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  • The New FWF Signups page

    I figured I'd start a new page for signups so they are easier to keep track of. First off let me explain what this is for any new posters who don't remember what this was last year. The FWF stands for the Fantasy Wrestling Federation. It is a roleplaying/simulation wrestling organization. Essentially you create a wrestler and you take control of his career through interviews and promos similar as to what you'd see on TV. The progression of storylines and outcomes of matches will be determined by the booking group, which consists of myself and one or two other people yet to be determined. The outcomes are based on two things:
    1. Quality participation in the week prior to the match. The more involved and creative you get, without getting ridiculous, the better a chance of winning due to better development of your character.
    2. Progression of the storyline. Some storylines require certain events to play out in order to really get things going in the right direction. If you lose a match don't complain that you got screwed because it was probably due to the devolpment of the story.

    As I stated in the other thread, each person is entitled to create one singles wrestler or one tag team. Create them using the following signup application

    Wrestler Name
    Nickname(s) if applicable
    Gimmick (brief description of the personality of the character. What makes him who he is)
    Physical description of your charcater(be very detailed. Tell us what he looks like, what he usually wears)
    Face/Heel(Is your guy a good guy or a bad guy)
    Wrestling style (Is he a power wrestler who relies on strength, a high flying speed oriented guy, a technical submission mastermind, one tough SOB who will beat you with every object he can get his hands on, etc. Try to be realistic. Rarely will you see a guy who is 6'7" 280lbs being a high flying daredevil just like you will rarely see a 5'11" 210 lb guy physically dominate his opponent. Try to give your character a definate strength and a definate weakness)
    Finishing move and description
    Alternative finishing move and description
    5 commonly used moves
    Overall Wrestler Comparison

    Tag Team name if applicable
    Style of tag team(are they highly co-operative or do they struggle with one another for the spotlight)
    Trademark Tag Team move

    Also, before you are accepted, I would like for you to PM me a sample interview/promo so I can get an initial feel for your ability to participate and a general feel for your wrestler.

    Examples of promos can be found here:
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    Username => scar988
    Wrestler Name => Samuel Carr
    Nickname(s) if applicable => "Scar"
    Height => 6'3"
    Weight => 235
    Age => 26
    Hometown => Atlanta, Georgia
    Gimmick => Iraqi War veteran, and a retired Captain in the Army. Has a no BS policy and is loved my his men. Was a 3 time Armed forces Champion in the MMA competitions and qualified for the Olympic team before being deployed in Wrestling. Played LB when he went to college at The Citadel. Likes straight fights and hates outside interference.
    Physical description of your character => Short military fade. Scar on right chest. Baggy blue jeans, normally, backstage has a leather jacket and a white shirt underneath, in ring wears just the blue jeans and wrestling boots.
    Face/Heel => Face
    Wrestling style => Submission specialist, but has some power moves. Wears down opponents before beating them. Much more of a guy who will be interested in locking up then in brawling, but still has ability to brawl.
    Finishing move and description => instead of description I just put videos. it is better to see them.
    Scar Tissue (sitout double underhook powerbomb)
    Scar'd For Life (Hangman's Clutch)
    5 commonly used moves =>
    1. Spinebuster
    2. Headlock
    3. Powerslam
    4. Keylock
    5. DDT

    pic of what I look like:
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      User Name: YayareaRB
      Wrestler Name: Yay Bryant
      Age: 24
      Height: 6'5"
      Weight: 230 lbs

      Wrestling Style: A strong mix between brawler and powerful wrestler.

      Finishing Move: Yayo Drop (Goldberg's Jackhammer)

      Alternate Finisher: Yay-Bomb (Rock Bottom)

      Five Signature Maneuvers:
      1. Swinging Neckbreaker
      2. Piledriver
      3. Sitdown Powerbomb
      4. Running DDT
      5. Spinebuster

      Overall Look: Short hair. Very muscular. Almost dead on comparison with The Rock when it comes to looks and attire. Very chiseled and impressive physique.

      Is your character a natural babyface or heel? Or both?: Kinda both leaning towards babyface.

      What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: brawlers, technical wrestlers, divas, character driven

      What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: high flyers

      Unique Character Distinction: One of the best wrestlers in the business for a while now doing the indy scene thing for while until making his big break in the buisness. Can work the mic and the crowd with the best of them.

      Overall Wrestler Comparison: The Rock


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        Wrestler Name---Andy Morgan
        Nickname(s) if any---"Little Orphan Andy" "Multicultural"
        Weight---215 lbs
        Hometown---It varies from week to week
        Gimmick---Born and raised into an orphanage, Morgan has no clue who his parents are and its led to serious identity issues.
        Face or Heel---Face
        Appearance---Young white male with an average athletic build. Has shaggy brown hair and a clean shaven babyface. His ring attire changes frequently depending on which culture he has recently come to identify himself with
        Wrestling Style---Charismatic high flyer. A constant innovater of high impact offense.
        Finishing move---Identity Crisis (Shooting star frog splash)
        Alternate finisher---The Orphanmaker (elevated cradle neckbreaker from the top rope)
        5 commonly used moves
        1. springboards off the opponent's back to the outside and hits a neck snap to the rope hung opponent
        2. various springboard attacks to opponents on the outside
        3. guillotine leg drop
        4. sitout scoop slam piledriver
        5. headscissor take down


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          User Name: UKfan
          Wrestler Name: Bunj Carter
          Age: 30
          Height: 6'2"
          Weight: 245 lbs

          Wrestling Style: Power and speed (think early British Bulldog)

          Finishing Move: The British Beatdown (Bulldog Running Powerslam)

          Alternate Finisher: Paint It Black (Tombstone Piledriver)

          Five Signature Maneuvers:
          1. Camel Clutch
          2. Clothesline From Hell
          3. Running Knee (like HHH)
          4. Hanging Suplex
          5. Atomic Drop

          Overall Look: Long dark hair, clean shaven, blue eyes, always wears union jack clothing to the ring. Ripped and thick in the stomach area, but still maintains good mobility.

          Is your character a natural babyface or heel? Or both?:

          What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: High Flyers make for an interesting match, power works well, divas, characters

          What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: Technical wrestlers can lead him to have boring matches occasionally.

          Unique Character Distinction: British wrestler who always wants to compete at the highest level. May be on the end of a beating, but is never out of the match, huge huge heart.

          Overall Wrestler Comparison: British Bulldog

          XBox 360 Gamertag: Bunj1986


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            User Name: diabsoule
            Wrestler Name: Justin Knight
            Age: 24
            Height: 6'1"
            Weight: 240 lbs

            Wrestling Style: A power wrestler that is technically efficient. Can do well on the mat as well as brawl but is not a high flyer. Great in-ring abilities along with improving above average mic skills.

            Finishing Move: Burning Hammer

            Alternate Finisher: Blackout - (Anaconda Cross - variation of the Anaconda Vise) or Fade To Black - (STS - Stepover Toehold Sleeper - his homage to Rowdy Roddy Piper). Depends on who he is wrestling on which move he will use.

            Five Signature Maneuvers:
            Knight's Honor - (Inverted Crucifix Powerbomb)
            Good Knight - (Fireman's Carry DDT) (signature DDT to set up the finisher)
            Knight Time - (Cobra Clutch Bulldog)
            Light's Out - (Double Knee Facebreaker)
            Holy Diver - (Sleeper Suplex)

            Also often uses the shining wizard, mule kick, lung blower (double knee backbreaker), and divorce court (single arm DDT). Very proficient in the use of the DDT, Bulldog, and facebreak and often uses an assortment of such during his matches.

            Overall Look: Shaggy black hair with five o'clock shadow. In good ring shape but not chiseled. Wears black and white fitted ring shorts that come down almost to the knee along with black ring boots. Has Celtic cross tattoo on right arm and English Lion tattoo on left arm.

            Is your character a natural babyface or heel? Or both?: He's a face but he can go both.

            What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: Techinical, power, and high flyers.

            What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: Stiff wrestlers, arrogant guys.

            Unique Character Distinction: Popular independent wrestler that is known for his outstanding matches and his ability to work a crowd. Believes in honor above all which is why he has the English and Celtic tattoos.

            Overall Wrestler Comparison: Mix of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, and Rowdy Roddy Piper

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              Username: jballa838
              Wrestler Name: Xavier Wilson
              Nickname(s) if applicable: X-Will
              Height: 6'5
              Weight: 245
              Age: 32
              Hometown: The mean streets of Compton
              Gimmick: Physically daunting character who is very intimidating. Yet humble. Short promos that end with a black screen with a red X on there.
              Physical description of your charcater: Chisled, Tall, Humble, and leaves no mercy. African American who is as tough as the streets. A couple tattoos and the liking. Wears a gold necklace and has a Mr.T esque MoHawk. Looks like a taller Mr.T and Wears Boxing Esque trunks (MMA style trunks) and has a lot of in ring experience.
              Face/Heel: Heel with versatility to go either way.
              Wrestling style: Power Wrestler with average athletism and bad ground game and is tough.
              Finishing move and description: X-Bomb (extended Powerbomb)
              Alternative finishing move and description: (Front Suplex off top rope)
              5 commonly used moves:
              -Running Tackle
              -Hip Toss
              -Upright Punches and Kicks
              Overall Wrestler Comparison: Smaller, more athletic Kevin Nash.
              What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: High flyers, Hardcore Guys, any experienced wrestlers.
              Neutral: Tech guys.
              What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: Young Guys and other power guys (except for experienced Power guys).
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                Username: 24cadillac24
                Wrestler Name: Jayson Crane
                Nickname(s) if applicable: The High Flyer
                Height: 5'10"
                Weight: 210
                Age: 27
                Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
                Gimmick (brief description of the personality of the character. What makes him who he is): Plays the "Australian" card quite a bit and has a distinct accent. Really thinks he is a ladies man which can often cause problems with other wrestlers as he has been known to try and steal other guys women. Other than the aformentioned problem, he is a reasonably good guy who will always help a wrestling friend who gets in trouble.
                Physical description of your charcater(be very detailed. Tell us what he looks like, what he usually wears): Has longish blonde hair and a white complexion. Has a cut body and which is suited to aerial maneuvres rather than ground attacks. Wears shorts, varying in colours from week to week, as well as long black wrestling boots, knee guards, elbow guards and silver gloves.
                Face/Heel(Is your guy a good guy or a bad guy): Face
                Wrestling style: Definitely a high flying wrestler who is not afraid to take risks from the top rope. He will probably never over power another wrestler but his speed more than makes up for it. expect a lot of moves, focusing on kicking rather than punching. When faced with a bigger opponent, he will try and keep his distance, often attacking their base with his legs and trying to get them to the ground. His aerial prowess will then give him the advantage. He is at home in ladder matches.
                Finishing move and description:
                The Crayne Train (Shiranui/springboard backflip three-quarter facelock diving reverse DDT. this move has a wrestler put a three-quarter facelock on the opponent and runs up a vertical surface, usually the corner turnbuckles, and jumps backwards, performing a backflip in the air, and landing face down to the mat, driving the opponent back-first down to the mat.)
                Alternative finishing move and description: Death From Above (Shooting Star Press. In a standard shooting star press, the wrestler jumps forward from an elevated position and presses knees to chest, executes a backflip in mid-air, and lands on the opponent in the splash/press position.
                5 commonly used moves:
                • Senton Bomb
                • Hurricanrana
                • Missile Drop Kick
                • Enzuigiri
                • Superkick
                What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: Humble types. Other high flyers/technique wrestlers

                What kind of wrestlers don't you work well with?: Big guys or guys with bad attitudes/arrogant.

                Overall Wrestler Comparison: Brian Kendrick/Paul London/Rey Mysterio.

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                  - Username: comahan
                  - Character Name: Chris Stylez
                  - Age: 25
                  - Height: 6'2"
                  - Weight: 230 lbs

                  - Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                  - Wrestling Style: Excellent Technical Wrestler who also owns one of the best punches in the business. Solid Brawler. Not a high flier. Tends to work the back of his opponent. Super Charismatic. Superb selling ability. Makes all the right mannerisms and facial expressions. Excellent promo guy.

                  - Gods Last Gift [Fisherman Suplex] (Curt Hennig)

                  - The Canadian Maple Leaf [Roll Through into Half Crab] (Lance Storm)

                  - Last Rites [Diving Inverted DDT] (Christian Cage)
                  - Gods Greatest Nation [Second Rope Belly to Back Suplex] (Scott Hall)
                  - The Canadian Triumvirate [Three Rolling German Suplexes] (Kurt Angle)
                  - The Canadian Uppercut [European Uppercut] (Bryan Danielson)
                  - Welcome To Canada, Mother****** [Double Underhook Backbreaker] (CM Punk)

                  - Overall Look: Short Blonde Hair, up in the front. Constant dark 5 o clock shadow (think Scott Hall, but blonde). Edge-Type Body. Normal Long tights, kneepads, Boots. Elbow pads. Wears a hooded robe to the ring (See pic below for facial look)

                  - Heel or Face?: Huge babyface in Canada. Huge heel everywhere else. His cockiness and overall ability will win over a small portion of fans though.

                  - What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: Smaller guys, no matter the ability or style. Not awful with big men, but my style would me more punching and overall brawling against big guys.

                  - What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: Wrestlers who don't try. Wrestlers that cant move.

                  - Unique Character Distinction: Pro-Canada. Canada is the best country in the world. Anti-USA. Evil foreigner type character. Also sees himself as being sent by god to represent the great Canadian people against all the other scum on the earth. Especially those in the USA. Claims that he is acting as Gods own right hand. Refers to himself as "The Clairvoyant", "Gods Gift to Wrestling", "Your Canadian Hero", and commonly calls himself the greatest wrestler in the world. Known for his brutal Con-Chair-To attacks. Steel chair is his signature weapon. Comes from a powerful Canadian family and was the last person train under Stu Hart in the Hart dungeon before Stu passed. Comes to the ring with his valet Amanda Evans. Preaches constantly the things that he himself does not follow.

                  Overall Comparison: Christian Cage / Christopher Daniels / Bret Hart / Edge

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                    Username: OSUGiants17
                    Wrestler Name: The Hitman
                    Nickname(s) if applicable
                    Height: 6'0
                    Weight: 193
                    Age: 27
                    Hometown: Ireland
                    Gimmick: Big heart, never gives up. Big fan favorite. Called the Hitman b/c his trademark is hiding in the stands durring a heel's promo then coming out of no where to deliver a superkick followed by one of his to finishing moves.
                    Physical description of your charcater:

                    Heel/Face: Face
                    Wrestling style: a strong technical submission mastermind
                    Finishing move and description: SharpShooter
                    Alternative finishing move and description: The Money Maker(RKO)
                    5 commonly used moves:
                    The Undertaker's triangle choke(his new move)
                    Crippler Cross Face
                    camel clutch



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                      User Name: BigDawg819
                      Wrestler Name: LE Storm
                      Age: 25
                      Height: 6'2"
                      Weight: 215 lbs.

                      Wrestling Style: Technically sound wrestler with high risk ability

                      Finishing Move: Canadian Figure Four

                      Alternate Move: Calgary Cutter (Jumping Cutter, ala RKO)

                      5 Signature Moves: Deep Impact (Spike piledriver)
                      Power-Plex (Suplex powerslam)
                      Super Kick
                      Springboard flying clothesline
                      Flying spinning heel kick

                      Overall Look: Neat Crew Cut, Red and White Tights after the Canadian Flag (Lance Storm's tights)

                      Is your character a natural babyface or heel? Natural Heel although can pull off being a babyface when needed

                      What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: Can work well with almost anyone, especially high flyers to be a counter to his technical style

                      What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: Power houses and limited wrestlers (ala Mark Henry, Batista, Khali)

                      Unique Character Distinction: Not very charismatic wrestler on the mic but the fans will eat up his promos, chants of "Boring" tend to follow his promos which fuel his heat

                      Overall Wrestler Comparison: Lance Storm to a "T"

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                      Originally posted by Job
                      On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                      Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                      So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                        User Name: JBond93
                        Wrestler Name: The Eliminator
                        Age: 27
                        Height: 6'8
                        Weight: 275

                        Wrestling Style: He is a power driven wrestler, full of slams and power maneuvers. Big Man without the lumbering, slow stature. Able to move despite his size, and uses some technical moves when necessary

                        Finishing Move: Elimination (Ganso Bomb/Hangmans DDT)

                        Alternate Finisher: Atomic Bomb (Superbomb (i.e. Powerbomb off top rope)

                        Five Signature Maneuvers:
                        1. Chokeslam
                        2. Oklahoma Slam
                        3. DD DDT (Scorpion Death Drop)
                        4. Powerbomb
                        5. Release German Suplex

                        Overall Look: Half Metal mask. Starts at nose and right below eyes and comes up to three tiny spikes right above the forehead. He is shaven bald at the top. Acrylic silver tighter pants as well as an acrylic silver tight shirt with shorter sleeves. Large silver gloves on both hands. Bigger muscular body that showcases power. Fairly intimidating body structure, definite difference between him and average builds.

                        Is your character a natural babyface or heel? Natural Heel, but he could be a face with some work. Has the evil, powerful demeanor.

                        What kind of wrestlers do you work well with?: High flyers and other power wrestlers. Able to put on a good match with solid character wrestlers and brawlers.

                        What kind of wrestlers do you NOT work well with?: Heavily technical wrestlers can present awkward match-ups.

                        Unique Character Distinction: We'll see what comes up, but he has a unique look and his thrive to dominate every opponent is unique.

                        Overall Wrestler Comparison: Early Kane with more verbal and communication skills

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