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The Real Mock Draft Vol III Discussion Thread

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  • The Real Mock Draft Vol III Discussion Thread

    Since we're pretty much full, let's get this thing rolling. Third times a charm so let's finish this one. I'll make a draft thread in a minute, meanwhile go ahead and start talking trades and what not.

    Team Mock GM (User name)
    1 St. Louis - Go_Eagles77
    2 Detroit - trevhipp12
    3 Tampa Bay - DJC
    4 Washington - BigBlue42
    5 Kansas City - T-Rich49
    6 Seattle - BigBlue42
    7 Cleveland - trevhipp12
    8 Oakland - gp_raiders
    9 Buffalo - DanHawkins
    10 Jacksonville - Fenikz
    11 Chicago - DanHawkins
    12 Miami - MikeTheDudeV2
    13 San Francisco - DJC
    14 Denver - Go_Eagles77
    15 New York Giants - BigBlue42
    16 Tennessee - RealityCheck
    17 Carolina - MikeTheDudeV2
    18 Pittsburgh - MikeTheDudeV2
    19 Atlanta - RealityCheck
    20 Houston - Fenikz
    21 Cincinnati - RealityCheck
    22 New England - RealityCheck
    23 Green Bay - gp_raiders
    24 Philadelphia - Go_Eagles77
    25 Baltimore - wicket
    26 Arizona - fenikz
    27 Dallas - Grizzlegom
    28 San Diego - wicket
    29 New York Jets - wicket
    30 Minnesota - trevhipp12
    31 Indianapolis - gp_raiders
    32 New Orleans - zachsaints
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    Vick Gets His Chance to Start

    St. Louis Rams Trade

    Philadelphia Eagles Trade
    Michael Vick

    Patriots Attempt to Bolster LB Core

    Detroit Lions Trade

    Ernie Sims

    New England Patriots Trade


    Lions Quickly Find Sims Replacement

    Oakland Raiders Trade

    Kirk Morrison

    Detroit Lions Trade


    Chiefs Add Another Former Patroit

    New England Patriots Trade

    Ron Brace

    Kansas City Chiefs Trade


    Minnesota and St. Louis Swap Safties

    St. Louis Rams Trade
    OJ Atogwe

    Minnesota Vikings Trade
    Madieu Williams

    Raiders Trade Up to Grab Williams

    Texans Trade:


    Raiders Trade:


    Ravens Add Moss to Pair With Boldin

    Baltimore Ravens Trade

    New England Patriots Trade
    Randy Moss

    Bills Trade for Rogers to Anchor New 3-4 Defense

    Buffalo Bills Trade
    Donte Whitner
    Chris Ellis

    Cleveland Browns Trade

    Shaun Rogers

    Patriots Move On Up

    New England Patriots Trade

    St. Louis Rams Trade
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      Lets use rosters as of today then, does that sound good for everybody? Or have we already discussed this and decided otherwise?


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        nope thats fine

        Saints 2014 draft wish list:
        - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
        - Corner or Wideout in the first
        - No reaching
        - No Kelvin Benjamin


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          Buffalo Trade Block
          Trent Edwards
          Marshawn Lynch
          Roscoe Parrish
          Aaron Schobel
          Kyle Williams
          Drayton Florence

          49ers Trade Block
          Michael Robinson
          Nate Clements

          Buccaneers Trade Block
          Josh Johnson
          Derrick Ward
          Michael Clayton
          Jerramy Stevens
          Jeremy Trueblood
          Sabby Piscitelli

          Also, picks for all teams to move down/up or just trade

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            Anyone interested in the #1 overall pick?


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              Chiefs please


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                I'll take Dallas to get this thing moving.

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                  Are we allowed to make trades within our own teams? (As long as it makes sense of course)


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                    Two teams left.

                    GE77, depends on what everyone else thinks. I guess if it's not too unrealistic and we get atleast a few guys to approve it, I don't see why not.

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                      Is Michael Vick for the rams 3rd round pick okay?


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                        So my Lions have Williams and Vanden Bosch and Burleson right?


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                          Originally posted by Go_Eagles77 View Post
                          Is Michael Vick for the rams 3rd round pick okay?
                          i see no problem with that


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                            Vick trade seems fine. One more person approves and I'll make it official.

                            Yes trev, assume rosters are updated up to this point, and I have adjusted the draft order to reflect that too (i.e. Ravens 3rd to Zona for Boldin)

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                              sounds like a good trade



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