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2010 High School Basketball Draft

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  • 2010 High School Basketball Draft

    DJC OTC!!!!

    Alright, DG is having a fantasy draft for class of 2010 High School football recruits, so I figured we should give basketball a shot too.

    Only seven rounds - Five starters - 2 Role Players (if some feel there should be more rounds, then let me know)

    Three hour time period in between selections 12 PM - 12 AM

    If you miss your pick, you are simply skipped and free to pick once you return

    Round 1
    1. JRTPlaya21 - Brandon Knight, Point Guard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    2. yo123 - Harrison Barnes, Small Forward, Ames, IA
    3. JFLO - Jared Sullinger, Power Forward, Columbus, OH
    4. T-RICH49 - Josh Selby, Point Guard, Baltimore, MD
    5. CL4H - Perry Jones, Forward, Dallas, TX
    6. derza222 - Tobias Harris, Forward, Glen Head, NY
    7. aNYtitan - Terrence Jones, Forward, Portland, OR
    8. DJC - Reggie Bullock, Shooting Guard, Kinston, NC

    Round 2
    1. DJC - Fab Melo, Center, Weston, FL
    2. aNYtitan - Vander Blue, Shooting Guard, Madison, WI
    3. derza222 - Will Barton, Shooting Guard, Wolfboro, NH
    4. CL4H - Cory Joseph, Point Guard, Henderson, NV
    5. T-RICH49 - Doron Lamb, Shooting Guard, Laurelton, NY
    6. JFLO - Kyrie Irving, Point Guard, Elizabeth, NJ
    7. yo123 - Joe Jackson, Point Guard, Memphis, TN
    8. JRTplaya - Josh Smith, Center, Covington, WA

    Round 3
    1. JRTplaya - Jelan Kendrick, Guard/Forward, Marietta, GA
    2. yo123 - C.J. Leslie, Small Forward, Raleigh, NC
    3. JFLO - Adrian Payne, Center, Dayton, OH
    4. T-RICH49 - Tristan Thompson, Forward, Henderson, NV
    5. CL4H - Dwight Powell, Forward, Bradenton, FL
    6. derza222 - DeShaun Thomas, Small Forward, Fort Wayne, IN
    7. aNYtitan - Enes Kanter, Power Forward, Beckley, WV
    8. DJC - Kendall Marshall, Point Guard, Arlington, VA

    Round 4
    1. DJC - Patric Young, Forward, Jacksonville, FL
    2. aNYtitan - Keala King, Point Guard, Compton, CA
    3. derza222 - Ryan Harrow, Point Guard, Marietta, GA
    4. CL4H - Dion Waiter, Shooting Guard, Burlington, NJ
    5. T-RICH49 - Stacey Poole, Small Forward, Jacksonville, FL
    6. JFLO - Cameron Clark, Small Forward, Sherman, TX
    7. yo123 -Trey Zeigler, Shooting Guard, Mount Pleasant, MI
    8. JRTPlaya - Travis McKie, Forward, Richmond, VA

    Round 5
    1. JRTYPlaya - Roscoe Smith, Forward, Mouth of Wilson, VA
    2. yo123 - Meyers Leonard, Center, Robinson, IL
    3. JFLO - Jereme Richmond, Shooting Guard, Wakegun, IL
    4. T-RICH49 - Royce Woolridge, Shooting Guard, Phoenix, AZ
    5. CL4H - Keith Appling, Point Guard, Detroit, MI
    6. derza222 - Dominique Ferguson, Foward, Indianapolis, IN
    7. aNYtitan - Michael Cobbins, Power Forward, Amarillo, TX
    8. DJC - Casey Prather, Forward, Jackson, TN

    Round 6
    1. DJC - Daniel Bejarano, Shooting Guard, Phoenix, AZ
    2. aNYtitan - Terone Johnson, Point Guard, Indianapolis, IN
    3. derza222 - Tarik Black, Forward/Center, Memphis, TN
    4. CL4H - Demarco Cox, Center, Yazoo City, MS
    5. T-RICH49 - Rod Odom, Forward, Concord, MA
    6. JFLO - Anthony Brown, Shooting Guard, Huntington Beach, CA
    7. yo123 - Ray McCallum, Point Guard, Detroit, MI
    8. JRTPlaya - Josh Hairston, Forward, Spotsylvania, VA

    Round 7 (Final Round)
    1. JRTPlaya - Jayvaughn Pinkston, Forward, Brooklyn, NY
    2. yo123 - Nate Lubick, Forward, Southborough, MA
    3. JFLO - Phil Pressey, Point Guard, Dallas, TX
    4. T-RICH49 - James Johnson, Forward, Wildomar, CA
    5. CL4H - Evan Smotrycz, Forward, New Hampton, NH
    6. derza222 - James Bell, Guard/Forward, Montverde, FL
    7. aNYtitan - Luke Cothron, Forward, Red Springs, NC
    8. DJC - Carson Derosiers, Center, Lawrence, MA
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    PG- Joe Jackson, Ray Mccallum
    SG- Trey Zeigler
    SF- Harrison Barnes
    PF- CJ Leslie, Nate Lubick
    C- Meyers Leonard
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      I'm in as well


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        I'm not going to be the best at this but I follow recruiting some and it looks like you need more people so I'm in if you could use somebody else.

        C- Tarik Black
        PF- Tobias Harris
        SF- Deshaun Thomas
        SG- Will Barton
        PG- Ryan Harrow

        F- Dominique Ferguson
        G/F- James Bell
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          C | Fab Melo
          PF | Patric Young
          SF | Casey Prather
          SG | Reggie Bullock
          PG | Kendall Marshall

          SG| Daniel Bejarano
          C | Carson Desrosiers
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            im in. (10 char)
            Hi Mom. Send money!


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              12 pm tomorrow?

              Originally posted by bearsfan_51
              Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                Team JFLO

                Point Guard: Kyrie Irving - Elizabeth, New Jersey
                Shooting Guard: Jereme Richmond - Wakegun, IL
                Small Forward: Cameron Clark - Sherman, Texas
                Power Forward: Jared Sullinger - Columbus, Ohio
                Power Forward/Center: Adrian Payne - Dayton, Ohio

                Bench 1: Anthony Brown, SG, Huntington Beach, CA
                Bench 2: Phil Pressey, PG, Dallas, TX
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                  JRTPlaya maybe?


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                    Originally posted by derza222 View Post
                    JRTPlaya maybe?
                    I'll send him a PM, but I would like to start this thing sometime this evening. I'm aiming for around 6 PM ET....

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                      Team Breakdown

                      PG- Brandon Knight
                      SG- Jelan Kendrick
                      SF- Roscoe Smith
                      PF- Jayvaughn Pinkston
                      C- Josh Smith


                      SF- Travis McKie
                      PF- Josh Hairston
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                        Originally posted by JRTPlaya21 View Post
                        I'm in guys.

                        I'm going to randomize the order tonight and we'll start this process somewhere around 6 PM - 8 PM ET tonight.

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                          Cool, I'll be doing work tonight so I should be around to make my picks.


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                            Sweet I'll be watching the Ultimate Fighter & Modern Family so I will be here.

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                              Alright this is the order, via random generator thingy...

                              1. JRTPlaya21
                              2. yo123
                              3. JFLO
                              4. T-RICH49
                              5. CL4H
                              6. derza222
                              7. aNYtitan
                              8. DJC

                              Remember, snake draft order, so DJC will pick first in round 2, JRT last.

                              jrt is on the clock until 9:10 PM ET

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