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Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers

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  • Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers

    Article Top 10 Fantasy Football sleepers, this season. Do you agree with the list? Who should or shouldn't be on the list?

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    but as for the list, half of those guys are no-brainers, i wouldn't even call them sleepers. everyone and their grandmother are calling big years for jerome harrison, jermichael finley, kevin kolb, and mike wallace. then the other half of the guys have starting jobs already. i would maybe put justin forsett on that list. most of the sleepers worth calling sleepers get so much hype before the season about being sleepers that by the time the season rolls around, everyone knows their names.


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      I really like Devin Aromashadu of the Bears. I need to learn how to spell his last name though dammit. But the guy was impressive down the stretch last year, even torching our Charles Woodson.

      I like him more than Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett by a mile.

      I also see Vernon Davis being a sleeper based on him being ranked 3rd, 4th among TEs. I think the 49ers offense is only getting better and he was THE beast last year. Helped me win a lot of money.

      If one of the Raiders RBs would go down, the other would be a candidate for a huge year.

      Also, I love me some Malcolm Floyd.


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        I agree with you, JMike, on the Raiders RBs. Though I think one will emerge...Micheal Bush. The guy is a beast. In 2 years of being behind Fargas/DMC and then DMC, he has managed a 4.6ypc and around 1200 yards (rushing and recieving). If he is given the opprotunity this year and with the upgrade at QB he is my sleeper RB of the year.

        I also agree with mentioning Justin Forsett. I have been a huge fan of the guy since he was at Cal, and it's great to see him get an opprotunity this year. I just looked up his stats, and I didn't even realize he had almost 1000 total yards. Being a feature back will make for him to be a solid mid-late pick.

        The other guy who I haven't even thought about since I saw him mentioned in the "honorable mentions" is Beanie Wells. I do not trust Leinart, and with an inexperienced QB comes a lot of running.

        Originally posted by BeansDooma
        who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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          I like Stallworth to have a good #3 FF WR. With the attention on the run game mixed with Boldin on the opposite side add in Flaccos arm and Donte's speed, I like it.


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            If JerMichael Finley counts as a sleeper he should be #1. He has a good chance to be the top scoring TE this year. As soon as someone takes a TE in your draft take Finley with your next pick. I'd probably take him before Greg Jennings.



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