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  • The New FWF Results Thread

    This thread is for official results only. Don't post in it.

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    FWF President Rod Gordon: Welcome ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining me for this press conference concerning the re-opening of the Fantasy Wrestling Federation. It's been 7 months since we closed our doors due to poor business management but like the mighty Phoenix the FWF will rise once again from the ashes and to the forefront of professional wrestling. To get things started with a bang, Saturday July 5th we will be holding the first pay per view event since our re-opening entitled FWF: On Top of The World. All major titles will be on the line in what will prove to be our biggest show to date. Details of the card will be revealed during our first televised show this Thursday on FWF Thursday Night. What I can tell you now is that the Main Event will be a five man ladder match for the FWF World Championship consisting of five FWF Superstars from around the globe. The competitors are
    Representing Canada
    Chris Stylez

    Representing Austrailia
    Jayson Crayne

    Representing Great Britain
    Bunj Carter

    Representing Scotland
    Justin Knight

    And representing the United States......

    The United States representative will be decided this Thursday Night in a match between Samuel Carr and Xavier Wilson.

    (All of a sudden, Adam Morgan comes walking to ringside followed by FWF ring announcer Jack James. The two men enter the ring, arguing with one another before FWF Presiden Rod Gordon cuts them off)

    Rod Gordon: What the hell is going on? I am in the middle of our grand re-opening press conference. What is this all about?

    Jack James: I tried to stop him sir but he insisted he come out here.

    Adam Morgan: How can you have a World Title match consisting of competitors from around the world without me? It makes no sense.

    Rod Gordon: (rolling his eyes) And what country do you represent?

    Adam Morgan: Why Mexico of course.

    Rod Gordon: Jack get this nut out of here so I can continue with this press conference.

    Adam Morgan: Now wait a minute, let me explain. I grew up in an orphanage with no knowledge of who my parents really are right? Who's to say they weren't Mexican? I mean the evidence is overwhelming. First, I love Mexican food. Second, I own a dog and what kind of dog is it you ask? Why it's a Chihuahua of course. I've always been good at climbing fences...

    Rod Gordon: Ok that's enough. This is starting to get offensive. I don't have time for.......

    (All of a sudden, The Hitman comes from out of the crowd and enters the ring.)

    Rod Gordon: (frustrated) And what exactly do you want?

    The Hitman: This joker has a point. How can you have a World Title match representing all the nations of the FWF without allowing me to represent my native Ireland?

    Rod Gordon: You know what? Since you both want in the match so badly, how about you two face off in the ring this Thursday Night in a qualifying match. Winner becomes the sixth and final participant in the PPV main event. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a press conference to finish. As I was saying the lineup for this Thursday's show will consist of the following matches:

    World Title Qualifying match
    Samuel Carr vs Xavier Wilson

    World Title Qualiying Match
    Adam Morgan vs The Hitman

    Bunj Carter vs Jayson Crayne

    Non-Title Match
    The Eliminator vs LE Storm vs Yay Bryant



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