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2010 High School Basketball Draft

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  • JFLO
    started a topic 2010 High School Basketball Draft

    2010 High School Basketball Draft

    DJC OTC!!!!

    Alright, DG is having a fantasy draft for class of 2010 High School football recruits, so I figured we should give basketball a shot too.

    Only seven rounds - Five starters - 2 Role Players (if some feel there should be more rounds, then let me know)

    Three hour time period in between selections 12 PM - 12 AM

    If you miss your pick, you are simply skipped and free to pick once you return

    Round 1
    1. JRTPlaya21 - Brandon Knight, Point Guard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    2. yo123 - Harrison Barnes, Small Forward, Ames, IA
    3. JFLO - Jared Sullinger, Power Forward, Columbus, OH
    4. T-RICH49 - Josh Selby, Point Guard, Baltimore, MD
    5. CL4H - Perry Jones, Forward, Dallas, TX
    6. derza222 - Tobias Harris, Forward, Glen Head, NY
    7. aNYtitan - Terrence Jones, Forward, Portland, OR
    8. DJC - Reggie Bullock, Shooting Guard, Kinston, NC

    Round 2
    1. DJC - Fab Melo, Center, Weston, FL
    2. aNYtitan - Vander Blue, Shooting Guard, Madison, WI
    3. derza222 - Will Barton, Shooting Guard, Wolfboro, NH
    4. CL4H - Cory Joseph, Point Guard, Henderson, NV
    5. T-RICH49 - Doron Lamb, Shooting Guard, Laurelton, NY
    6. JFLO - Kyrie Irving, Point Guard, Elizabeth, NJ
    7. yo123 - Joe Jackson, Point Guard, Memphis, TN
    8. JRTplaya - Josh Smith, Center, Covington, WA

    Round 3
    1. JRTplaya - Jelan Kendrick, Guard/Forward, Marietta, GA
    2. yo123 - C.J. Leslie, Small Forward, Raleigh, NC
    3. JFLO - Adrian Payne, Center, Dayton, OH
    4. T-RICH49 - Tristan Thompson, Forward, Henderson, NV
    5. CL4H - Dwight Powell, Forward, Bradenton, FL
    6. derza222 - DeShaun Thomas, Small Forward, Fort Wayne, IN
    7. aNYtitan - Enes Kanter, Power Forward, Beckley, WV
    8. DJC - Kendall Marshall, Point Guard, Arlington, VA

    Round 4
    1. DJC - Patric Young, Forward, Jacksonville, FL
    2. aNYtitan - Keala King, Point Guard, Compton, CA
    3. derza222 - Ryan Harrow, Point Guard, Marietta, GA
    4. CL4H - Dion Waiter, Shooting Guard, Burlington, NJ
    5. T-RICH49 - Stacey Poole, Small Forward, Jacksonville, FL
    6. JFLO - Cameron Clark, Small Forward, Sherman, TX
    7. yo123 -Trey Zeigler, Shooting Guard, Mount Pleasant, MI
    8. JRTPlaya - Travis McKie, Forward, Richmond, VA

    Round 5
    1. JRTYPlaya - Roscoe Smith, Forward, Mouth of Wilson, VA
    2. yo123 - Meyers Leonard, Center, Robinson, IL
    3. JFLO - Jereme Richmond, Shooting Guard, Wakegun, IL
    4. T-RICH49 - Royce Woolridge, Shooting Guard, Phoenix, AZ
    5. CL4H - Keith Appling, Point Guard, Detroit, MI
    6. derza222 - Dominique Ferguson, Foward, Indianapolis, IN
    7. aNYtitan - Michael Cobbins, Power Forward, Amarillo, TX
    8. DJC - Casey Prather, Forward, Jackson, TN

    Round 6
    1. DJC - Daniel Bejarano, Shooting Guard, Phoenix, AZ
    2. aNYtitan - Terone Johnson, Point Guard, Indianapolis, IN
    3. derza222 - Tarik Black, Forward/Center, Memphis, TN
    4. CL4H - Demarco Cox, Center, Yazoo City, MS
    5. T-RICH49 - Rod Odom, Forward, Concord, MA
    6. JFLO - Anthony Brown, Shooting Guard, Huntington Beach, CA
    7. yo123 - Ray McCallum, Point Guard, Detroit, MI
    8. JRTPlaya - Josh Hairston, Forward, Spotsylvania, VA

    Round 7 (Final Round)
    1. JRTPlaya - Jayvaughn Pinkston, Forward, Brooklyn, NY
    2. yo123 - Nate Lubick, Forward, Southborough, MA
    3. JFLO - Phil Pressey, Point Guard, Dallas, TX
    4. T-RICH49 - James Johnson, Forward, Wildomar, CA
    5. CL4H - Evan Smotrycz, Forward, New Hampton, NH
    6. derza222 - James Bell, Guard/Forward, Montverde, FL
    7. aNYtitan - Luke Cothron, Forward, Red Springs, NC
    8. DJC - Carson Derosiers, Center, Lawrence, MA
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  • JFLO
    To be honest, I just ended it because DJC already had four votes with six of them (including mine). I believe derza had one vote as well as JRTPlaya.

    He would have won no matter what, even if derza or jrt had received the other two votes, so...

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  • yo123
    You should post the rest of the voting. Who got second?

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  • DJC

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  • JFLO
    And the winner is....

    Team DJC, Congratulations! You must be so proud...

    Anyways, this was fun guys, thanks for sticking out the long process and finishing this, especially during the Holiday weekend.

    Until next year? haha

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  • JFLO
    Alright, this will be the process in determining the winner of this draft, all of the teams are listed below this paragraph. Look at all the teams and whichever one you feel is the best team, PM me that team.


    TEAM YO123
    PG- Joe Jackson, Ray Mccallum
    SG- Trey Zeigler
    SF- Harrison Barnes
    PF- CJ Leslie, Nate Lubick
    C- Meyers Leonard

    C- Tarik Black
    PF- Tobias Harris
    SF- Deshaun Thomas
    SG- Will Barton
    PG- Ryan Harrow

    F- Dominique Ferguson
    G/F- James Bell

    C | Fab Melo
    PF | Patric Young
    SF | Casey Prather
    SG | Reggie Bullock
    PG | Kendall Marshall

    SG| Daniel Bejarano
    C | Carson Desrosiers

    Point Guard: Kyrie Irving - Elizabeth, New Jersey
    Shooting Guard: Jereme Richmond - Wakegun, IL
    Small Forward: Cameron Clark - Sherman, Texas
    Power Forward: Jared Sullinger - Columbus, Ohio
    Power Forward/Center: Adrian Payne - Dayton, Ohio

    Bench 1: Anthony Brown, SG, Huntington Beach, CA
    Bench 2: Phil Pressey, PG, Dallas, TX

    PG- Brandon Knight
    SG- Jelan Kendrick
    SF- Roscoe Smith
    PF- Jayvaughn Pinkston
    C- Josh Smith


    SF- Travis McKie
    PF- Josh Hairston

    TEAM aNYTitan
    PG- Keala King
    SG- Vander Blue
    SF- Terrence Jones
    PF- Michael Cobbins
    C- Enes Kanter
    BENCH 1- Terone Johnson (PG)
    BENCH 2- Luke Cothron (F)

    PG- Corey Joseph
    SG- Dion Waiters
    SF- Dwight Powell
    PF- Perry Jones
    C- Demarco Cox
    BENCH 1- Keith Appling (PG)
    BENCH 2- Evan Smotrycz (F)

    PG- Josh Selby
    SG- Doron Lamb
    SF- Stacey Poole
    PF- Tristan Thompson
    C- James Johnson
    BENCH 1- Royce Woolridge
    BENCH 2- Rod Odom

    T-RICH, CL4H and aNYtitan, If I put a player at the wrong position, it really wouldn't matter, seeing as they are on your team in the first place.

    The votes will be posted here, so here once I receive them all...

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  • DJC
    With the final pick of the draft...

    I select

    Carson Derosiers, C Lawrence MA

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  • aNYtitan
    My final pick

    7th round - Luke Cothron - Small forward

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  • CLong4Heisman
    Evan Smotrycz, SF,

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  • derza222
    James Bell, G/F, Montverde Academy, Montverde (FL)

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  • JFLO

    alright, looks like we have three or four picks left (CL4H is OTC!)

    What I'm thinking for the winner would be just to have you guys post your FINAL teams then we'll have all participants vote to see who has the best team.


    would you guys rather have other people vote (would be tough, seeing as how their isn't a lot of people into B-ball recruiting)


    we could do a hybrid judgment, and have both participants and outsiders vote.


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  • T-RICH49
    Rod Odom, F, Concord, MA


    James Johnson, F, Wildomar, CA

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  • JFLO
    Phil Pressey Point Guard, Dallas TX

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  • yo123
    PG Ray Mccallum and PF Nate Lubick.

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  • JFLO
    Alright, yo has been skipped, he's on the clock still though until 4 PM ET...

    Also, via big board, JRTPlaya has selected

    Josh Hairston, Forward, Spotsylvania, VA
    Jayvaughn Pinkston, Forward, Brooklyn, NY

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