cigaro - Tyler Hansborough, College Basketball
    Yatta! - Alex Rodriguez, Baseball
    Fenikz - Peyton Manning, American Football
    Broth223 - Michael Jordan, Men's Basketball
    Saintsfan912 - Patrick Willis, American Football, DROY
    YayareaRB - Thierry Henry, Soccer
    OSUGiants17 - Sidney Crosby, Misc Hockey
    DJC - Dale Earnhardt Jr, Misc

    Round 3

    DJC - David Beckham, Soccer
    OSUGiants17 - Ladainaian Tomlinson, American Football
    YayareaRB - Diana Taurasi, Women's Basketball
    Saintsfan912 - Kimbo Slice, MMA
    Broth223 - Sue Bird, Women's Basketball
    Fenikz - Amare Stoudemire, Men's Basketball
    Yatta! - Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer
    Cigaro - Kevin Garnett, Men's Basketball
    dbro - Gisela Dulko, Tennis

    Round 4

    dbro - Ronaldinho, Soccer
    Cigaro - David Ortiz, Baseball
    Yatta! - Roger Federer, Tennis
    Fenikz - Anquan Boldin, Football
    Broth223 - Fedor Emelianenko, MMA
    Saintsfan912 - david wright, baseball
    YayareaRB - bryan habana, rugby
    OSUGiants17 - wayne rooney, soccer
    DJC - hanley ramirez, baseball

    Round 5

    DJC - dwight howard, men's basketball
    OSUGiants17 - jose reyes, baseball
    YayareaRB - derek jeter, baseball
    Saintsfan912 - andy roddick, men's tennis
    Broth223 - jonah lomu, rugby
    Fenikz - micheal crabtree, college football
    Yatta! - dwayne wade, mens basketball
    Cigaro - devin hester, american football
    dbro - daniel carter, rugby

    Round 6

    dbro - chuck liddell, mma
    Cigaro - freddy adu, soccer
    Yatta! - ana ivonovic, tennis
    Fenikz - demar derozan, college basketball
    Broth223 - james laurenaitis, college football
    Saintsfan912 - chris wells, ohio state
    YayareaRB - rey maualuga, college football
    OSUGiants17 - george st. pierre, mma
    DJC - adrian peterson, american football

    Round 7

    DJC - knowshon moreno, college football
    OSUGiants17 - lisa leslie, womens basketball
    YayareaRB - anderson silva, mma
    Saintsfan912 - kaka, soccer
    Broth223 - jozy altidore, soccer
    Fenikz - albert pujols, baseball
    Yatta! - matthew stafford, college football
    Cigaro - sebastian chabal, rugby
    dbro - greg monroe

    Round 8

    Cigaro - randy couture, mma
    Yatta! - danica patrick, nascar
    Fenikz - drogba, soccer
    Broth223 - jack nicklaus, golf
    Saintsfan912 - sylvia fowles, women's basketball
    YayareaRB - serena williams, women's tennis
    OSUGiants17 - chase daniel, college football
    DJC - stephen curry, college basketball

    Round 9

    DJC - Daniela Hantuchova, Tennis (womens)
    OSUGiants17 - phil mickelson, golf
    YayareaRB - raphael nadal, tennis
    Saintsfan912 - laron landry, american football
    Broth223 - Mike Krzyzewski College B-Ball
    Fenikz - Maria Kirilenko Woman's Tennis
    Yatta! - lauren jackson, womens basketball
    Cigaro - Trevor Immelman, Golf
    dbro - charles barkley, misc

    Round 10

    dbro - chris anderson
    Cigaro Anna Kournikova, Womens Tennis
    Yatta! - jrue holliday, college basketball
    Fenikz - Natalie Gulbis, Golf
    Broth223 - john elway, american football
    Saintsfan912 - john daly, golf
    YayareaRB - blake griffin, college basketball
    OSUGiants17 - bj mullens, college basketball
    DJC - dan henderson, mma

    Round 11

    DJC - michelle williams, wnba owner
    OSUGiants17 - david nalbandian, tennis
    YayareaRB - jay-z, nba owner misc
    Saintsfan912 - jarvis vanardo, college basketball
    Broth223 - greg maddox, mlb
    Fenikz - leslie vanikolo, rugby
    Yatta! - anna rawson, golf
    Cigaro - james black, mens tennis
    dbro - david toms, golf

    Round 12

    dbro - tom robredo, mens tennis
    Cigaro - justin smoak, baseball
    Yatta! - johnny wilko, rugby
    Fenikz - jelena jankovic, womens tennis
    Broth223 - Novak Djokovic Men's Tennis
    YayareaRB - vj singh, golf

    Round 13


    Round 14

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    I got

    Is it in you?

    American Football: LaDainian Tomlinson
    Basketball (1 Man, 1 Women): Lebron James / Lisa Leslie
    College Football: Chase Daniel
    College Basketball (1 Man): B.J. Mullens
    Baseball: Jose Reyes
    Soccer: Wyane Rooney
    Golf: "Lefty" Phil Mickelson
    Tennis (1 Man, 1 Women): David Nalbandian / Venus Williams
    Rugby: Brian O'Driscoll
    MMA: George St. Pierre
    Misc (Anyone Goes): Sidney Crosby
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      American Football: Tom Brady
      Men's Basketball: Dwayne Wade
      Women's Basketball: Lauren Jackson
      College Football: Matthew Stafford
      Men's College Basketball:
      Women's College Basketball:
      Baseball: Alex Rodriguez
      Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo
      Men's Tennis: Roger Federer
      Women's Tennis: Ana Ivanovic
      Misc (Anyone Goes):
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        American Football: Patrick Willis
        Men's Basketball: Chris Paul
        Women's Basketball: Sylvia Fowles
        College Football: Beanie Wells
        Men's College Basketball: Jarvis Varnado
        Baseball: David Wright
        Soccer: Kaka
        Golf: John Daly
        Men's Tennis: Andy Roddick
        Women's Tennis: Jelena Jankovic
        Rugby: David Wallace
        MMA: Kimbo Slice
        Misc (Anyone Goes): Laron Landry
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          i'll do this

          give me


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            Haha that is pretty damn funny. Popeyes! I didn't even know they had Popeyes other than in the Southeast, mainly in Louisiana.

            Big time Thank You to BoneKrusher!

            Who Dat Nation!


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              Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
              I got

              Is it in you?
              switched from Reebok to this.



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                Ill sign up

                Trojan Condoms


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                  Monster Energy is proudly represented by:

                  Tim Tebow, QB, Florida Gators
                  Tyler Hansbrough, PF, North Carolina Tarheels
                  Kevin Garnett, PF, Boston Celtics
                  David "Big Papi" Ortiz, DH, Boston Red Sox
                  Devin Hester, KR/PR, Chicago Bears
                  Freddy Adu, S, S.L. Benfica
                  Sebastian Chabal, 8, Sale Shark
                  Randy Couture, MMA
                  Trevor Immelman, Golf
                  Anna Kournikova, Womens Tennis
                  James Blake, Tennis
                  Justin Smoak, 1B, South Carolina Gamecocks
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                    I'm in I'll be Apple Computers/ipod/iPhone


                    1. Do they have to be current (active) or living athletes?
                    2. Are coaches/GMs fair game?
                    3. If you want my body and you think I'm sexy would you let me know?

                    American Football: John Elway
                    Men's Basketball: Air Jordan
                    Women's Basketball: Sue Bird
                    College Football: James Laurnitis
                    Men's College Basketball: Coach K
                    Baseball: Greg Maddox
                    Soccer: Jozy Altidor
                    Golf: Jack Nicholus
                    Men's Tennis:Novak Djokovic
                    Women's Tennis: Maria Sarapova
                    Rugby: Jonah Lomu
                    MMA: Fedor Eleminenco
                    Misc (Anyone Goes): Wayne Gretzky
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                    Originally posted by njx9
                    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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                      Originally posted by dbro View Post
                      Ill sign up

                      Trojan Condoms
                      you only have 4 posts idk if we should let you in. Also, don't pick guys with tons of kids to be your sponsers.



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                        Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
                        you only have 4 posts idk if we should let you in. Also, don't pick guys with tons of kids to be your sponsers.
                        Travis Henry FTW


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                          I'm in.

                          I got

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                            wow this is weird
                            my scent? making love to a lumberjack
                            <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
                            <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
                            <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                            Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                              i need to be 1st

                              it is absolutely necessary, i have a sponsor match made in heaven



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