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DC Wrestling: DCW Primetime, Wednesday, 7PM EST

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  • DC Wrestling: DCW Primetime, Wednesday, 7PM EST

    Remember the old FWF we did? Yea, good times. This would be kinda like that.

    1. You'll create up to THREE original characters. You can pair two up as tag partners, have them all singles, it doesnt matter. You can also do only one if you want.

    2. All matches will be decided by votes. When we did this before, the bookers decided everything. This time matches will be purely based off of the votes of those signed up. Only those signed up for DCWF can vote. When you vote, you must state that the person/team you are voting for is hitting a certain move on the opposition.

    3. Number of votes to win depends on the match. The General Manager (myself) will set the number of votes to win each match before the match begins. For instance, I might say the first person to receive 3 votes will win this next match. This person can also "call" a match if it is going on much longer than expected. If a match is called, the superstar/team with the most votes will win. Some matches may be more complex, but they will be explained before it takes place.

    4. Each show will take place at the same time once a week. This will ensure that those involved will be around all at once to do the voting.

    5. Roleplays are allowed to take place during the Television Show, during PPVs, midweek on "", etc. This means things like promos. If you want a promo to appear on TV or a PPV, you write it and send it to the General Manager via PM. He will then place it into the show. If you want to do a segment or interview with another persons wrestler, get together and write the promo. PM, IRC, AIM, whatever works. You can also do segments. For instance, Character 1 attacks Character 2 in the back. HOWEVER, if you use someone elses character in one of these, you need their permission and they have to be okay with how theyre being used.

    6. I expect you to be active. This doesnt mean you have to write a giant promo for all of your people each week. Something small works, as long as its something. If you are not active with interviews and what not, your characters will not be booked.

    7. When it comes to voting for a match, you can vote for whoever you want. However, to keep this thing going right, its preferred that you vote for the more active people with the best characters. If we do it correctly, the best characters will be the champions, while the worst ones will be jobbers.

    8. Almost everything is up to you guys. I'll add small things during shows that may lead to angles, but most of what I do will be things that are playing off of stuff you guys say and do. You can request that I do certain things and go a certain direction with your character via pm.

    9. To start it out, things will go as such;
    • Signups, each person creates their characters
    • People will do their introduction promos for their characters, stating their goals, and giving us a glimpse at what their gimmick might be.
    • I will use the promos to create the first card
    • People will send me small interviews/promos/segments to place in the show once the card is posted. If you see that youre matched up against Wrestler A, then send a promo focused on Wrestler A. If you dont have a match, send an interview or segment or something to get your character on the show. Not everyone will have a match every week.
    • I will post the show, matchup by matchup, promo by promo, at the set time. As we go along, matches will be voted on and winners will be determined. When a wrestler wins, I will write the ending of the match. This is where I'll add things that can lead to angles, and can be the focus of your characters promos for next week
    __________________________________________________ _


    Austin Cole - Diabsoule <Omega Driver / Stretch Plum>
    Chris Stylez - comahan <Fisherman Suplex / Roll Through into Half Crab>
    Eddie - UKfan <Running Powerslam / Dominator>
    Jon Mirasty - Jensen <RKO / Triangle Choke>
    Mickey Murphy - A Perfect Score <MMA Elbows / Leglock>
    Rampage - Caddy <F-5 / Uranage>
    Sabotage- Splat <Stone Cold Stunner / Go to Sleep>
    Scott Phoenix - The Dude Abides <Impaler DDT / Spinebuster>
    Trent Powers - Diabsoule <450 Splash / Dragon Sleeper>
    Troy James - Caddy <C-4 / Flying Armbar>
    Vincent - UKfan <Sharpshooter / Hanging Vertical Suplex>

    747 w/ Tish - SuperKevin <Airplane Spin / Big Splash>

    Andy - SuperKevin <Top Rope Legdrop / Spinning Side Slam>
    Bryan Hart - OSUGiants <Walls of Jericho / RKO>
    James Matthews - T-Rich <Tombstone Piledriver / Superkick>
    Jimmy Carello - scar998 <Starship Pain / Crippler Crossface>
    Justin Knight - Diabsoule <Burning Hammer / Guillitine Choke>
    Lonnie Swardson - SuperMcGee <Diving Neckbreaker / Diving Hurricanrana>
    Michael Kasabian - UKfan <Gorilla Press Slam / Pedigree>
    Mr. Seattle - jballa838 <SuperRana / Spear>
    Padraig Murphy - fenikz <Flying Triangle Choke / German Suplex into Rear Naked Choke>
    Scar - scar988 <Tiger Driver / Haas of Pain>
    Vinny Carello - scar998 <Gutwrench Powerbomb / Boston Crab>

    Tag Teams
    -Massive Attack (Vincent & Eddie) - UKfan <Doomsday Device / 3D>
    -Damage Inc (Powers & Cole) - Diabsoule <Omega Driver followed by 450 Splash / STO Backbreaker followed by Yakuza Kick>
    -The Carellos w/ Papa Carello - scar998 <Gutwrench Powerbomb followed by Starship Pain>
    -The Irish Republic Army (Mickey & Padraig Murphy) - fenikz & APS
    -Rampage and Hael King - Caddy
    -Lonnie and Andy
    - SuperMcGee and SuperKevin

    Stacy Smith, Backstage Interviewer
    Rod Gordon, DCWF Owner and Founder
    Thomas the Orderly, Referee
    Bill Warren, Play by Play announcer
    Ace Anderson
    , Color Commentator
    Franklin Furter, Ring Announcer
    Don Thompson, Head of Security


    The DCWF World Championship

    -Scar 11/15/09 - current

    The DCWF World Tag Team Championships

    -Rampage and Hael King
    11/15/09 - current

    The DCWF Television Championship

    -Scott Phoenix 10/21/09 - current


    Un-Named DCW PPV (Sunday 13th December, 2009, 7 PM EST)

    DCW World Title Match
    Scar vs. ?

    DCW Television Title Steel Cage Match
    Scott Phoenix vs. Sabotage

    Per Rod Gordon's Orders
    Michael Kasabian vs. ?
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    I'm always interested


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      I'm good to go. I've enjoyed all of the other wrestling federations we've done.

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        I'm kinda interested but my spelling and grammar would kill me on interviews so I don't know.


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          I'm definitely in.

          I plan on reviving one of my older characters.
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            If you need more I would give this a go

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              I'm guessing the last time this was done was pretty long ago?

              So there is no link or any thing?

              I would kinda like to look it over for ideas and examples and what not.


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                Originally posted by Splat View Post
                I'm guessing the last time this was done was pretty long ago?

                So there is no link or any thing?

                I would kinda like to look it over for ideas and examples and what not.
                Usually comes and goes about once a year. I always started it when I had a ton of free time and like clockwork my life turned into a shitstorm soon afterwards and it faded away


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                  a few old links

                  -Signup threads

                  -Promo threads


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                    I'm interested buit as Splat mentioned spelling and grammar woul get me as well


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                      As long as you get your general point across, it should be fine~


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                        Can I be like a mute wrestler with out the ability to talk and have some one be my manager who does the talking for me? :)


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                          Wish I had more time. I'd be back :(

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                            Originally posted by Splat View Post
                            Can I be like a mute wrestler with out the ability to talk and have some one be my manager who does the talking for me? :)
                            Yea, but youd have to write for the manager :P


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                              Im down, but it will probably only be for one character.
                              Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                              The APS is strong in this one.
                              Originally posted by killxswitch
                              Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.



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