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P-L's 2nd Annual MLB Dynasty Draft (Draft on Hold)

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  • P-L's 2nd Annual MLB Dynasty Draft (Draft on Hold)

    Please do not ask to be in this draft. As with the last one, this is invite only. If enough people do not accept or respond to my invites I may open this up to the public. However, this draft goes by pretty fast and has a very strict time limit. I only want people who I know I can trust. Any people that did not receive an invite, I apologize. There will be plenty of opportunity to do future fantasy drafts. As of 12:54 PM (EST) on June 16th, not all invitations had been sent out.


    There will be 25 rounds and you will be drafting a full 25 man roster. The position specifics will follow below. This is a dynasty draft, not a 1 or 2 year deal. You will be trying to assemble a team that can win the most championships over the next 10-12 years. You do not want to draft too many older players or too many rookies. You also need a diverse lineup. Your team should be a combination of players who hit for power, hit for average, have good speed, and can play good defense. All players currently playing for a MLB team or a minor league affiliate will be eligible. Also, any 1st Round 2008 Draft picks will be eligible. The positions you will need to draft are:

    (1) Catcher
    (1) 1st Baseman
    (1) 2nd Baseman
    (1) 3rd Baseman
    (1) Short Stop
    (1) Left Fielder
    (1) Center Fielder
    (1) Right Fielder
    (1) Designated Hitter
    (5) Bench Players

    (5) Starters
    (5) Middle Relievers
    (1) Closer

    You can have any number of bench players and any number of middle relievers as long as both numbers add up to ten.

    Time Constraints
    The draft will begin on Thursday, June 19th at 9:00 PM (EST) and will run until its completion. There will be a strict one hour time limit and the clock will run from 1:00 PM (EST) until 1:00 AM (EST). If you are not present for your selection and do not send in a big board, your pick will be skipped. You may make up your skipped pick at any time. If you miss three selections in a row we will no longer wait 1 hour for you and all your missed picks will be made for you.

    Draft start date and time subject to change.

    Draft Order
    1. P-L
    2. comahan
    3. Damix

    Draft order will be randomized once we get 8 people.

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    pick meeee
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      no! pick me!
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