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  • NBA Superstar Dynasty

    I should warn you, this is not Fantasy Basketball in the sense you understand. This has a bit more in common with that one NBA Mock we had where we took control of whole teams and went through the off-seasons.

    Anyway, this is the premise;

    -Eight 'Owner' League.
    -Each Team gets one Legit NBA Superstar (These guys have to be a legit foundation that teams can be built upon RIGHT NOW).
    -Fourteen Round Draft
    (You are not drafting players for Fantasy Purposes. What you are trying to do is create the BEST POSSIBLE supporting cast for your superstar. A team that can step out onto the court and dominate the NBA for real.)

    The Guidelines:
    -Salary has no bearing on your decision process. If you think employing eight-plus players earning double-digit moolah is the way to go, then do it.
    -The main categories you ought to consider when doing this draft are complementary skills and chemistry intangibles. The skills are easy to define- as they often boost your superstar's talents and compensate for his weaknesses. The chemistry part isn't going to as important- mainly because I doubt many of us are that savvy to the game- but it is useful in it's own right to know if two players are going to mesh properly or not.

    It's an Eight Team league because I'm fairly sure that's the most Superstars the league has right now. You may also be wondering who qualifies for 'Superstar' status, outside of the few nobody would argue against. Well, we'll jump oiff that bridge when we come to it.

    Is anybody interested?
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