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  • Fantasy Basketball Depth Chart

    PG:Devin Harris, Aaron Brooks
    SG: Stephen Jackson, John Salmons
    SF: Carmelo Anthony, Luol Deng
    PF: Pau Gasol, Paul Milsap
    C: Carlos Boozer, Nene
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    PG- Chris Paul - Allen Iverson
    SG- O.J. Mayo - J.R. Smith
    SF- Andre Iguodala - Kyle Korver
    PF- Josh Smith
    C- Amare' Stoudmire - Chris "Birdman" Anderson
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      rajon rondo . john wall
      dwayne Wade . jamal crawford
      gerald wallace . james harden
      blake griffin . joakim noah
      al jefferson . demarcus cousins
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        PG: Jason Kidd - Brandon Jennings
        SG: Kobe Bryant - Ray Allen
        SF: Rudy *** - Vince Carter
        PF: David Lee - Michael Beasley
        C: Tim Duncan - Shaquille O'Neal
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          C - Andrew Bynum - Andrew Bogut
          PF - Chris Bosh - Jeff Green
          SF - Shard Lewis -Wilson Chandler
          SG - Stephen Curry - Wilson Chandler
          PG - Deron Williams - Darren Collison

          IDK If I will be around at 10 but my summary is this;

          Deron Williams put himself on the map in these past playoffs as a top 3 PG and probably top 10 player. He can pretty much do anything as far as running the offense and getting his points, yet I have seen some nasty passes from him. He can run, he can use the P&R or can go iso with alot of the smaller weaker PGS. Collison as a backup is solid.. I mean you saw what he did as a back up stepping into the starters role. Very underrated. The good thing about Curry is he can pass as well but will be the primary outside shooter for my team. Him and Wes compliment each other well imo.. Wes can def get to the rim. Jeff Green I think plays the 4 in OKC but I would put him at the 3, from what I have seen he is pretty versatile and can be a big scorer and rebounder for us. Reshard is a another shooter whos natural position is probably the 3 being as he can't guard power forwards at all. Wilson Chandler is upcoming and still unknown to some but when I watched him play he looked pretty versatile as well possibly playing the 2 at 6'8. Then you got the big men.. Chris Bosh can step out mid range and stroke. He is also pretty crafty and smart around the hoop, his defense isn't the greatest but guarding 4's is much easier for him. Then you have Andrew Bynum who arguably without having injuries could have been a great great big man in his career. Even with the injuries he gave the Lakers another big who can rebound and play tough, he was HUGE for them. Then you got the Bogut, I believe he had an allstar type year before that terrible fall. You guys know what he brought to the table when healthy, did his job... and alot thought he would fail. The team style of play is really whatever, with D Will running point anything can happen, Bynum and Bogut can't run the floor so a little bit of drive and dish, post up and some screens for Steph and Shard/Green and we are good to go.
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          Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
          Coples is that dude.
          Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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            PG- Steve Nash/Gilbert Arenas
            SG- Monta Ellis/Kevin Martin
            SF- Caron Butler/Danillo Gallinari
            PF- Dirk Nowitzki/Kevin Love
            C- Lamarcus Aldridge/Chris Kaman


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              PG: Derrick Rose/Chauncey Billups
              SG: Joe Johnson/Eric Gordon
              SF: Paul Pierce/Trevor Ariza
              PF: Kevin Garnett/Lamar Odom
              C: Dwight Howard/Tyson Chandler

              First one to touch the ball gets to score.


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                PG :: Tony Parker - Tyreke Evans
                SG :: LeBron James - Tyreke Evans - Evan Turner
                SF :: Danny Granger - Nicolas Batum - Evan Turner
                PF :: David West - Tyrus Thomas
                C :: Al Horford - Yao Ming

                Length is our strength, good luck trying to defend!

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                  Play Granger at SG

                  PG Russell Westbrook - Goran Dragić
                  SG Brandon Roy - Manu Ginóbili
                  SF Kevin Durant - Ron Artest
                  PF Zach Randolph - Marcus Camby - Andrea Bargnani
                  C Brook Lopez - Marcus Camby - Andrea Bargnani



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