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Post Lottery NBA Mock Draft Selection Thread

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  • Post Lottery NBA Mock Draft Selection Thread

    Please make your selection here.

    No other posts, unless someone picked out of order.

    Please include pictures.

    Looking to start a new post lottery NBA Mock Draft

    BTW, 2 rounds, trades allowed

    Would like to fill every team (Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles Lakers still available)



    I'll take Minnesota

    Round 1

    1. Chicago Bulls (adschofield) - PG Derrick Rose, Memphis
    2. Miami Heat (draftguru151) - PF Michael Beasley, Kansas State
    3. Minnesota Timberwolves (djp4516) - G OJ Mayo, USC
    4. Seattle Supersonics (Lions WMD) - PG Jerryd Bayless, Arizona
    5. Memphis Grizzlies (KJC5 - C Brook Lopez, Stanford
    6. New York Knicks (islandboy843) - F Danilo Gallinari, Italy
    7. Los Angeles Clippers (fischbowl) - G Eric Gordon, Indiana
    8. Milwaukee Bucks (princefielder2 - SF Anthony Randolph, LSU
    9. Charlotte Bobcats (Dr. Gonzo) - PF Kevin Love, UCLA
    10. Golden State Warriors (EOTNE) - PG DJ Augustine, Texas
    11. Indiana Pacers (eaglesfan) - C DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M
    12. Sacramento Kings (DChess) - G Russell Westbrook, UCLA
    13. Indiana Pacers (eaglesfan) - F Joe Alexander, West Virginia
    14. Philadelphia 76ers(BeerBaron) - C Roy Hibbert, Georgetown
    15. Phoenix Suns (fenikz) - SF Donte Green, Syracuse
    16. New Jersey Nets (scottyboy) - SG Chase Budinger, Arizona
    17. New Jersey Nets (scottyboy) - SF Nicolas Batum, Europe
    18. New Jersey Nets (scottyboy) - SG Brandon Rush, Kansas
    19. Cleveland Cavaliers (BrownsTown) - PF Darrell Arthur, Kansas
    20. Indiana Pacers(eaglesfan) - SG Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis
    21. Phoenix Suns (fenikz) - C Robin Lopez, Standford
    22. Orlando Magic (DJC) - F Marreese Speights, Florida
    23. Utah Jazz (JagHombre22) - FC Joey Dorsey, Memphis
    24. Seattle Supersonics (Lions WMD) - FC JaVale McGee, Nevada
    25. Portland Trailblazers (thetedginnshow) - PF Kosta Koufos, Ohio State
    26. San Antonio Spurs (Paul) - PG Mario Chalmers, Kansas
    27. New Orleans Hornets (saintsfan912) - SG Courtney Lee, W.Kentucky
    28. Memphis Grizzlies (KCJ5 - F Sonny Weems, Arkansas
    29. Milwaukee Bucks - GF Bill Walker, Kansas State
    30. Boston Celtics - G Lester Hudson, Tennessee-Martin

    Round 2

    31. Minnesota Timberwolves - PG Ty Lawson, North Carolina
    32. Seattle Supersonics - PF Jason Thompson, Rider
    33. Houston Rockets - PF/C Alexis Ajinca, France
    34. Minnesota Timberwolves - PF JJ Hickson, NC State
    35. Boston Celtics - SF Davon Jefferson, USC
    36. Portland Trailblazers - PG Kyle Weaver, Washington State
    37. Milwaukee Bucks - PF/C Nathan Jawai, Australia
    38. Philadelphia 76ers - PF Richard Hendrix, Alabama
    39. Chicago Bulls - PF DJ White, Indiana
    40. Los Angeles Clippers - SF Gary Forbes, UMass
    41. Denver Nuggets - PF/C Serge Ibaka, Congo
    42. Sacramento Kings - SG JR Giddens, New Mexico
    43. Sacramento Kings - PF Omer Asik, Turkey
    44. Philadephia 76ers - G Goran Dragic, Slovenia
    45. San Antonio Spurs - F Devin Hardin, California
    46. Seattle Supersonics - G Robert Vaden, UAB
    47. Washington Wizards - G Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State
    48. Phoenix Suns -
    49. Toronto Raptors -
    50. Detroit Pistons -
    51. Dallas Mavericks -
    52. New Jersey Nets -
    53. Washington Wizards -
    54. Houston Rockets -
    55. Houston Rockets -
    56. Detroit Pistons -
    57. Chicago Bulls -
    58. LA Lakers -
    59. Detroit Pistons -
    60. Boston Celtics -
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    After much deliberation, I've decided that I need a post presence...After narrowing it to the Lopez twins, I select

    Brooks Lopez, PF, Stanford

    Just kidding...

    My actual pick: Derrick Rose, PG, Memphis

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    Originally posted by BuckNaked
    Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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      Michael Beasley Forward

      That is correct comahan
      I ******* LOVE YOU DG
      <3 dg


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        Pick up in a second
        "Compadres, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters before the start of the rainy season. And remember, a shiny new donkey for whomever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya."


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          PG OJ Mayo, USC

          I got tired of waiting.

          The draft class isn't any good outside of the top 2, and Mayo has awesome talent. The baggage is a concern, but we'll deal with it. He can pair with Jefferson and Foye to give us 3 legit scoring options.
          "Compadres, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters before the start of the rainy season. And remember, a shiny new donkey for whomever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya."


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            With the 4th Overall Pick in the NBA Draft, the Seattle Supersonics select..

            Jerryd Bayless, PG, Arizona


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              With the 5th pick in the NBA Draft the Memphis Grizzlies select from Stanford University, Brook Lopez/C


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                Pick will be up soon.

                Still looking for trades.


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                  The Knicks select

                  Danilo Gallinari

                  Very versatile player. Can play 3 different positions on the floor.

                  Just D'Antoni wants.
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                    The Los Angeles Clippers Select

                    Eric Gordon, G, Indiana

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                      The Milwaukee Bucks select LSU SF Anthony Randolph

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                        Since our trade didn't go through, Dr. Gonzo selects PF Kevin Love.


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                          Golden State Warriors are very proud to select D.J. Augustine PG, Texas

                          We could have gone two ways here. Get the athletic big in DeAndre Jordan, or get the star PG who resembles his game like Nash. We decided to take Augustine to fill the void of Baron. Unlike Baron, Augustine is a pass first PG with great leadership and he can also lead an offense very well. We have a great young nucleus of players now with Augustine, Monta Ellis, Boris Diaw, Brandan Wright, and Andris Biedrins to go along with newly acquired
                          Hedo Turkoglu and good bench player Louis Williams.


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                            Ignore me. Delete me. Woo woo.
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                              With the 11th Pick in the 2008 NBA draft the Indiana Pacers select-

                              DeAndre Jordan C Texas Tech



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