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    Anybody up for an MLB Franchise Draft? I want reliable and knowledgeable posters only so we can finish. Hopefully some judges too? It's going to be best team over a 5 year period so draft for now and later. You draft a full MLB Squad: all position players + a few bench, 5 SP, 2/3 LRP, 2/3 MRP, 1 SU, 1 CP. If it stays alive long enough we could discuss drafting a small minor league team with prospects. I'm open to all suggestions.

    Please post if you want in. No offense to the new guys, but even if you post before someone who I know will be reliable, I am going to take them over you. I'm looking for about 9-11 guys to do this (10-12 including me).

    Draft Order will be random. Please pick a city and a nickname. If you are good with photoshop/gimp/paint, making a logo would be sweet too.

    American League

    1) Wo_oT88 - Montreal Frenchies
    2) Chucky - Victoria Budders
    3) NYGibril28 - Windsor Locks Raiders
    4) HinesWardJr. - Pittsburgh Ironmen
    5) art vandelay - Syracuse Clippers
    6) djp4516 - St. Paul Saints

    National League

    1) 619 - Mississauga Majors
    2) KCJ58 - Harlem Boppers
    4) ATLDirtyBirds - Brooklyn Blackout
    5) princefielder28 - Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
    6) fischbowl - Buffalo Brewskis
    7) DChess - Transiberian Orchestras

    What you will be drafting:
    - Starting C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF
    - DH if you are in AL, extra pitcher if you are in NL
    - 3 Bench Players of your choosing
    - 5 SP, 3 MRP/LRP, 1 SU, 1 CL
    - 3 Minor league prospects
    *Total of 25 Rounds*
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    I will take the Twins
    "Compadres, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters before the start of the rainy season. And remember, a shiny new donkey for whomever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya."


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      Originally posted by djp4516 View Post

      I will take the Twins
      I'm actually thinking we could do new team names. Like pick a city and nickname. Maybe even make a logo with all of the insane graphic people we have on here.


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        I'd love to, but I don't have time. Thanks for the invite though.


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          Harlem Boppers


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            I'm in. Team name later.


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              I'm in, New York Eagles


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                Im in, Toronto Blue Jays


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                  I'm up for this...thanks for the invite

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                    I'm down. Since Chucky took Toronto I'll be the Mississauga Majors.


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                      I'll be the Capital City Bombers. Awesome name.


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                        Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
                        I'll be the Capital City Bombers. Awesome name.
                        Except that's a former Met's Single A Affiliate

                        No Worries Art, I'm in.

                        If we don't do made-up teams I'll be my Orioles but if we do I'll make one up soon

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                          I'm in this one :D

                          please :)



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                            I dont know if I can join, but I will be down.


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                              in ,and I'll be the Windsor Locks Raiders


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