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Fantasy Draft or Real Draft? Dynasty Sim League Opening

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  • Fantasy Draft or Real Draft? Dynasty Sim League Opening

    I like fantasy football, but I LOVE the real NFL draft and sites like this devoted to it.

    I run two 32-team dynasty/salarycap/sim leagues and several of our player's buddies were looking to join too so we expanded into a third league we are about to start. We are going to replay the last off-season with these sim NFL franchises, so our GMs will get to replay free agency and the college draft before regular season games.

    It's always fun to see a couple months later how different draftees see their stocks rise and fall. Knowing what we know now, would any team in the top 10 pick Michael Crabtree? Maybe they should have been more cautious even without hindsight being 20/20. But still a heck of a talent long-term hopefully.

    So if you are getting ready for your fantasy draft and are like me in thinking it would be more fun re-picking the college draft after seeing some of these players get a taste of pro ball in camps and exhibition games, we have a couple open franchises.

    It's free to play! Learn more or sign up here:

    Teams will be assigned thursday night. Thanks, and I look forward to more draft coverage all year long! There are no real games in April, but it's one of my favorite times as a football fan.

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