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  • AFC Fight Night

    AFC Fight Night, June 10th, 2008

    Evan Longorian vs Randy Johnson
    Evan Longorian wins by submission (Round 1)

    Armin Mrkanovic vs Ben Causer
    Ben Causer wins by submission(Round 2)

    Jayson Crane vs Alex McDonald
    Alex MacDonald wins by KO(Round 3)

    Marcus Mack vs Shelly De Killer
    Shelly de Killer wins by submission(Round 3)

    **Fight of the Night**
    Thiago Havok vs Jakob Finch
    Jakob Finch wins by split decision.

    Chris Hero vs J.T. Pairos
    J.T. Pairos wins by submission(Round 1)
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    AFC Fight Night, June 17, 2008

    Randy Johnson vs Brandon Webb
    Randy Johnson wins due to injury(Round 1)

    Jaccobi Kirkpatrick vs Zane MacDonald
    Jaccobi Kirkpatrick wins by KO(Round 1)

    Alex MacDonald vs Jim Rounded*
    Alex MacDonald wins by submission
    (Round 1)

    Kevin Silva vs Seth Flowers*
    Kevin Silva wins by TKO(Round 1)

    **Fight of the Night**
    Don Norton vs Chris Hero
    Chris Hero wins by KO(Round 2)

    Callum Correll vs Jakob Finch

    Callum Correll wins by KO(Round 3)

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      Fights are on tonight! (bump!)
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      Originally posted by njx9
      oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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        Fenikz is in San Diego


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          AFC Fight Night, June 27th, 2008

          Bob Johnson* vs Randy Johnson*
          Randy Johnson wins by TKO(Round 2)

          Joe Johnson* vs Tim Smith*
          Tim Smith wins by submission(Round 1)

          Jayson Crane vs Jesus Colome*
          Jayson Crane wins by KO(Round 1)

          Jaccobi Kirkpatrick vs Alvin Lopez
          Jaccobi Kirkpatrick wins due to injury(Round 1)

          ***Fight of The Night***
          Kevin Silva vs Shelly de Killer
          Kevin Silva wins by TKO(Round 2)

          Chris Hero vs Evan Longorian
          Chris Hero wins by TKO(Round 3)
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