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  • ZachSaints52 Fantasy Draft

    And the order of the picks is (I had my friend here to watch the randomizer so I am honest haha.)....

    There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    1. vikes_29- vikes
    2. Zach- Saints
    3. gpngc- seahawks
    4. Jim Jim- Packers
    5. Go Eagles 77- Eagles
    6. Chucky- Tampa
    7. Bosonac91- falcons
    8. Fenikz- Cardinals

    Timestamp: 2009-12-28 08:17:49 UTC

    Round 1:
    Vikings- Chris Johnson RB
    Saints- Drew Brees QB
    Seahawks- Peyton Manning QB
    Packers- Adrian Peterson RB
    Eagles- Tom Brady QB
    Buccaneers- DeMarcus Ware OLB
    Falcons- Andre Johnson WR
    Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald WR

    Round 2
    Cardinals- Jared Allen DE
    Falcons- Philip Rivers QB
    Buccaneers- Darrelle Revis CB
    Eagles- Patrick Willis LB
    Packers- Charles Woodson CB
    Seahawks- Namdi Asomugah CB
    Saints- Calvin Johnson Jr. WR
    Vikings- Wes Welker WR

    Round 3
    Vikings- Aaron Rodgers QB
    Saints- Stephen Jackson RB
    Seahawks- Mario Williams DE
    Packers- Elvis Dumervil OLB
    Eagles- Ryan Clady OT
    Buccaneers- Joe Thomas OT
    Falcons- Albert Haynesworth DT
    Cardinals Ed Reed SS

    Round 4
    Cardinals- Maurice Jones-Drew
    Falcons- Jake Long OT
    Buccaneers- Kevin Williams DT
    Eagles- Julius Peppers DE
    Packers- Vince Wilfork DT
    Seahawks- Haloti Ngata DT
    Saints- Brandon Marshall WR
    Vikings- James Harrison OLB

    Round 5
    Vikings- Jonathan Vilma MLB
    Saints- Kirk Morrison MLB
    Seahawks- Dwight Freeney DE
    Packers- D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT
    Eagles- Darnell Dockett DT
    Buccaneers- Troy Palumalu SS
    Falcons- Michael Turner RB
    Cardinals- Jon Beason MLB

    Round 6
    Cardinals- Micheal Roos LT
    Falcons= Adrian Wilson SS
    Buccaneers- Justin Tuck DE
    Eagles- DeAngelo Williams RB
    Packers- Asante Samuel CB
    Seahawks- Reggie Wayne WR
    Saints- Jahri Evans OG
    Vikings- Richard Seymour DE

    Round 7
    Vikings- Jarod Mayo MLB
    Saints- Nick Mangold C
    Seahawks- Desean Jackson WR
    Packers- Brian Orakpo OLB
    Eagles- Sheldon Brown CB
    Buccaneers- Jarius Byrd FS
    Falcons- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB
    Cardinals- Johnathan Joseph CB

    Round 8
    Cardinals- Randy Moss WR
    Falcons- Cutris Lofton MLB
    Buccaneers- Shaun Rogers NT
    Eagles- Vincent Jackson WR
    Packers- Greg Jennings
    Seahawks- Brian Cushing OLB
    Saints- Robert Mathis DE
    Vikings- Cortland Finnegan CB

    Round 9
    Vikings- Leon Hall CB
    Saints- Sedrick Ellis DT
    Seahawks- Vernon Davis TE
    Packers- Logan Mankins OG
    Eagles- Nick Collins FS
    Buccaneers- Lance Briggs OLB
    Falcons- Antonio Gates TE
    Cardinals- Trent Cole DE

    Round 10
    Cardinals- Bob Sanders SS
    Falcons- Jason Peters RT
    Buccaneers- Davi Harris ILB
    Eagles- Micheal Oher RT
    Packers- Jason Witten TE
    Seahawks- Ray Rice RB
    Saints- Jamaal Brown LT
    Vikings- Alex Barron OT

    Round 11
    Vikings- Justin Blalock
    Saints- Thomas Howard ROLB
    Seahawks- Antoine Bethea FS
    Packers- Miles Austin WR
    Eagles- Will Smith DE
    Buccaneers- Roddy White WR
    Falcons- Lamaar Woodley OLB
    Cardinals- Jay Ratliff DT

    Round 12
    Cardinals- Karlos Dansby LB
    Falcons- Clay Matthews LB
    Buccaneers- Anquan Boldin WR
    Eagles- Chris Snee OG
    Packers- Matt Schaub QB
    Seahawks- Jordan Gross OT
    Saints- Carl Nicks OG
    Vikings- Kyle Vanden Bosch DE

    Round 13
    Vikings- Osi Umenyiora DE
    Saints- Joe Staley OT
    Seahawks- Steve Hutchinson OG
    Eagles- Sydney Rice WR
    Buccaneers- Jared Gaither OT
    Falcons- Steve Smith (NYG) WR
    Cardinals- Ben Roethlisberger QB

    Round 14
    Cardinals- Marques Colston WR
    Falcons- Jonathan Babineaux DT
    Buccaneers- Santonio Holmes WR
    Eagles- Kris Jenkins DT
    Seahawks- Demeco Ryans MLB
    Saints- Terrell Suggs DE
    Vikings- Jeff Faine C

    Round 15
    Vikings- Percy Harvin WR
    Saints- LaRon Landry FS
    Seahawks- Ben Grubbs OG
    Eagles- Jason Brown C
    Buccaneers- Davin Joseph OG
    Falcons- Barrett Rudd MLB
    Cardinals- Kris Deilman OG

    Round 16
    Cardinals- Champ Bailey CB
    Falcons- Aqib Talib CB
    Buccaneers- Frank Gore RB
    Eagles- Mike Jenkins CB
    Seahawks- Casey Hampton DT
    Saints- Mike Karney FB
    Vikings- Shane Lechlar P

    Round 17
    Vikings- Nate Kaeding K
    Saints- Aaron Curry LOLB
    Seahawks- Louis Delmas S
    Eagles- Thomas Davis OLB
    Buccaneers- Dallas Clark TE
    Falcons- Calais Campbell DE
    Cardinals- David Stewart RT

    Round 18
    Cardinals A.J. Hawk OLB
    Falcons- Leonard Davis OG
    Buccaneers- Brandon Albert OG
    Eagles- D.J. Williams OLB
    Seahawks- Chad Greenway LB
    Saints- Sean Smith CB
    Vikings Owen Daniels TE

    Round 19
    Vikings- Leonard Weaver FB
    Saints- Heath Miller TE
    Seahawks- Rashean Mathis CB
    Eagles- Chad OchoCinco WR
    Buccaneers- Jamaal Charles RB
    Falcons- Andre Gurode C
    Cardinals- Sean O' Hara C

    Round 20
    Cardinals- Brent Celek TE
    Falcons- Le Ron Mclains FB
    Buccaneers- Brandon Flowers CB
    Eagles- Zach Miller TE
    Seahawks- Vernon Carey OT
    Saints- Amobi Okoye DT

    Round 21
    Saints- Antonio Cramartie CB
    Seahawks- Jeff Saturday C
    Eagles- Brandon Meriweather S
    Buccaneers- Matt Scifries P
    Falcons- Jake Scott OG
    Cardinals- Broderick Bunkley DT

    Round 22
    Cardinals- Marshall Yanda OG
    Falcons- Micheal Griffin S
    Buccaneers- Tony Romo QB
    Eagles- David Akers
    Seahawks- Rob Bironas K
    Saints- Kenny Phillips SS

    Round 23
    Saints- Mason Crosby K
    Eagles- Todd Hermanns OG
    Buccaneers- Ryan Succop K
    Falcons- Stephen Gotskowski K
    Cardinals- Sebastian Janikowski K

    Round 24
    Cardinals- Andy Lee P
    Falcons- Brian Morrman
    Buccaneers- Lawerence Timmons ILB
    Eagles- Dustin Colquitt P
    Saints- Thomas Morestead P

    Saints lineup

    QB- Drew Brees
    RB- Stephen Jackson
    FB- Mike Karney
    WR- Calvin Johnson Jr.
    WR- Brandon Marshall
    TE- Heath Miller
    LT- Jamaal Brown
    LG- Carl Nicks
    C- Nick Mangold
    RG- Jahri Evans
    RT- Joe Staley

    LE- Terrell Suggs
    DT- Sedrick Ellis
    DT- Amobi Okoye
    RE- Robert Mathis
    LOLB- Aaron Curry
    MLB- Kirk Morrison
    ROLB- Thomas Howard
    CB-Sean Smith
    FS- LaRon Landry
    SS- Kenny Phillips
    CB- Antonio Cramartie

    K- Mason Crosby
    P- Thomas Morestead
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    QB Ben Roethlisberger
    RB Maurice Jones-Drew
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR Randy Moss
    WR Marques Colston
    TE Brent Celek
    LT Michael Roos
    LG Kris Dielman
    C Shaun O'Hara
    RG Marshal Yanda
    RT David Thomas

    RDE Jared Allen
    NT Jay Ratliff
    UT Brodrick Bunkley
    LDE Trent Cole
    SLB Karlos Dansby
    MLB Jon Beason
    WLB A.J. Hawk
    CB Jonathan Joseph
    FS Ed Reed
    SS Bob Sanders
    CB Champ Bailey


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      What is the normal for time limits on picks? Since I actually wanted it finished we need a little give way on the timing to make sure it works.


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        RB: Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma.
        LT: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia.
        LG: Logan Mankins, Fresno State.
        TE: Jason Witten, Tennessee.
        WR1: Greg Jennings, Western Michigan.
        WR2: Miles Austin, Monmouth.

        NT: Vince Wilfork, Miami.
        LOLB: Brian Orakpo, Texas.
        ROLB: Elvis Dumervil, Louisville.
        LCB: Charles Woodson, Michigan.
        RCB: Asante Samuel, Central Florida.
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          Haha well I wanna give enough time for other peoples personal life, especially the holiday season. But Id like other peoples ideas in on this too :)


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            Well, since Vikes is your first pick, it looks like you're never gonna start.


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              Why does anyone ever let Vikes into their drafts?


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                Originally posted by Caddy View Post
                Why does anyone ever let Vikes into their drafts?
                I had no idea he was that bad in draft but he's borderline OSUGiants when it comes to drafts.

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                  Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
                  I had no idea he was that bad in draft but he's borderline OSUGiants when it comes to drafts.
                  It's like inviting the Grinch to Christmas. It's going to be ruined either way.


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                    Anyone willing to take his place? Idk the guys in here yet...


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                      If you need a replacement, I could step in

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                        haha im in china and i get my picks faster in than vikes


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                          I'd also be willing to step in for Vikes, plus I'm a Vikings fan, if that's some sort of crazy prerequisite.
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                            I wasn't expecting this to start at 1 AM I don't even touch OSU in draftkillerness. Just in the hot chick thread. I always have my phone number available, so there should be no excuse. :)


                            First pick

                            Chris Johnson

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                              Second pick Drew Brees :)



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